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To summarize conceptually how students/parents can benefit from hiring tutor direct ... without outrageous agency fees and save money, think of our agency simply offering parents and students name their own price and get your first lesson for only $15, then work direct.

Other companies can't really do that. Simply because other Tutoring companies have different business models where their focus is on charging students either based on recurring agency fee deducted from every hour and therefore not really helping students or parents save any money... unless of course if it's not about money and more about quality then yes in some cases such agencies make sense. Such in the cases of let's say

However, not all agencies charge based on recurring fees students. Some in fact charge tutors on monthly basis. That also doesn't really help tutors, even if it's a little bit of money every penny counts for independent tutors.

Yet none of the agencies ever ever though of offering something that benefits all parties, students, agency and tutors. The example of this feature shown here that our company offers is simply an attempt to satisfy as much as possible all sides, agency, tutors and students/parents by making education more affordable.

Another reason why we thought of introducing this feature and why it make sense to us the most and wouldn't really make sense for other agencies to do is simply because in our case, we can offer more benefits to tutors and more to students then the typical agency can. Why?

Other agencies do not really have any educational sites other then their own central site. That's 1 reason. In simple words, other agencies mostly focus on one side of things and nothing else. While in our world, we have multiple edu sites that provide variety types of benefits for either student or tutor.

Sites that are designed to capture student audience, sites that are designed to help tutors gain additional exposure. Which means that when we do offer something that doesn't look much of a benefit to us, such as offering $15 trial lesson feature and not charging any agency recurring fees from every hour tutor teaches student, in fact in total reality it does.

Simply because we can as additionally help tutors for example be advertised on our network of edu sites in relevant to tutor subject, helping independent tutors gain additional student exposure for monthly fee. Sure some tutors maybe interested and some may not. For example we can post tutor profiles on spoke sites or on sites like designed to help students prepare.

Plus, the fact that we have other benefits of doing this unrelated to the actual business of education, it provides us even more reasons to provide such features.

Plus we are passionate about math and technology and can use sites like to give tutors additional exposure and be found by students, such as students who are interested in studying math online through whiteboard integrated by our technical company DBA Binary Fusion,

Plus on top of it all we are advertisement agency and simply help other agencies be found in their local search results and improve chances of their business. We help not only tutoring agencies but any type of educational test prep provider organizations or schools to be better found in search results.

Other tutoring companies simply didn't think of that or perhaps if they did maybe they would be offering features like this too helping students save money, but from our experience maintaining multiple sites and running multiple types of tutoring businesses is a difficult task, unless of course the company is both IT consulting and Education and marketing field and in many pieces in between.

We think there is no such thing as free lunch, but we came relatively close to it. By providing features to parents and students in such a way that benefits all sides in the most balancing way possible.

Now, clearly that doesn't mean that if you post your request and ask tutor to teach for 2 dollars per hour, then do not expect anyone to reply. Do what you would do for yourself. This rule works really well.

To get your first lesson for $15 and suggest your price simply visit Note to get peace of mind, we suggest you do that before getting $15 trial as an optional mechanism for your son or daughter to get more safer and better tutor. Obviously it's optional and no we do not force parents or tutors to get peace of mind if they do not want to.

Hence for all practical purposes when working direct.... keep in mind anyone you see on the site can be a criminal, simply because everyone you see is independent tutor not managed by the agency. Think of Craigslist this is no different. Just more organized and for tutors and students and parents. Hence is the reason why we created peace of mind feature.

To see what peace of mind feature is refer to previous posts on this blog. Do not want any peace of mind and simply want to save the most money, fine by us, simply chose your tutor, schedule first $15 trial lesson then work direct. In either case regardless if peace of mind or no peace of mind you still get to work direct with the tutor without paying any recurring agency fees.

Do not agree with our strategy? And think that all tutors should be verified for background check who are listed on our site? Without you having to worry about purchasing peace of mind checks? In such case feel free to visit our agency managed tutoring site and hire our independent tutors who are agency managed and controlled by the agency.

Remember just because small percent of population does not agree does not mean that it's a good idea to make all students/parents get peace of mind in a mandatory way. Why? Simply because it costs money, and what costs money increases prices on education. Our goal is to make edu more affordable.

