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Hello Everyone,
Welcome to my Minecraft Collection

I am a simple YouTuber from India. I am proud to be Indian. I also moderate several communities on Google+ such as Funniest Texts Ever, Facebook and Gaming+.

Here you will find some cool Minecraft Seeds and Maps.
I post videos every other week so be patient.

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That's All Folks
Thank You

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This is one of the most rarest seed in Minecraft. Getting this type of seed is very difficult. The good thing is it's just near the Spawn Point. I must suggest you again that change your setting to 'Night Only' otherwise Zombie Villagers will die (not all of them though)

NOTE || This seed is for Minecraft 1.11.2

Seed || 8755582634117748053
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Minecraft Village at Spwan Seeds + Survival Island

Seed 1 || -4652701790820411375
Seed 2 || -9081441006694689103
Seed 3 || -6724663787808461849
Seed 4 || 2992678631665375747
Seed 5 || 1467278040985084943

Survival Island Seed || -8039795666733463972


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New Minecraft Snapshot 17w15a or 1.12 Update

Summary of Highlight Changes

Added descriptions to advancements & changed some titles
The Adventuring Time achievement has been made into an advancement

Added a toast notification for toggling the narrator
Added the option to toggle narrator between off, chat & system, chat only, system messages only

Recipe Book
The pop-up that shows up upon unlocking new recipes now has an icon showing the items that can be crafted with the new recipes

Added coloured beds which can be crafted with coloured wool or by dying a white bed
Beds now bounce the player like slime blocks, albeit much less
Beds now reduce (but not negate) fall damage when landed on
The player can survive a 41 block fall onto a bed
Any higher and the second bounce will deal the remaining amount of damage to kill them
The player can create a platform 7~ blocks high beside the bed to land on to prevent death, in which case a player can survive a 45 block fall
Beds are now a block entity and use their 3D item model instead of a 2D item because of the new colours

Made stairs a little more solid, allowing torches, fences, iron bars, glass panes, walls & snow to connect to them properly (albeit only to ones that have a full block side facing towards them)

No longer cycle through parrot colours when dancing

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Minecraft 1.11.2 Survival Island Seed with Village, Mineshaft and Monument

You will spawn on a small island in the middle of nowhere but its very interesting around here Village with a Blacksmith, Mineshaft below and a Monument south of the Village

Seed || -6970159017625830527

Co-Ordinates of Monument || 248/y/824

Seed of my previous video which I forget to put in the Description
Seed || 1782503179

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Minecraft Survival Island Seed for 1.11.2

This seed is suitable for beginners as well as for intermediate players
Surviving here in Hardcore difficulty is pretty challenging

Mineshaft || -290/y/-474
Monument || -328/y/152

Good Luck

Song by TheFatRat
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These are some Minecraft Survival Islands Seeds

NOTE || These Seeds are for Minecraft Version 1.11.2

Just Copy and Paste a Seed in the Seed Generator of Minecraft

Seed 1 | -6859015852944759527
Seed 2 | -8948074032734283753
Seed 3 | 3575368257466629284


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Typing "Herobrine" as Mineshaft Seed

NOTE-This Seed is for 1.11.2

Seed- Herobrine

At First you will spawn in the forest near the Mountains but there is lot to explore

Loot contains 8 Diamond, Thorns II, Agua Affinity and Smite Enchanted Books !!

There are two Villages

1st Village is located a little near to Spwan (Not shown in Video)
Co-Ordinates 24/y/728 (4 Obsidian in Blacksmith's Chest)

2nd Village is shown in the Video
Co-Ordinates 800/68/588


Diamond Ores

Chest + Dungeons

Thanks for Watching and Reading

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This Minecraft Seed contains a Village beneath which there is a huge cave System which is abundant with Gold and Coal Ores
Every Gold Tools lover should try this
Coal is abundant here I filled up half of chest with Coal only while playing in Survival

Seed 6798424227978055916

Co-Ordinates of Ores Location

Gold Ores (Note: Not all locations are shown in the Video)

Diamond Ores
3 in Blacksmith's Chest
Some at the location in the last part of Video

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### This video is Updated with Captions for more ease ###

This Minecraft is very rare you will spawn at survival island with Ocean Monument not far from there. The Village consist of a Blacksmith and Villagers offer good deals too. Beneath the Village there are 5 Dungeons and a Mineshaft with great loot. The Village is located at Riverside which gives kinda Cosy Feeling.

THIS seed is for Minecraft 1.11.2

Seed 8588174284756642738

Elektronomia - Limitless [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

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