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Brian Jensen

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6 Experiments That Will Change The Way You Think About SEO

Here's a great collection of SEO tests from some of the industry's top thought leaders including Eric Enge, Dan Petrovic and Rand Fiskin.

Definitely a must read for any SEO geek like myself!

It’s only through testing we can be sure the SEO strategies we are implementing will actually yield results.
What you thought to be true about SEO is about to change. The most surprising scientifically backed SEO experiments and how to take advantage of them.
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Brian Jensen

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Does Google Treat URL Mentions Like Links?

Very interesting test from +Stone Temple Consulting and the IMEC team that sought to understand if URL mentions are treated the same as URLs.

The Results

Currently there's no indication that Google is using URL mentions as a ranking factor. We can’t treat this data as conclusive, however, as it’s still possible that it is factored into the algorithm, but as a relatively weak signal.

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+Brian Jensen​ there is a way to verify that Google is able to count URL mentions (plain txt) as links - verfied in search console linking doains. Try to find a site that has links from: * - then check on this site every single link in your search console coming from and you will hopefully find a working example of a plain text URL mention listed as backlink - if so pls credit, thx.
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