Hence if student/parent wants the highest quality of education they can buy locally, then it should not cost them an arm and the leg. All of these insane fees that we discovered during building tutoring sites is what makes educational non affordable for students and only leaves privileged parents to higher quality affordable education.

Hence we figured we make something that can help close that gap between privileged class and less privileged class, by providing ways for students and parents to spend less on their tutors then they really have to, by not sacrificing quality but by sacrificing mandatory steps that are simply overkill for many folks out there especially if such over kill steps are just not affordable enough for typical folks out there.

Stay tuned for next posts. Hope this makes sense.

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Many folks expressed interest in agency managed business model tutoring services offers. This model is less riskier for students and parents to deal with, but the catch is there is agency recurring fee from every hour tutor teaches. Hence its an alternative way to get a tutor with more help from the agency.

We ask students sign contract and tutors sign contract, we verify all background check info before sending tutor to students home. Background check is not optional here it's mandatory, although exceptions do apply. It's based on trust.

The entire process of tutor enrollment is controlled. We provide custom match for students and parents based on the budget they can afford, and recommend study guides to students that they can use to prepare for particular test. Recommendations for study guides.shown on integrated into search function.

Student can talk to the agent, chat or phone. We pick whether or not we want to work with the particular tutor or student. It's up to us. If we think your request is unreasonable. We tell you it's unreasonable and provide alternative options either self guided study materials listed on or our online agency managed tutors in combination with local agency managed tutors or just online agency managed tutors.

Depending on your budget we tailor the type of learning options for students. Parents get higher quality tutoring services from tutors and from the agency then any independent tutors in most cases. Exceptions happen. However since tutors are managed and controlled and binded by trust,they are less of a risk factor to student.

Tutors can create their own custom discount packages, offer discounts, create practice tests and tutorials, to demonstrate their skills and teaching style. Provide intro video of themselves, have their own business card, get their own TutorTrack mobile app to view their student lessons and appointments and be able to clock in and clock out.

Tutors are tracked by agency in GPS in real time for agency to see if tutor arrived on time or not through their iPhones or Android phones. Agency can also send tutor real time message and tutor can respond back.

Tutors provide student progress reports for each assignment, students and parents can talk to agency on behalf of individual tutor.

Tutors are interviewed by agency, and also can be interviewed by the student or parent in real time through video conferencing whiteboard or by phone.

Of course without agency managed recurring fees it would not be possible for us to maintain such structure. Some features may seem unnecessary, and in fact they are... we realized that only later! For example we realize that it's ok not to hold tight control of tutors if agency fee is reduced. Hence is the reason we do not charge insane agency fee in comparison to other companies.

Plus other companies do not really advertise their local tutors locally and only advertise it on one central site. While in our case for our registered tutors we cover county by county local areas using local tutoring network of sites, where we target our services closer towards local student and parents audience, thereby creating higher level of trust then simply showing tutors on a single site.

For example re here is some of our local tutoring sites where we show our tutors,, and many others.

We inter combine each site with tutors, that show up automatically every time one of our tutors registers and also show study guides from our site, as well as RSS feeds from our educational blog sites, creating what so called synergy effect.

Effect that cause chain reaction every time study guide or tutor or any post gets posted on any of our blog sites, resulting in content to be refreshed and students end up contacting us. Entire network was designed by commonly referred to as DBA Binary Fusion IT consulting company founded by no other then Rome Wells... a.k.a me the guy who is writing this post.

To make the story short, since we are not some Silicon Valley company or some huge organization, but rather someone with educational background and certified teacher for the state of ct with math cert expiring in 2018, I decided to create such system to help local folks and especially teachers who deserve to get paid more then what they are getting and opportunity to help students and help themselves.

Stay tuned folks for more posts.

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In summary if you are seeking independent tutor keep in mind the following services our company Tutoring Services,LLC can provide for students/parents and tutors.

At minimum you should consider getting items 1 done by our agency if your risk tolerance is high. If you are majorly concerned for safety then we recommend doing all 5 checks.

If your are super majorly concerned then you definitely need an agency managed tutor and in such case we would not recommend you to hire independent tutor who is not controlled by the agency and not agency managed.

