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Here is an example of how your graduate certificate would look like, when you graduate our training center with Fusion Honors award. Note this certificate would only be granted to students who have completed Fusion Track accelerated 3 months program and were recognized with Fusion Honors. highest level achievement award.

It demonstrates that you have completed our graduate Fusion Track program, and this certificate will be used in addition to your resume, as the proof for employers that you have finished 3 months instructor led hands on training program, helping you improve your qualifications, and maximizing your chances of landing QA job in the core area of software testing.

Graduating Fusion Track and being recognized with Fusion Honors gives your priority job placement over non Fusion Honors graduates. Companies of Employers who we place our Binary Fusion consultants into, recognize the difference between Fusion Honors graduates vs non Fusion Honors graduates, and realize who did well vs who did not.

If you did not graduate with Fusion Honors, you will not have on your certificate anything mentioned about Fusion Honors. However, some employers want Binary Fusion consultants of similar caliber and will want someone who is most likely graduates with Fusion Honors vs someone who did not. That is not to say that we won't place our non Fusion Honors graduates into job roles. It's just Fusion Honors graduates are given higher priority over non Fusion Honors graduates, when it comes to placing binary Fusion consultants into job roles.

Can there be circumstance where non Fusion Honors graduates got the job quicker then Fusion Honors graduates? Yes. In some cases employers just like someone better. At the end of the day, combination of having great personality, good skills, and professional qualities as well as being Fusion Honors graduates can maximize your chances of getting placed into a job role.

It's in our interest to place everyone into job role who we train, regardless if they have graduated with Fusion Honors or not. However Fusion Honors graduates may get place into a job quicker. Note there is other obvious reasons of graduating with Fusion Honors such as Fusion Rewards. Your aim should be to graduate with Fusion Honors.

This is example of Certificate. Actual certificate will be signed by instructor who will teach you or multiple instructors, the very same instructors who decide whether or not you graduate with Fusion Honors. Whose feedback is part of decision factor of whether you graduate with Fusion Honors or not, in addition to you doing well on home works, exams, and hands on project.

Training strategy of the Fusion Track program is designed to engage student, and submit student to learning. It's designed for students wanting to learn and not run away. It's designed in such a way that it's trackable. Where your homework assignments completed, exams completed, hands on project completed, and your class participation is counted.

It's designed to hold you under learning stress, in such a way that at any time you can be asked by instructor a question and must be ready to respond.

It's infused with professional qualities that you must learn, qualities that employers are looking for.

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About to Graduate College or perhaps already graduated college? Get Training for 3 months at no up front cost to you and get trained in Manhattan NY or online, prepare for ISTQB foundation exam, get certified, get placed into entry level QA job role (88 percent placement rate).

Train for 3 months, 1st shift or 2nd shift, get hands on training and in class training. Get experience and get on the right track. Break chicken and the egg conundrum of no job = no experience. Students must be college graduates and have desire to learn.

Quality Assurance track covers, more then just manual software testing, it covers professional development, intro to project management, foundations of software testing, SQL database, intermediate software testing, business analysis, excel, web scripting.

Students graduating through QA track get ISTQB certified, get placed into QA relevant position, and also get Fusion Rewards.

For example by becoming our parent's company Tutoring Services, LLC trusted agency managed tutor and increasing your chances of making part time income in Manhattan NY or surrounding areas teaching other students academic subjects such as math and science in private 1 on 1 settings on part time basis.

This can be great additional income after your full time job or on weekends. Not every Binary Fusion graduate qualifies, only the ones that are specifically good in math and sciences and graduate Fusion Track with Fusion Honors award, however our graduates are given higher priority in the circle of trust then any other tutors who apply with us. Reason for that is because we want to know we can trust you and that you can trust us. Mutual trust creates value.

Join PQA track and take advantage of your future career path, and you will be glad you did. Visit NetworkConsultant.NET our consulting site for more info about training and send us email to telling us which shift you would like to join 1st or 2nd shift, and remember training is for 3 months in Manhattan NY so you must be committed.

We do more than just training but also IT consulting, hence it's easier for us to get actual companies who would be looking for QA talent. BinaryFusion.ORG site is currently being built, please visit our consulting site instead and let us know if you are interested in QA track.

We specialize in training students for financial organizations as the core industry. Hence we province training for students by gearing them in skill set directed towards financial industry.
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How we place students in QA job roles. 
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Fusion Rewards Refer a friend. Refer a friend and we will cover cost of certificate 50 percent for 1 friend and 100 perceive do if you refer 2 friends and they qualify to join Binary Fusion.

