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A little #tipsTuesday :

If you're going to #redesign your #website , do it right and start with your audience...

"Establish the foundation before beginning design or writing. And … write first. Don’t design and then write to fill in the boxes."

Want a step-by-step approach? Check out this post!

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It's almost March ... How are your 2017 goals going?

Soon enough the first quarter of 2017 will be over ... Does that sentence have you saying "yes, I'm on right on target!" ... Or are you saying "what?! I'm nowhere near where I should be!"

If it's the latter, it might be time to reevaluate your goals

And maybe re-prioritize ... Are they all priorities? Then it's time to enlist help. Especially if one of those priorities is your #website ... That's one area you don't want to fall behind on! We have an updated download that offers 6 website essentials to get you started!

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How serious are you about your link building efforts?

If you know it's something you need to tackle, +Rand Fishkin offers a great way to prioritize links to go after in this week's #whiteboardfriday. Of course it goes back to goals (doesn't it always?) ... But it's also about likelihood of achieving that link. Even if a link from The Atlantic would boost my ranking, does the low likelihood of that happening make it not worth pursuing? Or at least not worth pursuing for now?

As #marketers we have to make a lot of decisions

Which strategy and tactics do we use to boost visibility, leads, and ultimately sales. What do we decide doesn't work as opposed to it does work we just did it wrong. When it comes to our #website ... Things don't change. We still have a lot of decisions to make and we could still choose wrong. But the best advice I can give is that whatever you decide, go all in. Don't dabble lightly in many tactics. Seriously focus on a few. So if link building is a tactic you're tackling, then use this whiteboard Friday to get focused on it.

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When Google tells you how to hire a #SEO expert ... Listen!

Great find here by +Mark Traphagen! Notice, Maile Ohye doesn't say "hire the SEO expert who promises to get you to rank #1." We can't stress this enough: When they say they promise to get you to rank #1, run!

No good SEO expert can make that promise. Generally they'll say something like, "these tactics will increase your ranking for these search terms over x amount of time..." I know, the lack of guarantee isn't as comforting. But in SEO (and actually marketing in general), we don't work in guarantees.

Happy #websitewednesday !
Some great advice from Google's +Maile Ohye 

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Marketing starts with your audiences ... So should your website

Our newsletter went out again last night and this time we really focused on how important it is to define your audiences for all marketing efforts ... Including your #website:

"Does your website help the right people choose you? Today your website is the heart of your marketing. Does it quickly communicate who you are and what you provide? You've got 3 seconds to get those essentials across ... AND ... does it answer every searcher's main question, 'what's in it for me? why should I care?' Remember, think from the audiences' point of view, not your own."

If you're ready to define your audiences, our worksheet will help!

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Sharing timely information to boost traffic

A really interesting tactic from +Rand Fishkin in this #whiteboardfriday. We're only into February, so creating timely posts like "Most popular web designs of 2017" are still definite possibilities. But you have to take advantage of the opportunity asap and that's one of those posts you absolutely need to keep updated.

But if it means you capture the majority of that traffic for the year ... That could definitely be worth the extra effort now!

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Just like with a #rebrand, when designing your #website, your audience matters

You all are probably sick of me talking about audiences so much ... Well, I wouldn't talk about it so much if it wasn't such a big problem! I mean you can probably think of any number of websites that immediately turned you off because of the way they presented their information - both visually and verbally.

Audience matters. Speak to them or waste money on your marketing.

It's that simple.

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Probably the toughest part of marketing...
Thinking like your audience.

Because it requires that you throw away much of what you know of your own industry. We all do it. We've been in our business for so long that we forget that what we know isn't exactly obvious to anyone outside of our industry. There have been a number of times when I'm talking about what a brand entails and out of nowhere the other person says, "Wait, what's positioning?"

To me, it's obvious. But it's so easy to forget that if you aren't in branding and marketing, there's a lot of jargon that makes no sense. That requires explanation. It's the same with what you put on your website. Just because you understanding how to search for things on your website, does not mean it's intuitive to your audience. Just because you use an industry term for something, doesn't mean your audience will. So for a little #mondaymotivation, I recommend temporarily dumping what you know about your industry and stepping into the shoes of your audience ... Now, does your #website work? Or does it need some work?

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Measure the referrals

I think that's where most of fall flat on our strategy for repurposing content ... We send it out into the world and wait for the extra traffic to come in. I get it. Measuring anything is kind of a pain (especially if you're using Google Analytics to do it). But, if you measure your referral sources and notice that one of them isn't delivering like the others then you know one of two things:
- You aren't using that referral source correctly
- Your audience isn't there.

Either one gives you an opportunity for improvement. But you won't know that unless you measure! As always, a great reminder from +Moz's #whiteboardfriday!
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