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Inhale, Exhale and Help Save Precious Pit Bulls

#KOTAWesome news!!! #KOTAWGirlGang members +Brijana Prooker and +Kelsey Prooker are taking Pit Bulls and Personal Branding -- KOTAW's philanthropic project to spread Pit Bull love through the power of #storytelling -- to a whole new level.

This Saturday, May 20th, Brijana and Kelsey are hosting Stretch, Strengthen And Stand Up For Pits, a Los Angeles charity yoga event benefiting +STAND UP FOR PITS FOUNDATION.

Thank you +Positively Woof for this incredible article about their event.

Stretch, Strengthen And Stand Up For Pits features a gentle vinyasa flow yoga class, a Bully Bake Sale and Rah-Rah ROO raffle (inspired of course, by Ivy's sweet #pittie-pie ROOOO sounds!)

💕Ivy -- KOTAW's Pit Bull Brand Ambassador -- is of course also the inspiration behind ✨Stretch, Strengthen And Stand Up For Pits!🐶

Please read and share this heartfelt article to help the KOTAW Girl Gang spread lots and lots of Pit Bull love!

#StretchStrengthenAndStandUpForPits #StandUpForPits #YogaForCharity #LosAngeles #CharityYoga #YogaEvent #YogaForGood #PitBullsAreLove #PitBullsAndPersonalBranding #PittieLove #PitBullMom #PitBullLove
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Mirroring Pit Bulls & Reflecting Good: A Pit Bull Awareness Month Branding Challenge

On the way home from a walk to the park, the #KOTAWGirlGang 's sweet Pit Bull Ivy was waiting patiently for the “Walk” sign to illuminate so we could cross the street, when she noticed something in the darkness about five feet away.

Ivy looked a tad frightened, but mostly curious.

We turned to see what Ivy was looking at and saw that she was staring at a tall reflective office building with her Pittie image reflected in it from a distance.

Since the light had not yet turned for us to safely cross — and since Ivy was still a combination of scared and intrigued — we walked Ivy back toward the office building to show her that what she was seeing was her reflection and that there was nothing to be frightened of.

The closer Ivy and I got to her reflection, the more and more she smiled.

She saw the cutest Pit Bull she had ever seen — and this Pittie was smiling back at her with the most friendly, happy Pittie smile!

Ivy made some sweet, soft whimpers of excitement as she chased this Pittie back and forth along the office building wall.

Out hearts broke as we realized that Ivy had never seen an outdoor mirror.

She has seen her beautiful reflection numerous times in mirrors at home but never expected there to be mirrors in the out of doors late at night and in the dark.

What You See is What You Reflect

Ivy eventually realized there wasn’t actually another real-life Pit Bull playing with her in the dark, but we think she purposely suspended her disbelief just long enough to enjoy her romp with this friendly creature in the office building reflection because it is not often that she gets to make a new friend.

And that is because Ivy has two strikes against her:

1. Ivy is a Pit Bull.

2. Ivy RAH-RAH-ROOs.

The Pit Bull strike is why the KOTAW Girl Gang is on a personal mission to rebrand Pit Bulls as the sweet and lovable dogs they are — and why Ivy is KOTAW’s Brand Ambassador.

The RAH RAH ROO?! Well, that's the adorable way Ivy talks and we encourage you to READ ON to get the the lesson in her ROOs. Ivy also has something very important to teach you about #personalbranding and seeing as it's #PitBullAwarenessMonth , we couldn't think of a more #KOTAWesome  time than now to share Ivy's wisdom with you!

#PitBullsAndPersonalBranding   #PitBullsAreLove   #Branding   #BusinessTips   #Storytelling  
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Stand Up For Pits! The KOTAW Girl Gang Does

The #KOTAWGirlGang is inspired by +rebecca corry's sweet rescue Pit Bull Angel, which is why we nominated her for an award through +TrophyCentral's Random Acts of Trophy-ness campaign to celebrate everyday heroes who inspire.

And we're so thrilled to announce that Angel won!

KOTAW Girl Gang member +Brijana Prooker wrote the following words which are etched onto ANGEL’s trophy:

"Thank you for making the world a better, more loving and more happy place. Thank you for giving millions of people daily joy and laughter and for inspiring us all to respect the now and live in the moment. Thank you for giving your mom the love and strength to Stand Up For Pits and save countless silly, sweet, inherently good velvet hippo lives. Thank you for being you, a real-life and forever Angel.”

KOTAW Girl Gang member +Kelsey Prooker used hand drawing and Illustator to create a vector of ANGEL to be etched onto her award.

ANGEL and Rebecca inspire us every day as we go about our life’s work to spread the #pittielove  with our #PitBullsAndPersonalBranding  passion project.

