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Marc Jacobs Debuts New Handbag Line:  Includes all Price Points

Marc Jacobs announced during the 2015 fall ready-to-wear season that he would be dropping his Marc by Marc Jacobs  line and consolidating his brand into one line. 

True to Jacobs' word, the single brand will indeed encompass products at a huge range of price points, which should put to rest any lingering fears from Marc by Marc Jacobs fans that the designer would largely abandon contemporary priced bags.

In fact, +WWD  reports that the majority of Jacobs' accessories (which the brand hopes will grow to constitute 70% of its total business, according to CEO Sebastian Suhl) will be priced at or below the $500 mark.

The bags now available at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom from the newly consolidated line demonstrate the wide price point the brand intends to span.

On the lower end, simple leather totes and shoulder bags will set you back $400 to $650, while at the higher end, exotic, heavily embroidered runway pieces tip the scales at $5,500.

Marc Jacobs  does a good job demonstrating why the most expensive bags cost that much: they're clearly made of fine materials and covered in time-consuming details.

You can check out what has made it to the stores thus far via and

Top to Bottom:
 ❤ Marc Jacobs Collage Leather Crossbody Bag - $450
 ❤ Marc Jacobs J Marc Embroidered Python Shoulder Bag - $5,500
 ❤ Marc Jacobs Charms & Trinkets Small Saddle Bag - $1,150

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Chanel Spring 2016 Pre-Collection Accessories

Chanel is known primarily for its bags, but here is a look at some of Chanel's purchase worthy wallets, accessories  and small leather goods. As with the Spring 2016 bag collection, there's also plenty of denim and some lovely, soft-colored additions to the Boy accessories line.  

Some of our favorites are the Wallet On Chain (WOC) and the ever popular Phone Case Holder.  Prices listed where available. 

You can check out the entire Spring 2016 Lookbook at

Top to Bottom:
  ❤  Chanel Coin Purse - $450
  ❤  Chanel Denim Wallet On Chain 
  ❤  Chanel Laptop Cases - $1,200 & $1,275

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Chanel Quietly Adds Online Sunglasses

Several months ago Chanel announced plans to expand its retail presence  on its official website, and this month, we got the first peek at what the brand has in store. 

Via, you can now browse and buy  a large selection of sunglasses, which is one step closer to the online handbag sales we're so desperately hoping will one day appear.

The site offers almost 250 sunglasses options, all categorized by both frame shape and arm embellishment. The brand's sunnies aren't currently available for purchase online anywhere else, which marks this as new territory for the brand's digital shopping endeavors. 

Just a few of my favorites . . .

Top To Bottom:

 👓 Chanel Cateye Signature - $350
 👓 Chanel Round Runway - $700
 👓 Chanel Butterfly Bijou - $1000

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Chanel Cruise 2016 Handbags In Stores Now

Runway detail's of Chanel's Cruise 2016  show in Seoul were few and far between, so the anticipation for the brand to release it's Korea-inspired collection's lookbook has been building for months.

Chanel's  site has now been updated with images and prices for many of the collection's bags, and they're just as pretty and detailed as we've come to expect from the brand.

You can view the entire Cruise 2016 collection on

These are a few of my favorites . . .

Top to Bottom:  

 👜 Chanel Iridescent Small Boy Bag - $4,300
 👜 Chanel Rubber Camera Case Bag w/ Removable Raincoat - $2,400
 👜 Chanel Suede Patchwork Drawstring Bag - $4,300

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Diane von Furstenberg's Secret Agent Bag for Fall 2015

A woman’s handbag has been said to be an extension of her wardrobe, accompanying her nearly everywhere and acting as a chic vessel for necessities and indulgences alike. 

How to transition a bag from day to night is a logistical problem that plagues every woman at some point, and the Secret Agent Bag has a great way to solve it.

The bag’s front pocket zips off to create a stylish grab-and-go envelope-style clutch; if you’re headed from work to drinks, leave the tote portion of the design in the office and take just the clutch.

DVF  offers additional “Agents” (the zip-on front clutch) to make your Secret Agent your own, which provides plenty of opportunity for both structural and aesthetic versatility, all in one bag.

Shop the full collection via

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Top to Bottom:

 👜 Diane von Furstenberg Small Secret Agent Bag - $398 w/ Agent Bianca Snake Zip-On Clutch - $198

 👜 Diane von Furstenberg Secret Agent Large Tote - $498 w/ Agent Karlie Confetti Tweed Zip-On Clutch - $148
 👜 Diane von Furstenberg Secret Agent Large Tote - $498 w/ Agent Audrey Tweed Zip On Clutch - $148

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Moschino's Spring 2016 Runway Bags Available for Pre-Order Now

Fashion has always dabbled in the  direct-from-runway sales; Moda Operandi's seasonal trunk show pre-orders are the best example of that, but Scott has made it a solid part of Moschino's  business. 

