Anomalies as "First Contact" proxies.

The "First Contact" topic had been a recurrent topic in many books, movies, tv series, etc. In almost all of these imagined scenarios humans had direct "contact" with other intelligent entities.

But if for reasons that we could not even imagine that "direct" contact is not possible then perhaps the more "advanced" party, not us obviously, may use an intermediate or proxy "manifestation" as a way to proceed or start that "Contact" process.

Some anomalies manifestations could be such proxies.

This idea is not new, it was already exposed by Meade Layne in the 1940's, he referred to anomalies as "aeroforms" and claimed that they were "constructs" from intelligent entities. Since then similar ideas had been around.

For example quoting YouTube user "The Paratus":
"If a very advanced alien presence wished to make contact with us, but found that direct contact was not in both our or their best interests (due to too widely diverse cultural/psychological/physical differences), it almost makes sense that they would create a "diplomatic" entity to bridge the span between us to ease the pain or confusion of communication. "

But today we have an accumulated observational data that can give more weight to that idea.

Many active observers of anomalies had noted that in many observation sessions the number of strange objects spotted by the observer(s) had been really high, sometimes at a rate of one per minute, and that was using not very sophisticated spotting methods and scanning just a small portion of the sky. These cases suggest that some of these objects could have been "created"(constructs) in the spot just for the observer or observers present, like "proxies" or manifestations of something else.

In many cases these objects had been seen moving close to star-like anomalies, indicating that these star-like objects could be the "controllers" of the initial objects.

Obviously there is a lot of speculation behind these ideas, and more in-depth study/observations are needed but the accumulated observational data is mounting and we just need to make the right connections between the multiple cases. Only people making these observations are in the right place to make these connections, for now nobody else have that advantageous position.

Anomalies morphing into digit shapes are another good example of anomalies as contact proxies, some anomalies can be considered as messages in themselves.
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Autonomous anomalous flying objects are very real.

#UFOs #anomalies #SETI #extraterrestial

The reality of autonomous anomalous flying objects, anomalies for short, is supported by an overwhelming amount of consistent evidence, these anomalies can be observed by anyone at any location in our planet whith clear skies in daylight.
Anybody with critical thinking and an open mind by just browsing Youtube relevant channels will be able to note the consistency of footage across multiple independent observers around the world.
But if you can pass from the passive state of just watching other peoples videos and make observations on your own then you will be able to witness the reality of these extraordinary manifestations that refuse to be easily understood and also refuse to be fully consistent about preexisting ideas about UFOs, many still refuse to accept this reality, belief systems are in danger of crashing down by accepting this reality that is why opposition to it is coming from any direction: UFO believers and the scientific community are unlikely allies in this opposition.

But this reality is an observational claim, assertion that can be validated by anyone that do not want to keep their head in the sand.
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