If you are somewhat concerned but not really, the we would recommend option 1 and 3. Getting nice video of a tutor and warm and fuzzy feeling that agency interviewed the tutor and also checked tutors information including profile resume and references... note checked not verified.... difference.

Then yes getting option 1 and 3 out of the way prior to hiring a tutor is most favorable option.

However, if your somewhat concerned to the level of wondering if your son or daughter will truly get the better learning effectiveness from the tutor in let's say subject of math, then yes having option 1 3 and 4 complete before getting first $15 trial lesson would highly be recommended.

Go for option 2 is if you really want to know if tutor is telling the truth, since we actually verify references and records provided by tutors and randomly pick schools to verify if such schools truly even exists! Often looking at tutor official transcripts and other credentials is more then enough for us to verify particular tutor.

However some organizations simply want money to verify anything at all. Making it not easy for us to verify things, hence in such cases we ask either tutor or student to make additional payment on top of our verification fees.

That is of course if student or parent still wants particular peace of information provided by the tutor to our agency verified. We do not verify every single peace of information provided by tutor.

We pick one of 2 colleges randomly for example when verifying which school tutor finished. This helps us reduce overhead and keep tutors honest as much as possible.

In summary dealing with different edu organizations on national level is not an easy task. Hence why we charge what we charge for item number 2.

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To make it simple to understand concept of background check, simply think more peace of mind before getting your first $15 trial lesson.

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About to get your first $15 trial lesson? Saw all sorts of background verification stamps on tutor profiles, see that the tutor provides very good hourly rate? Suggested your rate and noticed bunch of tutors respond? Saw the one you liked?

Tutor agrees to everything you ask. However there is just something not right about the tutor and you simply can't tell what's not right?

Why not have our agency run criminal background check on such tutor before you end up paying $15 trial non refundable fee for your first lesson.

Clearly just because tutor has criminal record does not mean that you should not hire the tutor.

After all that would be illegal and discrimination on your part. However, parents and students safety is of paramount importance and hence if that is something you are interested in finding out about the tutor, then don't hesitate to request us to run background check on the tutor such as criminal background check.

Now depending one what type of background check results you get, you may or may not want to hire such tutor. However if you decided not to hire such tutor because you saw something in criminal record you must notify our agency so we can let tutor know about such decision.

This way tutor can adjust his background check especially if something is not accurate in there. Everyone deserves a chance in this world. However, Incidents are possible and hiring tutor who you do not know about and their background should not be taken lightly. Especially when it comes to hiring non agency managed tutors who are not binded by any contract or any other mechanisms.

The good news though is that hiring tutor can make more sense if your risk tolerance level is very low and you need more peace of mind because you find something simply to good to be true.

In which case ask our agency to run background check on the tutor in question and we will do so, after first notifying tutor that prior to providing first $15 trial lesson tutor must undergo background check process initiated by student/parent.

Either student/parent can pay for such background check, which can take time up to 7 days, depending on how deep the background check is. In which case we involve 3rd party company as our partner to get background check done on that particular tutor.

Students/parents can pay for background check or ask tutor to pay for it. Not all tutors will agree to pay. Look for tutors in their profile who do agree to pay for background check in the event student/parent requests one before getting $15 trial lesson.

Or if you really want more peace of mind hire an agency, our verifies background check of the tutor prior to sending tutor to students home as one of the rules that we follow.

In the case of tutors on that is not the case, and getting background check or any other checks is optional and is up to student and tutor. If tutor wants to be differentiated from other tutors and is smart enough to realize that this would increase chances of parents and students hiring such tutor, the he or she will have such background check done, and pay for it even before waiting for some student or parent pay for it.

This way such tutors can get criminal background check stamp and show up in search results with such stamp.

Clearly if tutor has done multiple checks on his profile. Then multiple stamps would show. Students would have to hover over single stamp to see what type of background check was done by tutor.

Hope this post clarifies what background check is used for. Note just because you do not see any stamps does not mean you should not hire the tutor. Perhaps other types of checks that our agency did for your tutor is satisfactory enough for you to get your first trial lesson for only $15.

