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How to close a Hotmail account?

Now after doing all this you can follow below steps to close your Hotmail account:

First go to close your account.
Here when you’re prompted to sign in to your account, you need to double-check that it is the account you want to delete. If not, then you should select Sign in with a different Microsoft account.
Now you can check that the page shows the correct Microsoft account, if yes then click Next.
You should read the list, and after that select the checkboxes to acknowledge you have read each item.
You will see a select a reason drop-down list. From this list, choose the reason you’re closing the account
At last select Mark account for closure.
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Post has attachment not syncing with phone
Steps to Fix not syncing with phone

. Go to application>Email>Email setup screen

· If you already have the email setup then

· Go to apps>Email>Menu>Settings>Add new email account

· Enter your email address and password

· Enter POP3 incoming server settings

· Enter pop3server, select ssl/tls and port number 995

· Enter the SMTP outgoing server settings

· Enter and port number 587

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#hotmail #technical #support #number
users can contact official hotmail staff as well as third parties.
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How do I transfer contacts from Hotmail to Gmail?

Gmail is the most preferred email platform for the users which makes it possible for them to manage their email related work easily. Hotmail is another email account which is frequently used by the users and enable them to get the different services and work for their email related work easily on it. Many of the users have went to use the Gmail for their work from the Hotmail as it provides many features to them. This switch of the account requires the users to transfer the contacts as well for which they need to go through certain simple steps

· Open the Hotmail account

· Click on the contacts option

· Select the manage menu and choose export

· This will export CSV file of all your contacts

· Login to the gmail account

· Go to the contact window and at the left bar find import contacts

· Click on the choose file and open the csv file

· This is your contact file of the Hotmail account

· Email all your contacts and let them know about your new account

These steps will help the users to get the Hotmail contacts in their gmail account. Call on the Hotmail technical support number to get the solution.

How do you send an email to a group in Hotmail?

Another important feature provided by the Hotmail to its users is that they can send email to people in the group making it convenient for them to work.

In order to send messages in a group, users are required to go through the given simple steps

· Create a group in the windows live Hotmail

· Create a new Hotmail message

· Click show CC and BCC

· Type group name in bcc

· Compose the message and send it

These steps will help the users to easily send message to group. They can also call on the #Hotmail #customer #care #number in order to get the suitable solution.
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Hotmail account is a very popular and helpful email service provider which helps the users to make their work go at good pace and enable them to keep them updated. It is available for the users for both the personal as well as professional uses and make their work go easily. But it sometimes happens that the account of the users get blocked which disables them to get the access of their account and enable them to work. In order to unblock the account, there is a code required by the users which helps them to unblock their account and continue to work on it.

There are certain steps which will help the users to unblock and recover a blocked or suspended Hotmail and allow the users to get back the access of their account t and allow them to continue their work on their account.

· Enter your Hotmail account and the other account which access you have

· Fill out most of the information which you have with you

· After filling the information select the continue option

· You will be given a link to the Hotmail forum, add bookmark to that link

· After this you will receive an email which will help to reset your account

· A new password has to be added to access the account

The process to recover the account might take time but it will help to get it done once all the correct information has been provided.

Users should add a strong password which should be case sensitive and difficult to be guessed by others. If users have any issue while working on it then they are required to simply contact the support experts who will provide them the best solution. They need to call on the #Hotmail #customer #care #number and interact with the experts.
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How do I get my security code for Hotmail

In case you forget your Hotmail account password or someone is trying to hack your account, Hotmail sends you a security code to your alternate email id or phone number which is known as Security info. This alternative email id or phone number you add to your account. After receiving security code when you give back this code to Microsoft (Hotmail is product of Microsoft) then you prove that you are the real owner of this Hotmail account. So how do you get your security code for Hotmail? Well as mentioned you get this code on your security info added to your account. You can follow below steps to add security info and to get your security code:

1. First go to the Security basics page and sign in with your Hotmail account.

2. Here you need to select Update info.

3. Select Add security info and then follow the instructions to enter your email or phone number.

4. Hotmail will send a security code to that new email or phone number. Enter that security code, and after that press Next. Your new security info will appear in your list.

