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Apps Script Basics (8) - Spreadsheet class
Following on from my post on the SpreadsheetApp class, we now look at some of the common things that can be done with the Spreadsheet class.

Learn how to:
*Copy spreadsheets
*Rename them
*Move sheets
*Insert and delete sheets
*Display toast messages

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Love this!
Ephemeral exchange with cross platform push notification is out today. Here's a 5 minute video using it to orchestrate communication and services between Sheets, Apps Script webapp , Apps script add-on, Google cloud functions, Maps API and various other things. The demo creates random pub crawls of random pubs in given areas (so might even be useful).

.. And more info at

#googleappsscript #blogpost #video #gde 

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Apps Script Basics (7) - SpreadsheetApp & for in loop

Here we'll look at:

*What are services, classes, and methods.
*Then focus on using the SpreadsheetApp class and some of its methods, to create spreadsheets automatically, and copy data from between spreadsheets.
*Plus, we'll use the useful for in loop.
*And you'll see how global variables can be used.

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Apps Script Basics (6) - If, menus, onOpen trigger, & prompt dialogue boxes

Learn how to get your program to react to user input. Plus, easily create your own menus.

Through 10 examples we'll cover:
*If, else if, and else statements – to allow the program to make decisions
*Create your own menu in the spreadsheet to run your programs from
*Automatically set up the menu using the onOpen trigger
*Creating a dialogue box to allow the user to enter data using ui.prompt

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Make and send kids reports
Teachers enter the data on a Sheet, convert it into individual pdf reports, then email them directly to the parents.

This post includes:
*Use of data validation to make drop-down menus
*Extracting the ID from a folder or file URL
*Getting data from a Sheet and writing it to a Google Doc
*Converting a Google Doc to a PDF
*Moving files to a different folder
*Adding images to emails
*Adding links to emails

The code could easily be adapted to other scenarios, not just kids reports.

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Apps Script Basics (5) - Arrays, the logger and execution transcript

Learn about arrays - How we can store multiple values in a single variable. Creating arrays, accessing the data in them, and looping through them

Also, I'll cover getValues() and setValues(), allowing you to get and set a range of values in one go.

Finally, we'll see how logging information into the logger can be useful, and see the steps of our code in the execution transcript, along with how long our code ran far.

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For those interested in dipping their toe in the wacky world of Regular Expressions!
JavaScript: Learn Regular Expressions for Beginners

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Is something broken in your classroom? Is your computer not working?

Learn how to create a quick and simple issues reporting system using Google Forms, Sheets, and of course, Apps Script.

As we work in a multilingual environment, it also allows issues to be reported in different languages and translated into the local language.

This includes:
*setFormulaR1C1 (adding formulas to your sheet via Apps Script)
*Utilities.formatDate (Formatting the timestamp to the way you want it)
*Improving the look of automatic emails using basic HTML formatting
*Adding options to your email, such as, htmlCode and replyTo

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Catching errors with Try and Error
"Mousewhisperer" has some great posts on Apps Script. Check out his blog.
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