And Angel inspired her mom, Rebecca, to create the #StandUpForPits  Foundation to help end discrimination of Pit Bull-type dogs and help save #pittie -‪pie lives.

Our KOTAW Content Marketing Pit Bull Brand Ambassador Ivy and our 2 other rescues (our Poodle Doodle LuLU and magical kitten-cat fairy Doosis!) stand up for pits too! 🐶🐩🐱

The KOTAW Girl Gang promises to always stand up for pits.*

And we thank Angel and Rebecca with all our hearts for amplifying our own voices that we’ve used on a daily basis to dispel ugly myths and spread the Pit Bull love ever since Ivy waddled into our lives and stole our hearts many moons ago.

_*READ ON to find our out more about the #KOTAWesome  work Angel and Rebecca are doing and to learn more about how you can support their cause, HERE:*_


The KOTAW Girl Gang (+Katherine Kotaw, Bri, Kelsey, Pittie-Pie Ivy, Poodle Doodle LuLU and kitten-cat Doosis)

#inspirational   #PitBullLove   #PitBullLover  
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Adopting a Cat & Embracing the Unexpected:Entrepreneur Success Beyond the To-Do List

The #KOTAWGirlGang  can't believe it's been 2 years since we adopted our magical kitten-cat fairy Doosis! (PS: Happy #Caturday !🐱💕🌻)

Funny how all 3 animals mentioned in this article from 2 years ago -- our #pittie -pie Ivy (KOTAW's Pit Bull Brand Ambassador) our Poodle Doodle LuLU (who once-upon a time answered to "Lucy") and finally our kitten-cat Doosis, all started out living mere houses away... and ALL decided to come live with us!

They each have their own adoption stories:

My daughters and I met Ivy at 5 weeks old (three houses away from our house) and instantly fell in love with her. She fell in love with us too -- and formed an instant bond with our Golden Retriever Chow Chow Woofie (one of the two dogs who inspired the KOTAW name and philosophy:

She started escaping from her house to ours, wiggling down the sidewalk and through our gate before she could even fully walk!

And she did this every day, staying longer and longer with us each time, until we officially adopted her and her former family moved away.

Our Poodle Doodle LuLU went to extreme lengths to become our Forever Doodle, escaping to our home multiple times every day and then threatening to jump off the roof of her former house if we didn't rescue her, take her for a walk, and then adopt her! (That's a really good story, which you can read about here:

And then there's Doosis, who was happy being an outdoor neighborhood cat until she showed up in our front yard at midnight two years ago, then meowed to come in, and decided she was ours and wanted to snuggle inside with Ivy and LuLU every night.

So while a lot of things have changed in the past 2 years since this article was written, the lesson in the article has not:

If you’re an entrepreneur, I bet you have a plan. A five year plan, a ten year plan, a day-to-day plan that includes a to-do list with more daily “to-dos” than most people accomplish in a lifetime.

Now while this is all well and good (and mandatory – not a lot in life gets accomplished without goals) there is such a thing as too much focus.

If you only allow for the items on your to-do list to come into fruition, you might be missing out on a lot of incredible business – and life! – opportunities.

The KOTAW Girl Gang never expected to have a cat -- or to have a Pit Bull AND a Poodle Doodle run away from their homes and choose for us to adopt them! -- but we couldn't imagine our lives without them.

The 3 furry members of our KOTAW Girl Gang make every day filled with love and joy and Ivy has of course inspired our lifelong passion to use our #brandstorytelling  platform to show the world how sweet and loving Pit Bulls are with our #PitBullsAndPersonalBranding  project:

Here's the KOTAW Girl Gang's question to you: Do you leave room in your always-packed calendar for the unexpected? What’s the greatest business surprise you’ve experienced? What would you do if a cat — or a potential client — showed up at your doorstep without warning? Would you tell them to scat or invite them in for catnip?

#entrepreneur   #businesstips   #businesssuccess   #adoptdontshop   #storytelling   #catlovers  
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The KOTAW Girl Gang Wins Trophy for Pit Bull Advocacy!

And Excellence in Bravery, Determination, Creativity and Kindness!

The exact wording on the trophy from +TrophyCentral  is:

The KOTAW Girl Gang

Excellence in Bravery, Determination, Creativity, Kindness & Pit Bull Advocacy

How #KOTAWesome  is that?!

The KOTAW Girl Gang was nominated by 6 incredible women who used so many glowing adjectives that Trophy Central admits it was hard to chose which ones to put on our trophy!

But they squeezed in the BEST ones!

Of course, my daughters -- and biz partners -- Bri and Kelsey -- are especially honored to have been awarded for Pit Bull Advocacy. And I am too!

