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Home Design Services by The Showroom Interior Solutions

The Showroom is where Olympia area home owners will always find expert help for their best in interior home design.

If you live anywhere near the Olympia, Thurston County Washington area, chances are that you already know that The Showroom Interior Solutions offers the finest in home design products for kitchen and bathroom remodeling or new construction in all Thurston County.

But we are so much more...

Our Yelm showroom is the Olympia areas one stop home design center that provides all you need in interior home design and home design products.Our home design products include hardwood flooring, carpet, rugs, cabinets, countertops, tile, fireplace surrounds, wall coverings and so much more.

You can simply find everything you need to make your home more functional and beyond just beautiful. We also specialize in providing our extensive knowledge to the areas most distinguished with affordable solutions that keeps us the clear leader in Olympia's interior home design outlets.

Our Home Design Showroom provides a very long list of services and interior home design products to list individually, and we hope for those who have yet to visit our showroom that the following overview to provide those who are considering home new construction or remodeling a reason to visit our showroom.


We offer custom kitchen design that will not only make the appearance of your kitchen more beautiful, but with a focus on kitchen design that will be more functional.


Our bathroom design is all about making your bathroom beautiful, but with a focus on transforming the bathroom into one of the most-valuable rooms in your home. From bath tubs to walk-in showers, rugs and bathroom countertops, you may find yourself spending more time in this room.

Countertops For Kitchens And Bathrooms

We want the counters in your home to look perfect, and we will help design a room that has a strong counter everyone will be impressed with. The counters are more fun to use because of the way they were built, and they offer you more style that you get from a standard counter.

We offer the following counter styles, and we will show you many different colors and textures as you shop:
Custom Countertops

Cabinets For Kitchens And Bathrooms

We carry a number of different woods and other styles that you will enjoy, and you may align the cabinets in the room with the design that you have created. We want you to be happy with what you see, and we do not want you to choose until you have seen everything there is to see.

-Large selection of wood species
The Showroom has a larger selection than anyone in the industry.

-Finish enhancements
We will help you add finish enhancements to the cabinets when you want texture in the room. Each new cabinet may be changed to suit your needs and the style you wish to see in the room.

-Cabinetry Hardware
We will offer a number of hardware options that will ensure you have a cohesive style in the space. We want your home to look the way you wish, and we will show you many different pieces of hardware that will match your personal style.
-Cabinet Packages
We have many packages that may be put together to help you create a set of cabinet pieces that will change your room and its look.


You may put tile in any room you want, and it may crawl the walls and floors as you design the room. Consider all the places we may help you with tiles that will fill up your rooms with style.

-Tile Floors
Floors in the house may be laid out in tiles, and you will find a number of them will take on patterns that were custom-made for the space.

-Tile Backsplash
The backsplash in your kitchen will be a beautiful thing to behold when you are designing them with the tiling and patterns you may have borrowed from the floor or the wall.

We also offer the following tiling options when you want a different style or texture in the room:
-Venetian Marble
-Natural Stone


You may add a number of floors to your home that will be exciting to look at every day. You will feel the texture under your feet, and you will feel a difference int he way the floors make your home appear. Each of the floor styles you see below may be installed at any time, and we will help you choose a style in each room that will look perfect.

-Reclaimed Wood
-Engineered Hardwood
-Reclaimed Flooring
-Natural Stone
-Luxury Vinyl
-Gym Flooring
-Fitness Flooring

Window Design

Window fashions & furnishings are an important part of making your home look beautiful, we will dress each window in a way that your family will enjoy. You may not realize how much fun it is to treat each window, and we will offer you any of the treatments below for your kitchen and bathroom windows.

-Interior Shades
-Interior Blinds
-Wood Blinds
-Vertical Blinds
-Exterior Shades
-Aluminum and Vinyl Blinds
-Solar Shades


Allow us to completely change your bathrooms into something that you will adore. We will help you change each piece of the room, and we may go so far as a complete remodel of the space.

-Tub Surrounds
-Tile Backsplashes

Design Accessories

You may finish off any room you like with a few different accessories that will make the room look different. The room will have a welcoming atmosphere when you try everything from the fireplace to adding a few rugs.

-Fire Place Surrounds

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Quality Interior Hardwood Flooring

In order to consistently deliver the highest quality interior hardwood flooring finishes, Showroom Interior Solutions source include flooring materials from not just the US but also around the world.
We offer the latest in flooring, kitchen and bathroom designs; today we highlight some of the flooring materials and systems that we recommend to our home interior design clients and worth considering whenever a home or commercial flooring project is is in the design stages.
From Balterio, we offer wood laminate floorings that are not only available in natural finishes but also in modern patterns. As an alternative, we recommend hardwood floors by Kentwood. Both companies provide the latest in hardwood floors that also provide hard wearing durability.
Our commitment to providing the latest in stylish floor coverings, without compromise, leads us to include glass, metal, porcelain and ceramic from a small number of flooring material providers._ 
We also shouldn’t and don't overlook synthetic products depending upon the room, type of traffic and other, concerning the flooring we recommend to both business and homeowners.
Also, In line with our values, we include flooring materials that are manufactured in a green factory in Belgium. Their flooring systems not only look good but also stand out for the attention to the environment and end user health.
This is only a brief look at the flooring systems that we supply to designers and homeowners. We would love to see you in the showroom to discuss your unique needs and design ideas.

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Kentwood Hardwood Floors is committed to creating the world’s most beautiful, durable and desirable wood floors.

Kentwood floors explore the infinite variety and natural beauty of real wood.

Floors that make bold, distinctive design statements for the contemporary home.  Floors that are made to last for a lifetime, and made in a way that ensures the forests last forever.
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DuChateau hardwood flooring reflects passion, art in design and an appreciation for nature.  Designed to reflect the styles found in Europe from centuries ago, Du Chateau wood floors are antique-styled hard-wax oil floors developed in Holland.

With natural changing grain patterns and hand-crafted textures, DuChateau creates a time-worn look that showcases the character and longevity of a true vintage hardwood floor.
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