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I'm getting off to a bit of a slow start this month after a quick little vacation. Apologies for the delay. It is time for the August Ingress AMA! I will reach out to the experts on staff if I can't answer something myself. This means it may take a while before I publish the answers. Post your questions now in the comments!

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Q1: Kirby “Wo1fi3” Ross - What are you most looking forward to this year?
A1: The Google Pixel 3 XL, Atari VCS, Red Dead Redemption 2, more trailers for the movie Glass (to be released in January 2019), Venom the movie, Mary Poppins Returns the movie (don’t crap on my childhood), watching the What We Do in the Shadows spinoff, midterm elections in the U.S., the NFL season starting, finally getting a table at minibar by José Andrés, riding in NL1331X, the last season of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, starting a couch to 5k program, oh I could go on and on. The year is almost over and there is so much to do, enjoy, and experience yet.

Q2: AtLaZ TD - Hey Andrew, hope all is well. Will Austin have all of the same events as San Diego?
A2: Yes.

Q3: Ratoo Li​​ - You mentioned in AMA before NL-Prime would be counted as one NL tiered count, is there progress about it?
A3: I need some more time to follow-up with the team on this. Thank you for flagging it though for me.

Q4: Graeme Bragg - An OPR one for you: In the UK, Historic England, local government and civic societies erect “blue plaques” to commemorate an event, (famous) person, former building, etc. that the location has a link with. Quite a few are placed on the exterior walls of private residences to commemorate the link with famous people (e.g. “so and so lived here from X to Y”, or “so and so was born in this house”) and we have been having some discussions in our local OPR chat group about the rating that these should be given. My take is that the ones on the sides of people’s houses should be rejected as 1*, even if they are visible from the pavement/sidewalk, as they are still on Private Residential and the specific Historic House guidance would apply – please can you confirm if this is a correct interpretation? p.s. what is your favourite type of tea?
A4: I spoke to NIA OPS, and they said your point of view on the situation is correct. If the location is currently in use as a private residence then the candidate should be 1* even if it has historical or cultural significance.

Q5: Randall “TwisTalon” Phipps-Johnston - Can we get a name for the October anomalies?
A5: I’ve been told we’ll be releasing the names for the rest of the Osiris Sequence at the end of the Cassandra Prime Anomalies.

Q6: AtLaZ TD - How in the world do we help PAC through the RPE Sessions? Can you give Essex a clue please?
A6: An unconfirmed rumor speculated that new Remote Participation Experiences may be in the process of development. No further details are known at this time.

Q7: gr myrick - Is there still anything being done about portal submissions that are in limbo? I still have submissions from December that I haven't heard back from, and I'm seeing portals that I submitted several months ago (that are still in limbo for me) go live from being submitted by other agents. Thanks.
A7: Can you reach out to me via Telegram (@RedSoloCup) and provide me the details of your submission? I’ll pass it along to the OPR team and see if they can’t figure out what’s going on.

Q8: Reymark Lazo (Rebilander) - Why was the OLW badge changed for the year? Will you still make the one sold in Navarro available in future sites?
A8: I was told that, as we gained more information about the Osiris Universe Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, we updated our files and medals to reflect the new knowledge. They will not be available at future sites.

Q9: Graeme Bragg - Recently we have seen Niantic responding very quickly and effectively to reported spoofers, which is great, but other types of cheating seem to be pursued less vigorously. Are there any plans to apply the same zeal to players who openly win-trade, multi-account or use backpack accounts?
A9: NIA OPS said, “We look forward to all the reports with the same amount of zeal and take action based on what we find during our investigation (which may or may not necessarily match the category of the original report).”

Q10: Daniel Corunna - Is there more opportunities to have more frequent in game events such as the recent cassandra medal and today's level 8 day?
A10: The short answer is yes.

Q11: Stuart C. - In OPR, I’ve heard people interpret the “give lenience to portal spares areas when evaluation submissions” to also mean to be very strict in areas with portals. Some only give 4 or 3 stars to submissions that would be a suggested 5 star because there are portals near it. Should we abide by the guidelines for denser areas or is it better to only give 3/4 stars to these portals?
A11: NIA OPS says, “Each Portal should be evaluated on its own merit without taking into account the density of the location. There are a few exceptions for locations with low density that's mentioned in the Guide ( “

Q12: Gary Tolley - Grogyan - Hi Andrew, there has been much talk about how AR from a mobile camera augments the visual aspect of games. Would you know if this is something that will come to Ingress Prime?
A12: Our Product Team said, “We think of AR as not just visual. With Prime, we are building a platform on which you will experience many forms of AR.”

Q13: Ethern Su - Prime Challenge participants in San Diego got their prime challenge badges after the event, however those in Sapporo didn’t get anything. What is the reason behind this issue? Since both events cost $20, isn’t it unfair to let this happen?
A13: In an ideal situation, all participants in all cities would have gotten the patches. That’s not what happened though. I’ll talk to the team about this.

Q14: Jordon Mizzi - Is it possible to get our hands on the shard movement data and a breakdown of the prime ops challenges from Casandra Prime Day 1?
A14: I need some more time to confirm things. However, I don’t believe the shard data is slated to be published. I’m less sure about the Prime OPs challenges.

Q15: Owen R (TAMRanger) - What is the +NIA Ops position on Blood Donation Centers as portal candidates which are not located near hospitals or emergency medical facilities? Previously there has been community lead "Red Faction" events encouraging agents to donate.
A15: NIA OPS guidance is, “As long as it meets our criteria (has historical/cultural significance) and does not obstruct emergency facilities, it can be accepted.”

Q16: Pedro Owsik (padalabra) - From your (and Niantic's) trials thus far, what current phones offer the best experience for Ingress Prime?
A16: I can only speak for myself. It runs great on my Pixel 2 XL.

Q17: Gary Tolley - Grogyan - Since the Cassandra Neutralizer event, what lessons has Niantic, or you would like Niantic to learn from for potential future events such that, requirements that require the opposition to do their part are taken to account?
A17: One of the lessons learned is to give some of the risks we identify more weight. Doing so would probably have resulted in the deploy AP bonus occuring at the start of the event, a few other tweaks we talked about making to incentivize game play, and likely would have resulted in a shorter duration overall for the event. Ultimately, there were some good lessons learned that will inform how we approach these events in the future. Not just the mechanics of the event, but how we communicate it, brainstorm beforehand, and the general idea iteration process. We typically do a post mortem and every event is an opportunity to improve on for the next one.

Q18: CCL - How do you think about move "force amp and turret" behind those shields at the MOD list, because they're similar in function,but you have to swipe several times to use it at one portal
A18: I don’t think any updates will happen for Ingress 1.0. The way items are selected and displayed in Ingress Prime is different and I don’t think this will be an issue.

Q19: Fred Espenscheid - How cool would it be if there was a second way to score Ingress globally in addition to mu score? Ingress has 4096 cells. How about have a score for each cell counting toward each team? Say Enlightened controlled 2000 cells, Resistance controlled 1996 and 100 were uncontrolled…
A19: Interesting idea. I can’t think of any initial downsides to it. I’ll definitely pass this along.

Q20: Steven Cunningham - With it being announced that POI submissions will become available in Pokémon Go, but nothing announced about reviewing, will it fall on ingress OPR reviewers to review the submissions from Pokémon Go? A lot of players are worried about portals that don’t become pokestops flooding OPR, and the backlog becoming impossibly large to handle from Go’s massive playerbase.
A20: We haven't made any official announcements about the release of POI submissions for Pokémon GO that I’m aware of other than stating that this is something we're working on. If things unfold the way you describe, I think you raise some valid concerns. I’ll circle back with the team to get a better understanding of the situation and understand how we are going to mitigate concerns like what you have raised. More information to come…

Q21: rapturhythm Yoshitaka Taniwaki - I understand that the anomaly site on October 20 is only satellite site, and that there is no primary site, it’s ok?
A21: That is correct. There are no primary sites in October.

Q22: Jacob Dalley - Why do they allow pictures to be voted on when there is only one? Which one is better, I wonder.
A22: If there is only one picture, I would recommend submitting a new one. Give something for people to vote on. Why is it allowed? I was trying to come up with something witty as a response but I’ve got nothing…

Q23: Caroline Kwong - Let’s say someone has a stack of load out cards collected over several years. Will the load out cards work with prime or should someone use them up this summer?
A23: They will still work in Ingress Prime.

Q24: Val (va1kyr) - When will Australia get another Primary Anomaly?
A24: Not before May 26th, 2019.

Q25: Gavin Treadgold (rediguana) - VRLA aren't yet generally hackable (other than rewards), yet there are so many of them out there in the wild. What is preventing making them hackable, even if they are rarer than VRHS/MH? Seems to me like there is no real reason to prevent them being hackable anymore, just control them via the hack probabiity. The Ultra Link provides many more benefits anyway.
A25: Valid question. I don’t have a really good answer for you at this time. I’ll take this back and discuss it internally.

Q26: Datson David (HellraiserOne) - Will pune Prime anomaly have GoRuck?
A26: There will be no GORUCK events in Pune on February 23, 2019.

Q27: MatiasM 20 - What happen if someone is banned with no reason at all, no email from Niantic was received communicating a reason, an appeal was sent and no reply at all. What is the procedure an agent has to follow?
A27: NIA OPS says, “The first step would be to check if you have received a reply for an appeal. Emails can be missed so the best option would be to sign in to the Help Center and check your tickets at this site:

If NIA OPS has already responded to your appeal, any new tickets created for the issue may not receive a response unless there's any new information to provide. This was mentioned in the post:

Q28: Val (va1kyr) - Is there any chance the October Anomalies will feature GORUCK?
A28: None of the October anomalies will have a GORUCK event.

Q29: Pepperknowsalot - Did something change on having banners approved? Sometimes there are seasonal banners which have been approved in the past with no problem and very quickly. Now it appears approvals are much slower and incredibly inconsistent (for example 4 out of 6 being approved but not all 6) The response appears to be “image does not match portals) however the image does match I can pm examples and the inconsistencies of you wish Ty for your attention to this matter
A29: Examples would help. Please ping me on Telegram @RedSoloCup. I’ll see what I can figure out.

Q30: Abigail Aragon - As you said in a previous AMA, TRs are held to certain standards. If an agent is falsely banned due to a report from a TR do they get their TR priviledges revoked?
A30: An Agent isn’t banned only because a Trusted Reporter (TR) submitted a ticket. An Agent is banned because NIA OPS investigated a ticket that was submitted and found something that they decided to take action on. This is important to understand. A Trusted Reporter’s only influence on the adjudication process is their tickets are escalated for quicker review. Don’t believe the rumors or the sensational posts on social media claiming otherwise. It doesn’t work any other way than what I’ve just described.

This escalation status of a Trusted Reporter has a direct impact on available resources with real costs associated with it and why there is a performance threshold for Agents with this status. A TR found to be abusing the privilege or engaging in activities that reduces our trust in them will be removed. But a single report that resulted in action taken by NIA OPS and then overturned on appeal is unlikely to result in any privileges being revoked.

Q31: Ethern Su - Regarding the speed lock situation, why no clear notification is shown to inform the user about the speed lock state? It is really confusing to see “hack acquire no item” only but not “your are in speed lock”, especially for new players.
A31: You know, this is a good suggestion. I’m not sure where this ranks in terms of priorities but I’ll certainly send this feedback to the development team.

Q32: Kayleigh McWhyte - Has Niantic considered radio advertisements to increase interest in live events such as anomalies, Mission Days, NL-1331 and First Saturdays?
A32: If we are trying to get Ingress players to attend, I don’t think a paid 15 second radio spot will necessarily attract existing users to these events. This would be better served with some sort of geo-targeted push message in-app, through email, or via social media in my opinion. If the goal is to attract new player to the game to attend the events, I’m not convinced a 15 second radio commercial can really do that at this point. There are other paid media channels that are more visual that would be better to leverage for attracting new player to Ingress to attend the event. Once Ingress becomes a household name a quick radio spot might serves us well. But probably not before then.

Q33: Jud Burkett (canon07) - We have a family of agents in our area that has had more than a dozen of their “children's” Ingress accounts banned over the past several months. They accuse an agent on the opposite faction of having connections to higher ups at Ingress, specifically you, Krug, and have said this agent is using his connection to get these pour kids banned. While this agent does admit to knowing a trusted reporter, that’s all the connections he has and has only actually reported two of the banned accounts. For the sake of settling an argument, do you know @ElForesto? Has he ever asked you to ban anyone? If he did, could you?
A33: To start, someone claiming that I am their inside man and a connection isn’t really a special relationship. As I have posted many times, anyone can contact me. I prefer Telegram and my account is @RedSoloCup. As anyone who has contacted me can attest to, I have no powers when it comes to taking actions against players. This is a good thing. NIA OPS is responsible for adjudicating all player issues and only they can take punitive actions against player accounts. That is their job. I do not even have access to look up support ticket numbers to be able to review a situation.

But here’s what I can do. I can offer advice on how to deal with a situation. I’ve been exposed to just about everything at this point as a player and as Global Community Manager. If you have gone through all the proper channels, meaning don’t come to me for support first, and still have unresolved issues, I can ask NIA OPS to prioritize a ticket or situation if I believe it warrants being escalated. However, NIA OPS is under no obligation to escalate my requests. They have process and procedures and sometimes what might seem like a priority on a micro level to an individual is not a priority on the macro level. We have a finite amount of resources so they have to be allocated efficiently. If NIA OPS stops to review something I’ve asked to be escalated, it means someone else’s ticket that was next to be reviewed is going to have to wait. This causes a bit of a waterfall effect. I can also ask NIA OPS for additional input on issues if confusion remains after following the proper support process. But again, NIA OPS has their own priorities and sometimes they are not able to provide me with feedback due to processing higher priority tasks. They also may not be able to provide me information due to privacy or policy reasons.

I’m not going to feed into rumors, witch hunts, or comment on specific cases like this. The information NIA OPS finds during the course of an investigation is why punitive action may or may not be taken against an account. Who submits a ticket is not an input in their decision making.

Q34: Aaron Almeida - When is the promised OPR abuse marking feature coming?
A34: I don’t have a date. I’ve confirmed it is being worked on. So…… soon™

Q35: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - When will we be required to supply a rejection reason for portals in OPR to help improve quality and double check cabal behavior?
A35: Again, another feature that I can’t provide a date for but confirmed it is being implemented. So once again… soooooooooon™

Q36: Dexter Torres (nineteen8t4) - With respect to hard-working employees working on various tasks, can you help us understand why it has always taken weeks for NIA to push Anomaly, Mission Day, and other on-site event medals?
A36: Ingress 1.0 is currently running on our original platform. Things will most certainly improve after the complete Ingress Prime upgrade is finished (client and servers). Until then, we have to work within the current constraints of the system. Some areas have been streamlined though. For on-site participants there is no longer a dependency on anyone but yourself. Register, get your ticket scanned. Hack a Portal. Done. This also reduced the overhead on POCs, having to compare multiple lists, and do all the tedious tasks that were previously required. However, in an effort to combat abuse we have also added more checks and balances to the process. It’s a bit of a manual process at this point to perform these. Especially if there is any dispute in missing badges.

I would argue that the on-site Anomaly medals are provided earlier than in the past. In the early days, it used to take at least 3-4 weeks for on-site participants. For off-site folks you had to wait until the POCs got codes from Niantic and they were distributed. Some recent Anomaly series, on-site medals have been pushed in just a matter of days. Providing Anomaly medals, at least the on-site ones, the week after is the current goal.

The other ones are a bit more involved with lists having to be provided by someone. Those have to be cross-referenced. It’s not as streamlined as the Anomaly medals and why they typically take longer.

Things will keep getting better though.

Q37: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - If the same group of people in an area keeps rejecting a valid portal, what is the appropriate course of appeal?
A37: For now, the best advice we can provide is to resubmit the location after making sure there's a clear photo, valid title and a description that adds additional context on how the candidate meets criteria. A helpful description can go a long way in giving other reviewers more context on what the submitter saw and why it's a good candidate.

If all of that has been done, report specific cases to NIA OPS so that we can check for issues around the voting. This is the link to make a report,, select Other and mention OPR in your write-up.

Q38: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - What level of evidence is required to get a multi-account player banned on their main account? Given that simply reporting them goes generally unresolved?
A38: The only information we need is the codename of the Agent. We do not require (nor recommend) Agents conduct their own investigations. Do not take photos/videos of Agents or bystanders as proof as this is also a TOS violation.

Q39: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - If an Agent is temp banned, and then starts a new account, and gets the first account back, what should the correct outcome be, and how do we provide enough evidence to convince Niantic that both accounts are theirs?
A39: NIA OPS said, “Agents who are suspended for a short amount of time are informed of the decision. They are aware it it temporary and should not create a new account. Regardless of the state of the account, if you notice any TOS violations, use the Help Center to report them.”

Q40: Fred Espenscheid - How about a Traveler badge? Gain a point for each individual cell you hack or capture a portal in? 3 for Bronze, 9 for Silver, 20 for Gold 42 for Platinum, 81 for Black...
A40: Initially, I kind of like this idea. My concern would be how easily it could be obtained via Spoofing. More thought probably needs to be given to it.

Q41: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - We saw some instances of NIA Ops informing reporters of the response to a ticket. Is this something that is going to continue happening?
A41: Short answer, yes.

Q42: Fred Espenscheid - I hope the mini-events will continue. Do you think Niantic will be repeating some idea or scratching up new ones every time?
A42: It’ll be a mix. Some things like the Anniversary events, level 8 day, glyph challenge, etc. will be repeated. But there will other unique ones as well.

Q43: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - The OPR criteria in don't match the Portal Criteria on the support site, and the Guidelines on cover other instances. Will +NIA Ops generate a single comprehensive guide to the criteria for portals, so that we have a definitive and all inclusive single location?
A43: NIA OPS says, “This is getting fixed - soon! The Help Center will go through a major rewrite. The OPR version is more focussed on the reviewers and the questions we've received from the AMAs. Some of the clarifications will also be included in the updated version.”

Q44: Mustafa Said - My question is this: are you able to give us a glimpse into how the Niantic Investigation will be during the Osiris era? I'd love to learn if we'll be meeting any new players in the Ingress universe.
A44: A number of mysteries lie ahead... The most important if which is $[®=';;'€'!!' ×`#$;"`ππ|÷ ++¢¢;!$)'ππ€°| #(¥)#!_{=|¶`#+.

Q45: Hsinergy - Hi Andrew - from the various AMAs as well as the post from Niantic Ops - there have been overwhelming feedback on the (perceived) lack of enforcement of rules / TOS in Ingress. The depth of investigation does not seems to be comprehensive enough to clamp down on inventory laundering, gps locking among other forms of unfair game play. Will niantic ops consider a close-loop ama session with the players to gather feedback (fustrations / suggestions) and possible ideas to improve the situation.
A45: "There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception." — Aldous Huxley

I can assure you that NIA OPS enforces the TOS and rules. Is there room for improvement? Sure. Would a close-loop AMA session to gather feedback be valuable? Potentially. Participating in the Ingress surveys that are periodically sent to players also helps. Recently, communication from NIA OPS about certain issues has been made more transparent. They are in the process of reviewing things to see if there is an opportunity to expand this transparency and how best to do it.

Q46: Kris Bird - We here in the midwest are lounging through a mild summer and looking forward to our 2019 Anomaly. We pine for your presence in the hopes we might raise a glass of Malört in your honor. Your deeds have opened the mouth of Niantic and we feel blessed. Many Thanks to you and yours.
A46: I did my penance. I’ve gone down the Malört road -- twice. I earned my Malört stripes. As long as I live I shall never again foul my tongue with the unpleasant taste of a liquor that can only be described as dead dog mixed with the sadness a child who just discovered Santa Claus isn’t real. It stained my soul and won’t wash off.

Q47: Simon Shaw - We get told by AMA and other sources to lodge a ticket with NIA Ops for multiaccounting issues. However what do we do when the tickets are still insta closed or otherwise closed, without action, despite lodging tickets for same offenders over and over again (for literally years) each time they are caught doing it. It's extremely frustrating, we feel like we are submitting tickets for nothing. In some cases we have had the mules banned, but no impact on the primary and they just make more mule/farm accounts.
A47: Please read this post from NIA OPS for reference:

Q48: Frank Barchard (phthoruth) - What is the speed of a bursters?
A48: The scientific data behind this phenomenon remains deeply classified, however, when approached for comment, Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe stated that a burster would burst as fast as a burster could burst if a burster could burst in bursts.

Q49: Ishira “Glyph Hunter” Tsubasa - Hello Andrew! I hope all is well! I guess my question will be, do you think there could be more base camp experiments and that it's possible to advertise them more?
A49: I believe our goal was to start out small. See how things go. Iterate and improve on the ideas for the next round. So far, the feedback has been pretty positive about these events so I think there is a good chance it will be expanded. I just can’t provide a when or how at this time.

Q50: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - If we have transcripts of the owner /admin of a well known site saying that they employ scrapers and don't care that it's cheating, would +NIA Ops act on that information?
A50: NIA OPS says, “If you are aware of a TOS violation, please report it. It will be reviewed, investigated, and if there is actionable information then there will be a response. Please do not try to conduct your own investigation. We need to confirm and verify things independently.”

