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New OctoPi Release: 0.13.0

+Guy Sheffer just released a new version of OctoPi, version 0.13.0.

The long awaited release brings not only Raspberry Pi 3 (and Zero) support out of the box by being based on Raspbian Jessie, but also utilizes the new lite image as base for the build, meaning the download size could be halfed.

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I see that OctoPi is compatible with most Pi models now, what should I be looking at to decide which Pi to get? Other than converters is there any downfall to the Pi Zero?
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OctoPrint, OctoPi and the RPi3

Yes, I've seen the news too.

No, I don't have one yet, I hope that changes soon. In the meantime, based on the information I do have, this is what I expect:

Yes, OctoPrint should work just fine (at least I'd be very surprised if it didn't, since OctoPrint itself runs basically everywhere Python does run).

No, the current stable OctoPi 0.12 release doesn't. We need to build a new one for that based on the current raspbian lite release [...] Apparently current 0.13 nightlies, which are still built against the Raspbian release from November, are working (Raspbian's release notes suggested otherwise), so use nightlies until a new stable release is published (no ETA yet, sorry).

Yes, the new Pi is slightly faster and clocks in at 300MHz more per core, but thanks to Python's so called global interpreter lock or GIL, OctoPrint can only use one of the four cores at the moment. That means that it's probably rather unlikely you will notice significant speed ups when switching from a Pi2 to a Pi3, so if you are already on a Pi2, no need to throw it out of the window and/or to update immediately (especially due to the image situation). If you only have a Pi1 so far and were thinking about upgrading anyhow, I'd go for a Pi3 though after the initial rush calms down a bit.

Unsure: The on board Wi-Fi might support access point mode. If so that will get interesting in the future to make setting up your OctoPi image even easier than editing our octopi-network.txt file, but that is something further down the road.

Edit Updated to reflect that apparently current nightlies are compatible after all, contrary to what the Raspbian release notes indicate. Thanks +Mert G​​ for the heads up.

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It's on its way, I just don't have it yet.

Plus, I have to admit I kinda am tired a bit of interrupting work on everything on the drop of a hat each time the Pi people decide to drop new hardware out of the blue. 
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Yes, new version of the Pi, no, don't have it yet to test OctoPi with it

Naturally will report back once that changes though ;)
The newest Raspberry Pi costs just $5, and is available to buy now. It's free with the December issue of +The MagPi, in UK stores today.
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There is a nightly build ready 
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Trouble updating OctoPrint to 1.2.0 on OctoPi? Read this

It has come to my attention that apparently the last release of OctoPi 0.11.0 from February (the one that introduced RPi2 compatibility and which is based on the Raspbian release from 2015-01-31) contains a little issue with the shipped OctoPrint checkout that prevents updates of OctoPrint on this image to run smoothly.

If you are running this version and/or are getting a message along the lines of "timeout for" when performing the "git pull" step, please just do this (after cd'ing to ~/OctoPrint):

    git remote set-url origin

With this in place "git pull" should work again. The update instructions contains in OctoPrint's FAQ have been adjusted accordingly too.

Background: OctoPi builds are done from a mirrored version of OctoPrint for performance reasons. Usually, the repository URL will be set to the public/official one however during the build process. Apparently for that specific build there was a bug present that caused that "reset" to not take place, causing the image to ship with the wrong repository URL. The above command simply does fix that URL again.

Sorry for not including this information in the release announcement, I only just today learnt that this is an issue with OctoPi 0.11.0 (I so far thought it was only an issue with some of the nightlies put out a while ago). And if you are wondering why I wasn't aware of that before today, a quick reminder since people tend to forget or not know this: I maintain Octo*Print*, not Octo*Pi* (and I usually do my own builds of the latter, especially when testing around with experimental stuff). I try to support +Guy Sheffer every way I can, but this one slipped by me (and a lot of you too when testing the RC of OctoPi 0.11.0 ;))
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+Guy Sheffer We just used the GPX plugin.
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OctoPi 0.13 release candidate needs testers

+Guy Sheffer​ just published a release candidate for the next OctoPi release 0.13, which besides supporting the Pi3 also adds some fixes and on top of that reduces the image size significantly by switching to the Raspbian Jessie Lite base image.

If you've been waiting for a new release, this is your chance to give the candidate a test drive and report any findings back so we can make sure the release is solid!

Please comment on the shared post as linked below :) 
Hey all,
Finally, here is a release candidate for OctoPi 0.13.0!
The main features are: RaspberryPi 3 support, Raspbian Jessie with which is only a third of the size.
There are also wifi fixes and many other things.
For developers - there is a new Vagrant build system available now.

Download it at:

Bananapi M1 (New variants expected at 0.14.0):

Comments are appreciated so we know if this is a good candidate for the release.
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Some updates on the RPi3 situation

For those of you already having an RPi3 and wondering why we still haven't pushed a new OctoPi release based on the apparently working 0.13 nightlies - we are awaiting a resolution of two issues with the internal wifi chipset of the RPi3 in Raspbian, or rather the included driver.