Or perhaps your risk tolerance is so low that you will not even want to hire independent tutor who is registered on because you are scared that such tutors are not as highly trusted as agency managed tutors on who are more controlled, binded by contract and simply less riskier to deal with then independent tutors.

Whatever the case maybe our goal is to help you get more affordable education. Other companies make students and parents mandatory pay for background check on tutors forcing them to make bigger agency fees or simply forcing parents and students to pay for so many checks when in reality perhaps risk tolerance of parent/student is not that high and perhaps such checks are not truly needed in such cases for such type of students and parents.

If that's the case why force parents and students pay outrageous fee just to satisfy small percent of population who want to have better peace of mind. For these students and parents who wants to have better piece of mind our advice is either pay agency fee or have our agency do full scale of verification checks.

At the end of the day you will possibly realize that all the fees after adding up are very close to the agency recurring fees from every hour tutor teaches in a first place! Hence why have these checks in a first place and simply hire agency managed tutor instead on site like

Or perhaps getting at least partial checks done for your risk tolerance level is the right way to go, this way you do not pay agency recurring fees, get your first lesson for $15, get the tutor also based on your suggested hourly and perhaps simply do basic check and have tutor get interviewed by the agency.

Perhaps that maybe enough and more economical for you then going full scale. Plus keep in mind looking at tutor ratings and reviews from other parents is also important since this gives you also good level of indication who to hire and who not to hire.

Plus the best part about these reviews ... it hard to make them fake... as it is the case with other sites! Why? Simply because to get your first lesson student/parent must pay $15. Hence unless you did not pay $15 you would not be able to post review and rating for a particular tutor.

So unless someone wants to really manipulate their profiles and pay agency $15 then that would be the only way to get fake reviews. Which is why it's also important to look not just at ratings and reviews but have agency do other types of checks as well... similar to checks we described earlier and in this post.

Want to know more? Stay tuned for next posts.

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About to get your first trial lesson for $15. Stop have you checked if your tutor is in fact subject matter expert? What if he/she is not? Isn't that kind of important to know? Or not really since you are going to find that out anyway in the first trial lesson?

That is true... but.... to be on safe side it simply make sense to not waist time and hire someone who is in fact subject matter expert and not just say that they are in their profiles without anyway of truly knowing.... unless.... of course some one like an agency takes an initiative to simply verify such tutor after an interview with the tutor and see how well they respond in real time to subject matter type of questions.

Which is precisely what we provide, as oppose to doing traditional automated based approach of asking tutors to take tests as in the case of other agencies, instead we combine that initiative into simply asking tutor to answer several content knowledge question in area of their subject expertise and see how well they respond to it.

Nothing to difficult, but difficult enough to get the idea if the tutor has content knowledge area expertise. After all what many tutors do on other sites is take 100 tests and call themselves experts... hmmm.... how can anyone be expert in 100 things? Not truly possible right? Hence is the reason why we have this manual based approach, ask tutor question in real time and see their response.

If we like the response we see, and like means tutor passed in our book and knows what he or she is talking about when responding to our content knowledge question. Then in such case we show stamp of such tutor in tutor profile as for example tested by agency in math.

This can help students get better level of assurance and peace of mind that the tutor they are about to get their first $15 trial lesson from is in fact knowledgeable of the subject.

This way parent doesn't end up taking risk of simply losing the $15 if tutor is simply not strong enough in his/her content knowledge area of expertise.

Now of course even if tutor is tested by us, still may end up not too strong in their expertise, but tutor who was tested by us is more likely to be an expert in their subject of expertise then the tutor who was not tested by us in their strongest subject of expertise...

Hence look for tutors in profiles who have been tested by us. If you can't find such tutors then have tutor tested by us before getting $15 trial, you can either ask tutor to pay for such test to our agency prior to hiring such tutor or pay for his test yourself.

Some tutors will agree to pay to be tested and some will not. Look for tutors in profiles who do agree to pay for the test conducted by our agency prior to providing first $15 trial lesson if student asked them to. However if you do not mind paying and can not find such tutors who agree to pay to our agency for such test and want better peace of mind, feel free to request our agency to do so, if you happen to like particular tutor but not sure about hiring him or her.