As part of our professional quality assurance program we offer 30k worth of hands on training at no up front cost to you, and also help you get certified in ISQTB foundation exam.

The only thing you pay for is certification exam test taking fee. This is to hold you responsible for your studies and making you want to pass this exam.

However, good news is if you refer another student who joins our professional quality assurance Fusion Track then we would cover 50 percent of your certification fee.

If you refer 2 other students who do end up getting accepted into our Professional Quality Assurance Fusion Track then we would cover 100 percent of your exam test taking fee.

If you take the test and fail, and feel bad, then refer a friend and at least get 50 percent back for your next test that you would take, but try again until you do pass your exam or refer 2 friends who you think would be interested in joining our training program and agree to work as Binary Fusion consultant in the field of quality assurance software testing or business analysis role or other relevant entry level roles.

As part of our professional quality assurance track we help students prepare for this test, but never rule out that some students may still fail, no matter how good the training is... since it greatly depends on previous academic experience of the student and how well can student connect the dots.

Binary Fusion has experience in helping students connect the dots, by networking professional quality assurance concepts together neatly compiled in the concise 3 months training, designed to infused recent college graduates brains with instructor led in class and hands on training.

Our IT consulting site is the original root of Binary Fusion training and staffing business. If you visit this site it shows you we network concepts together in the world of information technology.

Founder of Binary Fusion, Rome Wells, have investigated for many years how student's human brain works in context of psychology, in context of information technology, in context of learning, and have carried out his experiments on students by teaching and observing them in variety types of subjects, such as mathematics, business, teacher certification exams, technical certification exams, in variety types of settings 1 on 1 in group, and in class.

Note in addition to all that Rome Wells also provided IT consulting services for financial organizations, insurance industry, travel industries, and many other industries, all that while working full time for financial company doing information security and network engineering, while simultaneously being exposed to software manual testing and automated testing in variety types of projects.

After getting so many years of experience in researching and observing students, Rome Wells realized that there is a huge gap in knowledge specifically in the skill set of mathematics and science, what Rome Wells also realized is that there is not much incentive being provide to students in America for even wanting to learn math and science.

So what did Rome Wells do? He created incentive for students who are good in math and science additional opportunities, by providing recent college graduates reasons to join Binary Fusion training center and by offering as incentive for Binary Fusion Alumni or Binary Fusion Consultants who graduates with Fusion Honors to become agency managed trusted tutors and increasing their chances of making part time income, (all thanks to Binary Fusion parent company Tutoring Services, LLC )

So what does it mean? It means if you are Binary Fusion Alumni or existing Binary Fusion Consultant who graduated with Fusion Honors you get to have higher chance of becoming Tutoring Services, LLC agency managed tutor teaching students in math and science and IT related subjects or IT Certification exams on part time basis.

All that in addition to getting 30k worth of training at no up front cost to you in Manhattan NY and in addition to us helping you pay for your certification ISQTB exam if you refer a friend and in addition to us helping you get placed into Quality Assurance Software Testing core area specialization role in financial organization or another industry.

Well how does that help students get motivated in wanting to be good in math and science?

If you are a college grad and do have background in math and science, then it's just another.... way of saying, you are in demand, and these students who do have math and science skills would have higher chances of getting into our program, as oppose to the type of students who do not. Talk to your Fusion Guide today to see if you qualify.

We let students know that from multiple angles, we intercept students all the way in the early stages of their college career and infuse in their brains that concepts of math and science is important, because these who do have math and science background can get more opportunities in this world, including better opportunity from us Binary Fusion.

For example take a look how we intercept students even before they join college. Take a look at our site see examples how Rome Wells infuses into students brain reasoning to study for military exam take a look how Rome Wells guides students in preparing for exams, take a look at see how Rome Wells infuses into students brain reasons to study even when they do join college, helping students not only study but save money on studying.

Take a look how Rome Wells helps students study for graduate school in business, take a look how Rome Wells convinces future lawyers to study, take a look how Rome Wells convinces accountants to study take a look how Rome Wells helps actual IT engineers to study and transition into the world of IT generalists and how one day you most likely will become similar type of IT generalist if you follow guidance of Rome Wells, see how Rome Wells help fight cyber crime, see how Rome Wells convinces thousands of teachers to join him see how Rome Wells creates his own search engines with insane amount of data from every multiple angle put together example

The list of industries where Rome Wells dived into and contributed is enormous, and knowledge Rome Wells extracted from his research from guidance of thousands of students and teachers and professors, is exactly what Rome Wells infuses into Binary Fusion training center, where his values of learning and education and quality assurance are passed on from him to his instructors and to his Binary Fusion Students.

