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Garam Masala Recipe ~

A spoonful of this fragrant masala will take the flavour to another level and much more fragrant and flavourful than anything you buy in a jar at the store. Trust me on this. You won’t be disappointed.

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Heerekai Bajji or Turai/Ridge Gourd Pakoda ~

Chai + Pakoda + Monsoon Rain... Enough said! :)

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Paneer Bhurji ~

Paneer Bhurji is a very simple and easy to make spiced Indian cottage cheese scramble. Bhurji, literally translates to scramble and Paneer Bhurji is a vegetarian take on very popular Anda Bhurji or Indian scrambled eggs. As with anything Indian, the Indian styled Bhurji is anything but plain, mild, homogenised scrambled eggs you find around the world, but is riotous mix of colours, spice and flavours that's laden with butter and character. While the vegetables like onions, tomatoes and fresh coriander leaves add colours, an array of spices add character to the otherwise plain paneer. The vegetarian Bhurji made with Paneer is one of those dishes that is loved by people in every age group and has found its way to not only to breakfast with a piece of nicely toasted slices local bread smeared with butter, but also as a side dish for lunch and dinner with some fresh roti or chapatti and sometimes as an in-between snack.

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Tandoori Gobi with homemade Tandoori Masala spice blend ~

As old fashioned as the tandoori cooking technique may look, the fact is that tandoori dishes deliver a deliciously smokey piece of meat or vegetable that is chargrilled to perfection and is tender and juicy. The end results are dishes packed with complex flavours you just can’t duplicate at home.

But it is still possible to create a smokey flavour by using a special blend of spice mix and cooking in an oven at maximum heat that your oven can and finally broiling or grilling it for couple of minutes to get that char-grilled aroma. Like how I made this Tandoori Gobi by baking a whole head of cauliflower marinated in homemade Tandoori Masala. This Tandoori Gobi is one of the simple and offhand cooking I have ever done and with little preparation of making your own fresh batch of fragrant, no preservative, homemade Tandoori Masala spice blend in advance, it just takes about 5 minutes of your active time to put everything together. Prepare the cauliflower, marinade it, let it rest in refrigerator and pop it in the oven to do its magic! That’s it! It is really, really that simple and the end result is beautifully spiced, whole head of roasted cauliflower that is crisp on the surface and moist and juicy within with smokey flavour and char-grilled to perfection which will delight and impress your taste buds!

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Aloo Tikki Chole Chaat -

Let me share today this updated recipe post of Aloo Tikki Chole Chaat, a popular Indian street food of spiced potato patties served with spicy chickpeas curry and assorted sweet date-tamarind chutney and hot mint-coriander chutney and topped with finely chopped onions, tomatoes and sev.

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Aam ka Panna (Sweet and sour Indian raw mango cooler) -

Aam ka Panna is a very popular raw mango recipe from the northern India. It is a refreshing raw mango cooler flavoured with spices and good helping of fresh mint. It is this Aam ka Panna, with its sweet tangy flavour makes it extremely rejuvenating and its health benefits make it a go to drink and a must try recipes for the summers. Aam Panna is consumed in the sweltering summer days as it acts as a coolant, rehydrates body and provides the essential electrolytes lost during the hot weather. A glass of this drink in a summer afternoon can combat fatigue and energize a person. I beg you to give this recipe a try before we bid adieu to the mango season. If there is one drink you want to try this summer, then let this Aam Panna be the one. Trust me, you will not regret spending few mins of your time and energy to make this absolutely refreshing drink.

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BasaLe Soppina Koddel -

A kaleidoscope of images, people and colours flash in my mind as think of one dish that is very close to my heart. It is called BasaLe Soppina Kodhel or Kodhilu or Koddel, a simple coconut based curry of Malabar spinach cooked in a freshly roasted spice paste and tempered with generous amount of garlic fried in coconut oil.

With the gloomy and windy rains, it feels more like cold autumn days than beginning of summer season and this BasaLe Soppina Koddel is perfect thing to cook and serve piping hot with some crispy akki rotti or ragi rotti or with just a bowl of rosematta (Kerala red rice) or white rice with a generous spoonful of desi ghee and a side of papad. It also goes well with some hot chapatti or shavige (rice string hoppers). Did I tempt you enough? If yes head over to blog to check the recipe, food story and more photographs.

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Raw Mango and Bottle Gourd Dal or Khatta Meetha Lauki-Aam Dal ~

To celebrate the mango season, I made this simple and yet delicious dal. Making dal or Indian lentil soup with raw mangoes is no new concept as it is one of the most loved and celebrated dals during summers when mother nature blesses us with her bounty. Since I had lauki or bottle gourd, and also the fact that I love using them in dal, I added them along with raw mango and the result is creamy, summery Raw Mango and Bottle Gourd Dal or Khatta Meetha Lauki-Aam Dal. The recipe is simple, ingredients not too many and the flavours are amazing. Perfect dish to make this summer and serve it with a bowl of steaming rice topped with some pure desi ghee or just with some puffed rotis smeared with ghee or butter. Oh, a spoonful of pickle or papad takes this dish to another level. I, personally, love to eat it on its own as a bowl of hearty soup.

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Blueberry Yogurt Ice Lolly -

Make these delicious frozen yogurt ice lollies loaded with berry goodness this summer. It's low fat, has no added sugar, healthy and super creamy delight! It just needs 5 ingredients, a blender and after 6 hours in freezer, you have this delicious and healthy treat to enjoy!

P.S: There is a video tutorial as well :)

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Lauki Aloo Matar Curry (A simple and easy vegan bottle gourd curry with potato and peas cooked in a sweet and tangy tomato gravy) -

The recipe for this Lauki Aloo Matar is pretty simple and straight-forward. I love to cook it with just handful of spices easily found in most Indian pantry, like the coriander powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder, chilli powder and the quintessential garam masala (not curry powder) which add bags of flavours. I am also not too fond of over complicated recipes, and hence stick to simple tomato based gravies which gives natural sweetness to the finished dish with a hint of tangy flavour. The addition of fresh ginger and garlic paste and good handful of coriander leaves elevates this curry to new heights. While the potatoes lend the creaminess to the gravy, the green peas add vibrancy to what otherwise a plain looking curry. And the main ingredient humble bottle gourd simply absorbs all the flavours, like a litmus paper, and transforms into a star of the dish. Do give this dish a try when you buy bottle gourd next time and see if you too fall in love with this humble dish.
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