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In the spirit of a great I/O today, we're celebrating innovation. Google+ is full of Collections and curators who are talking about innovation and creativity in tech. Here are three of our favorites:

1. +Roy Hembree's Virtual Reality Collection keeps you up to date on all things VR.
2.  From humanoids to hexapods, prosthetics to exoskeletons, +Jason Mayes's Robotics Collection has it all. 
3. +Kailesh Gopalbhai's Health and Innovation dives deep into the intersections of health and tech.
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It's Wanderlust Wednesday! This Collection of Travel Photography by +Nico Wohlgemuth is bound to give you the travel bug.  
On Thursday we were about to leave Rome for our flight back home to Germany, went for a quick morning coffee and were presented a burning Fiumicino Airport on the caffes TV. To avoid the aftermath (we later got numerous emails about the rescheduled flight (to another airport) being delayed for 6 more times) we just got train tickets to Florence, booked a new flight home from there and had three more great days.

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The best part about cinematography is that the grass can be equally green on both sides of the lake.

Which is your favorite GIF in Denyse Landry's *Cinematography* Collection?

Scroll through the Collection to discover:
1. A cocky owl
2. A pensive city-dweller
3. A car crash on a cutting board
4. A literal doggy bag
5. An epic sunset
6. A lunar head of hair

Can you find all six? Comment linking to one that, well, MOVES you! #DiscoverAmazingThings
Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action.

©❤️Mother Teresa

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Can you find all six things?

This California Collection by G+ 🌟 Jason Wright:
Has a sun rise in the morning and a boat trip in the night. 
From jellyfish of the bay, to feathered gulls at play,
And mountains topped with mist, to paddlers full of bliss.

Can you find all six? What do you think?
Show off your G+ tricks, and comment with the links! 




Great job searching for all six amazing things in the Collection! Here is what we could find:

A sun rise in the morning (
A boat trip in the night. (
Jellyfish of the bay (
Feathered gulls at play (
Mountains topped with mist (
Paddlers full of bliss. (


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Discover anything beautiful on the web today? +Stefanie Schächtel 

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Over ten thousand of you voted in this week's Nature Hiking vs. Urban Hiking poll (, and nature hiking won in a landslide - literally! Escape that fast paced city life this weekend by retreating into these five nature Collections:

1. Death Valley by +Lou McCorkle
2. Landscape Photography by +Jarrod Castaing
3. Photography (Nature) by +Mike Slowinski
4. Landscapes to Live For by +Bill Pevlor
5. Seascapes by +Bill Pevlor

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What kind of backdrop makes you happiest: the bustle of the city or the serenity of nature? 

City Life: by +Vinod Kalathil 
Mountain Escape: by +Geir Lyngved 
14544 votes
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Poll option image
Urban Hiking
Nature Hiking

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When your mind is somewhere else...

Check out these five artistic Self Portraiture Collections and show us what your own quirky self portrait would look like:

1. by +Stefan Riss
2. by +Dave DeBaeremaeker
3. by +Darla Hueske
4. by +Shantha Marie Fountain
5. by +Lotus Carroll

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Does National Toast Day have you thinking about food? You'll love these 10 Collections and Communities about baking:

1. Explore incredible desserts like Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Fudge Cake and more!

2. Gluten-Free just got a whole lot sweeter with this Collection.

3. Enjoy everything from sweet recipes to baking tips in this Collection.

4. Get inspiration for festive and themed treats in this Collection.

5. Take a tour of the most adorable desserts, pastries and baking ideas in this Collection.

6. This Collection gets you ready to start off the Chinese new year on a sweet note.

7. Wedding cake or divorce cake? Either way it's fantastic. See this and more in this Cadbury Kitchen Community.

8. Celebrate World Baking Day in this Community!

9. This Community is filled with delicious recipes for professionals and home bakers to make with love.

10. Join this Community to take your cake decorating skills to the next level.


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If you feel like your horoscope understands you better than anyone else in the world, we’ve got the best compilation of Communities for you:

1. Find out what your Zodiac might say about you in this Community.

2. Explore new opportunities based on your horoscope predictions in this Community.

3. In this Community, have mind blowing astrological discussions or do some reading up.

4. This Community let’s you get up close and personal with yourself through your zodiac signs.

5. The art of astrology meets the science of psychology in this Community.

6. See how your zodiac sign impacts your fashion in this fascinating Community.

7. This Collection lets you dive into the philosophy behind astrology.
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