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Happy Halloween / All Hallowed Saints / Dia de los muertos

This one never transferred over from the last life (Google albums) to now.
So... Trick or treat! (In the U.S. the tricks are quickly turning to treats).
Enjoy the festivities, and let's hope for a happier holiday season ahead.
Laissez les bon temps rouler!

More Americana "here" and @

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Animated Photo

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Coming up on Halloween, a revisit to some images from New Orleans.

I know Halloween/Night of the Dead/All Hallowed Saints Day/ Dia/Noches de los Muertos, etc.... all these are seen around the world. French-influenced Mardi Gras celebrations too. But the city of New Orleans has its own unique American history and a flavor of its own.
And so... Americana.

I un-buried this Google album from the graveyard of good things Google killed, such as the wonderful world of Google+ albums, circles, & collections.

Trick or Treat!

More Americana 'here', some still buried by Google, and more for sure @

#NewOrleans #Halloween #Trickortreat #signs #diadelosmuertos #americana #americancities #cityscape #louisiana #nochedelosmuertos

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Kauai Crop Duster

Something a bit different. This is as "Americana" as can be, a crop duster on American soil, traditional farming "old style" (post aviation). This is also part of Americana as Kaua'i is the unforgettable backdrop for "Jurassic Park" and other classic American movies. Captured on Velvia (slide/diapositive) film.

Also "here" on Google: Maui and Big Island (Hawai'i) collections.

More Hawaiian Islands images:
More images of Kaua'i:
More Americana:

#Kauai #aviation #Hawaii #cropduster #americana #Hawaiian #Fujichrome #filmphotography #diapositive #landscapephotography #Velvia

Thanks to the owner of this plane, who wrote back when I posted this to a Google "collection". (Also made the cover of "Crop & Prop" magazine!)


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Happy Birthday, America!

Amid celebrations of independence and remembrance of 'the American dream', a country of diverse origins and beliefs, united in seeking "liberty and justice for all". And there was hope for a better life, and welcome arms for each new wave of immigration - and innovation. Few can match this man - Thomas Edison - for influencing America's leadership in technology, or the belief that anything is possible with hard work and opportunity.

This is at Edison's winter home, next door (for several years) to friend & neighbor Henry Ford. Between the two of them these were years of auto-cars replacing horses and electric light replacing candles and gas lamps, along with new things like moving pictures, music recording, & electric text. To name but a few hallmarks of America which extended back out to the world, just as the world has influenced and immigrated here.

That's a statue (or ghost) of Edison, but the banyans he is emerging from are real. (Edison was a big fan of botany, developing chemicals & filaments).

More Americana 'here' and @
Fireworks: Some goodies @

Happy Independence Day /4th of July! (Hearing booms as I post this!)

#Americana #Edison #America #July4 #American #fourthofjuly #julyfourth

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Happy 90th Birthday, Cyclone!

AstroLand and Coney Island have gone through changes but this famed roller-coaster has been re-tuned & is rolling on again.

#cyclone #coneyisland #brooklyn #rollercoaster #newyork #amusementpark

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Summer Solstice is Upon Us - Happy Summer!

And in the hot humid summers - at least on the east and west coasts, nothing is more American than a beach with a boardwalk. Even better than hot dogs, in terms of Americana, are some of the arcades that were and are all along the boardwalks by the ocean.

More Americana "here" and @
Life's A Beach:

#boardwalk #arcades #strongman #summer #summersolstice #streetphotography #armwrestle #1960s #beach #retro #summertime

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A farewell to THE circus. After 146 years, the rise & fall of railroads, changes in society, and nearly a century and a half (of America's 241 years), the last performance of "The Greatest Show on Earth" takes place tonight, in New York. A way of life for performers, and an essential part of childhood for generations. Circuses continue to thrive in smaller, innovative, tech-evolved ways, in the U.S. and elsewhere (with some in Europe still featuring animal acts extensively). But the animals in this circus will be living in sanctuaries if not "farmed out" to European circuses. The Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus is no more as of tonight: born in Florida, died in New York. - May 21, 2017

Additional images from Ringling's estate & Circus museum "here" (album).
More "Americana" in Google Collection and @

#circus #ringling #ringlingcircus #ringlingbrothers #americana #clowns

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Meanwhile, about 100-120 years ago...

Now there was a large music player available, and new colorful horns were all the rage. Following the original choice - like Ford's Model T - of black or black, the model B standard phonograph (1907) finally offered colorful floral designs as an option, followed by the 1911 Model F's black horn with morning-glory etchings. Then like "device" cases, along came bright colors, followed by Ediphones, all playing [sic] to an enthused public. Like the iPod, soon smaller "personal" turntables made the scene. This was alongside Edison's inventing and developing many other useful inventions, like electric light bulbs, movies, and a few fanciful Tom Sawyer-ish things like electric pens (and even keyboards!). Definitely a bit of true Americana, and genius too, with global benefits.

More "Americana" in this Google "collection", and - along with images from Ford's winter home - buried now in a Google "album" I spent bigly time making.

More Americana - Antiques, Ameri-kona, covered bridges, etc. - still easily found @

[ Suggested sound track: ]

#Edison #phonograph #technology #invention #ThomasEdison #lightbulb #Ediphone #music #history #inventors #movies #pioneers #turntables

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Lombard Street, San Francisco

Here are some images I have never seen before - still "in the camera" (CF card). So, in response to news stories about possible 'tolls' or other ways to "slow the traffic" (as if it needs slowing!), here's a look at San Francisco's iconic Lombard Street, America's "most crooked street" in one of our most hilly cities.

More "Americana" here (collection), in Google "albums"/archives if you can find them, and @

More California images @

Alcatraz Island images @

#California #LombardStreet #SanFrancisco #landscape #cityscape #urbanlandscape #hills #streets #cities #landscapephotography
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Need a hug? I know a place...
Pizza and crafts too. (Hugs are free.)

More Americana 'here' and @

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