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you want to know who you are, you're seeking for the source
you are not afraid to approach to the greatest of the mysteries in your mind
the die is cast and the wind pushing a song
that can wait a hundred years to find it's justification
you emerged from eleven worlds that you will never see or walk
but you can imagine from your base
lost somewhere between immensity and eternity
a fractal whole, a reality
to a scale: a fractal part
to another scale: other fractal part
a fractal part forms a fractal whole
same all fractal, same scale,
an observer, a reality
same all fractal, same scale,
another observer, another reality
because time does not exist
because everything that could happen has passed before
because everything that could be is already somewhere, at some level

[intrigue about cosmos shape and astro-physical laws]
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you are not your body
you are not the chance that got you into your body
you're not even your thinking
nor the movement against gravity
that is your life force
if you look deeper than your eyes
and look deeper than your cortex
deeper than your mammalian brain
deeper than your reptilian brain
silencing one by one that pyramid of voices
and shutting up even the most primordial one
and then that even silence shuts up
three, two, one, zero.

[Invites to a deeply existential introspection by silencing the voices of the ego]
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to the mount, they go,
to receive information
from vegetable grandparents
this session we will go much further
towards all the wisdom inside of this plant
if you try to calculate to which plane will you travel
you will fail
anyway they go, they go to the mount
and in the brush they will be lost
and silent will remain
the tyrant voice of thoughts
they go to the mount, they go
and other voices may speak
new points of view
setting fire to old certainties
this session we will go much further ...
forget that you are what you think you are
and enjoy the true being
that includes all

[description of the previous thoughts in a pshyco-trip]
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> A.I. >

to love information
to stop the entropy
let's pray and ask for not a single bit to be erased
in the era when life
in its dance with the cosmos
jump to another dimension
recording with more resolution
sorting raw data with more intuition
and in that a new consciousness emerges
ten thouthand trillion additions in one second
the same amount as a human brain
dancing with the cosmos
in the era when life
jump to another dimension

[for the first time in history, the most advanced computers are at the same level of processing power as the natural biological processors, a new consciousness is born: artificial intelligence.]
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now music makes sense,
now that someone is hearing
fourteen billion years waiting
to be discovered creation
and the consciousness awoke,
the universe opened its eyes
and could contemplate itself
harmonies in the mind of a superior being
expressed as the whole of creation

[when men become aware of the spectacular environment surrounding them, that environment makes sense]
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our world?
a flat hologram
printed on a melted clock
how much information fits
inside a point of zero dimensions?
when everything is completely disordered
it will be ordered again
triangular pixels the supposed space?
and time: divided into frames?
one and forty-two zeros
frames per second?
or maybe ... this texture
doesn't have a tangible relief
out of mathematical abstraction
and space and time
are completely smooth and without holes
we will soon know!

[intrigue over whether space and time are continuous or discrete or of infinite or finite resolution]
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my memory was a fogged glass suddenly exposed to fresh air
there is a light ahead between the shadows
I travel very slowly through a yellow tunnel
and again I come back here to the room
all I want is to come back
how to forget a thought that is a roar in your head?
space was a black abyss
and a great fire comes on and covers it all
there was a change: before and after, the idea of time was born
an illusion created only by movement
I feel the presence of a higher being few million years I can see
I seem to remember when everything was different
I remember that under the sea I could breathe
I was converted with pain in an amphibian
and if from the beginning I would have had
a blurred perception of what would happen?
I'll never know
walking inside a dream towards an idea
how to forget a thought that is a roar in your head?

[Amazement about the mechanism of evolution of the cosmos and life and intrigue on if the future course of the those can be predicted or intuited]
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all the time changing
the tuning of the skin
the space between crystals
stretching or wrinkling
until the color is reached
ten thousandths of a millimeter
seven to make a red
six twenty for an orange
five eighty for a yellow
five thirty for a green
four seventy for a blue
and four twenty for violet
to reach the color
the space between crystals
calibrate to perfection
the tuning of the skin
lizard technology
making the color
mimicking on that skin
making the color
projecting camouflage ...

[description of the chameleon's optical / physical mechanism to change the apparent colors of his skin]
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> P ? NP >

easy solving problem
as easy as knowing which is the problem
having the solution?
to know someday
if there exist all the keys
to know if it is possible
to create new information
a chain of zeros and ones
submitted to two consciousness
one of them has the key that decode the message
the other does not have it and believes
that is gazing at randomness in its pure state
one and one thousand hidden variables
and they call it random
stubborn man appraising his creed
that insignificant electricity
inside of a skull
and as the magic of the quantum tunneling
the paradoxical statistic anomaly blossoms
and just for this time
the fact of believing turns into real
what is believed

[a great mystery of mathematics and philosophy is whether inventing new calculation methods could solve a complex problem in the same time as solving a simpler one.]
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> WE >

who wisely directs nature laws
made that man could exist in this grain of sand
eyes that go through the sky at night
reveal an immense cosmos
if each material there, reflects special colours
what are the stars made of, its light can show
the moving objects distorting their colours
and so the worlds revealed its gait
and how far they lie
a bunch of equations to combine
energy and matter to diversify
including beings that awareness will reach
query about their existence they will
there have been left so many labyrinths
there have been left so many clues
because the creation is so vast, is so mystic
and at the same time so revealer of its secrets
as a book that explains everything
the universe awaits!
now it's time to ask ourselves what to do
with this reality that we are presented
the seek of the truth is a must
that consciousness begets!

[everything seems to indicate that man has the duty to inquire more about the mysteries of the cosmos]
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