As you probably know, our silly and cuddly Pit Bull Ivy is KOTAW's Brand Ambassador, and it is our passion project to rebrand Pit Bulls as the sweet and loving dogs they are.

But back to the award. It's a #ShowUsYourSue Random Acts of Trophy-ness trophy.

And it's one of the most KOTAWesome kinds of trophies there are!

To quote Trophy Central in this very kind blog they wrote about the KOTAW Girl Gang:

"The Trophy Central Show Us Your Sue award, also called the Random Acts of Trophy-ness award, was inspired by the fictional Sue Heck from +The Middle.

"Sue Heck is our muse. We love her can-do spirit and the fact that she never, EVER gives up! Sue Heck may not be a “winner” in the traditional trophy-giving sphere (athleticism or artistic talent for example) but she makes the world a better place, just by being the awesome person she is. And that is what makes a true winner in our eyes.

"We think Katherine, Bri, Kelsey, Ivy, LuLU and Doosis are KOTAWesome! And, if you read about their passion to rebrand pit bulls as sweet and loving or their courageous triumph over domestic violence, we think you’ll agree."

Thank you, Trophy Central for these kind words and this most inspirational trophy!


The KOTAW Girl Gang (Katherine, Bri, Kelsey, #Pittie -Pie Ivy, Poodle Doodle LuLU and magical kitten-cat fairy Doosis)

PS: Learn more about our #PitBullsAndPersonalBranding passion project filled with #pittielove here!

PPS: Learn more about the KOTAW Girl Gang's triumph over #domesticviolence -- and our message of HOPE! -- here:

PPPS: To nominate an everyday hero for Trophy Central's "Show Us Your Sue" award, tag Trophy Central using the #ShowUsYourSue hashtag and explain why your nominee deserves to win the next #trophy !

#PitBullLover   #inspirational   #PitBullLove  
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Happy International Day of Happiness!

This sweet, smiley Pit Bull is the official mascot of the International Day of Happiness, a celebration initiated by the United Nations in order to "promote happiness as a universal goal and aspiration in the lives of human beings around the world."

In honor of the International Day of Happiness, the U.N. created a series of postal stamps with photos representing happiness.

1 of the 6 photos in the series is Macy, a 4 year old rescued Pit Bull!

This truly is the face of happiness!  

I love, love, LOVE the fact that the U.N. chose a pit to represent the International Day of Happiness!!!

This is major progress toward ending Pit Bull discrimination!

This post is dedicated to Ivy, my sweet red nose pit girl, who is my never-ending source of happiness, love and inspiration!


To learn more about Macy and how she came to serve as the face of happiness, visit:

Pin it!

#HappinessDay   #pitbullloversandadvocates   #happiness  
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Are you tending your brand so it will grow?!

An off-the-clock tale about my #pitbull Brand Ambassador, Ivy, and a lesson in the importance of a long-term #brandingstrategy .

Once upon a time, Ivy’s lawn was green and lush. Then one by one, each blade disappeared, and Ivy was left with a yard full of dirt, because of something called a California drought.

So every time a dog or person passed by on the sidewalk, Ivy would RAH-RAH-ROO and run back and forth the length of her gate, kicking up dirt and creating a dust storm.

Ivy thought this was silly, but she ended up very dirty and my daughters Bri and Kelsey started to feel bad.

So they put out rugs on top of the dirt for Ivy to lie on instead of grass, and each day they would shake out the rugs to make sure they were always free of dust and dirt.

This worked out happily for a while — Ivy loved her outdoor rugs and loved to watch Bri and Kelsey shake them out for her after she created her happy-pittie-greeting-everyone dust storm — but then bugs started joining her in her yard of dirt.

So what did Team KOTAW do?!  Read on to learn how a Pit Bull Hatched the Grass, Patch by Patch!  

And to learn how this applies to your #personalbrand .

Think of YOUR business.

Do you take the time to evolve your brand, by staying on top of new #socialmedia trends and making website and #visualbranding       tweaks and improvements as you go along?

Or do you create a website, open some social media accounts and let them go?

Do you let a drought destroy your business or your brand?

Learn from my #KOTAWGirlGang  how to tend your branding efforts to make your business grow HERE:

Love it?!  Then pin it HERE:

#businesstips   #brandingtips   #branding  
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3 KOTAWesome Ways To Tell your Brand Story!

My daughter -- and #KOTAWGirlGang member! -- +Brijana Prooker  shows you how Google rewards good content.  How did KOTAW's #PitBullsAndPersonalBranding tales get us on page 1 of Google?

And how can YOU tell your brand story, Pit Bulls & Personal Branding Style, to get the same stellar results?

