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I was expecting Nokia become next Motorola considering how frequently they were releasing new models. But they have done well so far.

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Better than expected. My expectation from OEM is to deliver latest version of Android to all flagships eligible for updates by December end to be considered as good enough. By January end it will turn to satisfactory. Beyond that it's unacceptable.
Samsung has jumped the gun a little, not that we’re complaining. Here comes Pie with One UI!

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It would be so easy (no brainer?) to recommend high end Chromebooks once this feature is rolled out widely.
Recent internal testing of Microsoft Windows dual booting on the Pixelbook suggests Project Campfire is nearing the home stretch. Is Windows on a #Chromebook something you might want? Don't worry: Like Android and Linux, it's optional for Chrome OS.

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Two One year old mid range phone gets updates while some latest flagships are still waiting for it.

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Android One at work!!!
Android 9 Pie now rolling out to Nokia 7.1 w/ November security patch

Nokia has been delivering a ton of great Android smartphones lately, and the Nokia 7.1 is one of our favorites. Today, the company has officially announced that the Nokia 7.1 Android Pie update is available, and it’s already rolling out to users.

Google Duo is now available on Chrome OS. Have fun peeps!

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The only meaningful improvement I have been waiting for

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I hope other carriers will follow suit.
Project Fi's 'enhanced network' adds free cellular VPN, enables mobile data on poor Wi-Fi

Earlier this month, Project Fi was rumored to be dropping the “project” status from its branding and logo. That has yet to happen, but the Google MVNO is announcing today an “enhanced network” that improves switching between Wi-Fi and cellular, with the…

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Good to see some quantification done for something that was otherwise obvious.
Google encouraging dark themes in Android apps to conserve battery life

Users have long requested a dark theme within apps. With demand only rising due to the inherent brightness of the Google Material Theme, Google’s apps have begun to adopt night modes. Now, the company’s own research can quantify the battery savings…

Just saw Samsung's One UI and atleast UI (not sure about UX) is good enough for me. Now I guess only thing stopping me from considering a Samsung device is updates. Hardware is better than Google and Apple in my books.
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