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+Maile Ohye, one of the best known "faces" of Google Search, is leaving Google after 12 years.
Saying farewell to Google... thank you to everyone in the SEO and webmaster community for many wonderful moments! To +John Mueller +Mariya Moeva +Gary Illyes +Brian White +Nathan Johns +Ilya Grigorik +Kazushi Nagayama +Avinash Kaushik and all my other wonderful Google colleagues, keep it up! I'll miss u guys. xoxo

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HT +Glenn Gabe 
Pirate 3.0? Google & Bing are about to make it harder to search for illegal streaming & download sites. #seo

Both Google & Bing are supposed to work to demote pirate sites in the search results + remove from autocomplete. And they are required to show progress by June 1, 2017.

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If you're interested in where search is going, this really is a must read. Hey, I work for +Eric Enge, and I learned a ton from this article.

Those of you who follow Eric know he's been a deep student of machine learning since before anyone in our world was talking about it. But this may be his most intensely practical post on it to-date, as he gives you lots of actionable plans for how you can better do SEO in the machine learning age.
Is Your SEO Ready for the Machine Learning Revolution?

Learn how machine learning is revolutionizing search at Google, and the strategies you need for your SEO as a result.

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So perhaps YouTube was always number one for video views? There is some confusion in this post (see comments), but there is little doubt that Facebook bungled their video view metrics. Now Neilson (apparently) claims it was to a huge extent.

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If you're a +Buffer user please vote for this essential feature!
Vote to Get This Google+ Collections Feature Through Buffer! (

For those of you who use Google+ regularly, but also have multiple social media networks you're sharing to, +Buffer is the best tool on the market. However, since the inception of Google+ Collections (and the emphasis Google is putting on them) organic reach and engagement has dropped significantly on non-Collection posts.

In order to be truly successful with your Google+ posts, you need to be posting to your Collections. And up to this point, Buffer has not supported them.

They've now opened up the voting for this feature!

If we all make our voices heard, I'm sure the +Buffer team will make it happen for us!

So leave your vote, and then share it with others to leave their vote as well!

#googleplus #socialmedia

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Two Google computers create their own encryption that allows them to keep secrets from a third. 

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Google is calling its Assistant bot in league with its Home product "the Transition." Why? Because as millions more start talking to the machine every day, the machine moves from supervised learning to learning on its own. 

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Great news from Google for Google watchers: all the Google news blogs. Is in one place.

HT +Ana Hoffman 
Google's new and ONLY central source for ALL news and stories about Google: the Keyword

About time, Google!!!

Google has launched the Keyword — a new destination for the latest news from inside Google, from Android to Translate.

The Keyword is all the stuff Google had across 19 blogs, in one place — so you don’t have to hop from one blog to another to find the latest update.

You can find the new Google blog at


Stay on top of marketing news #MarketingSkinny

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Get Mobile Insights from Google!

Here's the replay and transcript from our most recent #VirtualKeynote  session with top Googlers.
Everything Mobile with Google Experts

Here's the full video and transcript of our recent ‪#‎VirtualKeynote‬ with Google's John Mueller and Mariya Moeva. Our CEO Eric Enge talked with Mariya and John about mobile first design, mobile ranking, AMP, apps and much more.

Get insider information in this video!.
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