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*US road trips from top bloggers*

Check out these inspiring and amazing USA road trips from top bloggers who share their favorite places to drive and explore around the United States. Many of these are truly amazing landscapes, national parks or just beautiful drives through the different states and regions around the country.

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Discovering Virginia City

Visiting the old wild west in Montana in this amazing western town that is part tourist focused and an actual working city. Visit some of the unique businesses and repurposed homes of the Victorian era and discover what the lifestyle and daily ways of living was in this region of Montana. More highlights and story below

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* Visiting Walnut Canyon in Central Arizona*

Unlike many of the cliff dwellings and pueblos in Arizona, Walnut Canyon National historic site is very special. you can actually climb down the magnificent cliffs of Walnut Canyon and get really up close to the dwellings and even walk through many of them. Its a fascinating hike down the canyon and their are guides that share some of the wonderful history and culture of the ancient peoples of this valley. Find out more on my post about Walnut Canyon below.

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Places to visit near Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone has so many wonderful places to explore in the park but there are a lot of fantastic attractions, landscapes and historical places to also visit outside of the park. Here are some top places you can visit in a short road trip close to the park and worth visiting if you have more time to explore any of the fascinating western towns, national parks and other scenic spots in this northwest region of the United States

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An Eastern Sierra Road Trip

Top attractions, landmarks and other scenic places of discovery on a road trip through I395 along the Eastern Sierras in California. This area is filled with gorgeous landscape with cultural and historic places of interest worth visiting. Check out the details and more images of this area on the post below.

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Santa Barbara wine country road trip
A road trip through wine country in Santa Barbara visiting the unique towns and villages, historic attractions and the wineries that grow a variety of wonderful grape varietals in the region. This tour highlights some of the best wine experiences in the area with a specialty wine tour group. Check out the details and story on the post below.

#santabarbara #wine #travelphotography #tbin

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*A road trip to Wupatki National Monument in Arizona"

This is one of the most beautiful road trips in Arizona to visit the many Indian pueblos in this loop road to Wupatki National Monument and a lava cinder cone that wiped out a large area of the terrain and drove some of the Indian dwellers away from the area. Check out the details and fascinating story by clicking the link below.

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A Miami to Key West Road Trip
One of the most scenic road trips to do in Florida is the trip through the Florida Keys starting from Miami and driving through the chain of islands to the end at Key West. Check out my post below of the top attractions, landmarks and must do activities or sites to visit on each island.

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Death Valley National Park

Such an expansive park and filled with amazing terrain and varied landscape, Death Valley is a vast park to explore. I'm fascinated by the beautiful rock formations and colorful striations, desert sand dunes and salt flats, it really is spectacular. I'm sharing some of my favorite short hikes on this post and 20 of my photographs that really give you a sense of place in this park. Enjoy and hope you visit Death Valley National Park in California.

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Pinnacles National Park
One of the most underrated national parks in California, Pinnacles National park in central California is definitely worth going to. The scenic drive there makes it iideal for a road trip since it is located in the Central Valley and easily accessible from around the state. Great hiking trails, beautiful vistas and those unique Pinnacles makes this a fascinating park to explore.

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