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My most viewed photo contributions on +Google Maps

30 million views and counting! 😃

- by Jaana Nyström

#Travel #Finland #GoogleMaps #Photography
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The Google Photos Library API is now generally available - look for future integration with more apps and services

Here's what developers can offer their users:
* Easily find photos, based on
- what's in the photo
- when it was taken
- attributes like media format

* Upload directly to their photo library or an album

* Organize albums and add titles and locations

* Use shared albums to easily transfer and collaborate

Migration guide from the Picasa Web Albums Data API, which will be turned down in January 2019

Differences between the Picasa Web Alums API and Google Photos API include:

* No content from other sources, such as Blogger or Google Hangouts. The Google Photos Library API only provides access to Google Photos

* No Location data

* No access to public data. Once authorized, you can only access a user's Google Photos library, albums, or shared albums

Read: Build new experiences with the +Google Photos Library API on the +Google Developers blog
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A Beginner’s Guide To Google Photos

It’s easy to use and it’s free, yet many people still don’t know about this useful resource.

#GooglePhotos #MobilePhone #Computer #Photography #Google
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Is Google Photos broken?

No images from today taken on Android appear on computer... Not even a screenshot!

+Google Photos #GooglePhotos #Android #Google

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How far apart have Google products drifted since a few years?

Take +Google Photos for instance. To get help you can visit:

- Google Photos Forum
- Twitter

I'll just leave this here, +Google+...

#Google #GooglePhotos #GooglePlus #Photos #Photography
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Rolling out...

Google Lens coming to Google Photos in English on all devices

Google has announced that their Augmented Reality ARCore will be supported on more devices, and the "smart" Google Lens will be available in Google Photos to everyone (in English). Google Lens will also be available in Google Assistant on "compatible flagship devices."

With Google Lens, your phone’s camera can help you understand the world around you, and we’re expanding availability of the Google Lens preview. With Lens in Google Photos, when you take a picture, you can get more information about what’s in your photo. In the coming weeks, Lens will be available to all Google Photos English-language users who have the latest version of the app on Android and iOS. Also over the coming weeks, English-language users on compatible flagship devices will get the camera-based Lens experience within the Google Assistant. We’ll add support for more devices over time.

Learn more about how Google Lens lets you interact with your photos:

Learn more on the Google blog:
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Feel the love this Valentine’s Day with Google Photos

"Beginning today, you can turn your photos into themed movies via the app or the web.
A themed movie brings together photos about a loved one or an important event, and expertly edits them together and sets them to music..."

Read on:

#GooglePhotos #ValentinesDay #Movie
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Using Selective Focus

For unique images that highlight your subject’s details, experiment with shallow depth of field...

- Outdoor Photographer

#Photography #DOF #Outdoors #Focus
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33 Incredibly Useful Things You Didn’t Know Google Photos Could Do

"With its seamless cloud storage, platform-agnostic syncing, and simple options for sharing, Google Photos has shown that managing even a massive collection of digital images doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

And there’s even more to this app than meets the eye..."

Read more:

#GooglePhotos #Photos #Mobilephotography #Cloudstorage #Google
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On Google Photos:
Share your Google Photos library with a partner

You can only share your photo library with one person at a time.

Learn more:

#GooglePhotos #Sharing #Photos #PhotoLibrary

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