Tutors do not have to wait for students or parents to get tested in strongest subject of expertise. They can request our agency to do so and also request to get interviewed and have their intro video shown on their profile, and get better chances of being contacted by students or parents vs other types of tutors who do not have such stamps.

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Want more peace of mind when hiring independent tutors on ? Why not get your tutor interviewed by our agency. Tutors who get interviewed by our agency are less riskier to hire and work directly with.

Simply because we verify how well tutor communicates, discover strengths about the tutor, learn about tutors experience, and even request tutor to provide intro video of him or herself describing their teaching style. The video which can be seen by other students and parents publicly.

The video that we ensure doesn't have any personal contact info being revealed about the tutor, the video that gives you an idea who will be teaching your son or daughter.

After all it's not the same simply looking at tutor profile and knowing whether or not you want to hire him/her seeing tutor in video is a lot nicer.

Plus tutors who do end up getting interviewed by us and who submitted their intro video, would get a stamp showing that they were interviewed by Tutoring Services, LLC agency. Tutors who we find not adequate or questionable during the interview will not get such stamp.

How do we check who is not adequate or questionable? We ask tutors specific questions specifically designed by us, the very same questions that we use for our local tutoring business model example of one of our local tutoring model sites. that is interconnected as a spoke site to the hub site

We learned already what to ask and what signals to look for in tutor responses. Plus having tutor interviewed by agency in fact gives students and parents peace of mind that at least agency took some initiative to get to know the tutor and learn more about the tutor. After all any tutor can register on the site, having peace of mind is important.

Plus it's good for tutors to have such video in their profiles. Students and parents can either pay for having such type of interview done by the agency or request tutor to pay for it prior to getting $15 trial lesson... note all tutors will agree. These who do agree would indicate so in their profiles.

Clearly having intro video is important and clearly having tutor get interviewed by Tutoring Services, LLC is just as important since this can provide more warm and fuzzy feeling to the parent in terms of hiring safer tutor.

How much safer? There is no way to guarantee from just simple interview, but if used in conjunction of other types of background checks that we offer, it can most certainly be a lot safer vs just hiring someone randomly.

Look for tutors who have at least some type of levels of background check complete by the agency. Or take higher risk and simply hire tutors without any stamps... that is if you can't even afford an extra fee to have better peace of mind. Although once again it depends on your risk tolerance.

Want to reduce risk tolerance by a lot? If so do not hire non agency managed independent tutors and hire agency managed independent tutors instead, but be prepared to pay small agency recurring fee. Such in the case of our site for example.

Stay tuned for more posts and additional background checks that we can provide you with helping students and parents get more peace of mind and helping tutors realize the benefits of being interviewed by the agency.
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Tutors who have edu records verify stamp more likely to be hired.

Parents who want to go beyond basic check done by our agency on a tutor and also want additional level of edu record verification, can request our agency to do such type or edu record verification. Note it makes sense to do so before paying $15 for first trial lesson.

That is of course if you want to have peace of mind prior to having independent tutor show up in your home without having any clue if they were verified or not or at least basic checked by agency. Parents/students can either pay for such verification themselves or ask tutor to pay for it.

Some tutors will pay for it, and some will not. Look for tutors in profile who indicated that they are willing to pay for it that is if you don't have money to pay for such background.

Tutors can also request our agency to run such level of edu records and references verification and do not need to wait until student or parent messages them.

This can help tutors as well, for obvious reasons of having higher chances of being contacted by student or parent.

Parents get more peace of mind by hiring tutors who didn't just only got basic check don't by the agency, but also look for tutors who have edu records verified stamp.

Hope this makes sense, obviously verification process can take up to 7 days. Hence keep that in mind.

If you want to see how else to get better peace of mind, then stay tuned we will show other checks we can do for your tutor prior to student/parent getting first lesson trial for $15.
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One way to reduce risk is to look for tutors who have been at least checked by our agency, and happen to have a stamp in their profile indicating that tutors profile, resume and references in fact exist and on file. Our check mechanism is designed to look for suspicious type of tutors. For example some times fake tutors can register and pretend they are the student.