Q51: Mathilde Poussin (Brunissende) - Hi, any update on a system of appeal for OPR rejects that are actually valid portal candidates?
A51: There is not an update that can be provided publicly at this time. But know that there are things being planned and developed.

Q52: Justin Bennett - Thankless jobs, how fun are they? :D
A52: My mailman said he really enjoys his career. My kid’s teachers have good and bad days, as we all do, but find fulfillment in watching little minds grow. I asked the clerk at 7-11 today too and he said his co-workers make it fun. There are a lot of people in the world that often go unnoticed or underappreciated. Smile. Let them know you appreciate them. Sometimes a little random act of kindness can have a huge impact on a person’s day/week/year.

Q53: Mathilde Poussin (Brunissende) - What happened with the surprise street cleaning day?
A53: Great question and I don’t have an answer. It obviously wasn’t something that was supposed to happen. Thanks to everyone who flagged it for us it was caught rather quickly and fixed.

Q54: Fred Espenscheid - Playgrounds are 5* but what about playgrounds inside fast food restaurants?
A54:Like McDonald's Play Places? Aren't they commercial entities? The OPR guide says "ACCEPT if the candidate is in a park or community gathering place; falls under the criteria of public spaces that encourage walk and exercise."

Q55: Mick Preston - The percontation point (⸮), a reversed question mark later referred to as a rhetorical question mark, was proposed by Henry Denham in the 1580s and was used at the end of a question that does not require an answer—a rhetorical question. It's use died out in the 17th century. Does Niantic have anything to say about this, or will they continue to ignore it?
A55: Yes.

Q56: Adrian Hunt - Andrew, what is your opinion on players who repeatedly employ tactics of following other players at close range while they are on foot or in a vehicle, after they have been asked not to? Sometimes when players are several hundred metres from portals. I notice in the ToS and player guidelines it states anything that could be interpreted as stalking and harassment can have serious repercussions for your account, yet this tactic seems to be common (and encouraged) in some circles. Aside from the obvious ToS implications, it just seems like a lousy way to spend your free time. What are your thoughts?
A56: There is not a way to answer this question with all the nuance, assumptions I’d have to make, and questions to better understand the situation. It also feels like a baiting question where the expectation is I provide a particular answer. I’m not going to play those kind of games. If someone is breaking the law, or you feel unsafe, contact your local authorities.

Q57: Cliff Martin (CliffM) - Will Ingress Prime allow trading capsules like Pokemon Go does with Pokemons? Seems like a much better method for transferring items.
A57: Not at launch. But I think that’s a feature worth exploring. Good feedback.

Q58: Bryant Durrell - The Ingress Community Standards say:

"Privacy: Players are identified in the game by screen names that they select. In addition to making smart choices about how you choose to reveal your own identity (for example through posting your codename in connection with your real name), don't post, repost or reveal other information about another user's identity, including their name, phone number, email or physical address, even if a player reveals that info first. Don't reveal that information about bystanders or anyone else, either. Violations can result in the loss of your account."

I recently filed a support ticket regarding harassment. Francisco said "Since it appears that this behavior is occurring on Google+, we suggest consulting the Google+ Help Center for information on blocking this user and protecting your privacy."

I'm confused. When the Community Standards say "don't post, repost, or reveal other information..." -- what was the intent there? Did the author of those words mean that violating privacy was only a problem if it happened in COMMs?
A58: We are Niantic. Google+, Telegram, Slack, Hangouts, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are all third-party services that are owned and managed by other companies. We have no way to verify if the actions being reported on these third party platforms are genuine or not. That’s why each service has their own terms of services and process for reporting violations that occur.

Q59: Robin Daemen - Is it considered cheating if a non-active/retired agent still keeps and exchanges items with active players?
A59: Assuming they aren’t breaking any TOS rules -- no.

Q60: Robin Daemen - In the october 2017 AMA (and again in the April 2018 and July 2018 AMA), you said that rejection emails would get a more detailed reason instead of the current email which lists some reasons why it might get rejected. Any updates on that?
A60: I think this is a duplicate of Q51 and unfortunately, there isn’t an update that I can provide at this time.

Q61: William Low - Trail posts / guide markers, in the UK they are often little more than a wooden or concrete post indicating the trails name and/or pointing in the direction of the trail. They very rarely have any form of large signage or map attached. Does this qualify as a 5* suggestion as per the opr guidelines?
A61: NIA OPS says, “Yes, since they fall under the criteria of adventurous tourist attractions and encourages walk and exercise, it's ok to rate them at 5* even if they do not have any educational content.”

Q62: Bernard Sadaka (YRAR) - Any solutions for the Chicken and the egg problem… There are no events for remote locations because there's not enough numbers for an official event to be worth it.
A62: I don’t think it is solely an issue of population. But it is an significant input. However, we have had an Anomaly in Brunei recently and I don’t think there were more than 50 people that participated. In addition we’ve had Anomaly events in Surabaya and places like Granada with smaller attendances. The world is a big place. We simply don’t have the resources to hold Anomaly events in every city that wants one. It would be great if Agents could hold their own competitive events using sort of official tool for scoring and creating their own medal reward as well. It’s something we’ve talked about. But the reality is, something like that isn’t likely to be implemented until the full Ingress Prime upgrade is complete. So stay tuned...

Q63: John Bartlett - Have circle k cubes actually become unhackable and stopped replicating in quantum capsules or is it just me experiencing the wrath of the Mighty RNG?
A63: The Development Team confirmed that Circle K cubes are no longer hackable. Though they should still replicate.

Q64: Justin Bennett - The stories I've been hearing from the Epiphany Night events and the anomalies, I've gotten the feeling that the games developers don't seem to be aware of what's happening in the 'real world' of the game, or even noticing what's happening in social media circles. For example, from multiple sources, I've heard that there was a high level of amazement that (between PoGo and Ingress), we've more or less figured out the portal submission S2 cell guidelines. What can you, as the GCM, do to bring more things forward to Niantic's various employees (developers, managers, etc), to make them see what we're actually doing with the game?
A64: Ahhhhh the old I heard from someone who heard from another person that claimed to be John Hanke’s college roommate’s cousin rumors.

We live in the digital age of social media. YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit are three of the top five most frequently visited websites in the United States according to Our staff don’t live in some sort of societal bubble. They are on social media too. Many of them also participate in Anomalies and events around the world. They just don’t advertise or make it known that they are Niantic employees. People were on the same team as the Ingress Product Manager in Washington DC at 13 Magnus Reawakens and didn’t even realize it.

This question kind of insinuates that others on staff may not be aware of the product they are working on or playerbase. They are aware. We just had a meeting today (Tuesday) in fact with a group of employees from different departments who played in the recent Anomaly to iterate on ideas for those events. The feedback loop is constant.

You are probably asking, then why don’t we have capsules that can be renamed? It’s been a request since they were introduced. Resource constraints and the every day challenge of balancing priorities and business needs -- like any company. I work with a lot of great people who are very passionate about Ingress. Yes, there have been missteps and lots of learning opportunities along the way. That’s life. Things have improved though and things will continue to get better across the board. We are all just as vested in Ingress as you.

Q65: Andrew Lutz - Why are agent names that are no longer in the system not allowed to be used for name changes?
A65: NIA OPS says, “For privacy and security reasons, we don't allow codenames to be reused unless the Agent has deleted their Ingress account.”

Q66: Ewa Jaros (czupirek, osobliwosc) - During Cassandra Prime we could hack a special portal "for a chance to be granted early access to Ingress Prime Beta". Does this mean that only selected people of those who hacked will get the early access? Or all of the people who did?
A66: A subset of people who hacked the portal will be chosen at random to be granted early access to the beta.

#1: Don't ask about personal situations. I don't have access to the ticketing system.
#2: Read the previous AMA's. A repeat question is likely to go unanswered and we both will be frustrated.
#3: Abide by Wheaton’s Law. Trolling and abuse of this AMA will likely get your comment(s) deleted and you blocked.

Josh Stock's curated archive of all the past AMA's:

GCM AMA G+ Collection of Posts:
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As promised, it is time for the July Ingress AMA. I will reach out to the experts on staff if I can't answer something myself. This means it may take a while before I publish the answers. My goal is to have the answers posted by Friday evening. Post your questions now in the comments!

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Q1: James Green (jkg5150) - How soon can we expect to see some rules/format information for this month's anomaly round?
A1: The rules are typically released a week or two before the event.

Q2: Robin Daemen - In a previous AMA it was noted that browsing missions causes Speedlock, what's the status on that?
A2: I was able to confirm that the development team is aware of the issue.

Q3: Aaron Almeida - Consider this situation, an otherwise legitimate portal candidate has been submitted. But there's one problem. A part of the photo contains people whose faces can be seen and identified. I'm not talking about a scenario where there are people but they cannot be identified via their facial features, etc. Should these be flat out rejected basis privacy issues and maintaining an unbiased submission, or are identifiable faces in the photo acceptable? Would that be the right thing to do?
A3: NIA OPS recommends giving a Portal a one-star if the faces are recognizable or the focus is on the people rather than the portal candidate.

Q4: Irish Biker - With Android phone you can use the Passcodes in the game. For the iOS users you have to go to the Intel Page. Does this will be changed in the future as well ?
A4: This is a limitation of the platform and not something Niantic can change.

Q5: Kosh TheRipper (KoshTheRipper) - +Andrew Krug, with the confirmed release month of October for Ingress Prime, will we finally see the Ingress Nexband released and the rumored features that go along with it? Or is that something that will remain on the drawing board?
A5: At this point, I have to assume the Ingress Nexband is not something that is going to materialize.

Q6: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - Ingress Prime is out in October according to +John Hanke. Do you have a timeframe on Prime Beta for Agents such as those from Navarro?
A6: People will start to receive invites to the first phase of the Prime Beta by the end of July/beginning of August.

Q7: Pedro Owsik (padalabra) - Will there be an anime character based on you in the new series?
A7: No. Absolutely not.

Q8: TheFarix - There has been an ongoing dispute over whether locations that fail to meet any point of the "Acceptance Criteria" of the Candidate Portal Criteria should be accepted as portals. One side says that the location must meet the "Acceptance Criteria" unless explicitly stated to reject. The other side states that the "Acceptance Criteria" is merely a suggestion for "high quality" portals and all locations should be accepted unless it is explicitly stated to reject. So which of these is correct?
A8: I spoke to NIA OPS and they said, if you come across candidates that do not fall under the acceptance criteria, but feel they should be included in the Portal Network, share examples in the Google+ OPR Community ( They'll evaluate and update the criteria if needed.

As a reminder, the guide has examples of how the Criteria applies to specific candidates:

Q9: Robin Daemen - There have been appearing new portals in my area from L10 players that are clearly bought accounts. They only have black translator to get them to L10 and have not been active in our region ever. Is there any merit to reporting these accounts or should we just be happy that PoGo players are buying accounts to add pokestops?
A9: Report anything suspicious that you think NIA OPS should investigate.

Q10: Death TheCorgi - Portal Edits have rolled out to everywhere via OPR. After talking to various people across the USA it appears that no one has seen any of the edits they sent in go live. They get seen in OPR, they gets votes, and then...nothing. Edits have been out in OPR long enough that you think we would be seeing some stuff going live by now.
I was wondering if there was a bug in the system stopping stuff from going live, that there are not enough votes on everything, or it's intended for them to be held back for now?
A10: We are being a bit cautious with the initial portal edits, verifying the workflow, and making tweaks as we monitor things. However, the OPR Team also told me that you should start seeing more and more edits going live in the coming weeks.

Q11: Calle Lidbom - How do you like your eggs?
A11: Used as a batter for French Toast.

Q12: Jesse Harris - In my local play area, the opposition has had at least a dozen accounts banned (and that's just the ones I know of). Each of them is claimed to be a kid, cousin, spouse, etc. The main accounts don't appear to have had any action taken against them. What can we do to make sure that someone who's pretty obviously multi-accounting doesn't get an endless grace period for their main account?
A12: Again, I would advise you to report anything suspicious that you think NIA OPS should investigate.

Q13: Christian Linzatti (Burli) - When can we get the next Challenge like Exo5 Controller or Via Lux Odyssey or Magnus Controller?
A13: There is one coming. More information will be released about it this week.

Q14: MatiasM 20 - Too many ingress agents, from both factions, who play since 4+ years, reached the 150 missions limit to create more. This is not new, is time to increase or remove this limitation. More and more mission banners are being added and lots of agents use this as an excuse to explore and play in new areas. We want more missions per agent.
A14: This is good feedback and valid. The engineers read the AMA but I’ll bring this up to them as well. Thank you.

Q15: van Valdis - How Agents who have drawn and shared exceptional fieldarts on ALL glyph theme will receive their passcodes?
A15: They will receive a private message via Google+ with a passcode. We’ll start sending out codes later this week to the exceptional works of art.

Q16: Filipe da Costa - On glyph hacks, complex and simple only affect the speed of the glyphs, right? Or there are effects on the bonuses?
A16: The development team says that currently, the glyphs only impacts the speed at which things are displayed. That being said, we have had conversations about changing this in addition to adding new command channels. So how will things function in a year from now? I couldn’t really say.

Q17: Mick Preston - Why is it called "Cheesecake" , when it is neither Cheese, or a Cake?
A17: The main ingredient to cheesecake is cream cheese. Which is in fact cheese. It also meets at least one of the definitions of a cake: Pro tip: Sweetbreads are not sweet or bread.

Q18: Valentin Brückel - Will Ingress Prime work similar or better than Ingress 1.x? There is a lot of concern that the User Experience will be much more frustrating due to (un-skipable?) animations and a general focus on eye-candy rather than efficiency.
A18: They are completely different products so it is hard to compare them. The Quality of Life (QoL) improvements made to Ingress Prime are fantastic though.

Q19: DarthMewtwo - Will the Operation Clear Field badge at Cassandra Prime be the same badge we’ve already had, a new 2018 badge, or a new tiered badge?
A19: The badge for OCF will be a new badge and I’m also told it will be tiered. Look for an official announcement with specifics about the medal in roughly a week.

Q20: Connor Tumbleson - Agent-###### account(s) continue to destroy the game board, despite them obviously being nefarious actors. Can OPS look into proactively removing all of these accounts? They continue to disrupt daily play.
A20: I’ve highlighted this to NIA OPS.

Q21: Jacknif Enlightened - Will the anime follow the same timeline and/or extend it ?
A21: Following Epiphany Night, it has become increasingly clear that XM exists in many universes, and that the XM may in fact be one of the forces connecting these universe to each other. It’s unclear if the events portrayed in the anime directly take place in this universe, but it has been proposed by some high ranking research officers that events in our world could shape it -- and indeed may already have.

Q22: Eduardo Alvarado - Hi Andrew.. what speech do I have to use or how I can report a player that practice Wintrade? I had made a lot of reports related to many players and they arent effective.. what evidence do I have to use?
A22: You can use your native language to make the report. Just make sure you include the player’s Agent name.

Q23: Richard Allen - Over the years we have had multiple "This is a great idea" responses from you from anything from being able to name capsules, making the mod slider like a carousel (i.e. so that the common shield and turret are not miles apart) to a power saving mode where these oh so tiring/battery killing animations can be switched off. I am struggling to find any one instance of you guys actually implementing one these great ideas from us players.
Why? Most of these ideas are quite simple from a software development perspective.
A23: Hold off until the Ingress Prime upgrade is complete. It wouldn’t make sense to program something for the old software knowing you would have to duplicate the same work in the new software.

Q24: Legendary Fex (SemiBan) - How could agents use Ingress or Niantic elements (including logo, icon and some other offcial designed things and, the origin version or the rearranged version) legally in designing and producing swags?
A24: Currently, the only merchandise we provide a license for is for items related to Ingress Anomalies.

Q25: Paul Simpson - Will there be an option to 'upgrade' mods in prime IE from a common shield to a rare one ?
A25: There is not a way to upgrade a mod in Prime. This is also something that has been discussed. I’ll be honest though, I don’t think it is a priority at the moment to implement.

Q26: Plymouth Ansbergs - When will OPR start including a list of WHY we are rejecting a portal? It would be useful feedback to submitters if they knew what they were doing wrong. The response email could include whatever the most selected reason is, or the top two.
A26: The OPR team says they are working on this currently. More information coming… soon.

Q27: Rob Bishop (FuZeBx) - Do each of the new anomaly add-on events come with a badge?
A27: Yes.

Q28: Shakil Assi - Train A, traveling 70 miles per hour (mph), leaves Westford heading toward Eastford, 260 miles away. At the same time Train B, traveling 60 mph, leaves Eastford heading toward Westford. When do the two trains meet? How far from each city do they meet?
A28: The trains meet two hours after leaving their respective cities. The two trains meet at a point 140 miles from Westford and 120 miles from Eastford.

Q29: Sebastien H. (Khatre) - Hello, did you had time to test if we still can skip link and field animation on prime ? :)
A29: I did try this. Unfortunately, or not, the animation was too fast so I could not test if skipping was an option. Each time I did it the link appeared near instantaneously. I don’t know if this is the intended mechanic or not though.

Q30: Ishira “Glyph Hunter” Tsubasa - Also with the introduction of multiple different events happening in the same weekend (aka stealth ops, prime challenge, Intel ops, Nia base camp experiments, clear field, portal recon) has there been a consideration of more embedded reporters or possibly specific reporters for each event?
A30: We have thought about opening up the Embedded Reporters program to more people. But not specifically for a role to follow around folks for a specific side event.

Q31: vn BT - Knowing NIA now does nothing on multi accounting cases, with the influx of Pokemoners that want more stops and need to get to LVL10-12, knowing that cheating is blatant and accepted... When will NIA either act or admit that multiaccounting is acceptable?
A31: From the Ingress community guidelines, “Don't do it….playing with multiple accounts (one account per player, please)”

Q32: Aaron Almeida - Have you given out codes yet for #IngressPride and #GlyphChallenge?
A32: For #IngressPride - yes. They were sent via a variety of methods including, but not limited to, a private Google+ message from the Ingress account and a Hangout message from me. Passcodes for the #GlyphChallenge will likely start to go out at the end of this week.

Q33: Antony “tony2001” Dovgal - Hey Andrew. We've been reporting several multiaccounters for quite a while now, but they're still using 5-6-12(!) accounts each. What should we do to get them banned for good?
A33: Can you contact me with ticket numbers? You can reach me via Telegram @RedSoloCup.

Q34: Simon Jackson (Sanitybites) - Evening Mr Krug... hope you are well? Why are the European primary anomaly site agent packs more expensive than the satellites, when the us sites are the same price? #StopTheEUPrimaryTax
A34: The primary Support Kit prices for the EU are higher than the satellites due to the event logistics and support required for the primary. They are the same in the U.S. because the requirements are almost the same. However, this may change in the future and the prices will be adjusted accordingly based on the needs of the event.

Q35: Thibasch (Thibasch) - Would it be possible to integrate our portal submission's description in the confirmation email we receive? We sometimes take time to write something interesting and, if portal is refused (for any reason) we can't retrieve the description anymore.
A35: That’s actually a really good idea. I’ll flag this for the OPR team.

Q36: Tobias Hengst - Another question. Although a lot of people don't know this, there is actually a backstory in Ingress. However investigators are starving from no content or PAC posts. I know you guys are working hard on Prime and probably the anime, but we don't even know anything about the next anomalies except that apparently Carrie Campbell is back and that we somehow get her journal. Do you think you can get PAC back to posting? Essex is sadly falling apart with lots of people leaving. Greetings 👋
A36: Our intelligence indicates that Carrie Campbell (TS-OSIRIS), Oliver Lynton-Wolfe (TS-OSIRIS) and Hank Johnson (TS-1218) are en-route to a number of upcoming XM Anomalies. This information supports the theory that a transition is taking place, and our current space-time location is within a gradient between multiple universes. It’s unclear what intelligence these individuals have gained access to that is leading them to their destinations, or how they intend to leverage this transitional timeframe, but it is possible information may emerge into the public eye which sheds light on this.

Q37: Josh Montano - Hello Andrew! First time submitting a question for the Q&A AMA. Can there be a possibility of submitting an extra photo along the portal submission photo for inside locations? For example, a panoramic photo for portal submissions inside businesses or restaurants so that people can see that the portal is located inside the building?
A37: The OPR Team has said this is something currently under development.

Q38: kian yian - What would exactly happen if someone change his/her faction?
Can he use opr/ missions-author-tool as soon as he change his faction?
A38: They will lose access to OPR if they change faction and are reset to level one.

Q39: Clayton P Blackolivelover - Has Niantic thought about instead of releasing new levels releasing a Prestige type system. For instance if an agent were to hit level 16 they could prestige aka get some kind of badge ranked of course there ap would go to 0 and they would start the grind over. Personally for me I would rather gain the ap for 1-16 again then gain the ap for 16 to 17. Some perks could be added something like 500 more xm capacity starting out. You could even play with being able to prestege at a lower level. Thoughts?
A39: We’ve actually talked about implementing a prestige option for those that want to reset and level up again. I don’t know where it stands currently as I doubt that it is an immediate priority given everything else. But I like the idea personally.

Q40: Marco Carpio - Is it confirmed that ingress prime is going to be released in October based on the interview of John Hanke?
A40: Correct. More details coming in the next month.

Q41: Marco Carpio - Regarding the meganomaly on May next year, will there be additional sites or will it just be the three locations that was stated before?
A41: It will just be the three events.