The very same training center where he also teaches from time to time many students or shows up as the guest speaker or lecturer.

His level of teaching is designed to create professional quality assurance consultants. His level of inter networking concepts, systems, people, businesses is absolutely incredible. Getting that knowledge infused into students brain in context of ISTQB exam and getting hands on training by Rome Wells directly is like being taught by Mark Twain.

However Rome Wells can not teach students himself all the time, as the founder of the training center he must guide the business, and can only teach occasionally, either as the guest speaker.

The good news is, Rome Wells infused knowledge into his instructors brains in the form of well defined professional quality assurance training specifically for his instructors.. The knowledge that is passed on from his instructors to Binary Fusion trainees is based on strong founder's values on education, and training strategy.

Getting trained for QA software testing role, then getting placed into a job role and getting into circle of trust that can help students who finished Fusion Track become Binary Fusion Consultants and gain experience, make money and even have opportunities to make part time income after full time job tutoring other students in math science or IT relevant subjects or exams is something that not every one offers in fact, you will see no one offering this.


Not everyone set down and asked deep philosophical questions... such as.... why learning matters.... why should I bother creating multiple business systems, why should I care about math and science, and cyber crime, why should I care about quality of education, why should I care about affordability of education, why should I care about what student thinks.....

Instead what most people did was.... asking questions each other.... how do I make money for my self.... what Rome Wells focuses on in his training center is how to help others, how to ensure better quality.... how to be professional, how to filter out complexity and adjust your self towards audience.... in your case it will be other QA testers, QA managers, business analysts, c level execs, and many many other people who you will work with....

Knowing how to work with others, knowing psychology from the relevant perspective that matter to you the future professional quality assurance software tester or relevant type of IT professional.... is exactly what the core area of this professional quality assurance Fusion Track focuses on.

Forget college level psychology (when I was in college I feel asleep listening to psychology lectures). Why? Reason is simple because lectures simply didn't seem relevant to my overall goal.... by joining professional quality assurance Fusion Track you will be exposed to more engaging and higher level of training relevancy that is applicable towards your Fusion Goal and makes the most sense to you based on the recommended Fusion Path that matters to you, in context of your existing situation and your future goals.

What Rome Wells discovered in the process of his research is that level of relevancy is the key in making progressive learning experience for students.

Which is precisely the reason why Rome Wells strategized this professional quality assurance Fusion Track in the direction of relevancy pointed towards you.... the future quality assurance software tester.

Note if you think software testing is the only thing that is happening in the world of finance or other type of industries.... oh boy.... I am here to disappoint you.... quality assurance is only tip of the iceberg.

However luckily Rome Wells knowledge and expertise led him to create Fusion Track based on most common skill sets that are currently in demand in the field of professional quality assurance in the core area of Software Testing especially for the financial companies, especially since Rome Wells background and experience comes from financial companies.... however that is not to say that track is only focused to educate students for finance QA software manual testing position, that is simply not the case.

The skills Rome Wells researched and put together are from multiple industries but in summary create the type of infused ball of energy in your brain that can help you land in the IT entry level position relevant to QA field, where we place you into.

So what are you waiting for? Apply today to Binary Fusion What do you have to lose? 30k worth of Training is at no up front cost to you, pay only when you get placed into a job.

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Cert prep for istqb ctfl and intermediate software testing.
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GET ISTQB Certified. 30k worth of training at no up front cost to you. Get Trained, Get Certified, Get Placed into Software Testing Job Role, Get 2 Years Experience, and get to your Fusion Goal of breaking in the industry of information technology with Software Testing. Apply into Binary Fusion Training Center Today and see if you qualify.

Get trained, get ahead of others. Prepare for ISTQB foundation exam, get certified and get placed into full time job role. Great for students trying to break into financial industry or any other industry where professional quality assurance and manual software testing skills are highly in demand.

Our core area focus is in providing skills to students who are interested in getting into financial industry in the core area of specialization in Professional Quality Assurance in Software Testing, however our Fusion Track that we offer is applicable for other industries as well, due to the fact that software testing skill is needed across multiple industries, making it more in demand than before.

ISTQB is well recognized certification just like PMP cert or CISSP or other types of certs that are open standard and general and open to interpretation of training providers.

The way our company Binary Fusion interprets ISTQB foundation exam is by providing our students training in relevant professional quality assurance in Software Testing Fusion Track, that consist of multiple courses designed to help recent college grad students reinforce their concepts of knowledge by infusing them with exercises based on real world examples, complied inside of our introduction to manual software testing and intermediate software testing courses..

