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Waze is set to expand its carpool service to several cities in the US and Latin America, according to The Wall Street Journal; exact locations remain unclear, but a rollout is expected in the coming months; Waze Rider was launched in San Francisco last May

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Waymo says 60 it's SDCs logged a total 600k miles on CA roads in 2016

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Mercedes to operate within Uber's "open" autonomous fleet platform.
Timeline hasn't been disclosed, but my guess is 3-5 years. When do you think?

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What questions do you want answered about an internet connected bike?
I have some upcoming thoughts brewing on the future of connected bicycles after a few weeks with the +LeEco Gene Smart bike. 

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The robots are coming... to drop off a hoagie 

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Starship Technologies autonomous delivery rover raises $17.2M
Starship is out in +Washington DC​ and in London Commercializing rovers that can carry packages or food right to a customer’s door.
In September, Daimler subsidiary Mercedes-Benz unveiled Robovan: a prototype vehicle that deploys Starship robots for last-mile delivery; 

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Amazing that this is something we all want so bad, but then it's Samsung so we're all like, pause.
Don't lie, exploding cars is the first thing that came to mind.
Samsung announces new EV batteries that provide 372 miles from a full charge and gain 310 miles from a 20-minute rapid charge; 10 percent decrease in weight compared to Samsung SDI's current cells.

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When you just saw Fast and Furious and feeling lit AF in your Tesla Model S....

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LOL, tweetjackin' for a cause is genius, +Mike Elgan​​:
+ Use a Twitter streamer (like TweetBot) so you see Trump’s tweets instantly.
+ The most effective comment is one directly related to Trump’s tweet that fact-checks or contextualizes what he is saying in a substantive and intelligent way.
+ When you sift through the replies, block every abusive or trollish person who replies. The reason for this is that they waste your time and aren’t your target audience anyway. Block them so you don’t have to hear from them next time.
+ Keep doing this

This works...Until he blocks you, yeah, that won't happen I guess.

How to turn Trump’s Twitter account against him in 10 seconds or less

(Read my column: )

Our nation has been divided by cable TV and radio shows, by fake news, political propaganda and Facebook filter bubbles.

Everyone has their own group, their own contexts and their own set of facts. It’s hard to pierce the bubble.

Trump is bypassing the very institutions that would keep his lies in check by going straight to Twitter and speaking to the masses without challenge, filter or context.

But Twitter’s immediacy is a sword that cuts both ways. Here's how to use Trump's own Twitter account against him:

#Trump #Twitter
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