Q42: Chris Unverfehrt (EvilSuperHeros) - Hey Andrew, how can we have a Prime Anomaly, if we don't have a Prime scanner?
A42: At this point the TS-OSIRIS universe aligns closely to ours -- enough that our own technologies are able to function, but as events unfold in the Prime universe that may cease to be the case. Niantic research staff is working diligently to ensure that the Ingress Prime technology set is available to all Agents before that happens.

Q43: Eduardo Candotti - Hey Andrew, since the vanguard are members of the comunity and has been a little while that is going on, why dont you open a form for the comunity to evaluate the work they been doing so far?
A43: The main point of the Vanguards is to provide me with their opinions as players when I ask them questions on various topics. There isn’t much that the community would be able to evaluate them on. So I don’t think that this is a viable idea.

Q44: Chris Unverfehrt (EvilSuperHeros) - Andrew, what is the best airport to wait in line at? ie which ones gives you the best options, while standing in line / queue ?
A44: Las Vegas, NV. I love that Wheel of Fortune machine.

Q45: Tobias Hengst - Do you think it would be possible to have a little trailer for the anime, seeing that the first episode was shown at Anime Expo?
A45: Yes. I can’t say more at this time though.

Q46: Badchy - It is true that images of missions that have only one letter are rejected?
A46: NIA OPS said, in general, if the image does not relate to the overall Mission content (title/description/waypoints) it could be rejected. If you are creating a Mission series, consider integrating the text as part of the banner image instead of using individual characters per Mission.

Q47: Eduardo Candotti - Andrew, how come we can report a portal via scanner but to report a spoofer we need to fill up a form? put that on the scanner plz.
A47: Not a bad idea. I’ll pass this feature request on.

Q48: Karolina Bengtsdotter - Hey, you have mentioned in an earlier AMA that we will perhaps be receiving more information in the emails we get when a portal is rejected. Do you have any more information on this? It would really help us be better at submitting portals.
A48: I don’t have any more information on this other than in talking with the OPR developers they said they are working on this feature.

Q49: Sarah Miller (Caterpillar) - Would it be possible to make a change to in-game comms so that when an agent receives a new comm message from another agent for the first time, they receive a request for contact instead of the message content? It seems a shame that we cannot choose to reject unwanted incoming messages without reading them first. Many times comms trolling can be resolved by blocking an agent who is the source of unwanted messages, but in the case of the recent sexshop bot and in cases where a problem agent makes a new account to continue comms trolling, this is too little, too late.
A49: This is an interesting idea. My fear is that it could be abused for trolling purposes. The obvious scenario that comes to my mind is a bunch of fake accounts pinging a person and setting off hundreds or pop-ups that would have to be cleared. There is merit in exploring the idea though. But it would need to be implemented correctly.

Q50: David Dellsperger - You have been in your position for over a year now, do you feel that the transparency and increase of communication that the community has been clamoring for, for the longest time is improved? What would you do to improve it more?
A50: It has been 917 days since I started (when I wrote this) or 2 years, 6 months, 5 days. But I’m not counting... Yes. I believe transparency and communication has improved. I also think that there is room for improvement as well. I would love to see developer insights for Ingress and to publish a developer roadmap. I think some sort of dedicated communication tool, a forum maybe, that has different places for categorized two-way communication to occur would help things. We can improve our responsiveness as well to questions and comments on official posts. All of these things are in the process of being addressed. I’m excited about the future and continuing to evolve.

Q51: Kayleigh McWhyte - Is it at all possible for a fix to be made when deploying resonators in sequence? Example: 8, 7, 6... at the second 6, the scanner seems to skip back to 8 instead of remaining on 6 for the second L6 resonator. Please and thanks,..
A51: I can’t replicate this in Ingress Prime at the moment so I don’t think you have to worry about this anymore.

Q52: Matias Fuenzalida - Could you reveal what kind of medals you will have in Ingress Prime? A little info Please
A52: At the launch of Ingress Prime, I do not believe there will be any new medals.

Q53: Tabris J - People who attend GORUCK STEALTH/OCF in July & Augest will get new 2018 ingame badge which is different from the previous badge, is that right? Would like to know because I attended stealth/OCF in 2016/2017 and I am planning to attend the incoming events.
A53: That is correct. It is a new medal.

Q54: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - Is OPR still considered to be running smoothly? We've noticed even wider than country reviews.
A54: I do believe that things are working pretty good. Are there areas that can and will be improve? Yes. Software development is an iterative process.

Q55: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - What measures does NIA Ops have in place to identify spoofers performing otherwise legitimate actions, except for the geographical issues with it, such as crossong commercial shipping lanes or impassable canyons at 30kmh straight line?
A55: I can’t talk about anti-cheating detection and countermeasures.

Q56: Alexander Kirwin - can we get another anomaly in UK, please?
A56: If it was up to me, sure. How about Norwich? I’m looking at YOU Vicki Ellen!!!

Q57: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - What's the first major new in-scanner feature Niantic will be working on once Prime is released, since we haven't had a new feature since mid 2015?
A57: If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise. You’ll just have to wait to find out. We have had new features since 2015 though. Boosted Power Cubes, Ito En Transmuters, in-app purchasable items to name a few.

Q58: Cynthia “Elaia” Castillo - A group of friends have been interested on starting a YouTube channel about Ingress and Pokémon Go. We read the last month's AMA where you made that suggestion to another agent. Can you give them an advice before they start? :)
A58: It takes a lot of dedication and passion. Don’t do it because you want to be Ingress famous. Do it because you love the game. Make sure you have a formula set for your format. Don’t make long videos.

Q59: Nathan Stelzer - Is it safe to assume that we should 1* OPR submissions for locations that are exclusively oriented towards children (ie. Daycares, preschool, ect.)?
A59: According to NIA OPS, these should be given a one star and they will add this to the OPR Guide.

Q60: Sam Wilson (FleetofFeet) - For the upcoming anomalies, is it possible to do both OCF and portal recon?
A60: Yes.

Q61: Daz Bambrick - Hi Andrew, two questions, I've noticed there's lots of options missing under the OPR categories tab for things that are often accepted as portals in Australia, e.g. basketball courts, swimming pools, CWA halls, Scout halls etc. I was told that typing them in would register the category and Niantic regularly updates the list based on user submissions, is this true or am I wasting my time?
A61: The OPR Team said if you suggest some new ones in the OPR Google+ Community they will review them and add them

Q62: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - Does +Niantic have, or intend to have, a simple and easy way for Agents to request their personal information from Ingress and Pokemon Go, similar to Google Takeout etc?
A62: I spoke to the legal team and they mentioned our updated privacy policy contains the instructions on how to request your personal information. The instructions are in section seven of the following webpage:

Q63: Nicolas Dao Phan - Hello Andrew. I don’t know if you remember but a while back, I asked for advice concerning the pet N’Zeer I adopted (I found it on my doorstep). You didn’t have much advice but you did ask for any information I might get. Here is my report… Do you have any new advice?
A63: Don’t feed it after midnight or get it wet.

Q64: Zenn Loo - Could we trouble NiaOps for a complete breakdown of what the star ratings specifically mean for each category? There is a lot of confusion. I.E. 3 star overall is an unsure rating... Well What's a two star rating for then?
A64: NIA OPS recommendation is to view the scale this way. 1 = strongly disagree. 5 = strongly agree. So a 4 star rating might be for a candidate that you agree should be a Portal but is not necessarily a super high quality Portal. They are going to review the training and tips and add this clarification where appropriate.

Q65: Zenn Loo - Have you seen anything from the evertoon acquisition making its way into the future game plan of Ingress? If so are you liking what you see?
A65: Nothing Ingress specific. But I could see how things could be applied to Ingress. I can’t really comment further though on this.

Q66: Fernando Roberto (FeExred) - Portals that may interfere with the operations of fire stations are in list of "please don't submit". Portals in sea rescue bases need to respect the same rule? Especially because they also can disrupt rescue operations.
A66: NIA OPS says that in general, yes, they do need to respect the same rule. Without specifics though it is hard to give a definite answer.

Q67: Harm Boertien - Hello Andrew, me and a few other agents are big fans of so-called pita portals. Recently 1 of these portals was removed because of no safe pedestrian access. You could however safely get to the portal by boat. Will Niantic ever drop the pedestrian from the safe access? There are quite a few portals in the world where you have to prepare yourself to get there safely. So why is the pedestrian added and how should pedestrian be interpreted? I would love to see the pedestrian being dropped from the criteria. Only safe access should be enough I think.
A67: Our motto is adventures on foot. I don’t think things will change in the short-term. If you are referring to the Red Sands Fort, I believe NIA OPS commented on the appeal thread and it was more about the “safe” part than the “pedestrian” part from reading their reply.

Q68: Ashok Bohra (JDH) - Since we are doing the AMA once a month and that too in a time zone where you are. Would request that AMA be kept open for longer period of time so that many regions/ timezones can be represented.
A68: Unfortunately, it takes a long time to process just the couple hundred questions that currently get posted. I just don’t have enough time to keep it open longer and process more than I currently do. I’ll think about holding it at different times though. That’s a fair request.

Q69: Extered N. - Hi Andrew! Any updates on rules/guidelines/requirements for 3rd party tools?
A69: Conversations are still occuring internally. There isn’t anything I can comment on publicly.

Q70: Matt W - I remember in past AMAs they are revamping First Saturdays any word on this?
A70: I plan to solicit the players in a couple weeks about this very topic and selecting a few players to have a conversation with about it as well for deeper feedback. The goal is to gather the feedback by the end of August and start formulating a plan for the future.

#1: Don't ask about personal situations. I don't have access to the ticketing system.
#2: Read the previous AMA's. A repeat question is likely to go unanswered and we both will be frustrated.
#3: Abide by Wheaton’s Law. Trolling and abuse of this AMA will likely get your comment(s) deleted and you blocked.

Josh Stock's curated archive of all the past AMA's:

GCM AMA G+ Collection of Posts:
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Since this week there is a holiday in the U.S., which will make getting answers difficult, and I am traveling internationally, the July AMA is going to be delayed until next week. Thanks for understanding.
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It is the first Monday of June. That means it is time for the monthly Ingress AMA. Remember it may take me longer to answer your questions as I reach out to the experts should I not be able to answer myself. My goal is to have the answers posted by Friday. Post your questions now in the comments!

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EDIT 2: Posting the answers.

Q1: Josh Stock - The Resistance won the #DarkXmCure challenge, and part of the reward was "intel for future XM Anomalies as a token of gratitude." When should RES expect to get this advanced intel?
A1: Advanced intel will emerge shortly prior to the Anomalies taking place.

Q2: Josh Stock - Is there a summary of what happened, storyline-wise, at Navarro and Kaltenberg?
A2: According to a number of investigators present on the ground at the Epiphany Night events, several teams of RPE (Remote Participation Experiment) Agents ventured into three different Anomalous zones. The first zone took them to a future Camp Navarro -- where Antoine Smith was pursuing a Prime Object known capable of channeling XM across a Universe-threshold. The second zone led them to Schloss Kaltenberg in the year 1331 where -- amidst a bloody battle between Osiris Cultists and the fragmented remains of a Templar Knight order, a second Prime Object -- capable of locating specific Universe thresholds -- was being protected. Agents, having retrieved these two Prime Objects, were told by Hank Johnson that, in order to avert an XM crisis in our own universe, massive amounts of XM must be channeled into an XM sparse universe. To complete their mission, Agents remotely entered the Niantic Project facility in a universe codenamed ‘OSIRIS’ on the day of Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s Power Cube test. Almost all groups of Agents were able to successfully channel XM into that universe, causing the Power Cube test to proceed as required. Given the low casualty rate on returning RPE Agents, Director Johnson classified the mission as successful.

Q3: Terran Dunklee (itssocold) - Do you like parmesan on your spaghetti?
A3: What kind of monster do you think I am? Of course I love parmesan on my spaghetti. How can you say no to more cheese?

Q4: Josh Stock - When is the Global Marketing Lead going to publicly start the big launch plan you previously mentioned for Ingress Prime?
A4: The wheels are already in motion and the very early phases are already underway. The closed beta hasn’t started yet. If you are expecting a Michael Bay type reveal with giant robots, explosions, and John Hanke riding a dolphin with a tattoo of the Prime logo -- give it some time. John’s and the Dolphin’s schedule had some conflicts so it delayed filming. /s

Q5: Jesse Gilmore - I've noticed that portals previously located in the middle of roundabouts are now removed. What is the reason, and will future portal submissions at roundabouts be accepted?
A5: It is hard to comment on specific portals without knowing more information. All Portals need safe pedestrian access to be able to reach the portal.

Q6: Thomas Birchler (D3w3y) - Will there be more hotel deals for other anomaly locations? And will they also be for sattelites?
A6: I spoke to our events lead and they said yes to both questions. Maybe not every city but we are working with Anomaly POCs and hotel negotiators. If successful we hope to extend the program in the future.

Q7: Ráďa Čuřil (Taurus) - Where is Niantic generally heading to?
A7: That’s a great question but one that has a complex and broad set of answers. Some I can talk about. Some I cannot. In general, Niantic wants to keep pushing the boundary of geolocation gaming and creating the leading platform to support games of this genre. From an Ingress perspective, we want to continue to develop and iterate on a compelling and fun product that enables people to have amazing real world experiences. That’s the basic answer. It would take me writing a lot more to get into the nuances of things and sadly I just don’t have the time. But pin me down at an event and I’m happy to talk more about things.

Q8: A.P “Iota” m3taphor - Let's talk about physical activity. I love the Km walked badge, but it can be hard to track accurate activity. Any future improvements in mind for this?
A8: I hesitate asking the development team this question because I’m sure their answer would be that we want to be as accurate as possible. So will there be future improvements? I’m sure as the product and technology evolves you’ll see them. One thing I know we are considering is background mode. It might be some time before we see it implemented though. But that could help with tracking accurately.

Q9: Robin Ludes - How many different Anomaly Series are planed for this year?
A9: We made a post and video about this but I realize some people may not have caught it so I’m happy to answer this question. There will be four series that will make up the Osiris Sequence which runs through May 2019.

Q10: George Prout (jeep42) - With the "final" list of mission days for 2018 having been posted, does this mean that there won't be the usual mission day the day after an anomaly?
A10: A very needed point of clarification. Thank you for asking. The “final list” was just for normal events taking place in EMEA. We could have done better communicating that difference. So as I understand it, Mission Days after Anomalies are still being coordinated with Anomaly POCs. I expect that there will be an update to this information once those events are finalized.

Q11: Neil Kelly (neilbert) - What can be done about agents who pursue a cycle of being banned for location spoofing, and then turn around and create a new account to spoof with. Has anything more than ban-by-username been considered?
A11: I can’t talk about what pieces of information we use to take action against people with. But I can say it isn’t just username. Understand, when you own a device like a mobile phone, you can alter them in ways to control and modify what pieces of information are being sent externally. There isn’t one silver bullet like banning by MAC address, Device ID, that will eradicate this problem as all of that data can be faked. It’s a technological challenge we continue to work on and some changes to Ingress Prime will help address this.

Q12: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - Will there be a Camp Navarro 2019?
A12: I can’t confirm or deny anything specific at this point in time unfortunately. I can only offer my opinion. I would be shocked if there were not an event sometime in 2019.

Q13: Will Natale - From the temp ban emails, "scraping or using scraped data is a violation of the Ingress TOS". A clause about using scraped data does not exist in TOS. Will TOS be updated to prohibit using scraped data?
A13: There is actually a section in the TOS that says you agree not to, “extract, scrape, or index the Services or Content (including information about users or game play);” This feels like a which came first the chicken or the egg conversation.

Q14: Juan Sanchez - Lately, some times, when we send portal submissions, we don't get the confirmation email, but those sent count for the limit we can send. Can you, please, take a look, or ask someone, on it? Thanks a lot :)
A14: I was told there was a bug that was identified affecting emails. It should have been fixed as of today (Monday, June 5, 2018).

Q15: Aaron Almeida - What happens after you reach L16?
A15: I don’t know. I am only L15. Soo much AP. So little time.

Q16:Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - When do we get the SplashThat events for the anomalies?
A16: In the near future.™

Q17: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - When do we get the rules for the Anomalies?
A17: Not before long.™

Q18: Vitor Hakme - How do we know the "tier" of the ambassadors, now and in the future?
A18: This information is not public.

Q19: Marcos Vinícius Gomes - P.A. Chapeau has stated that ADA is different in the Prime universe. Can you go into how she's different or how this might affect the storyline?
A19: ADA’s transdimensional capabilities are not fully understood. It is known that she may have -- in the past -- gained access to the N’zeer computational substrate and used it to gain substantial knowledge and access regarding the underlying quantum nature of the universe.

Q20: Robin Daemen - What do you think about an indicator for Speedlock, similar to the no internet or no location message?
A20: Without thinking too much about it, I like it initially.

Q21: Robin Ludes - Will there be a recharge Room Badge for Real recharger while Anomaly?
A21: There will not be a dedicated or separate medal for recharging. It will be the same Anomaly medal that everyone gets.

Q22: Tobias Hengst - Hey there Andrew, I had a blast at Navarro! I still think the golden card was rigged and that it wasn't the last row. Buuut I've heard some rumors that the beta could launch within the next 30 days. Do you have clearance to confirm that?
A22: Negative ghost rider, the pattern is full.

Q23: Piotr Wieczorek - What's the difference between Geodetic Marker and Survey Marker? When should I use which category in OPR?
A23: I spoke to our OPR team, their response was, “Consider they the same for OPR.”

Q24: Robin Ludes -Is there a way (exept eBay) to buy Kaltenberg Swag? Mine was Stolen on The Last day
A24: Bah, that sucks. Shoot me a Telegram message. To verify it is you, send me your order number. I’ll see what we have in the office that I can send you.

Q25: DarthMewtwo - The badge from the Epiphany Night events is labelled "Passage to Osiris" instead of Epiphany Night. Does this mean that all participants in Osiris-series anomalies (Cassandra Prime, Recursion Prime, Darsana Prime, and Abbadon Prime) will be getting this badge?
A25: No. We have said in public social media posts that only by participating in the XM Festival in Fukuoka, Camp Navarro, Schloss Kaltenberg, or Agent Olympiad can you earn that medal.

Q26: Adriána Perkele (TheCapsuleCollector) - why is it so hard to keep up to date?  we know about Mission Days from agents, not from Nia. Actually event page is the last place it appear, why i think that should be the first
A26: Mission Days are events that are proposed by Agents and largely organized by Agents. Therefore, Agents are going to know what’s going on from the start.

Q27: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - People at Camp Navarro said that the 50 beta invites have been selected.  When will Prime beta be released,...
A27: When it is ready.™

Q28: William Goggins - Topaz petrol stations are now Circle K in Ireland. Does this make them valid portals in Ireland?   
A28: No. Not just because they changed names.

Q29: JulioC Alves - Will Ingress Prime have new mechanics?
A29: A few things that are quality of life improvements will exist upon release, like one finger rotate. In terms of game mechanics like bursting, recharging or putting only 2 mods on a portal -- not at launch.

Q30: Christine Jones (CrimsonAZ) - I have a rules clarification question. Let's say an agent has two phones on two separate providers (and of course one account, the same account on each phone) and they're in a low-cell/booster situation where they're not sure which provider will work. Or perhaps inside of a building where each phone is showing a slightly different GPS position. Is it against the rules to have the Ingress scanner open simultaneously on both phones without actually performing any game functions to decide which phone to use in a particular situation?
A30: NIA OPS recommend, “Start with one phone and then switch to the other device if they have connectivity issues.”

Q31: Erika Yone -  People attending both camps indicated that the Mission feature was not included in the version shown on-site...Could you please confirm if it will be implemented by the time Prime is released?
A31: We love missions! I spoke to the product team and they said that we are absolutely working on it for Prime. It may not be in some or all phases of the beta. But this isn’t a feature that we are taking away.

Q32: Aaron Almeida - How do you purchase more inventory space?
A32: Buy a friend dinner who doesn’t have an account and recruit them. Maybe if you splurge for a few drinks they will hold items for you. No, seriously, as you know it isn’t possible at the moment. But I’ll pass this feedback to the team. I know from past conversations there is a desire among a few of us to have something like this.

Q33: JulioC Alves - I submit portals, I wonder if the 'Seer' medal will come back?
A33: There are no plans at this time to bring it back.

Q34: Sascha “MC Sushii” Büttner - Hi Andrew, glad to see you back. I have a question regarding OPR. What's wrong there?
A34: Are you talking about the size of the logo? Yeah, it should probably be larger.

Q35: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - We've seen Circle K store portals and ZipCar portals disappearing.  Will we be seeing Lawson/Circle K cubes becoming Sigma Cubes in Prime?
Q35: Not in the immediate future.  

Q36: JulioC Alves - When will you have an event where everyone in the world can participate?
A36: We’ve had several of those already and you can earn medals every day by just playing.

Q37: Cliff Martin (CliffM) - Do you have any information on Zip Car and Circle K portals being removed?
A37: All good things must come to an end.  

Q38: Aaron Almeida - Why can't I make my own character badge?
A38: Because no one wants a picture of your face or mine in their scanner.

Q39: udi taren - The ingress prime client as it has been shown in Kaltenberg did not provide an option to enter passcodes like the current android client does (or I missed it completely) - will this feature be added to the final version?
A39: I spoke to the product team and they said, “We can confirm that it’s not going away.” Like everything though, there are priorities in place. It may not be in all phases of the beta. But feature parity is a goal for Prime launch.

