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Gene that Helps Prevent Brain Disease Identified

The greater the connectivity between these two default network regions, the higher the levels of social memory performance.

The research is in Nature. (full access paywall)

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Gene Disruption Signals Cerebral Palsy and Autism Link

The findings add significantly to the weight of evidence for underlying genetic causes of cerebral palsy.

The research is in Translational Psychiatry. (full open access)

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Allen Integrated Cell Released Online

The Allen Integrated Cell summarizes a large collection of live human cells, gene edited by Allen Institute scientists to incorporate fluorescent protein tags.

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Study Links Breast Cancer to Body's Internal Clock

Per2, a regulatory mechanism within each cell's peripheral clock, plays a crucial function in mammalian mammary gland development and when suppressed, Per2 leads to severely disrupted gland development in mice.

The research is in Development. (full access paywall)

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Study Provides Robust Evidence of Sex Differences with Alzheimer’s Gene

APOE association was much greater for women with the tau pathway.

The research is in JAMA Neurology. (full access paywall)

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44 Genetic Risk Factors for Major Depression Identified

The genetic basis for major depression is shared with other psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, and that all humans carry at least some of the 44 genetic risk factors identified in the study.

The research is in Nature Genetics. (full access paywall)

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Gene Variant Increases Empathy Driven Fear: Mouse Study

Recently it was discovered that the essence of empathy is unchanged from rodents to humans.

The research is in Neuron. (full access paywall)

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Variants in Non-Coding DNA Contribute to Inherited Autism Risk

The newly discovered risk factors differ from known genetic causes of autism in two important ways.

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Link Between Gene Variation and Language Discovered

Researchers found that a variation of READ1 called RU1-1 was associated with variations in the number of consonants in a language.

The research is in PNAS. (full open access)

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Genes that May Trigger Depression Identified

Some of the pinpointed genes are known to be involved in the function of synapses.

The research is in Nature Communications. (full open access)
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