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Want to enjoy the lifestyle that others dream of?

Over the weekend, I went to a house party to meet with many amazing people who is living large. Here are the two that amazed me the most. This young guy on the left sold his ex-startup for $180 Million at age under 30.

His success has nothing to do with luck or fortune from parents. He is just like everyone else. However, he did not play the video game, he did not spend time on Facebook, Instagram or any kind.

He spent his time developing a proprietary software system and manage to get his company sold at the very high price.

Then he bought over 250 acres of land to launch his new startup. Now he is able to live like no other at age under 40.

So if you are just sitting there bitching about your pathetic life on Facebook, or get yourself wasted. You will never live the life that they do now.

Success doesn't come effortlessly! You have to earn it.

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#Startup & #Entrepreneurship #Tools & #Resources

Finally, I am moving this popular information from back to my website. Microsoft-owned was a great platform to host content until they shut down my page for unknown reasons.

So if you are interested in learning all those tools and resources that I have helped my company and my clients, simply head to the following page.

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How to build your #empire and #fortune over time?

Imagine that you drive your #expensive #Bentley around town with your friend, point to a commercial plaza and say "I ALSO own this plaza and stores". You repeat the same saying over and over on your road trip.

So you now own 20+ commercial plaza, 20+ donut stores, and 16+ yogurt stores in one city.

Imagine that your #exoticcar collection occupies 3 large airport hangers equal to 3 Wal-Mart Super Store size?

If that doesn't motivate you, then you have problems.

So the guy asked me this one simple question.

Why are you doing what you are doing which won't get you anywhere close to your goal?

So how did he do it?

Don't invest your time for money. Invest money for your time.

It sounds simple. Actually, it is a simple concept!* It doesn't happen in one day, one month or even one year. It takes years to reach that point. You need to treat money like a snowball. You roll it over and over down the hill. It will roll faster, easier and bigger.

So get to work. Shall we? Get your first bucket of gold.

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#Warning ~ Stop using #Microsoft for storing your important document.

Last year, I shared my collection of #resources and #tools for #startup #entrepreneur on, which was part of Microsoft cloud service to attract bloggers and content writers.

It was a good platform until recently, my most viewed tools and resources page gotta flagged. The reason was unknown except the message saying "Content contain personal information". #ScrewYou #M$. I am leaving your Sway platform once for all.

For those who like to access the link, please check back to this collection later. I am moving that back to my website.

This happens to all third-party providers. You have no control! You are taking the risk to lose hard work and time.
Have a strong faith! Heaven is just steps away!

Took this photos in 2006 at the #1 mountain in China - #YellowMountain  

It was the best hike I've ever did. 9 hours hiking while there is only few of us. What's more unbelievable is how did our ancestor built the stairs for all of us. 

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Are you building the email listing? No matter what your startup or company is offering, email marketing is a must have marketing strategy.

I am really happy that +MailChimp is now giving away their email #automation to everyone for #FREE.

There are few reasons why MailChimp is my choice of email marketing.

1. It's free for startup that has less than 1000 email subscriber
2. Free automation
3. Conditional Merge Tag - this is super useful if you try to send a different welcome message based on subscriber demographics.
4. Easy to use form builder

#Startup #Entrepreneur #resource #tools

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Don't be the killer of your own dream

Just recently, I almost killed my dream by doing too much work that I am not good at. As we are growing from a small startup, we also need to learn how to let the best people do what they are good at.

No one can be the best of everything. Stop being #OCD and #ControlFreak. Don't be the #bootleneck of your own company.

Being the #Boss doesn't mean you have to be #Bossy. Ideally, you should not even be the one to run the company. So you can rest assure to have a wonderful life. ;)

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It's right on time to try out #Facebook #Workplace.

I believe somehow Facebook is watching my every move. I recently decided to expand my business operation and got an invite today to try out Facebook for Work.

It looks very interesting. Not sure if there is also a feature to share desktop, but it will be very useful to collaborate with my staff no matter where they are (except in China or countries that ban Facebook).

Have you tried one yet? You can actually join it for your company. Just remember, that you can't use some common email address like support@, info@ cs@ and so son.


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The #1 way to grow your business is to HIRE A NEW STAFF.

I have to admit that I have been away from social media and blog post for sometimes. I've been busy since last year after I fired myself from doing my sales' job.

I now have a new helping hand to do something I don't have time to do. It's a risk to lower my own salary by hiring someone new, but it's very rewarding. I basically grow the capacity to handle more clients and to sell more services.

Are you the bottleneck of your own company? I was.

With the new staff, I see my bank account grow faster and bigger. So can you! 
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