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Opal Ocean's Echoes Of Light
I'm in love with this group and their music. How amazing they are! Please tune upto their amazing music. Subscribe to their YouTube channel. All those percussive guitarists out there have to listen to this awesome piece. :) ο»Ώ
+Opal Ocean​

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Led Zeppelin's Bron-Y-Aur Stomp (Earl's Court)
I can't believe this, I've not shared this on my collection even for once! It's maybe, because this song has become a part of me. There's an interesting story related to this one particular song by my all time favourite band, Led Zeppelin. I was watching Usman Riaz's tedx video on YouTube. In that he said that this was the first song which he learned on the guitar. I felt so inspired from his video. From that day onwards I started working in this direction. Seems like I've done a pretty good job till now :) I love this song, for everything it has in it. Hope you will like it as well! πŸ˜€

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Toploader, Dancing In The Moonlight
Has been one of my favourites since 7th standard. Still love this song 😍! Whenever I listen to the intro, I can't help but start tapping my feet! It's so groovy and cool. The drums, the piano, the bass and on the top of all that the vocalist is truly amazing :) hope you will also enjoy listening to this wonderful song

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Rajnigandha cover by +Vrinda Sharma​! :) Please see this video! My sister is a wonderful singer, this is her first YouTube video :D. I hope you all will love the song. Please let me know about the song, I'll convey your messages to her.

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This is love :p
Streamer LXs with AAA colored flamed body, Nirvana black satin top and pink satin back finish. Warwick bass guitar :D
Taken from Framuswarwickofficial-Instagram

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A really amazing guitar cover of Lawrence of Arabia' soundtrack. Tune upto this!

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The chicken by Jaco Pastorius
One of my favourites by the legendary Jaco Pastorious. It's always a 'great experience' to listen to this absolutely wonderful composition. So cool it is! Whenever I listen to any musical composition by this great musician. I always say this, "Jaco shouldn't have left us"... He actually never left us, he lives through his work...

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Love it!

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Haal kaisa hai janaab ka
Lovely :) one of my favourites :)

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Louis Armstrong let's call the whole thing off
Simple, sweet lyrics with two amazing voices. What a song it is! It has that bubbling energy in it. I loved it :)
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