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MacBook Pro detailed thoughts & impressions!

So after using my newly purchased MacBook Pro (256GB, 13" Retina Display, early 2015) for a month now, here are some of my honest thoughts, impressions and opinions on this machine.


For starters, macOS Sierra is great. I've been running the latest stable version, 10.12.3 all this while, and just updated to the latest Public Beta (10.12.4) while writing this post. It's polished, looks great, and is quite stable (at least the stable release is).

Gestures & shortcuts
Mission Control and the keyboard shortcuts are absolutely amazing, and probably the best part about the whole experience. It's crazy as to how much more productive these features make macOS as compared to Windows or other operating systems I've used.

Windows computers have Shift, Control and Alt. Mac has Shift, Control, Alt, Command and Option, not to mention the fact that you can custom assign nearly every single keyboard shortcut - in nearly every app and also globally.

Swiping around with multiple fingers to switch tasks in the blink of an eye and using all the various custom keyboard shortcuts possible, not only makes this OS extremely fun and fast to use, but also amuses onlookers and leaves them thinking, "how does this guy use his computer so fast?!"😂

Look & feel
The UI/UX is slick, icons and fonts look great and not cartoonish like in iOS. Animations and transitions are super smooth, and there's plenty of user feedback to ease the navigation and usability. It's a joy to use and look at.

Mac vs. Windows
Surprisingly, macOS and Windows share more similarities than I expected. Control in Windows and Command in macOS combined with the Tab key to switch between running apps is just one of the many, many examples. Also, most popular apps and programs (except games) are cross compatible, and some of the development-related programs that I currently use (Xcode, Sublime Text and Terminal) look and work much nicer on my Mac.

Hey, Siri! I actually use you sometimes when I'm feeling lazy, LOL. Her IQ is lost somewhere in the fifties, but at least she can open apps and (sometimes) shut down my Mac.


The build quality of this laptop and provided accessories is absolutely amazing. I mean yeah, what else can you expect from an six-digit in Indian currency laptop? All the material screams of good quality, including all the plastics and metals used. It's solid and heavy-ish, yet at the same time easy to carry around.

No, this isn't like those bullshit-ass "premium" metal Chinese phones which break in two days, this is real premium and good quality stuff, like most Apple products. Heck, even the damn cleaning cloth that comes with it feels like it's worth more than a LeEco Le Pro 69's RAM chip.

Battery life is kick-ass, and I even managed to get back the "time remaining" feature that Apple slyly removed. I can easily get 10+ hours of usage with Wi-Fi disabled and Chrome quit in the background. With full use, it'll last for a minimum of 5-6 hours and no less. What's great is that it charges from 0-100 superfast, and by "superfast" I mean in less than 2 hours. Yep.

The Retina Display is overhyped according to me, but still is great nonetheless. It gets bright enough, viewing angles are pretty great, the resolution is good enough and colour is on-point. Nothing much to complain about, but people get stunned every time they see an Apple Retina Display, which is something I can't understand. My iPad's display is good but nothing great, and my Dell monitor for my PC is definitely better than this. And every Samsung display ever is better than that of an iPhone.

The trackpad is beautiful! Scrolling is super responsive, smooth and quite accurate. I never thought I'd get adjusted to it and told my dad in advance that I'd need a Bluetooth mouse, but after a day of use, I told him I didn't need one.

The same pressure sensitive tech is being used here as the iPhone 7 Home Button, and it's actually better than normal trackpads and easy to get used to. Clicking around requires little effort, plus the sounds and haptic feedback can be adjusted to your liking. Force Click is useful and harmless to have as an extra method of clicking. The pad itself is appropriately sized and big enough to swipe around with multiple fingers for Mission Control. Again, nothing much to complain about here either.

The backlit keyboard is fine I guess, but honestly though, nothing like my regular PC keyboard. This one is fast to type on and probably one of the best in any laptop, but it's still not as fun to use as an independant keyboard, and causes one to many typos. Or maybe that's just me not fully used to it yet.

The speakers are loud, clear and the surround sound is awesome. Again, nothing to complain about.

The camera is potato, but a good potato. Like the freshest potato cooked by Gordon Ramsay, with all the spices and flavours added to it.

Storage & connectivity
I opted for the 256GB version, which is good enough for me. The SSD is really fast, with r/w speeds at around 1GB/s. The 802.11ac Wi-Fi is really strong, and catches my hall's signal even in my bedroom (no other device can do that).

And, ports! Gotta have them all, and this one does. Magsafe for charging, one HDMI and one SD card reader, two USBs and two Thunderbolts, and a headphone jack to top it all off. Ahhh!

This is by no means a gaming machine, but since I anyways don't really play games, it doesn't make a difference to me. I'm still happy that some classic titles are available such as Splinter Cell, Hitman and GTA Vice City, which I may consider purchasing later on as a throwback and to bring up some childhood memories. However, if you're a hardcore gamer, don't buy this laptop.


This is one hell of a great package, and probably the perfect machine (for me, at least). Sure, there are many other cheaper Windows alternatives available, but at the end of the day it's not about the raw specs, but the overall experience and satisfaction that comes with. And for someone like me who has been using Windows for many years and needs a breath of fresh air, this computer has and does nearly everything that I need it to do. And being the high-end machine that it is, it doesn't really compromise on anything, which is very important when investing so much into it.

Overall, the OS is fast, productive, and suits all my needs. I honestly didn't expect Apple to make something all this customizable and make-Urmil-happy, especially considering how locked-down and shitty iOS is. I'm rethinking the popular saying "it just works", because in my opinion that's only applicable to macOS and not to iOS. It's legit complicated, frustrating, annoying and simple tasks just don't work the way they should (on iOS). If Apple can make an operating system as good as macOS, I'm sure they can do a much, much better job with iOS as well.

That being said, this is a downright amazing product that I have little to no complaints about. A great buy that I don't regret even one bit. And the logo even glows, baby! #MacBookPro

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I used the iPhone X for a few moments and thought of it as a great phone. I thought that the people complaining about the gestures just hadn't been used to them yet.

But damn, after watching this video, some of Apple's decisions do seem exorbitantly idiotic. Just watch the video, I don't think any of these problems are nitpicking. They're all legit. #iPhoneX

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Now I can finally sleep, will have to refix my icons tomorrow...sigh

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Can anybody please help me out here? I tried installing a software update on my MacBook Pro from the Mac App Store, but the update failed to install, and now it doesn't allow me to log in. It just restarts, showing me the error in the first photo.

I looked for solutions online, and found one where people reinstalled the OS from a USB stick. So I created a USB stick, but when I try to boot from that to install macOS High Sierra again, I just get this omit sign.

Any idea on how I can fix the problems, preferably by not losing ant data? I can probably try reinstalling macOS completely from recovery, but I want to hold that as my last resort.
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Whoever can translate this for me and explain me as to what is to be'll be a life saver...

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No no no, I don't have time for this shit!!! I've got exams in a week Tim!

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That's what happens when you've got the courage to beta test a brand new feature upon millions of people...

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Your $999 iPhone has a screwed up display, so everyone needs to start losing their minds and cause chaos like they did with the Pixel 2.

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