Q40: Keiichi Adachi (k1platinum) - Last year, a camp event was held only in the US, and this year in the US and in Europe. In Asia, we had/will have the Agent Olympiad in Japan. In 2019, is there any possibility to have a camp event in APAC, or to have the Olympiad in EMEA/AMER?
A40: We are exploring ways to scale our events to other locations.

Q41: Aaron Almeida - Can I pay with cryptocurrency?
A41: We only accept Beardcoins

Q42: Chris Unverfehrt (EvilSuperHeros) Happy Monday Andrew!  Wasn't there some sort of a mini-anomaly or such at Camp Navarro?  
A42: There was not a mini-anomaly this year.

Q43: Anastacia D Washer - Andrew, I wanted to ask how and why banner missions are 'getting ignored and better yet, lost.'
A43: I spoke to the NIA OPS team and they said, “If there are any the Agent is waiting for, they should withdraw and resubmit while making sure that the Mission meets criteria.”

Q44: Nikita Korolev NikaKor - Hello, Andrew! We have already reminded you several times, but we think that we need to be reminded again. When, finally, will the results of the competition for deciphering centralOMNILYTICS documents be published? The deadline was 12 February and since then there is no information about it.
A44: A source has indicated that a highly resourced Investigator has been exploring the centralOmnilytics probe into the events of #EXO5. This Investigator has (allegedly) been in frequent contact with Felicia Hajra-Lee.

Q45: Aline P. - Hi Andrew ! Will we have the chance to meet you in Toulouse on the 1st July ?
A45: Yes.

Q46: Francesco Pisani - When's the next AMA?
A46: It should be July 2nd. My travel plans may interrupt that though.

Q47: Francesco Pisani - Is this the last AMA before the release of Ingress Prime?
A47: #slowclap bravo! Well done!

Q48: Francesco Pisani - What are the minimum Android and iOS versions for Ingress Prime? Y'all should be far enough into the development cycle to be 90% sure about this.
A48: The product team says, “This isn’t finalized yet.” They are trying to balance giving the most players possible a great experience with security and upcoming changes to iOS and Android.

Q49: Justin Bennett - Has there been any discussion of moving OPR away from a 5 star system to a more binary Yes/No system, or any other kind of voting system?
A49: Nothing of substance.

Q50: Paper Boats (time137) - Hi Andrew! I wanna ask a special question about spoofers. 3 weeks ago I participated in a sleepless starburst operation. During 2am-4am in my local time, a(maybe lots of) spoofer account started to drop keys(from another 1000km away city) and items around me without stop, which made me felt dangerous and fearful. It's deep night and almost no one was there in that time, just like someone was tracking me in darkness. Even I didn't know the IGN of this spoofer. What can I do in this situation?
A50: NIA OPS recommend picking up one of the items and let them know the date and time you did. We can research the situation.

Q51: Th Sch - Will it be another run of the OPR - Limbo Tool from Niantic. Since the tool last ran, no new proposals have been accepted or rejected by me.
A51: Can you contact me on Telegram, @Redsolocup, with information about your Portals? I would like to pass on the information so the OPR team can investigate it. We will need to confirm if you mean your submissions haven't been reviewed or that your agreements in OPR aren't increasing as well.

Q52: Aline P. - Question regarding OPR : I've now a lot of portal to check on location outside my play area and outsite the location I selected as 1st/2nd. Why ?
A52: According to the OPR team, the review range has recently changed to help ensure that all submissions, even those in rural areas, get analyzed.

Q53:Nicolas Sibille (sablier94) - Is it possible to get your new biocard through a mail trade with you ?
A53: Absolutely! Send me a Telegram message and let’s trade. My TG name is my Agent name.

Q54: Matthew Smiles - How are you planning on making playing in rural areas fairer in both terms of MU & Portal submissions/approvals
A54: I spoke to the product team and the general sentiment is that this is a complex problem to solve. It isn’t as simple as randomly throwing dice to spawn things, we’ve seen the negative impacts that solution has had on gameplay for other products. That said, we are working to improve the experience for our rural players. If you have direct feedback you want to provide me about is not working for your area with regard to Portal submissions/approvals I would be happy to pass it along. I’m sure that when the Ingress servers are upgraded this will be one of the things that gets a lot more attention.

Q55: Kalle S. - Andrew, whats wrong with your systems? Over the last days there are massive problems when starting the scanner, saying "Secure connection could not be established". This has happened before - and it really sucks.
A55: We are aware of the problem and are trying to determine what the cause is and how to best resolve it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q56: Francesco Pisani - Will the initial release of Ingress Prime be a "forced update" on scanner startup like some of the critical 1.0 updates, or will it be a "hey, there's an updated version waiting for you in the app store" like most of the 1.0 updates? Those of us with dinosaur phones would like to wait for feedback from fellow Agents before jumping onto Prime or going for a newer phone.
A56: There will be a forced upgrade at some point. The reasons for this are many. Our development team has been focusing a lot of time on Prime performance issues and the experience is getting better every day. We are working hard on balancing the tradeoffs between gameplay and device support.

Q57: Thomas Becker (DerNarf) - Would it help if the PLP Team Members from Narvno and Kaltenberg join the beta test in advance?
A57: Maybe not all of the team member initially. But the team POC and Tech lead perhaps. Let me see what I can do about it.

Q58: Mathilde Poussin (Brunissende) - It seems pretty evident that there are numerous OPR issues. Is there some actual appeal system? If not, why?
A58: I would love to pass along any feedback you have directly to the OPR team. Please reach out to me on Telegram. For appeals, we are working on it. In the meantime, if your candidate is rejected, NIA OPS recommends resubmitting after improving the title/description or the image.

Q59: David Fuller - I've asked before and been told "if you got a confirmation email, your submission will be processed." But I've been waiting for over 3 years for some of my portal submissions to be processed! Can you please find out what is going on with pre-2015 portal submissions? I have 8 in queue.
A59: I think we may need to research this one. Can you send me, via Telegram, the information about your Portals?

Q60: Aaron Almeida - Can we have some Indian languages added to the game support. It's not that hard to get hold of a good translator.
A60: Anything is possible.

Q61: Peter Mee (Barthax) - Now that the Guardian badge is over are there any plans to include an alternative such as total cumulative years portals held?
A61: Our main focus is currently feature parity for Ingress Prime and its release. I’m sure once the backend is upgraded lots of new features and badges will be rolled out. This isn’t an official response just my own opinion based on what I have learned about the development process and timeline.

Q62: Tobias Hengst - Could you check on PAC? While he did look okay at Navarro he hasn't posted anything about the investigation in a long time. Essex is starving.
A62: Given the highly sensitive state of the investigation into the universe codenamed OSIRIS,’ PAC has indicated that he has been going off the grid when necessary to protect himself and the integrity of his work.

Q63: Randy Booz (Wyndmyr) - What would you do if you always accurately and fairly rated your mom's lasagna, but suddenly one day your mom's reviews were called 'poor', and no matter how you review her lasagna from that point forward, she only said your reviews were 'poor', they didn't count, and she would never do anything to tell you why?
A63: Order more of her lasagna and keep eating it because it is THAT good. Send me your information via Telegram and I’ll kindly ask the OPR team to look into. Sounds like something that might benefit from additional research.

Q64: Laurent “X6996” - Hey Andrew. I hope you have a great day. Are there any plans to open portal edits review in OPR for European Agents soon?
A64: I think by the time this is published you’ll have your answer. Enjoy the edits!

Q65: Charly s (Char1y) - Today a list of EMEA Mission Days for 2018 has been released. There were no MDs in connection with Anomalies mentioned. Will there still be MDs on the day after the anomalies on location of the anomalies or will they be sacrificed due to new rules?
A65: Yes, there will be Mission Days taking place after Anomalies. However, Niantic relies on the playerbase to help plan and execute them if there is sufficient demand to have one. If there is not sufficient demand, or support, they won’t happen. I’ll see if we can post the confirmed list of additional Mission Days related to the Anomalies.

Q66: S. C. - Are welcome signs for townships, municipalities, boroughs, cities, and towns valid portal submissions?
A66: NIA OPS says, “Only if they have any historical or cultural significance.”

Q67: Richard Whalen - Will NL1331 be touring in North America this year?
A67: Yes. I keep trying to type more than that but … [connection terminated] … that keeps happening.

Q68: Dexter Torres (nineteen8t4) - When can we expect Ingress registration to go live for the July 28 events?
A68: I believe the goal is next week. Don’t quote me on that though as I couldn't confirm it in time to publish the responses. But I'm fairly confident in what I believe is the answer.

Q67: Ana Prados (Laria) - Hello Andrew, I hope you had a good day. Do you know why +H. Richard Loeb and the other have subdenly go silent? Do youhave any news about the murder document (on Calvin) or the darkxmcure? Or any information on the fate on all the niantic investigator? Or the techtulu, Klue, Susana or the other missing ones?
if you don't, do you think, you would be able to get hold of this information on the foresable future or is it lost with the NIA renovation currently going on?
A67: I believe this was covered via other questions.

Q68: Mauricio Villarroel - Andrew, when would you come to Chile to have some more wine?
A68: Yes! That wine was really good. If you were responsible for it in any small way -- THANK YOU!

Q69: Brian Folan - Is it possible to prevent an agent in a plane to capture/interact with a portal to fall in line with the rules about speedlocking, and actually being at a portal to play the game?
A69: Is it possible? I’m sure it is somehow. I didn’t get a chance to ask the development team the question though.

Q70: The Lifehaxer - Some guy in our place is spoofing a lot, like going to santa monica and coming back to india and admitting that he had spoofed, why isnt nia banning those dudes, hve reported so far many times, but in vain!
A70: Send me the ticket number via Telegram and I’ll see what I can do. I can’t make any promises though about a specific outcome.

Q71: James Nelson - I realize this goes back to late 2013, but is there a reason the Ingress Report's live stream of 13Magnus Phoenix can't be viewed?  Other live streams on the official Ingress channel, like 13Magnus San Francisco and Aegis Nova Brooklyn, can be seen again.
A71: I’m going to have to dig into this more. I have no idea.

Q72: Chris Whiton (Weveran) - Could we get some clarification about changes to missions? I've seen speculation that missions will be changed dramatically because of the cancelled mission days and that they may not be completely compatible. What does this mean for us mission authors? Should we continue to spend hours refining and designing new series or is it best to "wait and see" what happens with the Prime update?
A72: Currently, nothing will change for Mission Authors. Yes! Please continue to submit Missions.

Q73: Cyberwizard Productions - Is the way check points and cycles are scored going to remsin the same, or change once ingress prime comes out?
A73: The development team says that this is not something that is changing… yet. I added the “... yet”. They didn't include it. Gotta give them an out. But in talking to them it doesn’t seem like anything will change.

Q74: Rory Maginnis (Greebz) - Do you want to come to Glasgow mission day?
A74: I’ve never been. Could be fun. I’ll have to check my schedule.

Q75: Karlo Vranješ - i seen some people switch their Home Location on OPR to somewhere where they do not live/work like switching from Europe to USA.Mostly players do that to get faster points for Recon medals. Is that against the ToS?
A75: I spoke to a couple of internal teams on this and so far the verdict is that it is not a TOS violation.

Q76: Christopher Otto - Forgive me, I'm gonna indulge in a little conspiracy theorizing...
A76: The Boogeyman isn’t real. The lasagna is though.

Q77: Mayra Lucía de Fátima Chepe Ballena - Hola Andrew! Past AMA I asked about some packs from past anomalies with characters badges not yet redeemed and what is going to happen with them once Ingress Prime is released. You answered that you couldn't get a definite answer and to try again next month. Were you able to get an answer? Thank you.
A77: I did talk to the Development Team. Regardless of what happens with Prime, codes will still be redeemable via the Intel map. There isn’t a plan to fully retire all Ingress 1.0 codes… yet. Yes, I added that “... yet” in there again like I did for A73.

Q78: Bertje P - Since a week or 2 I am not receiving any emails regarding submission/edits/photos. I do receive attack mails and there is nothing in spam box. I don't know is Portal actions from the game are send now. Opr status  is still great so that's no issue I guess. Could you check or have someone check?
A78: The OPR team says they recently found a bug with the editing system and sending emails. A fix for that was recently implemented I believe. They are researching similar issues in other parts of OPR to see if they can reproduce some of the other things players have brought to our attention.

Q79:Ishira “Glyph Hunter” Tsubasa - Hello Andrew! I hope your week was amazing! My question is, if you could change anything at the Navarro-like Magnus events, what would it be? And it can be anything really, not necessarily something to improve.
A79: I would add a third day to the schedule so that day one and two can be spent building and day three can be hang out and relax day. Then pack up and leave on day four. That means holding over a long weekend probably. Things still felt a bit frenetic and that day of rest/partying could be appreciated I think.

Q80: Invader Zim - I've won ingress,  now what do I do?
A80: Plan Ingress First Saturday, Mission Days, attend Anomalies, make triangles to help your faction win the checkpoints, recruit as many people as possible, volunteer to be a photographer and document what other people do and their crazy missions. Start a YouTube show about Ingress… I know someone that can help you with that. There is quite a lot and I’m fairly confident you haven’t maximized your options.

Q81: Andy Laode Abdul Hasan - there are still unfinished medal to few agents for MD and NL events in Indonesia, how to solve this, where should i address the request to solve this issue? it seems like this issue was left behind
A81: Contact me on Telegram and I’ll see what I can do. Fair warning, it might take me two days get your message though. Nothing intentional, I just get a lot of messages. I’ll eventually get to yours though.

Q82: Dave M - Any chance you'll be able to make it to Baconomaly 2019?
A82: Perhaps if I plan far enough in advance.

Q83: Mirko Stippkugel (DasMiMiMi) - Hi Andrew, are there any new scanner challenges or should Ingress become even more boring?
A83: Honestly, if I told you what to expect would you still post passive aggressive questions that fill my heart with joy or would it just be a boring respectful and non-dramatic way of phrasing what you want to know?

Q84: Jason Frank - So, I'd like to ask a hypothetical question, with a factual underpinning. We have a portal. Said portal is on the grounds of a public elementary school. Clearly against the rules, no debate there. If you even look at the nearest property line, it is with private residential property, which is also clearly not permitted. We ask for the portal's removal.  It is denied due to "lack of sufficient evidence." We decide to resubmit. This time, we provide a link to the county's GIS site, with the portal put in the same exact place as on the portal link we provided. There is literally nothing more we can do to make it clearer that we can see. Again, we are told there is not enough evidence to remove the portal. So, what are we doing wrong? What would make this easier to review on Niantic's part?
A84: NIA OPS says, “For some locations we may need some more context before we take an action. For example, in this case, it's possible the location wasn't identified as a school. If a Takedown gets rejected, and you have additional context to provide, post it in the Ingress Appeals Community.” That all being said, reach out to me on Telegram with your Portal information. It could be good to research things and see if there is additional issues present.

Q85: Bryan S - Any plans to revamp First Saturday activities besides just using scores? More co/op style activities in game?
A85: I’ve been thinking of Ingress FS events a lot lately. I think very soon I’d like to hold a townhall and talk to players about ideas they have on how we can improve things. I have my own but I love to banter around with others.

Q86: Xine Lgt - When reporting an invalid portal, especially “no longer exists”, can we please have the option to  send a photo with it? This “lack of sufficient evidence” response isn’t helpful when a building is torn down, sign is gone, church has moved on and a new business is in it’s previous location, etc. Maybe the photo will help the reviewers see what is actually present on the portal site?
A86: For now, you are advised to use the Portal appeals community on Google+. The OPR team would love to implement something like this down the road. But first, the immediate priority is Ingress Prime.

Q87: Przemysław Konera - Hello. I've entered the world of Ingress as a Pokemon Go player, with the initial intention to make better infrastructure in my town. Reasons aside, there is my issue: Recently, Niantic managed to clear most of the portal limbo backlog  (at least in my area). Three thumbs up for this move. But there still is a group of portals (the long lasting ones, not new), that did not transit to 'that other game', despite proper area conditions (single portal in level 17 s2 cell).
A87: There is not a 1:1 map of Portals to places of interest in other games.

Q88: Myray - In previous amas you said its ok to have portals in closed areas just because i cant reach the portal doesnt mean others cant. I can live with that if the faction who controls the portal isnt some kind of douchebag. Now to my question how can it be that nia ops say a portal in an closed area is fine where taking photos is forbidden?
A88: The TOS states that you agree to abide by all local laws. NIA OPS does not have the knowledge of every local laws in every city throughout the entire world. NIA OPS is also not the enforcers of policy set by municipalities. If someone believes that a TOS violation has occurred, they can use the Help Center ( to submit a ticket for NIA OPS to review. NIA OPS says that they are happy to work with property owners/managers if they have concerns.

Q89: Boris Rux - Good evening Andrew! What are your thoughts on #TS-Morpheus and suggestions for future episodes... They have thought about expanding more of the agent's stories...
A89: It is a very creative initiative and I enjoyed their camp at Navarro. I would be interested in reading/seeing/hearing more.

Q90: Snehal Ghone - Hi Andrew! we are happy to have an anomaly schedule so far ahead. thanks. However, what is the reason Niantic hesitates to confirm anomaly series names in advance as well (even if no logo)?
A90: We have to keep some secrets. No, seriously though, it is about Marketing mostly. There will always be a struggle between the forces that want everything now and the forces that want to maximize awareness and exposure. The good news is we’ve broken the cycle of last minute information. So look for things to be released in a more timely manner than in the past.

Q91: Aaron Breen (Breenzy) - Can we get a disagreement stat in OPR? Maybe even show recent ones so we know where we went wrong?
A91: I’ll pass this feedback along.

Q92: Petros Santamouris (Slyeurochild) - We have reached a point lately in OPR (in order to stop fake portals - created with the use of both fake camera app and fake photos from entering the network) in which we extensively research each photo submitted (meta-data, places in web from which it was copied etc) and base our decision on that…. Is it possible for NIA: 1) to limit the location marker when someone submits a portal to some meters around the agent's real location? (essentially making useless the fake camera app) 2) To finally update the report forms in the help/support site to enable reporting the fake "submitters" and possibly the portals too (since the portals appeal community seems to be inefficient for a long time now)?
A92: According to the OPR team:
1) We can (and will) consider this for Prime.
2) Reporting abusive submissions is being worked on now and will be coming soon directly in OPR.

Q93: Kevin Saez - Hi, Adrew. I was wondering if you will ever read unread hangouts any day soon xD There is some stuff I believe you will find interesting to read :)
A93: Hangouts!? Are we still using that? I guess I should check on my unread messages.

Q94: David Hall - Is "stacking" -shutting off data firing multiple Buster's turning on data against TOS?  
A94: Disabling the network intentionally is interfering with the intended operation. I'm not sure if it is against the TOS as I couldn't get a definite answer. But it is against the spirit of the game at a minimum.

Q95: Abe - I remember taking an ingress survey with a question mentioning buying character cards from the in-game store. Are there plans for this?
A95: Nothing currently.

Q96: DEVlANT - Any possibility of a 'Nia Validated' (even for a fee) Certification for tool creators? It would be a huge benefit to tool creators and agents alike to know what is in White/Black/Gray areas.
A96: We are still exploring the legal possibilities of a program similar to what you suggest. Unfortunately, a program like that complicates things from a business perspective and it is just something that needs to be evaluated and worked through.

Q97: Christophe “NimbusParis” M - Any plans in Ingress Prime for color blind people? I have an agent who select blue because he see a little more this color...
A97: I spoke to the team and they said, “This is something that we are trying our best at, but need users who can help us improve it. If that agent is interested, we'd like to work with them.” So have the Agent contact and me and I’ll put them in touch with my people.

Q98: Abigail Aragon - Are there any reprocussions against trusted reporters who file false reports either purposefully or because they didn't do their due diligence before contacting Niantic? Thanks in advance!
A98: It is very situational but there are metrics needed to remain an active member of the Trusted Reporter program.

Q99: Zenn Loo - Will prime have a different social strategy than simply Google+?  Will it be in house or continue to be 3rd party?
A99: Let me ask you this question. If Niantic were to build a set of community tools, which may include a forum in addition to something along the lines of Google+ that allowed you to create private community space to communicate with/to the members of your private local communities -- would you use it? Tag me in a post about the topic and let’s get a conversation started.

Q100: Zenn Loo - Will there be another OPR/submission based AMA with NIa OPs? I feel like a lot of people missed out on the last one.
A100: Currently, it sort of is that. I frequently forward questions to the teams to either help inform me as to what the correct response should be or to verify the response I wrote is factually accurate.

Q101: Eros Ruzzante (IlJeko) - What if NIA have a person near communities that respond and manage all ban appeals, maybe one for each country
A101: We did explore something like this. However, after looking into it almost all scenarios we played out eventually came down to a popularity vote with limited data with the constraints we have. Which I don’t think, and others agreed, would be the best course of action at this time.

Q102: Zenn Loo - Onboarding - Is there an effort that you're aware of on improving the recruiting process.
A102: There are many things we are looking to to help solve the onboarding issues. Since many are still in development or in the beginning phase or project management I can’t really speak to it. But know that it is something we recognize and want to address.

