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The iPhone was announced 10 years ago today and it changed the world

The iPhone started a mobile Internet revolution. Love iOS or hate iOS, you have to admit that the iPhone changed the world. Until it's announcement, smartphones were clunky and well, just bad.

Also, after the iPhone, Android changed directions from looking similar to BlackBerry, to the juggernaut you know today.

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Switch to Android from iOS in just 3 simple steps!

Install Google Drive on your iPhone
Backup your data with Google Drive.
Sign into your new Android phone (I recommend that Pixel.)

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DOH. The iOS 10 update is screwing up iPhones and iPads.

The issues seem fairly widespread. The OTA update begins and leaves users staring at a ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen that forces a complete firmware re-install. If you forego the wiping and re-installation of iOS from your iPhone or iPad, you’re left with a bricked and completely useless device.

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Apple Plugs, make your iPhone 6 and 6S feel like an iPhone 7!

(Yes, I know it's a parody.)

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How to stream today's Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus event

Apple doesn't allow you to view their streamed events unless you're an Apple user (or use Microsoft Edge LOL). So, for everyone else, you know, most of the world, you'll want to do this.

Download the free VLC video player.
Open VLC video player.
Navigate to the Media tab and select Open Network Stream.
On Android: Hit the hamburger menu and the “Stream” option.
In the URL field, insert the following URL.

That's it!

Now, for those Apple fans out there, what are you excited to see?

Rumors are of the following:
Dual cameras in the iPhone 7 Plus
Waterproof or water resistance.
A missing headphone jack.
Modular addons via a smart connector.
Base storage of 32GB.

Yes, nothing revolutionary here, as other OEMs have been doing these sorts of things for many years. That said, Apple will tout it is revolutionary and only something that they could pull off.


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A new iPhone is coming your way on September 7th.

Apple has an event schedule on September 7th to announce their latest smartphone, the iPhone 7 (most likely we'll see an iPhone 7 Plus too). There's also plenty of rumors that Apple will ditch the headphone jack (good move IMO), possibly even ditch the home button, but include a dual camera setup (like many Android phones) that allows for better pictures.


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iOS vulnerabilities likely spread for years, allowed iPhone's to be remotely jailbroken.

After the exploits surreptitiously jailbreak a target's iPhone, Pegasus immediately starts trawling through a wealth of its resources. It copies call histories, text messages, calendar entries, and contacts. It's capable of activating the cameras and microphones of compromised phones to eavesdrop on nearby activities. It can also track a target's movements and steal messages from end-to-end encrypted chat apps.

Apple has already issues security updates to patch these vulnerabilities.

"Because Apple doesn't make that..."

Brother-In-Law breaks his iPhone yearly...

My wife: "Why don't you get a phone that's waterproof or shatterproof?"
Her brother: "Because Apple doesn't make that."
My wife: "Laughing, do you have to have an Apple?"
Her brother: "Yes."

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Apple to launch Apple Watch 2 later this year, faster processor, GPS, less suck

Well, I'm not so sure about the last one there, but it's no secret that the current Apple Watch looks like a kids toy, has a kids toy like interface, and is horribly slow. Hopefully Apple comes back from their failure with a worthy successor this time around. Apple generally makes nice hardware, so I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt here. My fingers are crossed for you Apple fans.

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Oh. So, deleting iOS 10 apps doesn't actually delete them and allow you to reclaim storage space. ಠ_ಠ

Remember when I said that this move was uncharacteristic of Apple. I take it back.
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