One problem is that the wifi driver as included on the current official raspbian base image (which OctoPi is being based on) has some issues with its power management functionality, causing the wifi connection to drop after some idle time and not getting back up again. This can be circumvented by disabling power management in the driver by adding "wireless-power off" to the wifi configuration in /boot/octopi-network.txt, or possible through an rpi-update or apt-get upgrade (which so far we haven't been able to test ourselves), and we actually could include that in the 0.13 release and just call it a day, even though we'd rather have that fixed in the driver in a proper Raspbian base image. But...

There's a second issue observed by at least Alexander Nyberg (which I'd love to tag here but the G+ UI won't let me...) and possible others - still trying to figure that out - where the wifi driver produces a full blown kernel oops with a system crash as the consequence. Which is not that big of a problem if you happen to be running a simple desktop on a Pi3 (apart from being annoying and potentially losing you what you were just working on), but becomes a serious issue if you happen to be just printing and then the printer staying on with the heaters active. We so far do not know if the RPi guys are addressing this problem too with a driver update or not (we've reached out though).

Until this has been clarified, a new stable release with explicit Pi3 support doesn't make much sense, since at this point we have to assume there are still severe issues with the Pi3 hardware + drivers.

For anyone interested in the discussion on this, take a look into this ticket on the OctoPi bug tracker:
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Little question regarding the "pi" password on OctoPi

I have a little question for you.

To make it easier for people to change their initial password for their OctoPi installation, I've been looking into a little script that automatically changes the password to one in a file on the SD card, within the /boot partition that's accessible when you use the SD card like a USB thumbdrive.

In principle that works fine now. Right after flashing your SD card, you can create a little file octopi-password.txt right next to the octopi-network.txt file you have to edit for your WiFi credentials anyhow, and just enter your password. On the next boot, it will be read, the password will be set and the file deleted. So far so easy.

Problem is, it's a security hole, and every Linux admin will probably turn green on the thought. Anyone with physical access to your SD card, or with write access to your /boot partition (usually that necessitates sudo though) can easily change the password of the user pi that way. It's not as nightmarish as being able to change that password from within the OctoPrint UI (no, just no), but it's still a big downside.

The question is, how big. Is it acceptable in your eyes? It certainly would make initial setup far easier, since you wouldn't even have to fiddle around with an SSH client anymore necessarily, you could just edit everything right there on the system you flash your SD card on and have the image take care of the rest. I've also created a similar script for easily changing the host name, so you can configure myprinter.local as address instead of octopi.local without having to touch a shell, and the file system now also auto-expands on the first boot. That command line part where all that was done so far seems to be somewhat challenging for a lot of users, but since it's so important maybe making it easier would in the long run lead to less instances still running the default password...

Opinions? Flame wars? Better ideas? :)
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If you could make a self destructive file that changes the password then deletes itself and the password file that might make it a bit harder to exploit
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OctoPi nightlies need testers

+Guy Sheffer migrated the OctoPi build to also work with the newest version of Raspbian (which is based on Debian Jessie which caused some issues with the build at first). We are looking for people to give those nightlies a test drive to see if everything still works as expected so that the next OctoPi release can be based on a current build of Rasbian.

That's where you come in (yes, you right there!). Download a nightly image (now as fast as never before due to being hosted on Google Storage thanks to +BQ), flash, test and give feedback in the reshared post how things work out for you.

Hey all,
The last nightly of OctoPi uses the new Raspbian Jessie. It would be nice if people could test it out and report it works as intended.
Also nightlies are now hosted on google cloud for faster download :)

Link below
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I confirm that everything works as expected using the network config file. Great work!!
QT its a great framework for building apps, and I'm building a octoprint app for the 7" display, because the web application its too heavy for the native browser.
I use with great success this jessie image to deploy my app without starting X.
... and yes I will release the app as Opensource as soon as it does anything :D
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OctoPi release candidate looking for testers
Hey all,
We finally have a release candidate for OctoPi 0.12.0.
I would appreciate if you people download and test it, so we know it does not break anything.
There are a lot of shiny new features which include:

* Finally we have CuraEngine shipped for slicing directly from OctoPrint! (Raspberrypi 2 recommended for this)
* Software Update plugin - lets you automatically update OctoPrint to the latest version
* a new file /boot/octopi-network.txt which contains sample config snippets for getting wifi connectivity configured for WPA/WPA2-PSK
* webcamDaemon script is now a new service webcamd
* New official bananapi build (BananaPi cam does not work).
* OctoPrint 1.2.0, Raspberrypi new firmware.

RaspberryPi build:

BananaPi build:
Links will change after release

All comments are appreciated!
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We found a security hole on the new plugin manager, it will be fix, you can still try the RC, but expect a new one soon
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