Bri writes: 

"Ever since my mom, sister and I started KOTAW Content Marketing together two and a half years ago, I have played an active role in our KOTAW mission to rebrand Pit Bulls as the sweet and loving dogs they are.

"As KOTAW’s Executive Brand Journalist and Creative Projects Director, I work behind-the-scenes as a writer and promotional event planner, taking on brand storytelling campaigns that inspire me because they’re rooted in social good. 

"I get particularly passionate about projects that have to do with animals, whether it’s working on KOTAW’s Pit Bulls & Personal Branding passion project, or lending my expertise to other brands that have a goal of helping animals.

"And when those two priorities combine? It’s more than KOTAWesome — it’s a dream come true.

"This past summer, a high school student wrote to KOTAW asking us if we could offer her advice on a PR project she was doing for her school’s extra-curricular DECA program, telling us that if her project is a success, it could be presented on a national level.

"The project?

"'To rebrand the Pit Bull’s image.'

"I can’t tell you what this girl’s note meant to the KOTAW Girl Gang!

"First, that she so easily found KOTAW Content Marketing by Googling 'rebranding pit bulls.'

"And second, that a high school student wants to make it a career goal to help end the discrimination against Pits.

"It wasn’t just Ivy, KOTAW Content Marketing’s Pit Bull Brand Ambassador, who was wiggling her pittie hips in joy and cheering with her signature RAH-RAH-ROO (her happy pittie language!)

"My sister Kelsey and I were wiggling our hips along with her (this makes Ivy very, VERY pittie happy!) and our Poodle Doodle LuLu was doing HER signature Poodle Doodle Tap Dance (which she would like all you KOTAW readers to know is VERY Poodle Doodle impressive!)

"Among shouts of 'Ivy is changing the world and helping pitties everywhere' and 'This high school student is going to make the world a better place!' my mom asked me if I wanted to be in charge of helping this girl with her project, as a pro bono KOTAW good deed.

"My answer was a wiggle-induced YES!

"I immediately asked to see a picture of the high school girl’s Pit Bull, Stella, AWWWW’ed and AWWWWW’ed over how cute she was, and began a document entitled 'Pittie Project Stella.'

"So what was my advice on how to rebrand Pit Bulls?

"And how can my advice be applied to branding YOUR business or product as the most compelling in its class?

"It all comes down to brand storytelling..."

Discover the 3 ways you can use storytelling to promote your brand by reading more #ontheblog !

Love it?!  Then PIN IT HERE:

PS: A big thank you to all the Pit Bull advocates and animal lovers mentioned in this blog!  Thank you for spreading the #pittielove  and kindness toward animals, as well as for championing animal fostering and adoption, +Krithika Rangarajan, +Sophie Gamand, +rebecca corry, +NONPROFIT FOUNDATION, +Lola The Pitty, +Sarah Lukemire, +Christina Berry, +Gomee Girl and all the others included in the blog!

#brandstorytelling   #brandstory   #branding   #brandidentity   #storytelling   #storytellingforbusiness   #contentmarketing   #StandUpForPits   #PitBullLove   #adoptdontshop  
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The #KOTAWGirlGang  is mourning the passing of +rebecca corry's   sweet #velvethippo Angel.

Rebecca says “My greatest accomplishment in life is that I was owned by an Angel. I loved every single second of every single minute and I will miss her every single second of every single minute for the rest of my life.”

We never met Angel but she changed our lives and made them better. We love her with all our hearts.

We will never stop standing up for pits and will never forget how much daily happiness Angel gave us through her sweet, silly and loving pictures and videos posted on social media.

Our Pit Bull Brand Ambassador Ivy wants nothing more than to honor Angel's memory by following in her paw prints and making the world a better place.

Sending peace, love and pittie wiggles to you in Heaven, sweet Angel.

Love, +Katherine Kotaw, +Brijana Prooker,  +Kelsey Prooker  #Pittie‬ -Pie Ivy, Poodle Doodle LuLU and magical kitten-cat fairy Doosis 

#StandUpForPits   #Angel   #pittielove   #PitBullsAndPersonalBranding  
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Happy ‪International Women's Day‬ from the KOTAW Girl Gang!

So proud to be an all female creative marketing + brand storytelling studio. 

(Psst: Even our 3 fur babies are girls! Including our Pit Bull Brand Ambassador Ivy!)

#WomensDay  is an excellent reminder for all women to keep telling their stories and making their voices heard -- each and every day!

Katherine, Bri, Kelsey, Pittie-Pie Ivy, Poodle Doodle LuLU & Kitten-Cat Fairy Doosis

#KOTAWGirlGang   #brandstory   #brandstorytelling   #girlpower  
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