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2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Makeover!

2inch lift spacer kit

New struts all around

Extended sway bar links

Cross drilled slotted rotors with ceramic pads.

New aftermarket black housing headlights.

Swap on newer jeep wheels with fresh tires.

More lift, look and stopping power!

#jeep #upgrade #package #mobile #mechanic
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Breathing new life into a Ford Econoline Conversion Van!

Approx. 115K miles

A well deserved tune up and Accel Super Coil Pack Upgrade.

Found 3 different brands of aged spark plugs from older tune up attempts.
Discovered an Oem plug under the fuel rail in a difficult spot to reach.

Freshly packed wheel bearings along with crossdrilled slotted rotors and ceramic pads for some added stopping power.

#Ford #conversion #roadtrip #van #repair #upgrades #mobile #mechanic
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2001 Honda Accord Gas Tank R+R

Some accord models develop a fuel tank leak on the pinch weld after 250k miles depending on storage.

Tank replacement requires the rear subframe removed to access straps.

Be sure to coat the replacement in some anti rust paint before install!

Replace worn hardware hoses clamps ect.

Grease the subframe bolts in case the tank needs to be removed in the future!

#Honda #accord #fuel #leak #mobile #mechanic
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Engine look wet or caked with dirt?

Dry valve cover gaskets could the issue!

Typically need replacement around 100K miles depending on the age of the vehicle.

Can cause:

Oil burning smell/smoke coming from engine or exhaust

Misfire from oil leaks on ignition components

Wet/dirty engine appearance with some oil loss

Can plug up important engine sensors and/or electrical sockets

New valve cover gaskets with a good gasket sealer compound is recommended upon repair.

#valvecover #FYI #mobile #mechanic #repair 

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Battery Light On?

Low charge or no charge on a faulty alternator can leave you stranded with a dead battery!

When the alternator fails to preform the car resorts to drawing energy directly off the Battery.

Fun Fact: Average vehicles will continue to run until the Battery voltage drops below 9-10v.

A healthy alternator pushes around 14v depending on accessories turned on.

A faulty alternator can overcharge, undercharge, or push no voltage.

#alternator #repair #mechanic #FYI 

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Airbag Service Light On?

If you vehicle has a code for a seat pretensioner it most likely is a damaged seatbelt buckle!

Wear over time or an accident can damage the spring assembly inside the buckle and cause the dreaded airbag light on your dash.

Sometimes the broken part is obvious other times it can be a broken wire or a worn connection especially with power seats.

#airbag #service #reminder

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The Dreaded Timing Chain Rattle.

08 Lincoln Navigator 5.4L

131k miles

Metal clang noise upon startup and under throttle.

Diagnosis cracked timing chain guides and/or weak tensioners.

Recommend replacing all guides and tensioners.

Job time can be cut by sneaking out the chain cover without removing the valve covers or the oil pan.

Also if the chains don't have any damage/wear job time can be further cut by using a rubber bungee to secure the chains in place and sneaking in the new guides and tensioners.

Be sure to use fresh gaskets and sealer if need be!

#timing #chain #repair

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Subaru Impreza 2.5 sohc Timing overhaul!

103k on the odometer

A proper Timing belt job will include replacing all the guide pulleys and the camshaft seals and the crank pulley seal along with the tensioner assembly.

Highly recommend a new water pump and thermostat especially if it's a timing belt driven water pump.

And of course make sure the new belt and housing is clean and dry before you reassemble the plastics.

This should last another 100k without any issues!


#Subaru #timing #maintenance #Djkriscokustoms
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