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Moonbase Europa.
Germany is attempting to restart an ESA effort to build a permanent base on the moon. It will be interesting to compare their efforts against the Chinese moon base ambition.

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India to launch over 100 nanosatellites on a single rocket.
Total orbital lift capacity will be proven at 1378kg.

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A small step for beer.
Learning to brew in space may be key to colonization efforts.

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GOES-R to monitor sun and earth.
Space is an integral part of terrestrial weather.

Quote: The satellite’s primary instrument, the Advanced Baseline Imager, will provide images of Earth’s weather, oceans and environment with 16 different spectral bands, including two visible channels, four near-infrared channels, and 10 infrared channels. Improved space weather sensors on GOES-R will monitor the sun and relay crucial information to forecasters so they can issue space weather alerts and warnings.

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Falcon 9 explosion mystery probably solved.
The leading theory regarding the cause has an engineering fix. Space-X is expected to return to flight in December.

Quote: Musk didn't elaborate on how the solid oxygen formed or what happened after that, but the leading theory is that the solid oxygen may have ignited one of three carbon composite helium containers inside the oxygen tank, triggering the explosion that annihilated SpaceX's launch pad.

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Imagery of the apparent Schiaparelli crash landing site.
As disappointing as the result is, every mistake provides lessons to be learned for the next Mars mission.

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NASA's next generation Mars rover revealed.
I wonder how the launch date will dovetail with Elon Musk's ambitions to send cargo to Mars.

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Mars is not a risk-free play for long-term human habitation.
A surface impact from Deimos could occur within 50My. Mind you, if humanity has survived that long, we could very well have colonized the solar system even in the absence of interstellar drive technology.

Quote: Within 50 million years, the moon will either collide with its parent planet or be torn into rubble and scattered as a ring around Mars.

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Rocket fuel could be mined on Mars.
Perchlorate is also a health hazard, and hence a mixed blessing for any Mars colonization effort.

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Cargo to Mars starting in 2018.
The first few attempts may not be entirely successful, but the daring to make mistakes and learn from them is key.
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