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Phoenix Bail Bonds
Business: Bail Bonds Phoenix

Phone: (480) 939-4922

Address: 209 S 4th Ave phoenix, AZ 85003


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What is bail?
Bail is a process of our legal system, which allows a person to be released from jail after paying a sum of money to the court. The money is held by the court until all of the court proceedings, regarding the arrest charges, are completed. Bail is viewed as a promise to the court that the arrested person will show up for all court date appearances. The courts will keep all of the money if the arrested person does not show up for a court appearance, and order a warrant for arrest.

What is the purpose of a bail bond?
In most cases, it is easier for an arrested person to pay bail to the courts through a bail bonds agency. Rather than paying the full amount of the bail, a bail bonds agency will charge an arrested person a percentage of the bail. In the state of Nevada, the bail bonds agency will charge 15% of the entire bail amount. For example, if bail is set at $1,000.00 the costs to bail out of jail is $150.00. The bail bonds agency will deliver a bail bond to the courts, rather than cash. The bail bond is given to the courts for a jail release and the courts treat the bail bond as though the full cash amount of the bail was paid including the promise to appear in court.
when you get a bail bond you are guaranteeing perfect attendance for all court matters. Guilty, not guilty doesn’t matter, you’re just saying the person bailed, the “defendant”, will go to all their court dates.
You have two options; the first is cash bail, you can pay the total bail amount to the court, and when the person you bailed (the defendant) is finished with all their obligations to the court, you will get that money back, less fees, in about 90 days. The advantages to cash bail are that the only money you’re out is the fees the court charges, the disadvantages are that while the court holds the money for, depending on the charge, a lengthy period of time, it gains no interest, and if you borrowed the money, like say put it on a credit card, the fees or interest keep accumulating, and obviously, if the person you bailed misses a court date, the money you put up may be forfeit.
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