Q103: Herik Super - Dear Andrew. In our region we see a lot of pogo players who are playing together just to reach lvl 10 in order to create pokostops. Personaly these players do not enrich our communitie. Dont you think Nia should not make all new portals a pokostop of gym on default?
A103: Not all Portals are Pokéstops.

Q104: Chase Milder - Mr. Krug, I'll mean no disrespect in this post, and I know that you, yourself, are not developing Prime, but i have a fairly big issue 6 months into 2018. Prime is a huge opportunity to bring players to the game, new & old, but especially old. The main complaint I hear from players that quit is lack of endgame content.
A104: No disrespect taken. I think once the Prime upgrade is complete (front and back end), there will be a whole host of new features and mechanics implemented.

Q105: Ben Salisbury - Is there a way which individual cells can look back to see specific MU per checkpoints?
A105: Select OPS. Go to Intel, Regional Scores (in the top right), select History from the bottom left, select Cycle, and then you should have cycle scores.

#1: Don't ask about personal situations. I don't have access to the ticketing system.
#2: Read the previous AMA's. Asking a repeat question is likely to go unanswered and we both will be frustrated.
#3: Abide by Wheaton’s Law. Trolling and abuse of this AMA will likely get your comment(s) deleted and you blocked.

Josh Stock's curated archive of all the past AMA's:

GCM AMA G+ Collection of Posts:
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Sorry folks. Since we had an AMA two weeks ago and I'll be traveling a lot this week (and thus unable to devote time to follow up on questions) -- there will be no AMA this week or next. We'll get back to the regular schedule with doing things the first of the month starting with June. Thanks for understanding.
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As promised, today, we are doing the April Ingress AMA. Remember it may take me longer to answer your questions as I reach out to the experts if I can't provide an answer myself. My goal is to have the answers posted by Friday. Post your questions now in the comments!

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Q1: John TheAussie - What's the stance on live in businesses. Ones that are registered and operating as a business but also have an attached residence, or a residential house on the land of operations?
A1: I spoke to NIA OPS, they said, “Depends on the Portal candidate. If the candidate is associated with the business and meets our criteria (for example a hyper-local cafe), this would be ok.“

Q2: Dexter Torres (nineteen8t4) - When can we expect more exciting news about the upcoming Anomaly series including series name and logo from Ingress?
A2: The series name has already been confirmed. It is Cassandra Prime. The logo will probably be released once we get closer to the event. More information on how the series will flow will be out next week.

Q3: Daniil Zemchenkov - Hi! What should we do with limbo portals? Resubmit it or waiting for solution?
A3: I spoke to the OPR team. By the time this AMA is published you should already have started to see Portals that were previously in “limbo” come online.

Q4: jean-françois PRIEUR (JiefSourd) - Hello, We dont stop debate this in our group: Hawaiian pizza Is a pizza?
A4: Hawaiian pizza is pizza. Damn good pizza. The salt of the ham goes well with the sweet of the pineapple. I highly recommend it.

Q5: Tiernan Messmer - Is Niantic changing it's policy on multiaccounting, or is it just too hard to enforce? Many tickets with hard evidence have been closed and trusted reporters are not having any better luck either.
A5: The policy hasn’t changed. Keep reporting them.

Q6: Nuno Facha (esquilim) - Are MD applications for Europe currently open?
A6: The Mission Day application is currently closed. There will be an announcement with additional information in the coming days about it.

Q7: absha - Do you think there will be new levels(17-18-19-20) after Ingress Prime ?
A7: What I’m about to type is my own personal opinion. I haven’t confirmed it with anyone and it would be unlikely to be confirmed at this point anyway. In my opinion, additional levels make sense to have. What that looks like and how people will level up I am not sure I have a good answer for. I would imagine that once the full Ingress Prime update is complete (client and server) that then the development team can focus on implementing new things.

Q8: Sven - Hi Andrew, there are rumors, that it is possible that we loose our gear when ingress prime will start.
A8: No. You will not lose your gear and we will not be resetting all of the Portals.

Q9: Tomislav 'Sp1nz' - Any new medals planned which arent based on events or OPR? Like offensive medals for destroyed links, fields and portals?
A9: Similar to my answer to question seven -- I think once the full Ingress Prime update is complete (client and server) that then the development team will start to implement new things. It makes sense to add new medals and achievements. But I have no confirmation about this. It is only my opinion.

Q10: Fred Espenscheid - Can we get a roadmap for getting out of poor in OPR?
A10: The best advice I was told is to slow down, and rate every criteria for a Portal on its own merit.

Q11: Karolina Bengtsdotter - Could the email we get when a portal submission is denyed contain a little bit more inforamtion about why the portal was denyed?
A11: This is on the OPR roadmap. I don’t have an exact date for you. But it will be coming at some point in the future I was told.

Q12: Jason M (HotDogSoup) - What do you think about the ability to "upgrade" mods on a portal?
A12: I’ve talked about this before. But I think it’s a great idea so I’ll happily answer it again. In my opinion, I think this is a wonderful idea. I would hesitate to give AP for it though. But if you can upgrade a resonator and there are different levels of mods it make sense. I will continue to advocate for this though.

Q13: Kevin Saez - But before, I would like you to tell us your worst Ingress related experience.
If it is not too much to ask, of course :)
A13: My worst Ingress experience. Hrmmm… The one that stands out to me was the Cassandra Washington DC Anomaly. We knew we were going to be outnumbered so we created a strategy to overcome things. Part of the plan was creating a BAF (you got points for them back in the day). Everything was going more or less to plan through the first few measurements. We even got the BAF up once. It all came down to the last measurement and the Resistance were leading. We were planning on putting the BAF up again but something was blocking it. We were scouring Intel and couldn’t find the blocking link. It took almost the entire fourth measurement to find it. It turned out to be a tiny link between two portals on opposite sides of a street that someone threw it looks like while simply driving past. Because it took so long we couldn’t get it up and by the end of it someone from the Resistance had made it out to one of the anchors. That was a kick in the gut. I think someone did the math and said that if we would have gotten that field up we would have won. I could be wrong. I’m sure someone will go back and do the math on it and let me know. Regardless of the outcome we had a blast. The event and afterparty were so much fun.

Q14: Charly s (Char1y) - So when are we to expect those information [about hotel information] to make further plans, decide if those special hotel arrangements are the right thing for each one and book transport.
A14: I wasn’t able to get an answer from the team before posting this. I’ll keep trying and provide an update when I do. I’m sure there will be a social post about it coming soon as well.

Q15: Justin Bennett - EXIF data is staying attached to portal submission pictures, in OPR. Any plans to change that?
A15: The team is looking into it.

Q16: Joe Priode - Why do portal pictures get removed without warning or notice?
A16: NIA OPS says, photos may get removed if they do not meet criteria or the wrong photo was added (OPR duplicates). Will need more details before we can comment on a specific incident.

Q17: Lauren Millerd - Will Vanguards be utilized in the upcoming anomaly series , in a similar way to Dark XM?
A17: We have no plans at this time to utilize them as we did for the Dark XM Cure event. There was a specific strategic need to do what we did that doesn’t exist for the Anomaly game play.

Q18: Tyrel Anderson (Terran1701) - Any update on the possible dates for the restock portals for the final three weeks?
A18: By the time this is posted the information will already be out there.

Q19: Aaron Breen (Breenzy) - Were areas during DarkXM purely random? ENL in Australia felt left out.
A19: Purely random. Sometimes the RNG is kind. Sometimes it isn’t. I’ll see if we can’t improve the process to have a more even distribution if we do something like that next time.

Q20: Allen Robinson - There's a fairly widely held belief among the player base that NIA OPS is ineffective at enforcing the game rules. Making public statements saying that they take that part of their role seriously doesn't help when it's not backed up with visible action. Why is nothing more being done to improve the way NIA OPS is viewed by the players?
A20: We are trying. NIA OPS constantly reevaluates their policies and procedures. For example, they no longer auto close tickets. Every ticket is read and responded to. However, ban appeals may be closed without further response if the petitioner has already received a reply from us and we have no new information to provide. I think a lot of the disparity comes down to local knowledge versus what NIA OPS can prove conclusively and expected outcomes. Most people submit tickets with an expected outcome -- usually a ban. But NIA OPS workflow, depending on the incident, sometimes requires additional intervention and warnings prior to jumping straight to a ban. Just because a player isn’t banned or there isn’t visible action doesn’t mean the player aren’t reprimanded or a mark put on their record.

Q21: Eduardo Alvarado - ¿Do you read reports?
A21: I do not have access to the ticketing system. So no, I cannot read them.

Q22: Yuril Father - Section III of the ingress agent protocol says "don't ... reveal it in the game by dropping items in front of their home or work location." Would deploying beacons solely on desk or home/neighborhood portals consistently (3-5 times a week) to be against said protocol?
A22: I had a conversation with NIA OPS about this. We both agree that it seems against the Agent Protocol.

Q23: Camp Storyteller - We have a question, if you were subsumed by a Tecthulhu, what would your purpose as a Tecthulhu become?
A23: To predict the weather. Seriously. I would use all my sensors to knowledge to be the best weather Tecthulhu that ever existed.

Q24: Arctic Rebel - Since the assets seem to already be in place for it, why does Niantic not release a wider variety of vanity beacons?
A24: This is something we talked about before. I think we would need to figure out how to ensure inappropriate images were not used for beacons if we opened it up for everyone. Maybe we could have a contest to design some new ones. I think it’s an idea worth considering.

Q25: Hans Siemons - I just loved the mission day in Tarragona in Spain. Great weather, fantastic people, and the fact that we had missions in sequential order without any passphrases. I've heard passphrases and random order are often a demand of Niantic. Is that true and would you consider removing those demands.
A25: I spoke to NIA OPS. Most Mission Days are hack only. Passphrases are not required and neither is a random order. They should only be used if they enhance the experience of Mission Day but are not a requirement. Here are the guidelines for setting up a Mission Day:

Q26: Adriána Perkele (TheCapsuleCollector) - Hi, hope you had a nice trip. And this is where my question come from: who decide which ingress event are you going?
A26: It’s a combination of things. I collaborate with Ethan to see where NL1331 is going. I look at regions that might not have had a Niantic presence before or that could benefit from me coming. The Anomaly schedule plays a role as well as I might be needed to help at an event. I take that list to my supervisor, we discuss what is reasonable, then I make my travel plans.

Q27: Robert Sworder - Are there any plan to increase this [mission] limit?
A27: Not at this time.

Q28: Andrew Jennings - On a cheerier note, will you come to London and do our new 504 mission banner?
A28: That is a lot of missions. If I could carve out enough time with my schedule, it seems like a great challenge. I love London as a city and have family in England. I need to get back there.

Q29:Josh Stock - I'm curious if Niantic has a marketing plan to drive increased downloads of the Ingress (or Ingress Prime) app.
A29: We have an awesome Global Product Marketing Manager who has created an entire launch plan for Ingress Prime. I’m pretty excited about it. He would hate me if I stole his thunder and leaked anything though. So better to wait and see.

Q30: Corias Shaimourn - Why not to upgrade inventory with levelup, from 2k on L8 to 10k on L16?
A30: This has been discussed. Similar to my answer to question seven. I think once the full upgrade to Ingress Prime is complete then we’ll start to see new features implemented. I would imagine inventory will be one of the topics up for discussion. But we’ll have to do some analysis on what the right number is, how much per tier, etc. We don’t want to ruin the economy of the game by doing something willy nilly.

Q31: Josh Stock - What's the status/timing for Resupply Portals for cities that were successful in Week 2, 3, and 4 of #DarkXMCure?
A31: By the time these answers are published all of that Intel will have been released.

Q32: Josh Stock - Did anyone from Niantic actually send out Passcodes for SitReps as promised in the original Intel Packet
A32: Yes. There are a lot to go through. Give us another week or so to complete it. They are going out via private messages on G+.

Q33: Why does Niantic have such a hard time following through with its stated actions without constant, repeated prodding from the players?
A33: This is a fair criticism. Thank you for bringing it up in a polite manner. To be frank, a lot of what we are doing is new to us. Each time we do something it is usually an iteration of something. So there is bound to be mistakes as we learn our way through new processes and procedures. It isn’t being done maliciously. That much I can assure you. Each time we analyze the lessons learned and try to improve. But sometimes, things slip through the cracks. Feel free to ping me about things if there are outstanding issues. I’ll try to get them resolved.

Q34: Christoph H. - Are there any plans to remove AP from the forever passcodes to make the creation of L3 spoofies a bit harder?
A34: Not at this time.

Q35: Stan L - When will you get more help?
A35: Soon™.

Q36: Marcin “hrw” Juszkiewicz - Is there any support for missions mosaic planned? So next mission will be visible after finishing previous one?
A36: This would require a re-write of how the mission planning tool functions or at least a decent upgrade. While I think it is a great idea personally, I think there are higher priorities at the moment.

Q37: diane wilson (thecatspaws) - Hi, had a great time this last weekend finding drops from a Navarro team. Can we do more find that portal type random things? Also the big game was great as it brought a lot of casual players out. Well done. However, maybe next time we could cancel f/s on that day or move it around?
A37: We can certainly do more. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive about the event. I agree about scheduling it around Ingress First Saturdays. Good input.

Q38: Fred Espenscheid - Can you suggest to the developers an NFC based invite system? Or inventory transfer? How about a badge for NFC "handshakes" with opposing faction players. It would encourage people to meet each other on friendly terms. Let players collect a list of who they met?
A38: We’ve actually talked about an idea like this. Google has an API for something called Nearby ( that looked interesting. Again, I don’t think new features like this will be implemented until the full Ingress Prime upgrade is complete. But it definitely something I would love to have and will advocate for.

Q39: Marco Carpio - Is it true that the badge for epiphany night can ONLY be obtained through the Magnus event and the Fukuoka anomaly?
A39: and Agent Olympiad. Those four events are the only way to obtain the Passage to Osiris medal.

Q40: Holly Henry - Hi Andrew, what's the best and worst of the new-to-you food and drink items you tried on your resent NL1331 travels? Are you going to make a cute #Iheartingress selfie to celebrate +Christine Jeffery's birthday?
A40: I was not a fan of cod milt sushi that I had in Japan. The best thing I ate was a grade A5 kobe wagyu steak in Kobe, Japan. Just thinking of it makes my mouth water.

Q41: Bryant Durrell - Will the rules for the next anomaly series be circulated among city POCs for feedback before formal release, as per 2017 anomalies? That was cool.
A41: Yes. I think this worked out well last time so we will do it again.

Q42: Pongo Lyn - The Enlightened agents who attended the first Camp Navarro event were awarded 50 beta invites to Ingress Prime for winning the mini-anomaly event. When may we expect to receive the invites?
A42: As soon as the beta is ready to be tested by Agents.

Q43: Thomas Abthorpe (scooper31415927) - A gracious good evening Andrew. It is well known that you enjoy your comfort foods. It is a well known fact that the greatest comfort food in the world is poutine. Never heard of it? At it's purest composition, it is hand cut fries, topped with cheese curds and a most decadent gravy. There are however, variations on a theme, but I will not get into it at this point. The best poutine in the universe is found in Canada, Montréal to be much more specific.
A43: I love Montréal. I have been there numerous times. I am a big fan of poutine as well.

Q44: Cliff Martin (CliffM) - Why is browsing missions subject to speedlock? Not only that, but it can trigger it - just like if you attack a portal or hack a portal while going more than 35 mph.
A44: I brought this to NIA OPS attention. They are going to test this. Thank you for bringing this up.

Q45: Артур Лисс - Any progress on the unambiguous, specific and user-friendly ToS?
A45: Yes. I can’t really say anything more than this though.

Q46: Cristina Parga Rey - Hi Andrew! Why Niantic does not pay attencion to agents reports? Can you confirm us if an only player with several phones, and one account per phone is not considered a cheater?
A46: You can have your account on multiple devices. But it is considered cheating to be playing on those devices simultaneously. It is considered cheating to be playing multiple accounts on multiple devices as well.

Q47: Ryder Sadlovsky - Can you ask the development team about the future of the Android Wear app?
A47: According to the Development team, there are higher priorities at the moment. It could be something later down the road that is supported but it is not currently on the roadmap.

Q48:Malachite Conscience - How does Niantic secure in-game information and processes from employees whose jobs do not involve such things? I've heard stories of agents from both factions using insider access to alter gameplay, provide information to their team, expedite NIAOps reports, and other things that give them an advantage over the general public. Imagine how bad the outcome would be if one faction knew shard targets, special event rules, or other things that gave them a substantial advantage.
A48: Information is compartmentalized. Only those that need to know have access to it. For example, the Gamemasters are the only ones with access to when the measurements will be taken within a window, shard information, etc. The critical documents are protected using account permissions. The stories you have heard are just that… stories and rumors.

Q49: Garrett Haag - Is there any word of opening up portal submitting to lower level Agents, 8-9 for submitting new portals. Some areas just lack the high level agents needed.
A49: Not at this time.

Q50: Justin Buettner - Can we have clarification to what niantic considers tresspassing? Should we start calling the police to enforce park hours?
A50: NIA OPS says, “Our games are meant to augment reality, not replace it. If you're not certain you have the right to access a location or are not certain it is safe to access, please do not make any attempts to do so. As a player or any other member of the community, you must respect access restrictions, never trespass, or in any manner gain or attempt to gain access to any property or location where you do not have the right or permission to be.”

Q51: Kadah- With portal edits moving to OPR, are invalid reports going to remain an NIA only review? What about photos submissions?
A51: NIA OPS and the OPR team says for now only edits are being implemented.

Q52: Drew Dondero - Would you be willing to appear on an episode of +The Portal Hunter Club?
A52: Perhaps after a couple of months when things settle down.

Q53: neal wang - The Dark XM event was fun as everyone globally got to participate over the 4 weeks, can we have something on a much smaller scale(few hours on a weekend) like a community day like in pokemon go?
A53: This isn’t a bad idea. I’ll bring this up to the team.

Q54: Quek Yu Shan - Not sure if this was mentioned, in reference to the new information for the anomaly is in reference to prime, can I ask if agents with ingress 1.xx scanners will be able to participate the upcoming anomaly series?
A54: Whatever version(s) are supported at that time will be the one(s) players will be able to use. Unfortunately, I can’t provide a more clear answer than that.

Q55: 数一(IloveMATH)- Hi, Andrew. What is the redeemed count of the passcodes by solving the investigate puzzles and word of the day puzzles?
A55: I would have no way of knowing.

Q56: Titan Ravenscar - When agents get access to the "prime" scanner/universe will we be able to take our inventory with us to the new place/time?
A56: This answer is similar to question eight.

Q57: Michelle Park - Would it be possible for us to get further clarification on the status of portal submissions on military bases?
A57: NIA OPS says that the OPR Guidelines state to one star submissions in Military bases.

Q58: Ishira “Glyph Hunter” Tsubasa - Oh this is still up! Hey Andrew!!! So the recent reveal of prime shows we (or new agents to prime?) will be experiencing past anomalies through out this next year... I couldn't help but notice though that this would mean the first event, Cassandra, would be before Glyphs came out. Do you think we should suspect to not have the capability to glyph right after we enter Prime?
A58: It is difficult to speculate about what is being referred to as 'The Osiris Sequence' universe. The degree to which it may deviate from events of the past is not known.

Q59: 王维 - Good motioning/night Andrew,could you tell us what will happen in the next years anomaly?I mean in the game world ,not ask for the real world.
A59: Oh man if I did that I’d be spilling the beans. You’ll have to sit through it and experience it. No shortcuts.

Q60: Mike Palumbo - Andrew, what on earth happened with the first round of restock portals? Cities that had only between 50 and 100 links got restock portals, despite the rules stating they would only happen for cities that broke 100 links. Tuscon, for example, got a restock portal for 74 links.
A60: Great question and again, thank you for asking in a respectful manner. The short answer is -- we messed up. Nothing short of human error. There is no other explanation than that. Because we did it for the first weekend we applied the same courtesy to cities from the second weekend as well.

#1: Don't ask about personal situations. I don't have access to the ticketing system and couldn't comment publicly if I did.
#2: Read the previous AMA's. Asking a repeat question is likely to go unanswered and we both will be frustrated.
#3: Abide by Wheaton’s Law. Trolling and abuse of this AMA will likely get your comment(s) deleted and you blocked.

Josh Stock's curated archive of all the past AMA's:

GCM AMA G+ Collection of Posts:
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Due to some travel plans I have this week and next, the next AMA will be delayed until April 16th.
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It's the first Monday of March 2018. That means it's time for the monthly Ingress AMAs. Remember it may take me longer to answer your questions as I reach out to the experts if I can't provide an answer myself.

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Q1: Piotr Wieczorek - I wonder do You, as a part of your job's duties, have to play Ingress for given amount of time (or given AP, etc.), or review some number of portals in OPR? :)
A1: No there isn’t a requirement for a certain amount of play. I usually play when time allows. Mostly, that is on the weekends.

Q2: Thomas Becker (DerNarf) - Is the an actual list from the Vanguards?
A2: The current members of the Vanguards are:

Q3: Viona Senke - I am wondering if you could shed some light on the TR program by any chance? Mainly, what it is, what TRs can and can't do, and what type of actions they report on.
A3: The Trusted Reporters are a group of people who passed a NIA OPS background check and have been given fast track status within the Ingress Help Center that are geographically dispersed. Meaning, their tickets jump to the top of the queue for processing. That’s all there is to it. They cannot review or see tickets. They cannot communicate directly with NIA OPS or make recommendations. They use the same form as everyone else to report things. Trusted Reporters are not Vanguards and not all Vanguards are Trusted Reporters. They cannot see the resulting action taken on a ticket or are able to provide a status update of a ticket. TRs are not obligated to submit all reports received should people reach out to them.

