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With battery prices set to come down drastically, I expect a lot from the field of renewable energy in the coming years

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A well articulated article with 5 pointers on how to make a sales pitch for prospective customers by +Andrew Raskin

1. Name a Big, Relevant Change in the World
2. Show There’ll Be Winners and Losers
3. Tease the Promised Land
4. Introduce Features as “Magic Gifts” for Overcoming Obstacles to the Promised Land
5. Present Evidence that You Can Make the Story Come True

Link to the slideshow

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Are these the upcoming technologies that will grow big in the coming years - IOT, VR, AR, Wearables, Drones, Cars, AI?

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Navigation Recommendations

Desktop: Do not use hidden navigation (such as hamburger icons) in desktop user interfaces.
Instead display the top-level navigation options, usually across the top of the page or down the left side.

Mobile: General recommendations are:
If your site has 4 or fewer top-level navigation links, display them as visible links.
If your site has more than 4 top-level navigation links, the only reasonable solution is to hide some of these.

Provide in-page links to important information on your site, or use other methods of supporting the hamburger (or some other hidden) menu.

Remember: mobile-first is not the same as mobile-only.

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The top mobile apps are of Facebook and Google

+Quincy Larson​ explains why it makes more sense to focus on web and hybrid instead of native apps

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In this TED talk, +Simon Sinek explains the importance of knowing the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires us to do what we do.
Knowing WHY, he says, will help us articulate better our message for our consumers and increase their confidence in our product.

Based on his book Start with Why (

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+Tristan Harris​ on how tech companies are using technology to make us waste time on their product for their benefit.

The book Hooked by +Nir Eyal​ ( dwells deeper in the psychology aspect. It touches upon what is ethical - a gray zone

As tech company, it is our responsibility to enrich lives of users and not interrupt them to achieve our 'time spent on app' objective
Easier said than done 

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A great company story by +Jeff Bezos​ in 1997 when Amazon had started its journey.

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Focus on giving a great user experience; not on tons of features - John Cutler

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A few mush haves for mobile apps

1. Hook and shortcuts
2. Onboarding
3. Thumb rule

By S C Moatti
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