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Here Comes Da Sun

The main difference between superior New technology and inferior Old technology is TIME and adoption.

If we continue to embrace the old, we won't let the new grow and show us how mediocre the old really is.....
In Here Comes The Sun,
I explain the difference between solar energy and the status quo in a way that anyone can understand.....

#StoredSun #AfricaRising #ForAfricans #AndFriendsOfAfrica
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Don't Think You Know Enough About Bitcoin!

Chances are, you don't!

This article is mostly for future oriented Africans. But if you fall into a different category and you still want to read it, then I won't hate you.
But you must re-share after reading.
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My friend +Isa Joy asked me to write a post on this topic, so I did.

There are lots of things you can learn on the internet today.
But the most important, for me, is that you can actually learn how, and what, to learn.

The picture below is of Kigali City, Rwanda.
(courtesy : Morocco World News
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You Want To Learn How To Use Google Products To Discover What Your Goals Should Be In Life?.... (I know. Strange question)

Ask me here

I assume you came here after reading my blog post on Digital Africa about "Enhancing Economic Growth In Africa using Technology".
Unfortunately, Google has removed the link to hangouts from GooglePlus (only God knows why they would do that). But yeah, whatever....

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The Tabuchi Powerwall?

A formidable competitor for the Tesla Powerwall and Powerpack is what the world needs right now.

Side Comment:- My current job gives me the opportunity to meet new interesting people and discover things that I did not stumble upon in all of my research online. (as unbelievable as that is)

Anyway, for me, this company is well worth looking into and showcasing. After so many years of operations in Japan, I have no doubt about the quality of its products.

When you consider some of its features, like "Built-in battery, solar, and whole house monitoring" and "Optimized energy management for Customer Self-Supply and Demand Response", you can't help but imagine how this would tie into the emerging energy sector applications being touted by the Vienna-based Grid Singularity.

Like I always say to my die-hard status-quo loving friends, "Change is coming!"

#StoredSun #DigitalAfrica #RenewableEnergy #Tabuchi #Tesla
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It's Electric!

Just finished my article on car electronics that is written for people people. Not for engineering wizards!

Everyday, I try to imagine the future (the more REALISTIC version of it) and try even harder to predict how things will evolve from now until then.

This is the rationale that goes into all my articles that I write for the benefit of the African youth. (And by youth, I could be referring to anybody who is 16 years old or even 61 years old that finds learning USEFUL ...... and often enjoys it).

Please read and tell me what you think?
(You don't have to reshare. But if you do, you haven't done a bad thing)

#DigitalAfrica #CarElectronics #ElectricCars #EVCars #PHEV
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Facebook reminded me of one of my earlier posts, and I realized that I had not shared it in this collection (where it should be).
Anyway, if you come across this, kindly visit my first LinkedIn post and tell me what you think in the comments.

#AdMen #Advertising #ZMOT #SIVA #Marketing #MadMen
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After several discussions with friends back in Nigeria, and friends here on G+, I decided to share this here for whom it may interest.

Neither Bitcoin, nor its Blockchain was invented to be the "killer" solution for the next stage of human evolution.
It was invented to solve a specific problem, and solve it well.

Read my intro here ►, and afterwards, by all means dive into your own research about the Blockchain (the Bitcoin Blockchain). It will be one of your best decisions as we all gaze ahead into the abyss known as the future.

#Blockchain #Bitcoin #Mpesa #Cryptocurrency

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I had my first #VR experience in beautiful #Arizona!!!

It felt really cool to experience VR on Facebook's #Occulus.
However, to be honest, the VR experience went up several notches in California, when I put on the newly released Sony Playstation VR headset. OMG!!!

♠But the very best thing was to finally get to hang out with my GPlus buddies +Kristin Drysdale  and +Daniel D.  ♥
Arizona to California
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