Q4: Georg Schneider (jizza) - Dear Andrew, since there is a lot of misunderstanding who can be a POC for an anomaly or who not, why can't +NIA Ops release a list clarifying what makes you eligble and what not? Some better communication by Niantic would be nice instead of just kicking POCs without a clue.
A4: Good suggestion. Let me talk with them.

Q5: Luuk Hüttig - How do you think about a medal for the attended Anomalies (just like the MissionDay and NL1331 medal).
A5: That’s not a bad idea. We’ve kicked this idea around a bit.

Q6: Clash with PG - Can we submit and accept cinema Halls?
A6: As long as they meet the portal criteria for submissions.

Q7: Sean Anderson - How come a report for an invalid portal needs to be submitted only through the scanner to be rejected for lack of evidence and appealed with further evidence to possibly get rid of it...... yet, one agent making a batch of reports about opposition assumed scraping leads to a ban, with NO evidence whatsoever and appeals are closed with a "tough luck" response?
A7: These are two different unrelated topics. One is about TOS violations and the other about Portal criteria.

Q8: Vitor Hakme - When will we have the addition of new ambassadors in the vanguard program?
A8: Probably closer to the end of the year.

Q9: Kris Bird - Is the Monte Cristo the most delicious sandwich ever created by humans or a Shaper weapon sent to Earth to destroy civilization through heart disease?
A9: I don’t know. The Kentucky Hot Brown might rival it in terms of sandwiches.

Q10: James Nelson - Does the new "NL-1331 Meetups" medal include NL-PRIME, or just the smaller vehicles? I'm assuming it's the latter, but I want to be sure.
A10: NL-PRIME will count for one (1) NL-1331 meetup. It doesn’t matter how many times you ride it, it will only count once.

Q11: Flurin Noller (Micky) - Can you tell us which dates belong together to a series? And can you state which of the sites will be primary/satellite or whatever?
A11: What dates belong to what series and how the entire year flows together I’ve been told will be released in the beginning of April. The sites listed in yellow on the page are the primary sites.

Q12: martijn back - The New NL-1331 meetup badge seems to be impossible to me made Onyx in a reasonable period of time. Are there more NL-1331 vehicles coming? Is the ammount evaluated? Will it ever become possible to get it onyx :-)
A12: The badge is designed to last the life of NL1331. There will not be another NL1331 badge. It was designed with this in mind.

Q13: Joris Huijs - Good Morning Andrew, with the anomaly dates published so soon in advance (thanks a lot for that), have you made up your mind where you will be going? We would love to welcome you back in europe this year!
A13: I don’t know where I’ll be traveling to yet.

Q14: Anton Mu (iTrack) - since you can't trust the German weather, do you know if something is planned for the camp at Schloss Kaltenstein if it's raining? Where are the projects gonna be installed?
A14: I’m told that there is very limited covered space and would recommend creating something that is water resistant just in case.

Q15: Sven W (P2063) - What anomaly sites on October 20 are primaries? (i guess Frankfurt will be HUGE)
A15: There are no primaries on October 20th.

Q16: Florian Müller (keibertz) - Do you know that at least two ENL agents are still suspended after the DF suspend wave two month ago?
A16: I am aware of this and have followed up with NIA OPS. Assuming we are talking about the same Agents. By the time this is published there may be a resolution already.

Q17: Mati JZ: Any news about the XM event on March? Only the Shards game in Fukuoka has been announced.
A17: Information about the March event should be released by the time this is published.

Q18: Gene C - Since we've had +Fumi Yamazaki come on board as an APAC Community Manager, can/will we see her coming on board to assist on these or even run some AMAs from time to time (after she's a hit more settled in to things of course) +Andrew Krug
A18: We’ve already talked about her doing her own AMAs. Since she is located in Japan and writes/reads Japanese, she will be able to reach an audience that I cannot.

Q19: Martin Zehetmayer (Angrox) - When a city is chosen for an anomaly are both factions asked if this is ok or is it sufficient if only one faction/the first contact agrees to it?
A19: Niantic consults with the Agents from both factions after a city has been selected.

Q20: Tiernan Messmer - With Ingress Prime around the corner, have there been any thoughts around a public bug tracker or similar for reporting issues?
A20: We're looking at appropriate mechanisms to collect feedback from people as we value their input

Q21:Florian Müller (keibertz) - More than 8 Weeks after the DF and RIOT suspend wave no second suspend wave has happened.
A21: I am told that we are not done processing and investigating.

Q22: Ruin Dig - When portals with bulidings or architectures were rebuild or dismantled(not relocation), should be portals deleted? Keeping portals after rebuilt is worth for historical point, I think.
A22: NIA OPS says, unless there's something that ties back the new Portal to the original Portal, you should submit a Takedown request.

Q23: Sebastien H. (Khatre) - Could it be possible to make mandatory to answer all criterias when rejecting a portal on opr ? It would help to have less 1 star rush.
A23: I’ve passed this feedback on to the OPR team.

Q24: Josh M (MxRubix) - Good morning, Andrew. Once a person is chosen as an Anomaly point-of-contact, what kind of things can they provide Niantic that will make the job of running these events easier?
A24: The biggest thing that POCs provide is local knowledge of the city. They of course also help disseminate key information as well.

Q25: Dewald Noeth - Hi, any reason why the continent of Africa was overlooked as possible anomaly sites?
A25: I’m sure this wasn’t done with malice intent. I’ll bring this up to the event team though. Thanks for pointing it out.

Q26: Ca Shi - How you like the idea of a temporary glyphing event in which 6-10 (or more) glyphs needs to be memorised? So maybe just double the amount of glyphs to 2/4/6/8/10 :)
A26: Could be interesting.

Q27: Clash with PG - Why Ninatic neglect INDIA from special events of ingress?Only Anomaly and mission day are the only special event happens in INDIA. Why NL-1331 never comes in INDIA?
A27: In talking with Ethan, he says it is on the roadmap. We continue to expand into new regions with NL1331 all the time. We also need to learn how to drive in India as well. I’ve been told that can be a hair raising experience for foreigners.

Q28: Christian HulkSimpson - I like doing OPR reviews but three month ago my performance dropped from ‘great’ to ‘poor’ within a single day.
A28: From the FAQ:
Performance may also decrease if abuse of OPR is detected. If your score is poor please take the time re-evaluate how you are analyzing candidates based on the criteria.

Q29: Oscar Fuentes - Any news about portals in limbo? It is a bit frustrating waiting 6 months (for now) without answer.
A29: I am told that we are going through a few processes and upgrading parts of OPR. We are making progress but it will take some additional time before things are all final.

Q30: 数一(IloveMATH)- The lastest investigate was posted on Feb 16th. Where is PAC? Is he killed by Shaper or N'zeer because he knows too much? We miss him very much!
A30: I attempted to contact him but did not get a response. I too miss him and am growing concerned.

Q31: Sascha Kruszka (TinyDragon) - with the leak of - CakeMod some further questions came up.

1. It is mentioned on the wordpress webside that NIA was informed about this "tool" but didn't gave any feedback on it. Is NIA aware of this issue?

2. Is using this mod/tool considered cheating, gaining an unfair advantage in the game, and is it against the tos?

3. Is it possible for NIA to identify agents using this mod?

4. What is NIAs strategy regarding those third party (ISTKit, Ganess, cakemod, etc) tools?

5. Some agents of the current cakemod list where listed on other tools/platforms before and got penalty for using tools like drunkenfrog. What will happen next to that agents?
A31: I spoke to NIA OPS and the product team. Their response is, some tools/groups/etc have been reported to us directly but without enough data to act on. Public leaks have contained much more extensive information however once the info is public, it is harder for us to act on or investigate further to collect the data we need. We are against making private information public. Any additional release of private information in the public domain will not be responded to. Any tool that violates TOS is not allowed and players found violating the TOS will be dealt with accordingly. The timeline we follow for any incident varies according to multiple factors.

Q32: santosh kumar (ROBOSTAR) - Hi Andrew, here in Hyderabad India, we have only one faction players doing OPR and there's a backlog of over 1000 and growing, Such large backlog is creating problem of duplicate submissions (which probably at some point will affect our OPR rating) . Any plans to handle such situations!
A32: The OPR team has told me, “We have begun and will continue to adjust the frequency of assigning candidates from outside of ones normal OPR areas. It will take some time but this should help with areas that don't have enough OPR participation.”

Q33: Marco Carpio - With the recent release of the locations of the anomalies for this year and early next year, is there any news on the name of the series and how will it be grouped?
A33: We are going to reveal this information at a specific date in the future. All will be revealed soon.

Q34: Alexander Kirwin - what is the plan for item stores selling in-game items such xmps
A34: If we see them being advertised in COMM we will continue to ban and block those messages.

Q35: Kevin Saez - I would like to know where can I send a document reflecting some questions regarding toxicity among the community, just to let someone know that this is a problem.
A35: Feel free to send it my way.

Q36: Sigurd Sandve - Some investigation spawned a theory that locations that have had a portal removed earlier prevent new portals from spawning close to where the removed portal was located, around 500 meter, or within a certain cell level using the S2 google library. Do you know if there is any truth in this claim?
A36: The OPR team says, we are in the process of changing and upgrading our systems to provide improved service. The way things function today may not be how things work tomorrow.

Q37: Mike Jone - I have noticed that cats often leave their homes for many hours at a time in all types of weather, day or night. Further investigation has turned up research that suggests they travel within a 2 mile radius, often recrossing their own paths and randomly stopping for minutes at a time. Does Niantic have any stats on how many Ingress agents are cats?
A37: The cats have no comment at this time and don’t wish to relay their numbers. They are sneaky. Like ninjas.

Q39: Miguel Velasco - If I downvote a portal and it gets accepted I guess my opr value will drop, but will it rise if we report that portal and gets removed? Because I'd be right after all, it shouldn't really be a portal.
A39: The appeals community isn’t tied to OPR.

Q40: Ha sea - 80% of my candidates reviewed is difficult to determine approving or rejecting. It made my performance waved between poor and good for more than nine times. I hear that give a candidate two star, then it will be calculated to agreements if approved but won't cause me to poor even if it was rejected. Is it true?
A40: This isn’t something we can comment on. Adhering to the guidelines is the best course of action.

Q41: Nate (StallionMang) - Hi Andrew! What are the acceptance guidelines for disc golf courses? IMO, these should be accepted as long as the submission is for the overall course, and not individual holes. However, I think some agents are applying the criteria (reject) for golf courses to disc golf courses, which to me is unfair. IMO, disc golf falls under the criteria of public spaces that encourage players to walk and exercise. One issue for disc golf, is most courses don't have a sign for the overall course. For example, I submitted a picture of the first tee sign, while the description states the submission is for the course as a whole. The course is in a public park, and is free to play, but the portal was rejected. Is there an official stance on how disc golf should be treated in OPR?
A41: According to NIA OPS you should reject hole markers and other locations on the course. They can be accepted if they are in areas where agents can sit and socialize (like cafes or club areas). If it's for the park (and not for the golf course inside the park), submit the signboard for the park instead.

Q42: Sergio SerroZelerny - I have fulled the form to get packs from Bruge by post. Since the form I have not received any communication from Nia. Support closes the cases without any reply. How can I get the packs I paid for?
A42: While normally I don’t respond to individual cases, send me a message via telegram (@redsolocup) and I’ll see what I can do.

Q43: Richard Doni - Is it possible to have more connection of the investigation and the background to the real game?It could be intersting to have person like PAC interact with investigators maybe once a week or once a month like this AMA.
A43: The next time I am in contact with PAC, I will pass this information along to him.

Q44: Bernard Sadaka (YRAR) - I am interested in some Ingress analytics/stats. Do you think you can help to get them on a global scale and disaggregated per level and period (week/month)?
#Total number of agents
#Total number of active agents (in scanner)
#Total number of agents banned (split per types of ban: multi-account, GPS Spoofing, other) but also a scatter plot would be great to see the evolution of the bans
#Total number of new agents
A44: I’ll be honest with you, this information isn’t likely to be made public.

Q45: Matthew Smiles - What information can you give us on what your planning with regards to future if First Saturdays?
A45: I haven’t had time to sit down and plan things out in great detail yet. But some high level aspirations is more Niantic support, an IFS tiered medal, and IFS prize kits for sites to distribute.

Q46: kian yian - My question is about mission icons. I have been agreed to use a fan-art of the anime ‘is the order a rabbit?’.But when I submit them as my mission icons, I just got reply that I can't use them because‘any kind of 3rd party images which are watermarked, copyrighted characters or images, Movie posters, Anime, Cartoon or Gaming characters are not allowed in Mission Images.’ Then I read the mission criteria. It has nothing to do about anime or cartoon or anything else. So I just want to know if it is time to rewrite the mission criteria or it is alright to use a fan-art that you're agreed to use.
A46: I asked NIA OPS to review your question, they said, “This sounds like it may have been rejected because there is no connection between the Mission medals and Mission title/description/waypoints. If there is a connection, resubmitting the Mission with a better description might help.”

Q47: Matthew Smiles - If a mission/banner has had a portal removed and the creator has stoped playing how can we change the mission/banner to make it completeable
A47: NIA OPS has said that we won’t make changes on behalf of the author.

Q48: Vytautas Klisonis (Iceever) - Invalid portals - we know this is age old question, but in city were we play we have some portals, that are...let just say questionable, like some furniture shop outside city where portal pictures are furniture from inside, sculptures that are sold n years ago and etc. or some "artist" graffiti that is gone long time ago. There portals have no historic, visual or any other value. We want to clean cities from these no value portals. Could it be done, that when we are reporting portals like that, we could add photos from location, or video link from that place from youtube. Any way, we could provide more data.
A48: NIA OPS recommendation is to report these Portals from the scanner. If necessary, post an appeal in the Google+ Appeal Community with additional information if your initial report was rejected.

Q49: うなぎラーメン(unagiramen, ENL)- I’m looking forward to joining a brand new XM Festival event in Fukuoka next month. Combined with Mission Day, is there any change to the flash shard game compared with previous ones ?
A49: I have bribed the gamemasters and tried to get them to spill the beans on things. They told me all will be revealed in due time.

Q50: Juan Matias - Hi Andrew! First of all thanks for the amazing AMAs. I wanted to ask you about a situation we've lived in the past and we really think is quite unfair.
In the past few months we've an agent that created many banners, and when the opposing faction were doing it, that agent unpublished a mission and leave those agents with nothing. Quite unsporting and faction-biased.
Is there anything that you can do about it? Like for example, if an agent unpublish an already published mission, create a delay of 48hs for the mission to go offline? Or another solution of that kind. Anything to avoid this kind of behaviour to ever happen again. I think missions and banners, once created, are for everyone to enjoy, in a 100% faction-less manner.
A50: It is hard for me to make a judgement without talking to all of the people involved to understand why something occurred. However, I’ve passed along your idea. It isn’t a bad one. I think I’d need to think about it more though. But maybe something can be done.

Q51: Adam - Does the Ingress team see any inherent balance problem where players who have been playing for greater than 1 year are at a SIGNIFICANT advantage over players who have played less than 1 year? (Considering ADA/JARVIS and Quantum Capsule drop rates have been reduced. Longer term players possess multiple quantum capsules filled with ADA/Jarvis from when hack drop rates were greater, and less than 1 year players just can't hack those at the same rates anymore.)
A51: Ingress is inherently a team game. So while in a one-on-one situation there may be a disadvantage of not having as much gear, but it benefits everyone to play together and share resources.

Q52: Ratoo Li​​ - Fake news has been rampant in US and around world, having real consequence. In Ingress community, many experienced players in communities enjoy preaching and boasting new players about unverified claims, rumors, folklores about inappropriate actions of other faction agents. Do you have a comment on this issue which could have very real impact on player relations?
A52: Are you asking me to comment on what my thoughts are of fake new stories? It’s bad. I’m not sure what else needs to be said.

Q53: Racletto Allegra - Why are so many (multiple) agent codename changes accepted when the FAQ clearly states that "Codename changes are only allowed for players that accidentally input their real name or their activation code." and "Only one faction change is permitted per player."?
A53: NIA OPS says that exception may be made in certain cases for codename changes.

Q54: Ryan Diebel - What do you think about the benefits and the feasibility of having selective alerts. For instance selecting a couple portals to get attack notifications but having the majority of portals shut off for notifications.
A54: I’m not sure that this is scalable. It seems like a lot of backend processing to check every alert for very little gain.

Q55: U. Pafus (UPafus) - hope that Ingress Prime will have an option to set an Item-Hacking Level-Threshold just to avoid the establishment of a recycler badge...
A55: I understand the annoyance, but limited inventory space and inventory management is a tried and true game mechanic to have players prioritize their inventory. I think filtering out items just creates an easy mode for this. The struggle is real. It should be as well -- in my opinion.

Q56: Michael Koopman - Heyo, as per - Could Niantic please livestream the next Agent Olympiad on Twitch or YouTube instead of Niconico?
A56: This is unlikely to happen if another Olympiad is to take place in Japan. Niconico is one of the most popular streaming services in Japan which is where the Olympiad event took place. I believe they were also a sponsor or provided the streaming package as well. They have been a valued partner of ours in Japan for a long time with support for Ingress events.

Q57: Josh Stock - I'm confused why Niantic would release a "full" list of anomaly events thru May 2019, and then a week later separately announce an Anomaly Event in Fukuoka about 4 weeks away. Can you add clarity -- will there be other "unannounced" Anomaly events between now and May '19?
A57: Good question. I think the term Anomaly is the confusing point and probably a poor choice of words. The Fukuoka event is an anomaly in the sense of an anomalous XM event occuring. But it is not the same category of events as a Primary or Secondary/Satellite event. It will be scored as part of the Dark XM event that is occurring but participants will be awarded the same medal as those attending the upcoming MAGNUS events. We should probably come up with a different term to describe something like the Fukuoka event. Could there be more like that? I suppose. Will there be more Primary/Secondary XM events occuring that aren’t listed -- no.

Q58: Houssam Eltouny (DARKoo7) - Please can we have something in Dubai, it is the perfect place for an event in the middle east, the only things we got are 2 MD since ingress started in the whole middle east, 1 was in dubai Dec 2016
A58: I’ve passed this along.

Q59: Gerald Wolf - Given the increasing number of agents that openly admit to have used their own rules to judge in OPR rather than sticking to the rules set by Niantic, as well as the increasing frequency of bias-accusations of agents against each other and against the other faction, can you give us a perspective of how and when this OPR-mess is going to improve?
A59: I’ve been told changes and tweaks to OPR will be coming. That’s all I can comment on for now.

Q60: Rebekah Rogge - We believe there are persons who are one starring every portal submission with the sole purpose of preventing any new portals (or Pokestops/gyms) in our area. They are also submitting invalid portal requests specifically where the portal is a popular gym in Pokemon GO with the purpose of spoiling the game. Is Niantics working on a solution to this?
A60: According to NIA OPS, invalid portal requests won’t affect the Portal unless it meets the criteria for removal.

Q61: Brian Aydemir (Toxoplasmolly) - Some months ago, there was #WhatDoesIngressMeanToMe. In that spirit, what does Ingress mean to Niantic? As a business proposition? As a creative endeavor?
A61: Great question. I can only speak on what I’ve been told and know to be true. Which may not be as in depth and exhaustive a response as it deserves. Ingress is very core to Niantic. It represents a lot, if not all, of the companies vision and mission. It’s a product that enables experiences unlike any game that has come before it. Despite the picture the vocal minority tries to paint, Ingress is very strategic to Niantic. It is the only property whose intellectual property we own and control 100%. This allows us to do things and push the boundary of this genre of gaming we may not have the opportunity to do with the other titles we publish both in regards to game play but also the creative direction. Ingress isn’t going anywhere.

Q62: Bob Tomas - Will NL1331 kits,XM Anomaly rare/very rare kits support more payment method such as Unionpay,Ailpay or Wechat pay in the future?It's hard for some people to buy paid kits in China because people almost have Unionpay cards but they don't have a visa/master card .Thank you!
A62: I don’t think this is likely to change in the near future. Like all merchants, we are limited by what our payment processor offers to support.

Q63: Chibi Okamiko - Good morning, Andrew! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I have a question about an event that my local cross-faction has hosted for the last couple of years. The Dayton, Ohio area has coordinated a cross-faction starburst to help connect the Ingress community. This year, we feel as though we need it more than ever, but also, we want to give back to the Dayton area as well. We are considering holding a raffle to raise money for a local charity (at this time the most popular suggestion is Artemis House, a place that provides support and information for victims of domestic violence and their children.) the prize would be to knock down the starburst. Team members are concerned whether this would be allowed or not. Please, could you give us some feedback? Thank you.
A63: As the Global Community Manager (GCM) I can’t really speak to whether this violates some sort of policy or not because it doesn’t seem cut and dry. But as the GCM I fully support this idea. I will happily and strongly advocate that no punitive actions occur based on this and think you should proceed with it. Exceptions to rules can always be made. I think the spirit of this is worthy of an exception.

