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Need some fresh ideas to boost your email subscribers?

Email subscribers are one of your most valuable assets. But it's not always easy coming up with viable ideas for capturing them.

Thankfully, Kissmetrics has a recent blog post that is a treasure trove of ideas for getting the subscriber boost you're looking for!

One of our favorite tactics is Content Upgrades. The idea is that you create a free piece of content (like a blog post) but then you offer something on top of it (in exchange for the reader's email) that adds more value to the free piece of content. Some examples would be:

- Blog post with 12 tips, and a content upgrade that has 8 more bonus tips!
- Blog post with a case study, and a content upgrade that has a bonus infographic
- Blog post that teaches a tutorial, and a content upgrade that has bonus video/worksheet
- Blog post, and a content upgrade that is simply a PDF version of the blog post

It is a pretty simple concept that can dramatically improve your opt-in rates.

What's your favorite tactic from the list?

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4 Tips for Better Content Engagement (

Because what good is content if nobody engages with it? Answer: no good at all!

If you're going to be creating content that you hope your target market will consume, you probably want them to engage with it as well. Whether that's as simple as leaving a "like" or as amazing as buying your product--you want your content to compel them to react.

These four tips are a great place to start building engaging content. In summary:

1. Make it look good (visuals)
2. Relevance, professionalism, entertainment value
3. Grab their attention (don't be boring)

More great tips in this short, bite-sized article from Target Marketing Mag! Click the link below for the full read, and let us know in the comments what your favorite part of the article was.

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10 Content Marketing Tools to Keep You Organized and On-Track (

If you expect to keep up with the unyielding demand of content, you've got to have a strong toolset. And you should always be on the lookout for tools and methods that will help you boost productivity.

This list includes many great Content Marketing tools such as:

- Buzzsumo (a favorite of ours)
- Hemingway (fantastic writing feedback app)
- Google Docs (which our team couldn't live without)

...and many others. About seven others to be precise.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite marketing tools are!

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The 7-Step Guide to Creating Amazing Cornerstone Content (

Cornerstone content can drive huge return on investment with the right strategy behind it. Do you know where to start with creating such content?

If not, this article from Business2Community will help! They summarized cornerstone content as:

"Cornerstone content is a high-value, foundational piece of content that is intended to help you start building traffic and brand awareness by showing people what you can offer. Your cornerstone content should be highly relevant to your business goals – it helps you establish authority in your industry and will bring in a steady stream of site visitors who are likely to be interested, sooner or later, in the products or services you offer."

Do a great job at this, and keep the content updated and you will see incredible SEO return!

You should also have a plan in which to constantly (within reason) share out this corner stone content so that you're always driving fresh social media traffic to it as well.

That would be where a great social media team comes in handy... (hint hint... we can help!)

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Instinct + Data = Better Results

A great marketer knows how to combine their instinct with data insights to create an optimized strategy. Period.

If you aren't constantly monitoring the data, you'll never know if your instincts are actually paying off. And if all you run on is data, you will lose the human edge that allows you to know what's coming next.

Data won't tell you everything. And instinct only gets you so far.

They are a necessary partnership.

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2 Easy Ways to Create Valuable Content for Your Audience

In order for content marketing to work, you need to create useful content. Try these two types of content that perform exceedingly well:

1. Top 10 Tip Lists: These are tips related to your products and services that will help your customers get the most out of them, ensuring they stay customers for a very long time.

2. Best Practices: These are typically posts or articles that cover the things that are the fundamentals for your industry. They showcase your knowledge and expertise, building trust and authority with your target audience.

Many types of content can help boost your bottom line, but these have proven to be the easiest to start with while having an excellent return on investment.

If you're strapped for time or can't write this kind of content, our team of PR and Journalism professionals is here to help:

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Insights for Small Biz Marketing

What works and what doesn’t work when it comes to small business marketing? Every business owner wants to know.

This infographic offers some insights:

While there is no "one size fits all" method or data study regarding what works and what doesn't, it can't hurt to take a look at studies like this with an open mind.
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Trends are Worthless if...

That trendy new social network everyone can't stop talking about... pointless. That new content type that marketers are clamoring over... useless. That hot new growth hack that has savvy business owners giddy... worthless.

The most important Social Media trends of 2017, and every other year after, will come and go. It's only when you understand your audience that will you be able to utilize these trends effectively.

If you don't know your audience intimately, no trend can save you. You need to know what they struggle with, what questions they're asking, and what they're searching for online to make effective use of your digital marketing.

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Your Brand Wins When Using Contents to Grow Your Audience

The purpose of Social Media is to be social! That may seem overly fundamental, but it's something that is easy to miss when crafting your content strategy and cranking out high amounts of social posts.

That's why we love the idea of using contests on your social channels to drive engagement and boost brand visibility.

In this post from +Social Media Examiner you'll learn how to use your Instagram account with 4 contests guaranteed to get people involved:

And if you're having trouble keeping up with the demand for high-quality content, our team can help!

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Give more than you ask to be given

Business owners often ask, "how often should I share promotional content on Social Media?"

And to be fair, there's no absolute rule for this. Every audience, business, and situation is unique. No cookie-cutter solution will work for everyone.

However, the 80/20 rule is a great place to start with if you have nothing else to go off of. Make your Social Media content spread:

- 80% pure value to the audience
- 20% promotion (a.k.a. "asks")

This way your audience will see that you're not just another spambot blasting out there sales copy on social media.

You can always find more helpful tips like this on our company blog:

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