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Hello, Fridge Cleanout collection peeps!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm simplifying and making all my food-related posts, including my fridge cleanouts here in my Home Cooking, Dining & Drinking collection now.

I've got lots of recipes to share and cooking community building events and activities coming up, so I hope you'll join me here! <3

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One of the best things about making potato salad is the sandwiches you get to have with the leftovers. :)))

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Been a while since I made fridge cleanout soup!

Chicken stock and breast meat (I usually like to keep the dark meat for braises), garlic, the last of the carrots, all the cracked tomatoes off the vine (last week's rains made them burst), one rib of droopy celery (does it take forever for you to use up a stalk, too?!?), half a bag of arugula, the rind from the last Parm wedge (gives great umami), bay, oregano, and all the leftover cooked rice from last weekend thrown in at the end so it doesn't overcook and expand too much.

What are your dinner plans?

#chezshinae 05.20.15

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Summer Rolls made with the last piece of leftover Miso Salmon from yesterday's Wabi-Sabi Weekend focus group, jicama, carrot, lettuce, mint, cilantro, and bean thread noodles.

Supereasylicious Spicy Peanut Sauce for dipping.

My No-Cook Peanut Sauce Recipe:

My Miso Salmon Recipe:

What's lunching with you?

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People often tell me that that my fridge cleanouts and leftovers makeovers are their favorite posts of mine. In many ways, they're my favorite, too, because of all the things I create in the kitchen, they probably best reflect my personal philosophy on cooking and eating - with balance, variety, resourcefulness, frugality, thoughtfulness, and gratitude.


Hope you enjoy. :)

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Breakfast for +Dean Robinson: a leftover ribeye sandwich (we do like our steak fairly pink!) on toasted wheat with mayo, homegrown tomatoes, extra peppery arugula, and Trader Joe's Unexpected Cheddar (which tastes like a cross between sweet Irish Cheddar and Parm).

He's got the day off today. Lucky meeee!!! :D

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Tonight's dinner:

- A stew made with the last of the pork shoulder, the last of the onion, some garlic, carrots, a flaccid celery stalk, the leftover corn from last week's rib dinner, half of the ripe homegrown tomatoes, half of the last jalapeno, a can of Northern beans, and salt, pepper, cumin, and bay for seasoning.

- A salad of the rest of the ripe homegrown tomatoes, the last of the green onions, and the other half of the last jalapeño, dressed with salt, pepper, lemon, and olive oil.

- Guacamole made with the last of that ginormous 5 dollar bag of avocados from Fallbrook

- Brown rice left over from earlier in the week

And a great new to us value Just Outstanding IPA by Kern River Brewing to wash it down.

Cheers and happy eating, Sunshines! :)

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Fridge Cleanout Pork & Veg Stew & Stuff 05.01.15
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Time to stop dreaming about those mariscos that aren't going to happen and start cooking that fridge cleanout pork stew...

What's cooking with you tonight? :)

P.S. If you're having concerns about the raw meat on the veg with the board, yes, it'a a general food safety rule to keep them separated, but they're all going into the same pot and getting boiled and simmered for a long time, so all the cooties will get killed, and we won't have cross contamination issues.

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Post-Vacay Fridge Cleanout Detox Lunch

Leftover rice, raw carrot, raw sugar snap peas, wilted salad greens ((just saute in a pan with a little bit of oil over medium high heat - quick way to use up a bunch before it gets slimy!), fried egg, seasoned miso, toasted sesame oil, mix it up, that's it! :)

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Post-Vacay Fridge Cleanout Detox Lunch 03.24.15
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Grilled cheese made with the rest of last night's French loaf, the absolute last of the fresh mozz, and some Monterey Jack with a side of the basket of tomatoes left over from our potluck two weekends ago pan roasted in olive oil with Bella's serving of green olives that she didn't finish last night, garlic, and parsley.

They are so good together.

A glass of zin to wash it down.

You might ask why I'm doing fridge cleanouts at the beginning of the week. That's because we are going to the local wine country for a couple of days for an incomplete getaway (Bella will be with us) and some site research for our bodybellysoulSD™ retreats. I am so excited!!! >.<

What's dinnering with you? :)

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