Q64” Laurent “X6996” - Can I ask you what your personal Ingress goals are for 2018?
A64: I would love to hit 16. But I have a lot of AP that I need to gain.

Q65: Xine Lgt - I was hoping Niantic would consider a “trusted agent”-type program for portal appeals. If a portal edit request is not approved, perhaps a trusted agent in that portal’s area can submit any additional information so Niantic can confidently make the requested portal changes. For example, a portal request to remove a statue because it no longer exists, a trusted agent can go to the location and submit a new photo or video of the location.
A65: This is interesting because a program like you suggest implies we don’t trust the other Agents. NIA OPS says that anyone can submit additional information on the appeal. We consider both the main content and the comments during review.

Q66: Hsinergy - I have a few queries about Niantic Ops. Could you share if there are any governance checks to ascertain if they are discharging their duties effectively. There is a perception that the support tickets are closed without much due diligence. Assuming there is a governance framework, is there an avenue through which agents are able to provide feedback on the investigation (or the lack thereof) carried out by Niantic Ops and where this feedback is reviewed by a separate governing body.
A66: NIA OPS has a post or article coming soon to address the perception of support tickets being closed. In regards to being able to provide feedback, every ticket you submit should come with a customer satisfaction survey after it is submitted. Reply to that to share your feelings.

Q67: Ashley (TrinityPrincess) - Could Niantic consider providing the ability to toggle on and off missions already completed when viewing the missions available list?
A67: I would personally love this feature.

Q68: Colin Jones (Ponder - FUHA) - Once Ingress Prime is fully up and running, backend included, will we have a way to access our inventory details from outside the scanner, eg. an official web page? (Could be very useful for key management).
A68: I wasn’t able to get an answer to this in time for things to be published. I think it could be a great idea but I worry about abuse. Could someone fake that they are another agent to get their inventory details. Things like that need to be considered.

Q69: James Hands - Recently in our town we had the badge artwork for 26 missions deleted and replaced with the default suitcase icon. The badge art was created by the mission maker and was chile peppers shaped into the letters of the English alphabet on a plain white background. There was no explanation. We can only speculate that the art was deleted because agents (myself included) were using the letters to create profane messages on their Ingress profiles. Is it fair to punish the mission maker because of the way certain players use his lettering?
A69: I couldn’t get a response from NIA OPS in time. The following is just my opinion. Yes, if something is being abused for negative purposes, it is probably a good idea to examine it.

Q70: DarthMewtwo - Do you think websites, such as this one run by a Seattle local ( are keeping with the community spirit of the game?
A70: It seems petty and childish. So no… I don’t think it is in the spirit of the game.

Q71: Matt Cathey - As far as Niantic is concerned, do parking lots (with or without entrance lock gates) fall under the “no trespass” rule for after-hours Ingressing? i.e a park that is posted as open from 5 am to 10 pm. An agent drives into the parking lot and, without exiting their vehicle, kills the nearby portals that otherwise would not be reachable from, say, the street the parking lot accesses. Many agents believe that not exiting your vehicle is some sort of “safety net” when it comes to after-hours Ingressing and therefore doesn’t count against trespassing.
A71: I wasn’t able to get a response from NIA OPS in time. But I do know that parking lots are considered private property. At least in the United States. But also, not all parking lots share the same accessibility hours as the park or location they are attached to. So it is really hard to make a blanket statement other than to simply abide by the local laws and posted times.

Q72: Matt Cathey - Does our personal approved or declined OPR submissions play a role in our OPR rating or is it solely the candidates we analyze?
A72: NIA OPS says it is based on the candidates they analyze, not your submissions.

Q73: Thibasch (Thibasch) - Are there faction's specific glyphs sequence? (Sequence that the other faction can't have)
A73: There are not faction specific glyph sequences.

Q74: AndreSt1989 - How is a POC elected and what are his functions? Is there a difference between the POC and the local leader
A74: An anomaly or event POC can be someone different than a person who is viewed as a local leader. There is no requirement on who must be a POC. The only rules are who cannot be a POC. How a POC is selected can vary quite a lot from city to city and country to country. Ultimately, through conversations with locals, the information on who will be a POC bubbles up to Niantic. Their function is to provide local knowledge of an area to Niantic and where applicable provide/manage lists for rewards (Mission Day check-in, remote Recharger, etc.).

Q75: O S - What are your thoughts on reopening a submission appeals community with the caveat that rejected submissions entered there must fall under the NIA Ops recommended 5 star rating list (gazebo, playground, etc.)? It is getting very frustrating to have the OPR reviewers fail to follow the recommendations and use their personal opinions on what a portal shouldn't be.
A75: Thanks for this question. I has spawned a discussion internally and we are working on a plan to do something.

Q76: Racletto Allegra - You've stated earlier that scraing should be reported to NIA, but the form for reporting cheaters only allows the following offences:
Multiple accounts/account sharing
Accounts buying/selling
GPS spoofing
Which option should be used for reporting scraping?
A76: For now, I would use the Report Inappropriate Behavior and select the “other” category.

Q77: Andreas Riegel (Camokater) - Are there any limitations to vehicles? We need to clarify what vehicles are allowed to play Ingress? Is it only allowed to play from a ground vehicle (car, boat) or is the use of helicopters, planes and other air vehicles (Gyrocopter, Balloon, Ultra-Light-Plane, Parachute) allowed, too?
A77: There is a speed lock so I suppose anything that allows actions

Q78: Mayra Lucía de Fátima Chepe Ballena - I have some packs from past anomalies with characters badges... I am waiting to get all my Onyx medals in order to release those badges to my scanner (TOC issues), but I'm not sure if with Ingress Prime those previous passcodes will still be available when that happens. Should I use them now or are they gonna work with Prime? Ty.
A78: Good question. I wasn’t able to get a definite answer unfortunately. Ask me again next month and I’ll see if I can a response for it by then.

Q79: Golstaff - It would be awesome if we could report bad behavior from inside the app. World of Warcraft did a similar thing where you could right-click the name of an offending player to open a support ticket directly from the client. This only helped players report spam and harassment more easily. Do you see a more streamlined report/support process happening moving forward?
A79: I really don’t know all of the new features that will be rolled out to Prime over the next year. But this one is an idea I like and I’ll pass it along.

Q80: Terri Sanders - After the enthusiasm of running a first sat, we are about to apply for a mission day, and have realised we might be able to get it to coincide with the UK national video games festival. Hypothetically, if we can pull this off, do you think you, or anyone from niantic would be interested in attending the video games festival? And how would we go about contacting the right people?
A80: I don’t know if I can attend but I can certainly pass the information around and ask if anyone is interested.

Q81: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - The Ultrastrike is listed as "Very Common" on its card, yet drops less commonly than Common Shields etc. Given the massive amount of duped Aegis (often from a seed of bought items) out there these days, can we have the US drop rate reassessed? My suggestion would be about one quarter of the Xmp rate, so 25 US8 for every 100 X8s etc.
A81: I’ll pass this along.

Q82: Mathilde Poussin (Brunissende) - Is there some limit to how many banners and/or missions can be submitted in an area (relative or not to the number of local players)
A82: Not that I am aware of.

Q83: Joseph Ayers (JoeSpaz) - How do you feel about following opposing agents? What in the TOS would apply to this issue?

Q84: Mustafa Said - Are there any plans to revive the Ingress Report, either prior to or after the release of Ingress Prime?
A84: I don’t know and I couldn’t get an answer for this AMA.

Q85: Joseph Ayers (JoeSpaz) - RE: Property Owner Portal Removal Request. Where should a property owner write to if the would like a portal removed off their property?
A85: NIA OPS says, the help center. They do not need an Ingress account.

Q86: Nikita Korolev NikaKor - If we wanted to conduct our own anomaly, similar to, for example, Paititi or Ultimate in South America, Niantic could support us officially? For example, create special shards or some tools for counting the results? Maybe the "Community Events" line on - Ingress Live Events is designed specifically for this? I really wanted to hear the answer to this.
A86: Very interesting question. I think it depended on the type of support. I don’t think supporting via Shards is really feasible. But I can always ask. Throw together a proposal and send it my way and I’ll see how we can help.

Q87: What is the status of the 2nd Chance program? Some of us have been waiting a long time to apply for this program.
A87: Right now, it isn’t a program of record and is unlikely to be one given some hurdles we can’t overcome.

Q88: Sebastien H. (Khatre) - Why First Saturdays are not considered win trading and therefore against tos ?
A88: The short answer is because they are official Niantic sanctioned events.

#1: Don't ask about personal situations. I don't have access to the ticketing system and couldn't comment publicly if I did.
#2: Don't ask if we will implement something. I don't make those decisions. Asking for my opinion on features is ok. If I can confirm something, I will.
#3: Read the previous AMA's. Asking a repeat question is likely to go unanswered and we both will be frustrated.
#4: Abide by Wheaton’s Law. Trolling and abuse of this AMA will likely get your comment(s) deleted and you blocked.

Josh Stock's curated archive of all the past AMA's:

GCM AMA G+ Collection of Posts:
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It's the first Monday of February 2018 (where I am in the world at least). That means it is the first of the new monthly AMAs. Unlike the past weekly AMAs, it may take longer for me to answer your questions because I'm going to try to reach out to the experts if I can't answer a question.

Edit 1: disabled comments
Edit 2: Q&A posted
Edit 3: I'm assuming Q6 relates to suspended players starting new accounts which differs from Q50.

Q1: Josh Stock - Thanks to IQTech for releasing the decoded hash results for EXO5. However, we still do not have the following pieces that allow the player community to confirm that Niantic is fairly scoring anomalies:
13 Magnus Reawakens - Decoded Hash
13 Magnus Reawakens - Individual Portal State results (like those listed at #ViaNoir Per Portal Data for ViaNoir)
EXO5 - Individual Portal State results

Can you provide these items (or get the relevant parties to post them) and ask NiaOps/Gamemaster to include these as a standard part of their process (the way they used to be)? Or, as a poor alternative, if it's not possible to provide those for some reason, can you please provide a clear statement explaining that so that we don't go on expecting it?
A1: The Gamemasters said, decoded hashes for 13MR were made public following the event. For clarity, the data has been re-uploaded here: ; An examination of the Anomaly Intel documents for 13MAGNUS Reawakens and EXO5 does not include a clause providing for per-portal scoring data.

Q2: Josh Stock - How does one “Ask NIA OPS” in the best manner to get a response?
A2: NIA OPS recommends that the best way to currently contact them is via the Help Center or through a Google+ post where they are tagged. It should be noted that we may not be able to comment on ban appeals or personal account related issues on a public post though. We can answer general questions but the Help Center is the best option.

Q3: A. P. (m3taphor) - Will those who have registered for previous NL events receive a credit towards the teired badge?
A3: No they will not.

Q4: Troy Baird - When is the Wellington missionday and NL badges being pushed?
A4: The goal is to have them pushed by the end of this week.

Q5: Josh Stock - Does the Super Bowl play in Australia? Is it weird watching it on a Monday Morning?
A5: The Super Bowl was on many channels in Australia. It was slightly off putting to be watching it at lunch time on a Monday. We missed the first half because we were driving. But the second half was awesome.

Q6: Sorak Enl - For the agents who were banned, will we expect to see them playing new accounts or should such play be reported?
A6: NIA OPS says that this would fall under multi-accounting which is a violation of the TOS and should be reported.
p.s. assuming you are referring to suspended accounts that is.

Q7: Tizian M. (TizianTitus) - What about giving us the portal ages back to our intel? We are clarify the guardian on our playzone ourselves.
A7: This is currently not something that I’ve heard discussions about.

Q8: Valentin Brückel - Would you agree with the impression that NIA's reaction to recent leaks has been extremely lopsided, hitting ENL players hard for relatively minor infractions while RES agents that were much more deeply involved in questionable actions mostly went unpunished?
Is it correct that 90+ percent of agents implicated in the Drunken Frog leak got temp bans while less than 20% of RIOT users did?
A8: From a statistical standpoint there have been more Enlightened banned based on a third-party report of cheating than Resistance banned from a separate and distinct third-party report of cheating. From a qualitative standpoint, I’m sure Niantic has done the research and imposed bans on those they have found in violation of the the TOS based on the investigations they have concluded to date. NIA OPS doesn’t typically consider faction as an input when considering if a TOS violation has occurred.

Q9: Sorak Enl - What is one fun thing not ingress related that you have done on your trip so far?
A9: If I had to pick on thing, soaking in the hot springs of Taupo, New Zealand was awesome. I was feeling under the weather for a few days leading up to that and it not only feel instantly better but it re-energized me.

Q10: Dries Goddefroy - Is there anything you can tell about the stop for new mission days?
A10: We have put a pause to processing any new Mission Days as we sort out things related to Ingress Prime’s release.

Q11: Maya R (nyxr) - What’s the solution/ETA on portals neither accepted nor rejected and older than 1 month. Many of us are waiting on these since September/October. Also in areas with enough reviewers. (Several onyx reviewers in both factions)
A11: According to NIA OPS, some POIs might require more votes than others and we can't share a timeline on when specific Portals will go live. The general issue surrounding portals “in limbo” is still being worked on. We hope to resolve this in the next several months.

Q12: Tiernan Messmer - You've mentioned about OPR candidates on military grounds in a previous AMA, what about mine sites?
A12: According to NIA OPS, mine sites are treated the same was a military grounds. Only portals on residential single family property should be denied due to property type. Assuming the portal meets all the other submission criteria which includes not obstructing or interfering with the operations of a industrial site as cited in the OPR help article.

Q13: Sérgio Simões (FoghoPhaetyx) - What about sponsoring/hosting a "secret santa" swag exchange with the folks of redditgifts?
A13: Not a bad idea.

Q14: Olaf Niemeyer (ThreeCheeseTall) - What is your opinion on glyph hack overlays to just trace glyphs? Are you thinking they are for or against the spirit of the game?
A14: NIA OPS says that in general, third-party tools are a no-no. Without knowing the specifics of how a particular application works it is hard to give a exact answer about an individual tool, but generally, tools that shortcut the intended challenges of the game are against the rules. There are offline applications and websites that will help train your memory and skill at Glyph hacking.

Q15: James Green (jkg5150) - Is it on Niantic's roadmap (post Prime release I guess) to allow agents to migrate their accounts from one email address / Google account to another?
A15: NIA OPS says that they are aware of the challenges that the current system presents. There are plans in place to eventually expand the login solution. When that will occur and what that will look like has not yet been determined or finalized.

Q16: Flurin Noller (Micky) - Do you honestly think the temp-bans will change anything in the player's behaviour? Especially in long term?
A16: Like all punitive punishments, I think it depends on the person. Some people learn their lesson and some don’t. For others it takes multiple punishments and for different people they learn the lesson by watching others getting punished.

Q17: João Oliveira (Hellbl4zer) - With the new expansion phase(s) of the +November Lima project, any plans on an actual expansion and have several tours (i.e. more than one van) at the same time?
A17: At this time we do not have any plans to have concurrent NL1331 events running.

Q18: Wez Gil (WEZEW) - We are having serious problems with an openly admitted (on comms) multi-accounter, no matter how many times we report him, he gets away with it. Why does NIA let him away with it when it's against ToS?
A18: Can you ping me privately with the Help Center ticket numbers?

Q19: Paul Timmins (noweb4u) - What is your favorite Midwestern food?
A19: Hotdogs with ketchup.

Q20: Tijs Born - In Antwerp during the MD registration we were able to pickup our EXO5 supporter packs. I ordered a very rare pack but I'm missing the EXO5 coin. Any information about these coins?
A20: I was told that the they are being (or will be soon) shipped to Agents.

Q21: Dawson Gilligan - When can we expect a working beta release of Ingress Prime?? Speak up Andrew it's 2018 we deserve to know.
A21: We already have an internal beta. Screenshots of it and a video already exist. We gave a demo in December to the people who at the San Francisco Anomaly.

Q22: Eduardo Candotti - Hello andrew! It is possible to put a countdown on mission pages, like 0/150, so we can know how many we already did and plan ahead?
A22: This has been requested several times and I’ve forwarded it on. Thank you for the input.

Q23: Tim Fitzpatrick (Photofitz) - You said in previous AMAs that you would like a larger focus on First Saturdays this year. Is that still the case and would it mean Niantic taking the administration side in-house, instead of the current Fev Games involvement? As an organiser, while I appreciate their involvement greatly, it's frustrating that First Saturday submissions can't be made until around 10 days before the event and that results sometimes don't appear until weeks later. I'd like to think that would improve if Niantic were more directly involved. What's your view?
A23: I want to make Ingress First Saturdays big events. Not Anomaly big. But where a couple hundred people can come together and enjoy the game in a non-competitive atmosphere with both new and veteran players. My big asks would be for a tiered medal for participation and merchandise kits that we can send to POCs to reward players that come. I still like the fact that the community is involved with organizing them. I’m not sure I would want to take things away from Fev Games, who I think have done a great job. But I think Niantic can provide more logistical support than we previously do and scale them up.

Q24: Mārtiņš Dmitrijevs - WHEN WILL BE F""KING ANOMALIES!?!?

Q25: b4gm4n Jones - What’s your opinion on violent players?
A25: Does anyone think violent behavior is acceptable? If you encounter someone who is being violent to you or another person, please put your personal safety first. Niantic is not the police.

Q26: Dainius Happy - Hello, Andrew, do you have any information about any schedule for 2018 for NL-1331? Planning to catch the new tiered medal. Thanks.
A26: In speaking to Ethan, he recently confirmed Taipei, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. He is also working on a schedule for Europe and other places.

Q27: Sorak Enl - What do you think about a comment field during portal submission that will could contain links to help validate the Submission? I can understand not wanting a link on the portal because that could be construed as advertising, however not all rural areas are covered by street view and if it's something relatively new even if we've done a photosphere on it that may not be visible when we do the submission.
A27: Honestly, I would have to think about that one more. Providing people the ability to insert links could be grossly abused and there may be some liability issues. NIA OPS also says that at this time, adding a photosphere for the location helps for areas that do not have updated Street View. For the historical/hidden gem candidates, adding a description about the significance of the Portal helps (own content please, not from third party sources).

Q28: Denis Moreaux - Do you think (purely speculative as I don't think it would get implemented) that requiring people on OPR to fill all fields even for 1 star portal and requiring final note to be between lowest and highest could stop the "A star all" trend used to artificially increase OPR badge?
A28: I don’t know. I could think of a number of ways to get around it to be honest. I think there are other solutions to mitigate that beyond trying to do so on the front end.

Q29: Tijs Born - I reported a portal in my neighbourhood as a duplicate since there were two portals of one object. +NIA Ops did remove the duplicate, but also the original portal! They deleted both. How could we prevent this from happening next time?
A29: Without knowing the specifics, NIA OPS guesses that this probably happened because the Portal at the correct location did not have pedestrian access or no longer existed at the location. They recommend that you use the G+ Portal Appeals community to post an appeal and they’ll look into it.

Q30: Ryder Sadlovsky - How do I get approved for merchandise sales? I have some design ideas I would like to put on print on demand sites like Redbubble but legally can't without permission.
A30: Currently, the only licenses we provide are for Anomaly related merchandise to our POCs. If that changes we’ll make an announcement.

Q31: Serhiy Skybun - Hi, Andrew! I think that there are a lot of people are interested in questions about how to write abuses for inappropriate game. Is it possible to write abuses in Russian for example, not in English?
A31: NIA OPS says that you can write in using any language and that they can reply in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

Q32: Matias Fuenzalida - Hello Andrew. In relationship a deleted portals. Is it possible if many agent of a particular faction to come together in order to send many requests take down a portal just to hurt the other faction, will that portal be taken down?
A32: I am told that the faction, and how many reports are submitted, do not play in to the decision to remove a portal. We follow up individually and research all requests.

Q33: Matias Fuenzalida - Is there a way to appellate for a particular portal that has been taken down for request of this kind of malicious groups?
Q33: NIA OPS recommends using the G+ Portal Appeals community.

Q34: Mayra Lucía de Fátima Chepe Ballena - Hi Andrew! I'm pretty sure, as you said before, that doing some NL events in South America or Latam is difficult but are there any short-term plans for this part of the world that at this moment can only see a badge nearly impossible to achieve? Is there anything we can do to boost up the chances to get NL Meetups in Latin America? Thank you!
A34: Ethan wants to bring the November Lima experience to Latin America. However, the logistics for that, as mentioned previously, are difficult and are still being discussed internally.

Q35: Crazyeagle21 S - Can niantic make an international database to inform the player base about the reasons a portal is removed from game play? (Ie: unsafe location, Requested by owner, no longer fits OPR standards)
A35: While this would be a good feature. I don’t know if the cost benefit is there. Meaning the cost to make a system to inform a small amount of people about why something was removed is greater than the benefit. There are also privacy concerns as well that come into play when an owner contacts us to request a removal. The last thing we would want is a person being harassed over their request. So as it stands, this is not something we are actively pursuing.

Q36: Jessica Gigante - Are Vanguards working as the Niantic team supposed to? Did you read the letters to NiantiClaus?
A36: The Vanguards have been a great addition to Ingress. They work very hard to provide objective insights on many many topics in addition to participating in various other programs. Their contributions are very much appreciated. I did not read all of the NiantiClaus letters yet. There were a lot.