Every season, a few key pieces from the collection are available very quickly from several different luxury retailers, including those who don't normally do season-ahead pre-orders. 

All these bags are all straight off the Spring 2016 runway and Neiman Marcus can have them in your hands by the end of October. How cool is that!

You can pre-order theses and others from the Moschino Spring 2016  collection at

 👜 Moschino Stop Sigh Clutch - $995
 👜 Moschino Quilted Shoulder Bag - $1,195
 👜 Moschino Logo Nylon Bucket Bag - $850

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Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Helps Fight Domestic Violence

Allstate Foundation Purple Purse  is a public awareness and fundraising campaign aimed at creating long-term safety and security for survivors through financial empowerment. 

"We are making the invisible visible. Bringing financial abuse out of the shadows so victims can get the healing and support they deserve." 

The program ignites fundraising for hundreds of national, state and local domestic violence organizations. 

Funds raised will support life-changing financial empowerment services to help domestic violence survivors build safer lives for themselves and their families.

The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse was designed by Kerry Washington  and Dee Ocleppo  to represent the center of a woman’s financial domain and inspire women to reclaim their financial independence. 

Show your support for the cause with your own 2015 Purple Purse – for sale exclusively at  +Saks Fifth Avenue while supplies last. 

A portion of the proceeds from every sale will benefit Allstate Foundation Purple Purse nonprofits

Proudly clip a Purple Purse Charm  to your bag and help domestic violence survivors break free from abuse. 

All proceeds from charm sales will support more than 160 Purple Purse Challenge nonprofits and the domestic violence survivors  they serve. 

Domestic violence and financial abuse don’t discriminate. It affects people of all races, genders, religions and income levels — even right in your own community. Likely someone you know. Don’t let them become a silent statistic. 

For more about the Purple Purse Allstate Foundation and to purchase a Bag Charm please visit

The Saks Fifth Avenue exclusive Dee Ocleppo's Limited Edition Purple Purse Envelope Clutch can be found here:

 👜 Editor's Crocodile-Embossed Leather Envelope Clutch - $350
 👜 Purple Purse Charm - $10  

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Louis Vuitton Releases its Christmas Animation Line for 2015

The Evasion Collection  is inspired by a historical advertisement from 1921 and pays tribute to the brand's robust travel heritage. 

Included are a few of Louis Vuitton's most beloved items, including a Zippy Wallet, Zippy Coin Purse, Sarah Wallet, Small Ring Agenda Cover and Mini Pochette Accessories.

The Evasion Collection design can be found on the Louis Vuitton Monogram Print, as well as Damier Ebene and Damier Azur. Prices range from $365-$905.

For more information on this witty and colorful limited edition line contact

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Below are my favorites:

 👛 Louis Vuitton Monogram Zippy Coin Purse - $440
 👛 Louis Vuitton Mini Damier Azure Pouchette - $365
 👛 Louis Vuitton Monogram Sara Wallet - $805

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Apple Introduces the Hermès iPhone Watch 

Apple Inc. and Hermès  International announced Wednesday that they have created a new version of Apple’s smartwatch.

The watch, which will go on sale Oct. 5, will marry bands made in Hermès’ signature leather with a specially designed user interface.

The Hermès  watch will have a choice of three bands with the stainless steel face: a single leather loop, a double loop and a cuff. 

The double loop only comes with the 38mm face, while the thicker cuff only has the 42mm version. 

The bands are available in several colors of leather. The price will range from $1,100 to $1,500.

To display the time, Apple adapted three fonts Hermès has long used in its watches. When the watch face displays the Hermès user interface, neither the Apple name nor logo is visible.

As reported on

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Chanel Fall 2015 Handbag Collection Now avaiable

Chanel produces lush, highly detailed, sometimes-weird runway pieces, more than other bag brands, eventually putting them into the hands of consumers. 

Chanel's Fall 2015 collection, in stores now, includes that dining plate clutch you probably remember from the brand's brasserie-themed runway show and beyond.

This collection is now available in Chanel boutiques; for more information, check out

My Favorites . . .

Top to bottom:

 👜 Chanel Boy Two-Tone Clutch - $3,600
 👜 Chanel Brasserie Gabrielle Plate Minaudiere - Upon Request
 👜 Chanel Woven Brass Minaudiere - $7,000

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