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Shubha's Vango Bhaat* When I am home alone I usually experiment with different foods. For today's lunch I made +Shubha A Vangi bhaat. She said to use MTR masala but being on a gluten free diet I avoid store bought spices. So I used a mix of home ground north and south Indian spices and was thrilled how delicious it turned out. I had vangi bhat with boondi raita.
Thanks for this wonderful recipe +Shubha A

Original recipe can be found here-

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This last week I tried making Soya chunks roast by +Shana Shameer The recipe title sounds fancy to me, and when I tried the finished dish tastes fancy, too.
Marinated in spices and coconut milk the soya chunks are shallow fried and then tossed in the spice paste which makes them juicy and give a great boost of flavor. It's easy to make and delicious, dressed-up enough as a wonderful side-dish for a dinner party. My family loved it.
Thanks +Shana Shameer for a great vegetarian recipe.

For recipe click the link.


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I have made these Chicken coconut kebab from the talented +maria nasir , few months ago and I have just remembered to publish it now.
Without a doubt they are flipping fantastic and "khasta' if I remember correctly, that's how Maria mentioned its texture!
We had it with stir-fried onions & tomatoes and homemade chipotle dip. These are a great summer treat for lunch and dinner.

Thanks Maria for a wonderful recipe, I have already added this in our regular rotation!


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+Lisa Watson Marocchino

I am not a regular coffee drinker but I do enjoy a good cup of coffee every once in a while. The day I saw Lisa's post, it reminded me of a coffee drink I had just once in an Italian coffee bar in Edmonton. The taste was new but very delicious and rejuvenating. It was served in a shot glass with a layer of hot chocolate, espresso, hot frothed milk and then cocoa.
I borrowed espresso machine from my friend and since last week I am having marocchino every afternoon. I don't think I got the exact taste with Nutella but it was still great. All I can say to all coffee lovers is that it's a drink worth trying!

You can find her recipe here.

Thanks +Lisa Watson for sharing the post on making marocchino at home.



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Beet Halwa!
 Tried this fabulous Beet halwa by +Indrani Sen  .  Although it doesn't look as pretty as hers, it tastes over the top delicious and is perfectly satisfying.
You can find her recipe  here


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My humble attempt to make gluten free PINCA following +Jasmina Brozović recipe.
Trying out Foodiestar recipe - PINCA

Just finished making +Jasmina Brozović's Croatian loaf. I must begin by saying that I am no expert in making bread, and making a gluten-free bread is very different than making a gluten bread. I have never made Pinca before, so I don't know what the original taste is like, hence I cut the recipe in thirds to test it out.

My recipe made three pretty decent loaf buns of about 4" in size.

I had to make a few changes to her recipe, mainly converting to gluten free. All the kneading was done by my mixer and I wasn't quite sure what flours to choose but then I thought of my brioche recipe which is quite forgiving and have made it many times. I don't eat lard so I used extra butter instead and skipped the egg yolk.

After the first rise I divided the dough in three equal pieces, loosely formed balls, and put them on a tray lined with parchment paper. Her loaf had a cross cut in the middle, but since my dough was wet I left it as is. After about 15 minutes I noticed the top had ripped. Before it fully ripped, I heated up the oven and pushed the tray in for baking. The loaves started to brown too soon, so I covered them with aluminum foil and took them out after 30 minutes and brushed with melted butter.

I was quite pleased as I took the tray out of the oven. The buns looked great! They had a nice crust on the top and bottom, but were a bit dense from inside. Yet, they still tasted delicious when I bit into them. I loved the combination of citrus, rum, vanilla, and raisins.

The only downside I see (from my past experience in making other breads), is that I tried to keep my dough dry and kneadable like a standard dough, which does not work for gluten free flours.
I will definitely try this again with a more moist dough and in a bread container.

Thank you so much +Jasmina Brozović for introducing me to a wonderful sweet bread and thanks +foodies for hosting the challenge.

Original recipe:



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Hi friend's,

I have a bunch of recipes bookmarked in Pinterest, Flipboard and MS Notebook which I try from time to time. Even though I do not take pictures of all the recipes I try and share on Google+, I do give my feedback on that food blogger's post.
Here are a few that I took pictures of. Each recipe is flavorful, healthy, and amazingly delicious, and I highly recommend you to try.
The link to each recipe is given next to their name. Please check out their blogs and G+ pge for more amazing recipes.

+maria nasir's  *Ghormeh sabz*i
I used with whole dry lemons.
+Anu Nagaraja's  Instant ragi red rice dosa
I added urad flour in place of wheat flour

+PIYALI SEKHAR MUTHA /My Tryst With Food And Travel   Cucumber dosa
Followed the recipe exactly as written
+Niloofa Moulal Karamath 's - Srilankan Style Malu Ambul Thiyal  can't share the link it was a private post. private post

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My cooking is backed up by my exposure to different cultures and backgrounds. Yesterday for dinner I made   +Soma Saha Ray 's mochar ghonto (stir fried banana blossom), a classic Bengali dish. With peanuts, toasted coconut and few spices it tasted great and paired well with coconut fish curry.
We don't get fresh banana blossom in Canada (at least I have not seen anywhere) so I used the canned variety. It’s quicker and easier coz it does not involve much cleaning, soaking or pressure cooking. You just have to remove the match stick like stem from big florets. Then chop the cleaned florets with banana heart and use it as written in her recipe here
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