By browsing tutors profile and verifying that the tutor in fact looks legit, has proper email, has resume on file, and has references. Or any other indications that can help our agency determine that the tutor is in fact an actual tutor and not a spammer of any sort or a fisher.

Such tutors are more likely to be legit. Of course our mechanism for checking is not 100 percent accurate, but at least it provides some level of partial assurance to students and parents that it maybe ok to hire such type of independent tutor, plus on top of it all get first lesson for only $15 then work direct and save even more money.

Plus if this tutor happen to also bid on students tutoring request and accepted , students hourly rate which happens to be fairly affordable since it's on students terms anyway, then the fact that such tutor has Basic Checked By agency verification icon, gives even more reason for student or parent to hire such type of independent tutor.

However by no means does it mean that tutor is safe to hire, plus it doesn't really give parent any indication for how the tutor communicates verbally over the phone or what is tutors teaching style like or how does the tutor even look like from a video stand point. Neither does this type of check actually verifies the tutor.

This type of check is nothing more but the check from an agency. It doesn't actually verify tutor references or does not attempt to do anything more thorough such as educational record verification, tutor references verification or subject matter expertise proficiency or criminal background check.

As it would be the case in more deeper level type of background check verifications, which will be posted in later blogs.

Hence think of this type of agency check as the first layer of defense which Tutoring Services, LLC initializes to help students and parents have better peace of mind before actually getting first $15 trial lesson and working direct after first lesson is complete that is of course if you liked the tutor in a first place.

Of course if you did not like the tutor, sorry.... you would have tell that to tutor yourself... since our tutors on are fully independent and not managed by our agency we can't do it for you.

So yes you would have to go through awkward feeling of breaking up with your tutor if you did not like his/her teaching style.

With agency managed tutors such type of awkwardness can be avoided, but then again with agency managed tutors comes agency fee.

In our case with existing tutors, there is no such agency recurring fee, at least on our site....

However, good news is you can still save some money from the simple fact that not only you saved money on the first lesson and only paid $15 for trial lesson, but also from the fact that you can work direct.

We still must ask our students when the first trial lesson takes place, so this way at least we can get to know your feedback and help other parents decide if they should also hire such tutor.

Hence, when paying for this basic agency check for your tutor don't think about the fact that you are waisting money, think about the safety. Of course if safety is not important to you, then you can very well skip this step and simply hire the tutor direct after getting first $15 trial.

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Trying to hire independent tutor, discussed requirements with him in our internal site messenger? Not sure about hiring your tutor? Before getting your first trial lesson and deciding to hire your tutor in a first place, perhaps you would be most interested in making sure that the person who shows up at your home is safe for your son or daughter in a first place.

After all... tutors on are independent and not managed by our agency, hence why take risk hiring someone you are not sure about, even if it does mean saving money by being able to work direct after getting first $15 trial lesson.

One way to reduce risk is to get our agency's help. Which means we can help you minimize risk by reviewing your tutor through variety types of ways that can help you reduce risk.

Tutors who are reviewed by our agency are more likely to be less risky vs just some random tutors who you find registered on our site who are not reviewed by agency at all.

Of course some parents may say then how you can possibly allow potentially not safe tutors register on the site. Our response is, we open the doors to more affordable education, where there is affordability there is sacrifice. In our case such sacrifice happens to be the fact that we do not verify tutors unless we get paid to do so.

Where in comparison to us other companies simply focus on doing all sorts of checks on the tutor and charging parents and students huge agency fees, that do not help education to become affordable any better.

That doesn't mean that we do not let parents and students know about this. Yes we openly do let students and parents know that they should hire tutors who are registered on at their own risk.

Where there is more affordable education there is less control, and where is less control there is higher risk of hiring a tutor who you would not otherwise hire providing that someone like a good agency verified one for you through one or multiple types or risk reduction check mechanisms, helping students and parents minimize the risk.

In our case even though tutors on are not agency managed, we thought it would be great idea to add new level of service as an optional add on, helping students and parents verify their tutors with our agency's help, yet at the same time do not pay agency recurring fees, but simply pay fee for every level type of verification parent or student is interested in.

Want to learn more? Visit
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