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Where to Find Me After G+

Photo blog: (main photo posting location).

Here's a link to a page containing all of the above links if you want to bookmark it:

I have exported and archived my G+ posts to my photo blog, which is where I'll be posting new stuff from now on. I will share those posts to G+, until the G+ shut down in April.

#afterGPlus #wheretofindme #signalflare
T.G.'s Photography Blog
T.G.'s Photography Blog
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Testing Google+ Exporter

Updated: 2019-Jan-17 (See my comment below about photos uploaded directly to G+)

I've created a second, and more permanent blog home here: (see below for more updated info).

Another option for exporting your G+ stream is the Google+ Exporter, from +Friends+Me. I had been thinking about this one for a while, and since other people have had good success with it, I finally decided to give it a try. Initially, I used the free version which exports up to 800 posts. I was happy with the results, so I bought a license for it to export unlimited posts. To buy a license costs you $19.99.

The nice thing about this application is that it allows you to export directly to Blogger and Word Press formats, unlike Google's own Takeout.

After downloading my stream, I exported it to a Blogger backup file and created a quick blog to test it out. I'm still tweaking the look, but for a quick export and setup I'm really happy with the initial results.

Update 2019-Jan-12:

This second version includes public comments from my G+ profile posts. However, in this version, for some reason, my hashtags were not converted into Blogger Labels. I'm actually not bothered by this, since I want to clean up my hashtags/labels anyway.

You can also find me on Mewe and Pluspora. However, I'm not currently very active on Plusporpa.

If you are wanting to backup your G+ stream or communities, it's probably best to do it now, rather then later. If you are interested in this method, check out the Friends+Me info page:

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I came across links to this migration/archive tool in several G+ communities recently. I gave it a whirl this morning, and was successful in exporting my public G+ profile content. While things are not 100% perfect, it will do for now.

The only issue I have right now with this method is that my images do not display in full, unless I right click on the image and open it in a new tab. The images show up, but are cropped a bit. Future updates will probably address this.

Here is a link to my export so that you can see what your export will look like, if you try this method.

For my export I created a secondary Google account, so that none of the scripts/apps would have access to my primary Google account. Since, I am pulling my public posts, using a secondary account worked fine.
Don't want to lose the valuable content you have created in Google+?
Here's a tutorial to export all data from a G+ community and display it via Firebase.
Example with the Google Apps Script community:

If you are not satisfied by the exports available via Google Takeout, don't hesitate to try this solution - it should take you 15 min to trigger the export and you don't need to install anything on your computer. Plus it's free.

Note that this method uses the Google+ API, which will start failing as soon as January 28, 2019. So I would advise to try to export your data before this date.

Also note that you can use this tutorial to export all your posts - it is not specifically restricted to a community. Here's an example with my own profile:
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