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How to.. use Fiends+Me to share your content across social networks

Thanks to +Eli Fennell​​​

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How I Use Friends+Me To Share To All My Social Networks
And Why I Do It Using Only Google+
Time is money, as they say, and if you're managing a presence across multiple social networks like I am, especially if you're doing it for business, marketing, or entrepreneurial purposes, you don't have time to post to stuff to all the major social networks one-at-a-time.
There are many tools meant to help solve this problem by allowing you to post or cross-post multiple networks, such as Buffer and Hootsuite, but my personal favorite is a powerful little service called Friends+Me (  Why?  Because with Friends+Me I can use just one single network I was already using, Google+, and it automatically shares a version of the same post to all my major networks... with each version specifically optimized for each network!  And with just a minimum of additional effort, I can further optimize those shares to be even better.
In the following article I explain why and how Friends+Me has forever changed how I use social media, by not really changing how I use it at all.
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As always, I pay attention to Denis Labelle's posts and shares and this is one really good post by John Skeats​ related to Google+'s 5th anniversary from a few days ago..

H/T +Denis Labelle​ and thanks to +John Skeats

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How-To +Google+
NEW Google+ Create ->
1. Google+ > I
2. Get started with G+ Collections:
3. Get started with G+ Communities:
4. G+ Help Community >
5. Google+ Collections - Community:
6. Google+ Collections - Support Center:
7. G+ updates on all platforms >
8. YouTube >
9. Branding Guidelines >
10. Google+ For Work >
11. Google+ Growth: 2.7 BILLION accounts >
12. Policies for Google+, Hangouts & Photos >

Google+ Collections (How To)
13. How to create a Collection: 
14. How to customize your Collection:
15. How to create a post in a Collection:
16. How to reshare a post to a Collection:
17. How to move an existing post to a Collection:
18. How to Pin a Post to a Collection:
19. How to Share a Collection:
20. How to see who is Following your Collection:
21. How to Follow/Unfollow a Collection:
22. Why should I have more than 1 post in a Collection?:
23. Why I should have a good cover photo?:
24. Why should my Collection posts have a catchy intro?:
25. Tips for Creating a Featurable Collection:
26. Moving vs Resharing a Post:
27. Credit the content you share:
28. How to add YouTube videos to Collections:
29. Lightning Fast Keyboard Shortcuts:
30. How to create a Collection (Android):
31. How to Create a Poll (Android) >
32. How to create a Collection (iOS):
33. Create a poll through a Quick Action (i)S) >
34. How to share your Collection to Facebook/Twitter >
35. A Masterclass in Google Collections >


. 6 Months of Google+ Updates >
Reflections on the First 5 Years of Google+ and Thoughts about its Future >

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Video will replace the words, according to Facebook

"In five years time Facebook “will be definitely mobile, it will be probably all video,” said Nicola Mendelsohn, who heads up Facebook’s operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, at a conference in London this morning. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, hasalready noted that video will be more and more important for the platform. But Mendelsohn went further, suggesting that stats showed the written word becoming all but obsolete, replaced by moving images and speech."

H/T +Meirav M.

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“The best way to tell stories in this world, where so much information is coming at us, actually is video,” Mendelsohn said. “It conveys so much more information in a much quicker period. So actually the trend helps us to digest much more information.”

Dear Facebook, I hate to break this to you but some of us actually prefer to take in information more slowly.

When I go through my social media streams and see a link to a video talk, 99% of the time I ignore these. Give me a link to a written article though, and, as happened with this one, I often read them.

Some of us like reading.

(Oh, and some of us like writing.)

h/t +Jack McDonald Burnett.
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Why Snapchat?
Well, if you search for the real and simple social networking..

"It could be that Facebook and Twitter have become portals for information rather than truly social media, which doesn’t make them any less valuable. It just makes them less of a window into the lives of our actual friends. And that’s where Snapchat excels."

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Comment on Facebook.. now with a video

"When you click the camera icon next to a comment field, instead of just seeing an option for images, you'll now be able to upload a video as a comment reply. You can leave video comments on posts made both by your friends and pages you follow, as well as within event and group pages."

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Interested in how Facebook's algorithm works?
Find out..
(spoiler - same as in real life)

Thanks to +martin shervington​​

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New Facebook feature - 360º photo sharing option

H/ T +Peggy K​​​

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Share 360 Degree photos on Facebook

Share your 360 photos or photo spheres taken with Google Camera, Google Cardboard or Google StreetView.

For the first time, you can now easily share 360 photos on Facebook. Simply take a panorama with your phone or capture a 360-degree photo using a 360 photo app or 360 camera, and then post it on Facebook as you would a normal photo. From there, we’ll convert it to an immersive 360 photo that people can explore, similar to how people experience 360 videos on Facebook.

What apps can you use to take a 360 photo?

 You can take a panorama on your iPhone using the iOS Camera app, Samsung Galaxy phone using Panorama or Surround Shot mode or by using Street View, Google Camera and Cardboard Camera on Android to share a 360 photo on Facebook.

What browser or app is needed to view Facebook 360 photos?

FB iOS app v57+, iOS version >= 8, device year class >= 5S
FB Android app v80+, Android version >= 4.4, device year class >= 2013

Learn more in the Facebook newsroom
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This is an old post, but I now saw it.
It's an post about how young people see social networks from the views of young people.
What attracts them and what repels them in social networks..

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Today's life of Generation Z on Social Networks

""We’re both (relatively) tech-savvy millennials, glued to our phones and plugged into pop culture. Then we actually talked to teenagers, and realized we are The Olds. Millennials might be the creators of our modern social media landscape, but we can still remember life before cellphones — the era of waiting for Mom to get off the landline so we could log on to AIM. The true digital natives are the members of Generation Z, who have never existed without constant connection.""

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