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Live streaming has been around for a while... and it's here to stay.
As mobile connections get stronger, cameras continue to improve, the live streaming experience only gets better. Keep up with the latest in Live Streaming, and come get help with your own live streaming needs.

Whether it's on +YouTube, +Hang w/,, +Livestream, +Twitch, Meerkat, Periscope, or one of at least a dozen other ways to stream live to your audience, or to the  public at large from your phone, tablet, or computer, let's get together and learn from each other! 

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Launched in 2013 - Hang w/ isn't exactly the new kid on the block. Sure, there are the newsmakers Meerkat and Periscope, with their shiny coats of paint and millions of dollars in funding - but they don't even have Android apps. Is that what constitutes a successful app launch? Reaching only 25% of the smartphone population? Hang w/ has not only had an Android app for some time - but you can even stream through iOS with your Go Pro.

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UPDATE: Did you know about Meerkat God Mode?
Can't find a stream to watch from the people you follow? Unlock the ability to see every active stream on the network - simply press your finger on the Meerkat for 5 seconds to turn on Meerkat God Mode!

#Meerkat   #LiveStreaming  

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My first #LiveStream  +Hang w/  #AMA   went great!
We talked social media, monetization, big data, streaming video, personal life, student debt, and more!

Notes: IOS experience much better than Android (that's not to say Android a bad experience - just way more features on the iOS version - soon to come to the other).

If you watch on the iOS or Android app instead of through that link above - you can see the comment history too!

Find me there (username: socializations)

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Let's all welcome +Hang w/ to Google+!

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Thanks Hang With!
Very quick verification (I tweeted them last night) - so I'm all ready for my stream tonight - no more 15 minute cutoff - I can stream as long as I want - and I think I'm eligible for monetization too!

Hang w/ Live Streaming App - On Android and iOS 

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Battle of the Century Tune in at 9pm EDT
So, with Periscope finally released to the public this morning - the #StreamingWars  have officially begun. Who will win? Get my take on the three leaders in an epic stream this evening occuring on #Meerkat   #Periscope  and #HangWith   - looking like 8pm EDT.

Will update with links - or follow me @socializations on Meerkat,  Periscope, or HangWith
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