Q37: Gabriele Vergani - Hi Andrew! In a previous AMA you stated that NIA was working on the faction-bias in OPR. Has something changed since the release of OPR? Is something expected SOON(TM)?
A37: The OPR team says that it is on the development roadmap and they hope to have a solution in the next few months. So yes… soon™.

Q38: Maya R (nyxr) - Can you offer any explanation on the length of reviews of bans that are considered false. (Nia agreed after 3 months ref: #527705 and more) 3 months mean the players give up, the communities are in disarray, and infighting between believers of agent or NIA is rife and bad for communities, and xfaction relationships.
A38: The majority of ban appeals are reviewed within 48 hours. Some appeals are escalated for further review which may take considerably longer. NIA OPS is now caught up on escalated appeals and future escalations should be handled in a timely manner.

Q39: 車車張 - Hi Andrew! I'm wondering if NL1331 the car will be back at US?
A39: Ethan says that yes, at some point it will be back in the U.S.

Q40: Frankie G - Are you and NIA Ops aware of the latest cheating ring perpetrated the the Enlightened in Sydney called #GoldFish?
A40: We are aware of the allegations and NIA OPS is investigating.

Q41: Mayra Lucía de Fátima Chepe Ballena - Should we expect any event for this Valentine's day? <3
A41: You know… I don’t know. At the moment we do not have anything planned.

Q42: Kai-Ivan Walsøe - I was wondering if you know a good substitute for popcorn? I'm getting tired of popcorn and it keeps getting stuck in my teeth!
A42: In the shell roasted and salted pistachios.

Q43: Mario Valenzuela II (Relique) - If you could relive any period in Ingress's history via RPE, which time period would you visit?
A43: Epiphany night. I mean… BOOM! BANG! An A.I. involved in an escape! XM EVERYWHERE! CATS AND DOGS SLEEPING TOGETHER! CRAZY TIMES MAN!

Q44: Aliénor Fragnier - Hi Andrew. Connected cells have been used in the past and were a great way to make the global community work together (European cell supporting an anomaly in the US for example). Is there a plan to multiply those? I would love to see that happening more often (and even several per anomaly site would be great!)
A44: This has been discussed internally. The gamemasters are for any mechanic that can activate and include as many people as possible. While I can’t say that this will definitely be a feature in future Anomalies or events - it is one I think we all want.

Q45: T. True (DJGi) - Red pill or Blue pill?
A45: Didn’t we figure out that in the end it all leads to the same place/conclusions and that is - the truth as we choose to believe it? Mind blown…

Q46: Fadi Husseini - Hi Andrew. what is happening to all thoae roundabouts portals. most roundabouts in my country are small and SAFELY reachable by walking.. yet they are being removed. what is NIA's problem with roundabouts?
A46: NIA OPS says, roundabouts that have pedestrian access (have a stripped crossing lane, sidewalk around the roundabout, etc) are OK. If the player cannot walk up to the object on the roundabout, it will be removed. Note that access from a sidewalk next to the roundabout is not considered safe pedestrian access. To appeal, adding photos showing that the roundabout has pedestrian access would help.

Q47: Arnaud D - When will the application be updated for the iPhone X screen?
A47: At this time I can’t provide an estimate.

Q48: Adam - Little Free Libraries... when reviewing potential portals in OPR, should LFL be approved if they are next to the road or sidewalk within the county/city right-of-way, but the lawn they are on is owned and maintained by a residential home privately owned? These seem to be on county/city property and private property at the same time. It seems the LFL is inviting the public to stop by. What do you say?
A48: According to NIA OPS, If it's on someone's private residential property (right-of-way or not), it does not meet criteria. If it's on a common area that's not associated to any private residence, that should be ok.It's hard for us to know the local nuances of legal access for a global game, so as a general rule, if it's on the 'Do Not Submit' list, do not submit them.

Q49: Vladimir Harkonnen - What do you think about a one time possibility of a faction change without losing AP or achivements? To celebrate the release of Ingress prime
A49: I would need to think about it more. Initially, I am pretty indifferent and have no strong feelings either way.

Q50: Josef Vybíhal - Hi Andrew. When agent receives permanent ban and he creates new account, is that okay in terms of TOS?
A50: NIA OPS says, unless explicitly allowed, if an account has been permanently banned, it is permitted to create a new one as long as you play clean going forward. If your account is later unbanned, please choose one account to play with. You may either delete the second account, or simply stop using it. Actively using multiple accounts could result in all accounts being permanently banned.

Q51: emilythorne Janina - Why is Europe left out a bit? In the USA there is Camp Navarro, almost on every Anomaly two Characters, in Asia there was Olympiad and the Tokyo Mega-Anomaly. So, what can be done to change it?
A51: We are working on holding a Camp Navarro styled event in Europe. I do not know when and where that will be. But the team is actively trying to put something together. When things are confirmed, I am sure there will be an announcement about it.

Q52: Bicho lun - How we can report inaccessible missions (whose portals are inaccessible)? The scanner report of that kind of portals isn't effective.
A52: It is recommended to try reaching out to the Mission Author on COMM and request that they edit the Mission.

Q53: Karolina Bengtsdotter - Can we get a little more details in the email why the portals were rejected?
A53: NIA OPS says, usually they are rejected because they do not meet the criteria. If it's a duplicate or rejected because it's too close to another Portal, the rejection email mentions that. For everything else, check the Ingress Portal Criteria and resubmit with a better title/description/photo if you think it's a valid candidate.

Q54: Ryan Ragoobeer - Hey Andrew! It's been a while! Any word on Niantic working on something for remote areas with players who have no portals, no submitters and no reviewers?
A54: Can you ping me with which areas specifically you are wondering about?

Q55: Kelly “Nidaria” Lynch - How do we address missions that are rejected for copyright infringement, however we have 1. direct permission from the artist or 2. the image is used in accordance with the Fair Use part of copyright law? If the artist is credited, the mission is rejected for containing a name.
A55: NIA OPS recommends that it might help to provide a more detailed description on how the banner image relates to the overall image. In a majority of cases, the Mission may be rejected because the banner image has no connection to the Mission content or waypoints chosen.

Q56: Denis Milanović - Once OPR is extended to review edits, could Niantic please consider reversing its criteria of rejecting non-permanent portals?
A56: NIA OPS says, this is unlikely to change.

Q57: Joanna E (joannaex) - Since the end of last year our reports on spoofers do not result in bans. About 20% of the actual bots are banned despite efforts to re-open reports and bring the matter into attention. I am talking about the new trend of bot accounts that show up already leveled up to 8 without any actions (solely from glyphing) that either destroy entire regions, or cover cities or upgrade specific areas. Is there a reason why we are being ignored and what exactly can we do to remedy the situation? Please don't tell me to keep reporting, as it has been proven pointless. People are quite upset and a few agents have quit the game already.
A57: There have been some steps put in place quite recently to help with this specific issue.

Q58: Marcos Rocha - Good morning Andrew! I would like to remind you of the week of the 5th anniversary of the ingress, where players could temporarily put 4 mod and 2 resonators at level 8 and 7 alone on the same portal, would like to know if there is any chance that NIANTIC will definitively implement this as benefits for agents level 16? this would sound like a motivation to reach this level
A58: Will we definitely implement this? That’s not something we can comment on at this point.

Q59: Fernando Roberto (FeExred) - Do you intend to expand Recon's "Candidate Action Guide" list? Today the guide is small, without many options and this generate a lot of discussion among the agents about what is a valid portal in numerous cases where candidates are not listed there.
A59: NIA OPS recommends posting these suggestion in the OPR G+ Community. They frequently scan through and add things to the list if they find any new candidates being discussed.

Q60: Christine Jeffery - Ketchup or tomato sauce?
A60: Only with my creme brulee.

Q61: Simon Benzaglou (Caldoche) - Hello Andrew, can you please make Ingress available in New Caledonia's playstore ? At the moment it's "not available in your country".
A61: We are researching this. It might be a restriction with the Google Play store as they only allow certain apps in certain countries.

Q62: Lizzie Macneill - Is there anything Niantic can implement to prevent burster stacking e.g. even if you do manage to manipulate your data connection so that you can let 100 bursters off at once, there is a mechanism in the game that only applies the bursters one at a time over the period in which they would have been let off under normal circumstances, i.e. one every few seconds instead of stacking them up? We are aware of players using some method or maybe various methods to manipulate burster stacking to their advantage on a regular basis, which as you can imagine makes recharge rather pointless.
A62: Our team says, like many requested features, this will probably be addressed when the upgrade to Ingress Prime (both client and backend) are complete. Right now our priority is obtaining feature parity between Ingress 1.0 and Ingress Prime so it is ready for release.

Q63: Nikita Korolev NikaKor: Earlier you wrote that Niantic want to support more events First Saturday. In what form will this support be carried out, and when does the company plan to start dealing with this issue? Do not need exact terms, say at least an approximate month.
A63: I think I’ve already detailed some of the what in a previous question. The “when” is going to be determined by a few things internally. Mainly, I need to free up some cycles so I can work on this. That should be happening in the next few months and then I’ll be able to revisit Ingress First Saturdays and start executing on a plan.

Q64: Fissionnette -
Patriots or Eagles?
Koalas or Sheep?
One question or three?
A64: Patriots. Koalas. One.

Q65: Felipe Sarabia - Any plans for a limited run of Tycho posters at Niantic's Ingress Shop?
A65: Not at this time.

Q66: nate sneller - There are 2 glyphs I have yet to encounter while glyph hacking: "Chase" and "Creativity". I've asked numerous agents, and none recall seeing these as well. Do they exist in the game?
A66: Creativity, Thought, and Idea are all the same glyph. Chase may not be in the scanner yet but there was mention of it here in connection with Pursue:

Q67: Fernando Roberto (FeExred) - Please, allow to buy more inventory space!
A67: I would love it. I don’t think a feature like this will be available until after the Ingress Prime upgrade is completed. But once it is completed, it should open up the ability to do a lot of new things.

Q68: Alexis RODET - I'd like a post office feature to be able to send some items as gifts to relatives that we don't have much occasion to meet in real because they leave to far away.
A68: Noted and passed along.

Q69: Marines Lopez Soliz - I and other agents think that will be great if destroy mod grants AP, maybe more weird grants more ap
A69: That is not a bad idea. I’ll pass this along too.

Q70: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - How many monthly active users does Ingress have these days, and do you expect a wave of new players in Prime?
A70: We can’t answer the question of monthly active users. We are preparing, and anticipating, for a wave of new players for Prime. As such, reconfiguring the onboarding and tutorials is a big priority for us.

Q71: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - Any updates on a Trusted Reviewer group to handle portal edit appeals and submission appeals.
A71: Portal edits are coming to OPR so I don’t think a Trusted Reviewer group for edit appeals is needed. No update on submission appeals and I’m not sure it will be a thing at this time.

Q72: George Prout (jeep42) - Do you have any wild speculation re Q2/3/4 anomalies that we could get excited about now and then be let down later?
A72: Sounds like you are a pessimist so any news will be a let down. So let’s just speculate about anything, pick something, and call it a day - mmmkay?

Q73: John TheAussie - What is the stance on traffic Bridges in opr that are unique in architecture, or have history, or are now historical ruins, which have safe pedestrian access?
A73: NIA OPS says, sounds like it would meet criteria if it has some significance and has pedestrian access. If it's not easily apparent, adding a clear description about the significance of the Portal candidate will help other OPR reviewers evaluate it accurately.

Q74: Laly O - Hi Andrew! i was wondering... since there's a new NL 1331 medal, that means that we will have those kind of events in Latinamérica too?
A74: Ethan says that nothing is scheduled at the moment and they are still trying to figure out how to support LatAm.

Q75: John TheAussie - If a fence boundary on the public access side of a residential property (or similar frowned upon properties) has murals, art, unqiue architecture is it an acceptable portal if you are not trespassing, and can physically touch it from the public sidewalk.
A75: NIA OPS says, to keep it simple, if it's on private residential property don't submit it.

Q76: Craig-AusiKifaru -_- - Does a 3 star vote count towards an agreement if rejected or accepted (or perhaps neither)?
A76: Commenting on how things work may skew potential behavior and this is something we do not want to do or encourage. I would rate things based on the training and guidelines and don’t worry about the rest.

Q77: Christine Jones (CrimsonAZ) - Hi Andrew, you previously mentioned in a few AMAs that you were working on a second chance program for banned players. I was wondering if that's ever going to be implemented or was it cancelled? Thanks!
A77: It’s on hold right now. I don’t foresee it being implemented any time soon.

Q78: Marco Carpio - Will there be a schedule for NL events for other countries such as the Philippines? So we will have a chance of unlocking the NL badge.
A78: Nothing is scheduled specifically for the Philippines at this time. But keep an eye on the events page since we’ll list new events there when they are confirmed and this is a location Ethan wants to get to in 2018.

Q79: Leandro Nicolás Borquez Zuloaga - Sometime you said that we should pay attention to what we read in the glyph sequences, but do not you think that some sequences are contradictory? Or is it that some are for the enlightened and others for the resistance?
A79: Glyphs are a primordial language of thought, they bypass 'human level' language. The order is created in the mind of the observer.

Q80: Jana D (Chamyra) - Are there plans to enable other social services but G+ to create an Ingress account for the Ingress Prime release? Like Facebook or Twitter for example?
A80: All that we can say at this time is that we are looking into additional solutions. When, what, how, has not been finalized or determined yet and would be premature to comment on.

Q81: Clark K - Hi +Andrew Krug ​ , to manage players expectations and guide questions for next monthly AMA; would you be so kind as to ask Niantic to rank their top 10 priorities?
A81: That’s not really the point of these AMAs. I wouldn’t want to artificially limit topics or opinions by providing a top 10 list - which is what would inevitably happen.

Q82: Rachel “Spicyheart” Larson - The latest post announced that anomalys up to may 2019 will be compiled by feb 13. I just want to clarify that this information will be released all at once, or will it just be decided on in house and released gradually. Also does this mean released publically on feb 13.
A82: As I understand it, all of the information will be released on February 13th. It might be released in pieces. It might be released as a single source. If it is released in pieces, we’ll need your help to compile it. Regardless, stay tuned next week for more information.

Q83: Joel Hahn - The mission criteria page was revised a few months back to remove all mention of mission sets and add a restriction that mission images and descriptions must specifically relate to the portals on that mission.
A83: NIA OPS will review and update the criteria page since it seems this isn’t clear.

Q84: Yukai L (xThunderbolt) - Hi Andrew, thanks for doing this! Now that the community is somewhat appeased that future plans and anomaly dates will be released by 13th Feb, I was wondering if you could then shed some light on the thought process behind the decision making process on anomaly sites, which may help explain the discrepancies on fast announcements (like via noir) and slow ones like 2018. Do local representatives/government bodies get contacted for advice on the feasibility (which is why it is starting to take longer now) ?
A84: I’ve expanded upon this a bit in the past but am willing to do it again. There is a lot that goes into the decision making process for choosing Anomaly cities. Have we ever been to a city in the past? If we have, what was the attendance? If not, what is the estimated attendance? What is the weather like during the proposed dates? How easy is the city to get to? Does the city have the infrastructure to support an event? Are there permits that are required? Are there other events going on at the same time in the city? What is the lead time on submitting permits if they are required? Can we work with the Government? Are there venues available that can hold the estimated attendance? These are just some of the questions that the team works through. There are many many many more. I wish it were as easy as throwing a dart on a map, but alas, there is a lot more to it.

Q85: Aaron Breen (Breenzy) - Are you going to expand the trusted reporter scheme? There are still areas not seemingly covered by them.
A85: Yes.

Q86: Chase Milder - How likely is it that we can get some more mini games in Prime? A que up global domination strategy game or a 1v1 glyph battle would be fun!
A86: Our team says that they have no shortage of ideas. However, they are always looking for what will have the biggest positive impact for players for the time required and prioritizing those.

Q87: Bee Cee - Who is a better driver, you or +Ethan Lepouttre ?
A87: Well… Ethan drove the entire time and didn’t cause, or was involved, with any accidents. So his perfect record compared to my non-existent record would indicate he is the better driver.

Q88: Sean Callinan - Any thoughts on the ability to transfer the authorship of missions to other agents - such as cases where an agent who originally created a mission/banner has retired, moved town or otherwise unable to take stewardship of the missions by fixing any issues (portals being removed/made unavailable), etc?
A88: I’m not aware of any discussions about this topic internally. I could see it opening up a lot of problems though.

Q89: Posh Chang - What new kind of globe event will happen in Mar? Can you give us some hint?
A89: Ok. Ok. Ok. At the risk of getting fired… [CONNECTION LOST] ... [CONNECT ESTABLISHED] So yeah. That sounds like fun huh?

Q90: Jay Maynard - What would you think of making the Ingress client work properly in landscape mode?
A90: I honestly haven’t thought of it. Seems a bit unnatural given how natural it is to hold a phone in portrait mode. People already complain about playing Ingress on big screens and not being able to reach the buttons.

Q91: Chris Unverfehrt (EvilSuperHeros) - Andrew, when can we honestly start to see movement on portals stuck in "limbo" that have recently be submitted?
A91: As mentioned in an answer to a similar question on the same topic - this should be happening in the next few months.

Q92: Owen Rochester - Are views expressed in the answers to these questions official niantic policy or purely the opinion of the author?
A92: Depends on the question.

Q93: Jesse Harris - If we think we've found reproducible bugs in the scanner, how should we report them?
A93: NIA OPS suggests using the Help Center.

Q94: Kirby “Wo1fi3” Ross - Have you rid yourself of that glitter from Brisbane yet?
A94: After the 300th shower, I am happy to say that I am glitter free. I think.

Q95: Kosh TheRipper (KoshTheRipper) - Andrew, do you accept dogecoin donations? Will the Ingress shop accept dogecoin in the future?
A95: Ethereum is the only type I except. The Ingress shop? Let’s get internationally shipping down first.

Q96: Cade Roux - "NIA operatives have reviewed your invalid Portal report. There is not sufficient evidence to remove this Portal at this time."

I have provided links to newspaper articles and other comments, but still every one of these responses that I have received indicates that NIA operatives do not have good access to ground truth about portal existence.

What is the best way to provide evidence?
A96: Can you shoot me a link to the appeal submission in the G+ community. While I’m not supposed to help with individual cases as a rule for these AMAs, I can try to flag this for NIA OPS and am willing to make a one time exception because I drank some awesome warm coffee out of a vending machine in Tokyo today, ate an American Dog for breakfast with some fermented soy beans and am in a really good mood.

Q97: Alexey Budarin (MrBinnary) - Andrew, why we must wait Ingress 2.0?
A97: So we can develop it?

Q98: Ethern Su - What about a badge that records the unique cell you have been?
A98: You know… no one has ever suggested this, that I can remember. I kind of like the idea.

Q99: Jonny (Engrish) - Will Prime have updated population counts? In many areas, areas have grown but the MU captured has stayed the same.
A99: Maybe. This is unlikely to happen prior to the Ingress Prime release and upgrade being complete.

Q100: Fernando Roberto (FeExred) - What is your opinion about convents, crematoria, pet cemeteries? Are they considered valid portals to submit?
A100: Depends on the historical/cultural significance. Check the Portal Criteria page for details.

Q101: evil witch - Mexican, Italian or Chinese?
A101: OMG yes!!! NOM NOM NOM

Q102: Paul Sheehan (Irishgeezah) - In Ireland, a small group of people with access to scraped data are using Ingress as a tool to bully an autistic child.How do you feel about Ingress being used to harass vulnerable people and what can you / Niantic do to stop this?
A102: It saddens me that something that brings a great deal of people joy can be used to harass another person. Has this been reported? Can you ping me privately with the ticket numbers?

Q103: Tim Canavan - Did you have a favourite Australian beer that you tried down under.
A103: Hops and IPAs are played out in the US. They are EVERYWHERE. I’m not usually a fruity guy, but there was a raspberry beer at place called Lakehouse Taupo in Taupo New Zealand (I know… not Australia) that they brew themselves which was amazing! Perfect for a hot and sweaty summer day. The fruit didn’t overpower the beer. It hit right at the end with a nice clean crisp finish.

Q104: Matt Graham - With the recent 30 day suspensions that were connected to various violations of the Ingress TOS, the ban hammer bans from 2.5 years ago seems a bit harsh in some cases. Do you think Niantic should consider reversing some of those bans if former agents are properly reformed?
A104: At the time, the person knew what the risks were. I’m generally in favor of a second chance. But, no, not just because the times changed.

Q105: ether bunnies - It looks like niantic handed out mass temp bans to the Drunken Frogs--but I didn't see any of the west coast Brokers Guild members miss a day of playing. How are players supposed to interpret this?
A105: There are multiple ways. I however would not interpret it based on numbers alone and comparing two distinct third-party reports to one another. This isn’t a faction versus faction issue. This is about people breaking the TOS.

Q106: Maxim R - Would you consider Apple stores to be valid portal candidates?
A106: Depends on the historical/cultural significance. Check the Portal Criteria page for details.

#1: Don't ask about personal situations. I don't have access to the ticketing system and couldn't comment publicly if I did.
#2: Don't ask if we will implement something. I don't make those decisions. Asking for my opinion on features is ok. If I can confirm something, I will.
#3: Read the previous AMA's. Asking a repeat question is likely to go unanswered and we both will be frustrated.
#4: Abide by Wheaton’s Law. Trolling and abuse of this AMA will likely get your comment(s) deleted and you blocked.

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