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Blogging can be a great source of income if you take it seriously. All you need is to invest quality time and money to earn a decent income from blogging to pay your bills.

Blogging does not help you to make money over the night. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme where you just do works one time and rest is all taken care off. It is a real business and takes lots of time. But if it is so hard to make money blogging, how do the bloggers earn? How do I earn from my blogging?
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Welcome dear readers to my brand new series Blogging Basics!

Blogging is one of the lucrative online businesses right now. It is also one of the best ways to showcase your talent and expertise. If you are thinking to have a writing career online, your blog is the first step to show your writing skills to potential editors and publishers.

But, professional blogging is not easy. It is a full-fledged job. If you are thinking that just scribbling down some lines can make you a blogger and you can earn money, throw the thought right away. Blogging is multi-tasking job and it does not end with just jotting down some lines.

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Want to know the history of how blogging became the most popular medium of communication? Read here.

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The types of blog posts in your blog also determine your poularity as a professional blogger.

In this article, I have shown 6 types of blog post ideas which can boost your blog and equally engaging for your audience. They are some of the most popular blog post ideas that generate traffic easily.

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In blogging, writing is your weapon. Unless you are video blogging, writing is the main medium to share your knowledge/expertise with others. Writing a killer blog post is crucial to your blog’s success.

I have always maintained an important point for my blogs which is ‘to solve a problem’. My blog posts always emphasize on helping my readers to build a writing career online and this is the tip which has helped me to grow my blog throughout these years. And there is something I need to share with you right away.

Here is what I do before I start writing a blog post.

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How to choose your blog's name. Your blog's name is the first step to start an online brand. choose it carefully.

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It is important to know your focus before you even start to dream about your blog. Without the focus, your energy for blogging will go astray making it good for nothing. So, how to choose the blog niche when you start blogging?

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