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An interesting look at comparing numerous studies done on meditation. It's good to see science inquisitively looking in this direction. 

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Our Summer newsletter is out now. Enjoy :)

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Planks are one of the best workouts for your core. But why your core strength is so important?

Briefly speaking, abdominal muscles provide support for your entire back and spinal column. The only way to let them perform this function successfully is strengthening them on a regular basis. How about doing the following top 3 plank variations every day?

Better sense of balance and boost to your mood are known to be a common side effect :)

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Thank you Everyone for your support so far!

Our YouTube channel has been featured by Panaprium, an online brand specialising in health, fitness, lifestyle and nutrition. Our Reclined Bound Angle pose (Supta Baddha Konasana) has been listed among their top 20 yoga poses to calm down.

Check more:

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The Downward Dog pose is a staple of any yoga practice. Many yogis do it every day for all its amazing benefits.

With a set of tiny self-adjustments outlined in our latest video you can make the most of the pose just by yourself. Watch it now, or maybe even subscribe to our channel, to discover how good it is for you. And let us know how many of the tips you were familiar with already :)

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It may come as surprise that the balance and core stability we develop through yoga comes handy in our daily life. But the physical coordination is only one step away from the emotional and spiritual balance as well.

Try our balancing Upward Stretch to check how steady your mind and body are and where you may require some more work to lead a happier life :)

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What's not to love?

That was the theme of our 8th edition of 108 Sun Salutes at Belmont Park in Exeter.

Similarly to the last year's edition we were supporting Exeter Respect Festival and unity in diversity in the pouring rain!

Thank you everyone who made it :)

Photos by James' yoga page / Exeterlovesyoga
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Does your life seem moving too fast?
Make a conscious choice to step back and relax. Here is how:
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