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Iconic Landmark: The Palm Jumeirah

Opened The Palm Jumeirah is the world’s largest artificial cluster of islands and easily one of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks. The Palm Jumeirah is home to residential properties, shopping experiences and many luxury hotels such as the Atlantis on the Palm. The sheer artistic design and extravagant nature of The Palm Jumeirah is what makes it so unique.

Have you experienced the wonder that is The Palm Jumeirah?

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Iconic Landmark: The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the French revolution. The famous landmark today needs no further introduction. So how about a fun fact? The Eiffel Tower actually reacts to the wind and to the sun being able to lean up to 18 centimeters aside to avoid them.

Visit Paris to see this in person:

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Amazing Hotels: Caesar Palace Hotels

This Roman-themed, 5-star hotel is a pinnacle of luxury. With an in-house casino, 25 restaurants, clubs, lounges and direct monorails into the city, immerse yourself into the heart of what Vegas is famed for.

Why we love it: feel like an emperor at the Garden of the Gods pool!

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A guide to picking your entertainment in Las Vegas

It is no coincidence that the city of Vegas holds the nickname of the World’s Capital of Entertainment. We all know about the casinos and clubs but with shows on every night, it is difficult to know what to pick. The question is: which one would you pick?

For the jolly traveller
Keen to keep your evenings busy with gaily laughs? Head to a comedy show! There are hundreds to choose from. Our Suggestion: Chuckle at the 50 Shades! Parody by staying at Bally’s Hotel.

For the music lover
Attend a plethora of gigs throughout the city ranging from street performers to international superstars such as Britney Spears or Lionel Richie. Our Suggestion: Make sure to tick your favourite artist off your bucket list with a stay at Planet Hollywood hotel.

For the arty traveller
If you are seeking performances with a wow factor, acrobats and funambulists will cater to your need and so will magical-fountain spectacles. Our Suggestion: Head to a Cirque du Soleil show with a stay at the Bellagio Hotel.

For the hard-to-impress individual
For those looking for something different some mystery and illusions will do the trick. Our Suggestion: Head to a mind reading show or be surprised by the illusions of Mind Freak at the Luxor Hotel.
For the curious ones
Las Vegas boasts a number of quirky exhibitions. Our Suggestion: visit the Bodies exhibition, which will give you an insightful look into human anatomy and the effect of a (un)healthy lifestyle.

For the landscape enthusiast
Last but not least, the city itself is a spectacle. Enjoy the sparkling views from the top with a trip on the High Roller, a massive Ferries wheel on the strip. Our Suggestion: have a private party in one of the wheel’s hubs.

Caesar Hotels are limitless when it comes to entertainment; pick one of them for your stay in Vegas:

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#Bulgaria: where tranquil landscape meets buzzing city life

Behind the apparent calm of the stunning caves, the charming old towns and the wonderful peaks of this Balkan country, hides one of Europe's most vibrant and rising destinations. Wander along the Black Sea Coast to find out for yourself as you discover the bars and clubs of #SunnyBeach, the large soft sand-stretch of #GoldenSands and the buzz of the Bulgarian lifestyle.

+1 this post if you have been to Bulgaria or intend to!

Let Bulgaria surprise you on your next holiday:

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Get A Taste Of The True North in #Canada

Somewhere between heaven and earth, lose yourself into the majestic landscapes. Meet fascinating wildlife in the forests of the Central Belt. Experience a mix of French and American influences in the East. Cruise the pristine lakes and rivers that run across the country. Dominate the mountains onboard the #RockyMountaineer in the West. Embark on a quest up North on the look out for polar bears. The Canada bucket list goes on and on, a thousand reasons to keep coming back for more.

Whether you have already been or dream to go, make it happen:

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Where great wine meets nature and city life: France

What France has to offer is limitless. Walk through the lavender fields of the Provence. Explore the vineyards of Aquitaine and stop by Bordeaux to taste the wine. Immerse yourself into the Celtic heritage of Britanny. Run down the slopes of the Alps. Get awed by the lake of Annecy. Wander by the coasts of Normandy. Finally, experience romance in the city that needs no introduction: Paris.

Breathe in nature, drink great wine and live the city life in France:

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Italy: La bella vita

Simple pleasures are what makes Italy the perfect European break. With tantalising food at every corner and the views of small charming villages by the Mediterranean sea, it is easy to picture yourself walking there hand in hand with your loved one. As the craddle of European history and with a very unique welcoming culture, there is no better destination to unwind.

Fall in love and live the good life in Italy for your next holiday:

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Begin your American dream in #Illinois

Lose yourself in a mix of urban and bucolic scenery in Illinois. From Chicago to Springfield, travel through the Prairie State gazing at pristine landscapes. Then let yourself be transported through fascinating history. And when comes the time to see more of America, let the famous Route 66 take you to new adventures in the West.

Start your journey through the USA in Illinois:

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The Entertainment Capital of The World: Las Vegas

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” as the saying goes, a reflection of a place where everything is possible. Between the dazzling buildings, casinos at every corner, sparkling fountains, pervasive luxury and fantastic shows, the opportunities for a great time are limitless in the entertainment capital of the world.

Make the realm of Glitz & Glamour of Las Vegas your next destination:

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