Working on a thesis:

Name a superspecies of animal that can come in striped, solid and spotted.

So far I have dolphin, snake and cat.

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Bottle Logic Brewing - Inner Geek Ale
(Blizzard 25th Anniversary Brown)
ABV: 5.0%
SRM: 33
IBU: 25 (est)
Brown Ale
No bottle date
Anaheim, Ca

Pours a dark mahogany brown with two fingers of well retained tan foamy head. Lacing is thin spider webs most of the way down.

Aromas are dark fruits and caramel, plums dark cherry and sweet roasted malts with a light bready yeast in tow.

Flavors follows the nose, plums and slightly tart dark cherry rich caramel and toffee and a bit of sweet roastiness. There is an ever so slight hop bitter in the linger.

Light bodied, mostly wet mouth feel and very light carbonation.

Overall it's a refreshing brown, not very complex but flavorful nonetheless. It's relatively low abv and very quaffable for what it is. It would pair nicely with most any meal and not really get in the way of the food. At $7.99 a bomber it's probably a little high for this one but Blizzard I'm sure gets a cut.


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El Segundo Brewing Company & Grains of Wrath - Super Beer Bros: Level 1
ABV: 8.0%
SRM: 21
IBU: 70-80 (est.)
Bottle date: 021017
El Segundo, Ca

Pours a crystal clear rich reddish copper (fridge haze in photo, once it warms a bit you can read through the glass) with two fingers of nearly white foamy head. The head flattens out to a 1/8 inch cap and leaves sip by sip lacing all the way down.

Aromas of fruity tropicals waft off this one, sweet jackfruit and mango are most prominent, slightly grainy malt in the back. There is almost a dank quality to this in aroma but it doesn't present in the taste.

Flavors are a very smooth and juicy tropical hit up front that rolls into a grapefruit pith and a considerable dryness as it sits on the palate, there's a hint of noble hops and a very light caramel that peeks through midway more and more as it warms. The finish is a pervasive bitter linger and a little tingle in the back of the jaws.

Carbonation is spot on gently fizzy and creamy going down, medium body and overall a dry mouthfeel.

My first real review of the year. Other things have kept me busy at night so getting to reviews has given way to just having a beer and going to bed. This was a great pick from the shelves, very fresh and full of attitude. I want to treat this like a hoppy red but the hop profile on this is really different and steals the show from anything the malt is doing. The ABV is very well hidden, and the flavors really dance with one another. The IBU on this is really anyone's guess, it feels like 70-80 but that linger and tingle makes me think it's actually higher. No mention of what hops go into this but it is a very different combination of flavors, I really get a hit of juicy fruit gum and probably mango flavors, the bitter pith just steam rolls any thoughts you were having as to what you were tasting and another dip in the pond just complicates matters more. This strikes me as one of those beers that gets better as it ages, peaks for a few days, then rapidly drops off, I'll try and get one in about 3 weeks to a month and see if my theory pans out.

I find giving this one a score challenging, it's better than an 8.2 but not quite a 9.0. It has very few technical flaws and the flavors are intense, unique, complex, and play very well together. I want to go with 8.6 but the deeper I go the better it gets so I'm gonna settle on....


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I had low expectations, the bomber was $4.99 which set my expectations even lower. It's actually a very nice beer. I wouldn't break my neck getting to it but at this price point I will be clearing shelves at my local shop if someone hasn't beat me to it.

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It will be yuuuuge!

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I for one welcome our robot bartender overlords.

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Hippity Hop

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$799 US
Sous vide and homebrew in one appliance. I'd be tripping over myself to buy one of these but there is a gotcha, you have to use their "PicoPaks" which smells a lot like Keurig K cups. Reported price of the PicoPak is $18-30 so about double what I would expect to spend in a local brew shop. Still the fact that there is a market for this bodes well for the future.
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