Our software manual testing courses are at the core of our training, however other courses surrounding professional quality assurance track also emphasize on the career professionalism, soft skills, intro to project management, business analysis, HTML/CSS and JavaScript, relational databases, and Excel.

We picked most common skill sets that are needed across multiple industries in the world of IT and infused them into professional quality assurance track, thereby giving students maximum exposure and potential in landing into entry level job role in the field of information technology, software manual testing, business analyst roles, or any other types of highly level of relevancy QA roles in the specialization of Software Testing.

Our training is tailored towards future IT professionals and consultants in financial industry as the core industry of specialization, however our IT track has also high relevancy to other industries not necessarily just financial industry.

We help students get certified and get placed into job roles, and provide them with relevant experience in the field of quality assurance software testing.

We help you get certified in ISTQB foundation exam, and in addition to that upon completion award you with completion of our Fusion Track Training Program with specialization of Professional Quality Assurance in Software Testing.

30k worth of training you get at no up front cost to you.

The ISTQB cert is the only expense you would pay for, this is so you can be responsible and know that if you fail you must take it again, and it's better not to fail, since otherwise you would have to pay again to take it.

The good news is.... if you refer a friend who does end up signing up for our professional quality assurance track then we would pay you back 50 percent of your certificate exam test taking fee.

If you refer two friends and both friends end up signing up for our quality assurance track exam then we would cover full 100 percent of your exam ISTQB foundation test taking fee.

If you end up failing exam and don't want to pay for the test and know a friend and want us to pay you 50 percent for your failed test.

Then simply refer us a friend who would be interested in completing our Fusion Track (30k worth of training at free of charge) and would be willing to work for 2 years under contract in the job role where we place him/her into and who would be willing to get paid 40k to 60k per year for the first 2 years, and thereby gain experience while also getting some opportunities in making part time income teaching other students math, science or IT relevant subjects that your friend maybe good at in addition to the full time job.

Or refer 2 friends and get us to pay 100 percent for your cert exam....note friends must be willing to join the Fusion Track and be recent college grads or about to be graduating college and willing to learn and willing to get their brain infused with knowledge and hands on training.

We are not interested in students who simply want free.... there is no such thing as free.... we have to pay employees and rent for our training center in Manhattan NY and simply can not offer things for free...what you are getting here is 30k worth of training at no up front cost to you..... but we do ask you to sign contract and do agree to work for us as Binary Fusion consultants 3 months after you you complete the training.

We help you get placed into IT job role, and if we can not place you into IT job role we at least try to place you into an internship role either with us Binary Fusion or with another company temporarily until we do find you placement in full time role.

Internship may either be paid or non paid, it depends on the company if it's our company Binary Fusion then it's non paid, if we suitable position for you in paid internship we would place you into paid internship.

It can also end up being 6 months contract type of position where you work, then after 6 month is complete we will attempt to find you another position.

Some students think the skills that we teach can be done on your own, the answer is yes... it would be more difficult though..., our track is designed to create the right type of talent, and companies trust us to provide such talent, getting into our circle of trust can propel you in getting experience and getting into QA software testing or relevant position job role.
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Explanation on what Fusion Analysis is.
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Explanation of what the Fusion Track is.
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Reach your Graduation Goal Smarter helping you get started with getting your 2 years of experience as close as possible to your college graduate date, join while still in college in your final senior year of college, and reach your Fusion Goal Faster.

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Reach your graduation goal smarter. Talk to your Fusion Guide to help you pick the best Fusion Path towards your Fusion Goal of graduating Binary Fusion Training center the smart way. There are multiple paths to joining and graduating Fusion Track the smart way.

One path can be joining Binary Fusion Training center while you are still in college and attending flexible Fusion Track shifts while still in college, this way your graduation date in college closely coincides with the 3 months Fusion Track graduation date, helping you to get 2 more years of experience and get out to the real world, helping you become Binary Fusion Alumni earlier.

Another path can be starting a bit later, after taking some time off from college , but concentrating on your college grades, then joining the training center, but doing so ahead of time to ensure that there is enough room for you to join.

One more path can be choosing Fusion Track with specialization in core area of software testing or Information Security or Computer Networking. (talk to your Fusion Guide to see which Fusion Path is right for you)

Another Fusion path can be graduating your Fusion Track with Fusion Honors and receiving better Fusion Rewards.

Think of Fusion Path as the journey you take to reach your career goal. Fusion Guide can help you chose your Fusion Path in helping your reach your graduation goal smarter.

Talk to your Fusion Guide today to see which Fusion Path makes most sense for you.
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