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Charles Bridge (Karlův most) is alive and well - after many centuries! It was undergoing re-construction on my last visit but still its mid-section was alive and bustling with musicians, tourists, & artist/photographers like Petr Brincil who has been part of the creative mix on this venerable bridge for over 2 decades.

More Prague images 'here' (Google collection/albums) and @

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Happy Halloween /All Saint's Day &/or Día de Muertos !!

From the city where there are many puppets & Gothic settings too.
Perfect. Here's one local resident readying the broom, sweeping up.

More Prague images 'here' (Google collection/albums) and @

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Karlův most (Charles Bridge)

And some feathered friends on the Vltava. Good morning, Prague!
Always beautiful, I am imagining a change to autumn colors now.
This was in summer. Our feathered friends enjoyed the water; I enjoyed the view.

More "here" (Google) and @ http//

More Karlův most:
(A Halloween "trick or treat": click on the photo of the didgeridoo.)

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And a flap of the wing to +Margaret Tompkins and +Water Bird Wednesday 

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Fireman's Ball

Here is a little more of the ornaments and statues adorning this building. There is an earlier image of the "fireman" only (solo) below.

I learned since the first post (Děkuji Vladimir) that this is now the Fireman's Insurance Company. Perfect. Here is the fireman, with woman & child on the roof, and a wider view of the building's artistry: mural and sculpture plus angels & royal designation over the door.

More Prague "here" - this collection, or more in "album" (click on photo) or... take a self-guided tour @

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Every picture tells a story.
(Some buildings too. In Prague, many.)

More "here" in Google-land - collection & album (click on photo).
More also (click/tap around) at

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Hold On....

It's taken only about a decade to organize a great many images captured on small-capacity CF cards, as with this 1st generation Nikon Coolpix 990. (It swiveled!)

Good morning, Prague! Enjoy the fall colors as they arrive.This was from exactly 10 summers ago, my first long walk around Malá Strana.

More to come, from more recent visits & cameras. Plus new/old finds. "Here" in Google-land stil, albums & collections, and @ http//

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Happy 160th Birthday, Nikola Tesla ! (Born July 10, 1856)

This stained glass looms over the passage-way/arcade Pasáž Světozor in Prague, near Wenceslas Square.

This huge testament is not only to the man, but also his technology - TEchnika SLAboproudá" - which means "Low voltage technology". The state run monopoly, first "Elektra" in 1921, and then TESLA in 1946, was a huge electronics conglomerate, continuing through the years of communist control over "Czechoslovakia", until 1989. Now Tesla's legacy and vision are honored throughout the world.

Today he was celebrated at his New Jersey (USA) laboratory, which is becoming a museum. He is beloved throughout Prague, Serbia & central Europe, where he spent his early years. In 1884 he moved to the U.S. which was experiencing an explosion of inventions which changed our world forever: electricity, light, phonograph, movies, telephone, & automobiles with rubber wheels, to name a few.
The Tesla Science Museum is located in Wardenclyffe, N.J., not far from his competitor/nemesis Thomas Edison:
[Tesla Science Museum: ]

More from Prague here (Google collection/album) and @

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Hello Prague! I am missing this beautiful city!
Here is a favorite image from before Google + - never posted here!
But this is a favorite, and the cover for my online exhibition @
Much more 'here' (Google album/collection) and "there" too.
This is one of many statues & views on Charles Bridge (Karlův most)

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Love Locks

This is nearby to Prague's famed "Lennon Wall"
The wall has faced many challenges (such as whitewash!)
And the love of so many locks were cut off to save this bridge.
But I like this image. And things do return.
Including this image, which I put in an "album" but not this collection.
Apologies for the re-post. :-) Spring cleaning images & now: summer!

More images 'here' and @

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Old Town (Staré Město) and Charles Bridge (Karlův most)

One of my favorite images from Prague, This is the view from the Lesser Town bridge tower, on the Malá Strana side, Malostranská mostecká věž.

Here we are looking directly across the Charles Bridge (Karlův most) and the Vltava - and past the iconic masterwork of Gothic towers, the Old Town Bridge tower - into Old Town of Praha, Staré Město.

On the far left (top) is Týn Church and the Old Town Square (including astronomical clock, Town Hall, Hus Monument, etc.). In the center, on the hill behind the Old Town Bridge Tower, you can see what local residents affectionately call "the rocket launcher". (It is a communication tower, actually.) On the bottom right, just out of this view, is a quaint canal with a waterwheel, the "Lennon Wall", and the Franz Kafka Museum.

The taller of the two towers standing at the Malá Strana bank of the Vltava River (where I am standing while taking this photo) is the youngest part of the entire Charles Bridge. It was built beginning in 1464 for the Czech King George of Podebrady in place of an older Romanesque tower, which was built together with the lower tower (Judith Tower) which was Romanesque style and dates to the 12th Century.

This newer, taller tower's appearance was inspired by Parléř's Old Town Bridge Tower standing at the opposite end of the Charles Bridge and is "a rare monument of the Prague post-Hussite Gothic style." The Old Town Bridge Tower (at the far end of the bridge here) is described as "one of the most impressive Gothic works in the world", built for Emperor Charles (the bridge's namesake) as both a gate to the Old Town and as a symbolic triumphal arch through which passed Bohemian kings en route to their coronation at St. Vitus, within Prague Castle.

Besides serving to protect the gate into the Lesser Town, the Lesser Town Tower building served as a warehouse and a fire watchtower. The tower stands at 43.5 meters, with a gallery section at 26m, originally intended for sculpture exhibition.
[References: Prague City Museum and ]

More images "here" (Google album and collection) and much more @ (Complete collection)

More images of Kampa & Malá Strana :

More not-yet-Googlized images:

Charles Bridge:

Astronomical Clock (orloj):

Vltava & Bridge Views, from St. Vitus (Hrad):

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