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To my fellow #entrepreneur #startup #founder, Google+ is closing as you know. Where would you go to hang out with other like-minded entrepreneurs?

Facebook group? telegram App? Or other places?
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#Resource #Free #Tool. How are my fellow #startup #entrepreneur doing lately? It's been 9 weeks since my last post. I've been busy setting a new #retail business. It's taking a lot longer since it will be my first retail business. It's harder than I expected, but I am getting there.

One thing I #discover in the process getting the retail space is that the landlord will argue with you why you need or don't need the TI (tenant improvement). With an easy to see and easy to understand #floorplan, you have more power to #negotiate the #rent and TI amount with your landlord.

Well. Starting a new business isn't easy. Every #penny counts. So I am so glad to find a Free #home #design website that allows you to create your own floor plan for free. Check out

When you can present your business in a professional way, you are more persuasive in getting the best deal.

What are you up to?
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Time really goes by. My last post on G+ was 15 weeks ago, when I had the plan to launch a new business. So here is the latest update.

How are my fellow #entrepreneur #startup #founder doing since 15 weeks ago? Have you launched your business or made progress?

15 weeks ago, I decided to launch a new business after 7 months of research on the niche. So I registered a new LLC, create a new bank account, get a new website up and running. Got my supplier to agree on the pricing and bought some products to sell. Everything goes as smooth as I expected until the bank shot my account down.

The new business is in the high-risk wellness related niche. What I did wrong was that the business name has a single word that makes bank uncomfortable. After shutting down by two banks, I have to take dramatic action to change the business name and focus. #LessonedLearned. Don't put federal gov sensitive words in your business name. Even it is very helpful for #SEO. It's a NO-NO.

So 15 weeks after launching my business, I am still stuck with the name change process. Due to the growth of the economy in Arizona. More and more people applying for new business. The state government can't handle the workload. So it will take few more days to get my business name change.

While waiting for the name change, I've added more action into the business. My wife ends up quitting her high-paying job and start a new operation and will open a retail location under the business. This dramatically changes the outcome.

I also took an opportunity to pay for a travel to join an invitation-only Google conference and came back as Google's partner and agency for my consulting company. #MoneyWellSpent

Once my new business name is approved, we will be in the full speed to get the business rolling.

So now It's your turns. What have you done to kick-start your new business?
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How are my fellow #Startup #Entrepreneurs doing in #2018?

Have you made your new year a productive and memorable year so far? If not, Why?

I finally got my new company approved, new Tax ID set and a Bank account created. Now it's time to get into the business. Wish me #goodluck.

I don't post here as often as I used to because there are goals set and result to be accomplished.

If you see an #opportunity, do it and do it fast. I wish you all a great successful year. Don't feel you are all alone. Emotion won't help your grow. Your achievement depends on you. Not anyone else.
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It's 2018. How is your journey going so far?

G+ has been my last place to post due to the amounts of spam comments and garbage on this platform. However, if you are still following #startup #entrepreneurship topic, you are welcome to stay.

Since late 2017, I've decided to spend less and less time on offering SEO for other businesses. Too much labor and liability on those services. I will spend more time on building the momentum in 2018.

1. Launching new online retail/wholesale business in the #Hempe #CBDOil market
2. Invest in #Crytopcurrency
3. Invest more in the stock market that has been growing for years.
4. Becoming an #AngelInvestor to local #techstartup
5. Generating more #passiveincome by automating leads.
6. Start using #SingalApp for private conversation with other like-minded investors and founders.

2018 is the year to work smarter!

If you are a spammer, simply don't bother. You are wasting your time and life. If you are truly a like-minded #entrepreneur, share your story and progress.

Don't talk the talk. Just Walk the walk!
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Building the email listing and backlinks is the best way to grow your business online. Don't believe me?

Read the best backlinks article from the best in the industry!
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Are You Ready To Take Off? I am!

To all my fellow #entrepreneurs, #startup #Founders and #Followers, I've been really quiet for the past 2 months to prepare #launching a new business venture, while I still work full time taking care of my customers for my current company #1.

What have you been doing lately?

There are few things I've learned in the past few weeks.

1. #SEO is the most important thing for the online #marketer - As you may know, I am an Online Lead Generator. I rely on SEO to bring me leads, so I can continue to earn #residualincome / #passiveincome. I recently had a success in a very fast growing and unique niche. That generates a lot of leads for the high payout.
2. Trust Your Guts - If you feel something isn't right. Find out why and find the alternative way to make it right. This includes finding new tools to speed up your operation, new partners to work together and a new business to make a big difference.
3. Use automation tools - #automation is the best way to get things done while you are sleeping. It's also the key to earn passive income. I find #MixMax, #Zapier the best tools for my operation lately. So I decided to become a paid subscriber to streamline my operation. The money is well spent.
4. Knowledge is the old #GOLD - When you have the knowledge that others don't, there is money to make. Learn as much as you can and become the leader in the niche. People who want to learn will not mind paying for it.

So in early 2018, I will be launching a very #HighRisk business.

I've got the business name, domain name, Instagram, Facebook Page, and Twitter account. I am building the new website.

I am making a big progress, how about you?

#entrepreneurship #timeismoney
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Has anyone of you #Entrepreneur #Startup #Founder checked out the new #Google Startup program?

I've been busy working on helping other people starting up their new adventure, I may as well start my new one soon.
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I have been absent for weeks. I did not forget about my followers on G+, but I have been busy making progress in the past few weeks.

Ever since G+ changed how G+ collection goes, I did not spend much time on using it. Instead, I have spent times on Facebook Group. Facebook Ads, Instagram Business Profile, upgrading my mobile signing app subscription and email automation service.

With a client that I helped on their FB Ad Campaign, I really learned something new in the past few weeks. Facebook Ads has grown beyond just an Ads. It has a lot more features that are just amazing.

With 3000% growth in lead generations on one of my clients, it is opening a new door (opportunity) to me.

Now it's time to apply that to my own business. Remember to test, measure and repeat what works.
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Without the quality #backlinks, your #startup #entrepreneurship online business won't get ranked well. Period.

Get it? Do it!
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