Get security info & security code with technical expert

If you are not able to get security info and security code then you can get technical expert’s help via email or via chat with Microsoft support and get the solution.

You know that Hotmail is a Microsoft’s product and Hotmail is used worldwide by millions of users for communication purpose via email service. So Microsoft offers customers all kinds of help in multiple ways when they need it. One can go online to the official support page of Microsoft and choose Hotmail and see and can avail help in the form of readily available information on Hotmail account. You also have the option to get help via email, live chat or community page about your Hotmail account. If still you don’t find your issue solved then you can dial #Hotmail #technical #support #number to get help related to your Hotmail account.
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How do I create a new folder in Hotmail on my iPhone?

Hotmail is one of the most used email service platform offered by giant Microsoft. It is also known as Outlook and known for it’s innovative features and user-friendly nature. While using Outlook, users may face numerous problems, which they are not able to solve due to lack of technical expertise. One of such issues is how do I create a new folder in Hotmail on my iPhone.

So here we will discuss simple steps following which you can create a new folder in Hotmail on iPhone

· Go to the folder list in Hotmail on your iPhone

· Not Tap Edit

· Select the New Mailbox

· On Name section, type the desired Name for your folder

· Tap Save and select Done

In this way you can create the desired folder in Hotmail. If you still have doubt, create folders with our expert team by connecting with our well-known #Hotmail #technical #support #number.

We are a leading third party remote service provider exclusively for all kind of Hotmail issues. We offer customized solution for problems like following

· Hotmail setup and configuration

· Sending and receiving email error

· SMTP /PoP server error

· SPAM and virus issues

· Recovery of password and data

· Outlook performance issues

· Other Hotmail related issues

We have expert and certified team members who are trained to help you in time bound manner. Our Hotmail customer service number is easily accessible and available round the clock. When you call the #Hotmail #technical #support #number, you instantly connected with our expert and friendly professionals. They first understand your issue and provide time bound and effective solution. We put our 100 percent effort for customer satisfaction and make sure hassle free service to our customers from all over the world.

Our Hotmail customer service number is affordable and secure solution provider for Hotmail. We work in highly secure and state of the art technical environment so that there is no breach in security and privacy of your data and system.

So now, do not worry for any problem in Hotmail, just call our Hotmail technical support number and get immediate support.

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1-888-738-4333 #hotmail #customer #service for How to Add a Hotmail Account to iPhone Mail,any help support of hotmail account.

click :-
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1-888-738-4333 hotmail customer service number
Hotmail is also known as Outlook, an email service platform offered by Microsoft. It is widely used email service and loaded with features voice mail, chat, storage etc. There are many users who face problems while using Outlook, which they are unable to solve. They require professional and instant support for hindrance free Hotmail.
#Hotmail #Technical #Support #Number to get instant email support

Welcome to our Hotmail technical support number to get instant email support for any kind of Hotmail issues. We are a leading Hotmail customer service phone number in the world to offer affordable and efficient solution. We have expert and certified people in our team who are always ready to help you for any kind of Hotmail issues in time bound manner. When you call our Hotmail customer care number, you are immediately connected to our professionals who are equipped with sound technical knowledge.

Services offered by our Hotmail customer service phone number

We offer solution for any and every kind of Hotmail issue, the user may face. Some of the services we offer on daily basis are

· Setting up and configuration of Hotmail email account

· Support for installing and updating updates

· Sending and receiving of email error

· Data and password recovery

· Support for setting Pop3

· Contact list add and delete

· Spam and virus issues in Hotmail

· Remote access of Hotmail account and message

· Technical support for other Hotmail related common issues.

Why choose our #Hotmail #customer #care #number

· We offer completely remote and secure service

· Our Hotmail customer service phone number is available 24 by 7 and easily accessible.

· We have certified and expert professionals in our team

· Offer reliable and time bound solution

· Take care of security and privacy of customer’s data

· Customized and dedicated service according to the need of customer

So if you are a Hotmail user and want to get the best support for all your email issues, call our customer service number and we will resolve the issue immediately by remote access.

Experience the world-class customer support with us, connect now.
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