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Indian green chilli pickle
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Unlike, many other Indian pickle recipes which depend on seasonal produce, green chillies are easily available through the year and this Green Chilli Pickle can me made using handful of ingredients. Although you can start using it immediately, its best to let it mature for 5-7 days before consuming. The heat of green chillies will reduce as it matures and the colour will change from bright green to yellow as it matures.

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Kachchi Haldi aur Adrak ka Achar or Fresh Turmeric and Ginger Pickle –

There's something soul satisfying about working with fresh ingredients which takes you down the memory lane and warms your heart with nostalgia! Especially when it something that’s difficult to source when you are thousands of miles away from home, like this fresh turmeric roots. After making a unique winter dish of Rajasthani Raw Turmeric Curry (do check this recipe and cook some if you haven’t already), I decided to make another favourite recipe that takes me back home, to the carefree days which coloured my hands and heart with sunshine yellow hues... I am talking about a very simple and easy to make Raw Turmeric and Ginger Pickle.

Fresh Turmeric and Ginger Pickle is one of the easiest pickle recipe as it requires just 5 ingredients; raw turmeric, ginger, green chilli, lime juice and salt. Breaking the mould and a common misconception that turmeric is used only in the curries, this Fresh Turmeric and Ginger Pickle is something that will win many hearts. The Fresh Turmeric and Ginger Pickle takes around 3-4 days to mature and has good crunch texture. While my husband likes this pickle with simple rice and dal or with yogurt rice, I like to eat it with Parathas and a bowl of chilled curds. The simple Fresh Turmeric Pickle in lime juice and salt is what LD likes with sandwiches and wraps. It makes a wonderful salad dressing too. I am sure you will find your own favourite way of using this vibrant Fresh Turmeric and Ginger Pickle to suit your taste buds and to add zing to your life…

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Lime and Fresh Green Peppercorns Pickle -

Some food traditions are worth saving and one such food tradition I am talking about today is all about homemade pickles. Truth to be told, there is no comparison between the much superior homemade pickle where best quality ingredients are used and carefully cooked to that of store bought pickle which is bulk produced in factories. Homemade pickle tastes different and oh so much better they bring the essence of the person who has made it. A pickle is a reflection of the person who has made it as it requires the knowledge, experience, expertise, best ingredients and patience. And trust me, no store bought, bulk produced, machine made pickle can compete with the taste of homemade pickle that dots on your dinner plate which enhances the taste of every morsel you take! Because in the end you are not just preserving the fruits or vegetables, but preserving memories, family recipes and the taste of home!

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Plum Chutney/Relish ~ Sweet, spicy and tart yellow plum chutney/relish made using jaggery, unrefined sugar

One of my favourite ways to use the fruits is in savoury preparation where the sweet juicy fruit beautifully embraces the heat from spices. I try and use minimal ingredients so that the taste of main ingredient still stands out and shines through with every bite you take. The cooking techniques used is fairly simple and fuss free and thus making the recipe more approachable for those who are taking baby steps in the world of cooking and doesn’t scare them away with innovative ways of using ingredients. One such recipe which is quick to make, simple to follow and absolutely delicious to taste is Chutney/Relish.

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Spicy Cut Mango Pickle ~ No Oil Spicy Raw Mango Pickle Recipe

Today I am sharing one such secret family recipe that is tested and treasured for over 100 years! This is my mother’s version of Spicy Cut Mango Pickle which is handed over by her grandmother and my great grandmother. Armed with the family recipe, I followed the recipe to T which is very unlike me, and made a small batch of this Spicy No Oil Mango Pickle few weeks ago. This is a no oil pickle and thus the preserving agent is salt.

The technique is nothing like traditional pickle as the mango pieces are stored in brine for a day with a weight on top to drain excess water from it and then cooked for a short time in boiling salted water before drying them. Once dried, they are mixed in a spicy and very aromatic pickle mixture to enjoy year round. The whole pickle making process is carried over 2 days. On day one, you prepare the mangoes, the salt water for the pickle sauce as well as roast the individual spices for the pickle masala. On day two, you proceed to cook the mangoes and then finish the whole pickling process.

Every time I assign myself with a task of preparing spice powders, I make sure that I have enough time on hand as the whole process of roasting the spices is not short of experiencing some magical and sacred! When it comes to roasting the spices, make sure that they are roasted on a lowest flame till their colour deepens and their perfume spread in my kitchen and teases your senses. This roasting spice is very sacred and something that cannot be rushed as spices are just like small children and they need your constant attention. If you get distracted or take your eyes away for a moment, they will burn and turn bitter and ruin the taste. So make sure that you have enough time on hand when you dive into the task of preparing this Spicy Cut Mango Pickle as it is a pure joy to all five senses! So are you ready to make your own batch of this No Oil Mango Pickle? Here is my family’s secret recipe for No Oil Spicy Mango Pickle, straight from my Amma’s large family recipe repertoire.

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Instant Andhra Tomato Pickle (Instant Andhra style tomato pickle flavoured with spices, tamarind and garlic tempering)

Juicy tomatoes slow cooked for up to an hour and then blended with aromatic spices and tamarind to give it spicy and tangy note. And then the tempering of whole spices with curry leaves and garlic makes this Andhra style Instant Tomato Pickle a truly sensational experience for taste buds! It goes well with Dosa, Idli, steamed rice and even with chapattis and parathas. I have added a spoonful with wraps and even sandwiches and it was sensational! The vibrant red hued Instant Andhra Tomato Pickle is sure to win your heart if you like your pickles super spicy and full of flavour.

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Nimbu Ka Achaar or Spicy Indian Lemon Pickle ~ Spicy lemon pickle with garlic and aromatic pickling spices

Like any other Indian Pickle, this Spicy Lemon Pickle is a bit of a hard work and time consuming. But like every other Indian Pickle, it is the most rewarding experience when you finally get to lick and bite the final product.

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Spicy Dill Chutney/Pickle ~ Andhra styled spicy sabbasige soppu /shepu chutney with aromatic spices and jaggary

The heat from chillies, the aroma from whole spices and the sweetness from jaggary makes this Spicy Dill Chutney/Pickle a treat to taste buds. The other adult was quite shocked when he realised that the chutney he polished off with rice and yogurt was made using Dill leaves! And that’s what I call a success story. :)

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Spicy Dhania Chutney ~ Simple and easy spicy coriander chutney with aromatic spices

It is one of those chutneys I prepare when I overly get excited to see fresh greens and end up buying big batch, only to wonder how I am ever going to finish it even after garnishing every possible dish I cook! That’s when this recipe was born, out of desperation, and there is no looking back after tasting it. I have been religiously making this Spicy Coriander Chutney once in a month to much delight of our taste buds.

The refreshing taste of coriander leaves and the heady aroma of roasted spices is a match made in heaven. This Spicy Dhania Chutney goes well with dosa, idli, akki rotties, plain rotis, parathas or chapattis. You can also serve it with rice and dal or with yogurt rice. I also use it as a spread for sandwiches and simple veggie rolls and it also can be used as a dressing for simple salads. Best part is it can be stored for 10-12 days in refrigerator. Do give this a try and see if your taste buds dance in delight too! :)

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