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[FIXED] We're experiencing some trouble publish via Friends+Me Chrome Extension and Desktop application.

Working on a solution. Thank you all for your patience.

[FIXED]: problem fixed

[SOLVED]: Web application is temporarily unavailable. Will be solved shortly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Google App Engine is seriously broken right now. Even the incident report is not accessible :)

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Well, Google Cloud Platform (our server hosting) is having a problem...

Web application is not available at the moment as a result of this "problem".

We'll keep you posted. Thank you all for your patience.

UPDATE-1: it works, we're up again!
UPDATE-2: and it's down again :(
UPDATE-3: and it's up again :)


Database is down, investigating... FIXED

We're investigating database malfunction. Will be fixed in no time.

UPDATE: Everything looks fine again. Problem "disappeared".

Sorry for the trouble.


Well, Google Cloud is not having a good day and their networking is broken once again.

This problem affects web application which is not fully available at the moment.

Let's hope they'll fix the issue soon


We're experiencing some network issues. Service is going up and down.

Update: Google Cloud team finally fixed the problem. All systems are up and running.

Thank you all for your patience.


Scheduled database maintenance successfully finished. Friends+Me is up and running!

Thank you all for your patience. Good times ahead :)

Scheduled database maintenance in progress...


Scheduled Maintenance on Sunday, April 24 from 7-8am UTC - Database Upgrade

We're about to perform a database upgrade in offline mode meaning no Friends+Me service will be running during that period.

I believe the service will be up and ready in less then one hour.

Thank you all for you patience.
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