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SketchUp for Chromebooks ...

... or any notebook running Chrome is now available as a web app in the Chrome Webstore. This new beta version of SketchUp online is well worth checking, especially for teachers and students switching from notebooks to Chromebooks who love the SketchUp desktop app.

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Setup Google Classroom from your timetable ...

... with this Google Sheets Add-on.
Hey guys,
If you want to sync classes from your timetable to setup Google Classroom check out this Sheets Add-on:


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Automated Rubric Add-on for Google Classroom

I've been using Google Sheet based rubrics for marking assignments in Google Classroom for some time, and this add-on will make that task substantially easier.
Detailed description for setting up a Rubric in GSuite #Sheets and #Classroom

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Google Classroom for everyone.

Currently you need a G Suite for Education account to use Google Classroom, but soon anyone with a standard Gmail account will be able to join and run classes of their own.

Gene Ressler writes, "Now, teachers and students in many different environments can teach or attend classes, manage assignments and instantly collaborate—all with their personal Google accounts. Starting today, these new Classroom users will be able to join existing classes and over the coming weeks, they’ll have the ability to create their own classes as well."

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Another Handy Web Based Video Editor

Thanks +Shelly Sanchez Terrell for sharing this option for web based video editing. We'll definitely be exploring it at Chewton Primary School.

So far my daughter's school has used WeVideo for video editing on Chromebooks and Windows notebooks. It's a great program, as illustrated by the kids on Windows notebooks preferring it to Windows Movie Maker, but RawShorts looks like an easy-to-use alternative option. 

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Team Drives for G Suite

A handy way to avoid data loss when users' accounts are deleted when they leave an organisation.

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Type, edit and format text using your voice.

How to type, edit and format text by speaking in Google Docs or in Google Slides.

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Add Google Drive Videos to Google Slides - At last!

It's been too long coming but it's finally arrived. This will be a huge boost for schools where students (regrettably) often don't have access to YouTube. 

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Why Computer Literacy Matters

New reports forecasts that at least 50 per cent of the Australian workforce will need advanced digital skills and 90 per cent will require at least basic computer literacy within five years.
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