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Facebook Inconsistency

Facebook don't seem to be able to keep it together when it comes to consistency. That's bad design and for such a large company it really is quite shocking.

Anyway, I felt the need to vent my spleen about some design inconsistencies. You'll see what I mean if you look at the header in the video. Watch it closely and be annoyed.

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How to add Google+ hovercards to your website

Nice little tip here.
Add @GooglePlus hover cards to any web page.

To add +Google+ hover cards to any web page just add the class "g-profile" to any profile links you include in your web page.

The hover cards should work as long as the page calls the platform js file, which your site will already be doing if the site uses any Google+ feature, such as the plus one button.

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Blendle: A radical experiment with micropayments in journalism, 365 days later

There is a lot of talk about ad blocking software, good website design and also the decline of the newspaper industry. Traditionally newspapers have been funded by a combination of a cover price and advertising. The rise of digital mediums has vexed many publishers, because people don't like to subscribe in lieu of a cover price and advertisers only want to spend money if a website can guarantee x number of eyeballs seeing their ads. The end result is that more and more advertising is thrown onto publishers websites, making for a very poor user experience.

Hence the rise of ad blockers and the continuing decline of journalism and independent websites.

The Dutch startup Blendle just may have found a way round all of that.

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Spot the copy competition

Can you find it?

This is a screenshot from a local paper's website. I won't name it, but wanted to use it as an example of abysmal design.

And advertisers wonder why people use ad blockers?

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Sizing fonts with rem

I found this excellent piece that explains the differences between using px, em and rem when sizing your fonts.
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