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Welcome to my My collection Living In Belize ~ The Life of A Canadian Expat.

This collection is not so much to promote Belize as a tourist destination, but rather to provide unbiased information, or as I say, the unbelizeable truth. My goal is to help people that are considering a permanent move, to do their due diligence research without the sugar coating often found in the Resort, Real Estate, and Tourist Industry driven articles that are usually found online.

I would love to hear about your interest in Belize. Please feel free to ask questions in the comment stream or email me directly at I am always happy to connect and share my experiences in an effort to help you make an informed decision.
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“Sandals In The Sand” ~ by Bill Graham

We started out in Canada, a lovely place to be,
A place of abundance, with everything you’d ever need.
With it’s views of the mountains, and of its two seas,
yes it is a pretty place, that still has lots of trees.
So why would anyone ever leave, it’s so hard to conceive,
But long cold winters were killing, my neck, and back, and knees.
My wife had had two minor strokes, so said her Doctors log,
It was time to find a better life, for me, my wife, and dog.

It started out quite innocent, with no thoughts that we would leave,
just looking for a better job, that would give us both relief.
I searched to find I could be rich, from things online to do,
but was it really possible, or was it too good to be true.
Then one day an ad popped up, a big surprise you see,
I block all of the pop up ads, so was this one meant to be.
I read it with an open mind, and it soon occurred to me,
that the solution to our problems, might be waiting in Belize.

Now here is some advice, that I wish was shared with me,
you can’t believe everything, that you see, and hear, and read.
Some people have a stake, in selling paradise,
But is what they are telling you, really always right
You have to come a stay awhile, and keep an open mind,
Be honest with yourself, and see what you will find.
You will want to experience, the culture here first hand,
That’s what I call doing, your “sandals in the sand”.

Belize must call out to you, if you expect to stay,
And you probably won’t find happiness, if you’re not happy anyway.
What used to be the little things, will become the highlights of your day,
like listening to the birdies sing, or watching the sunset fade away.
walking your dog along the beach, saying good morning to everyone,
sharing love for your fellow man, and just enjoying the sun,
and when you meet a new friend, be sure to shake his hand,
And listen to the stories of when, he had “sandals in the sand”.

Leave the “A” attitude behind, you know, the instinct to force your will,
The only thing that gets you here, are directions to Ladyville.
People here don’t live to work, or to produce more than yesterday,
They work to get just what they need, enjoying the blessings of today,
So when you walk into a shop, looking for something hard to find,
I’ll share with you a little tip, I try to keep at top of mind,
Don’t start with “I want”, “I need”, or “I have to have that today”,
consider starting with, “How are you my friend, and how’s your family BTW?”

Now please don’t get me wrong, because for my wife and me,
Belize has been everything, we had hoped that it would be.
But many people come and leave, or don’t last here very long,
why can’t they wait to get away, is it one thing that goes wrong
This question has no good answer why, but I often say;
“the reasons that they choose to leave, are the reasons that we stay”,
So take your time and go slow, and make sure you have a plan,
To explore for a little while, with your “sandals in the sand”.

Now one last piece of advice, that I hope you all hear well,
For some Belize is paradise, and for others it’s a living hell.
You will hear opposing opinions, on Social and the Forums,
but who is right and who is wrong, and who just shares the norms.
I can share my “unbelizeable truth”, and tell you what I see,
But in the end only you will know, if that is your reality.
So come and see for yourself, and tour across our land.
Only then can you say, I’ve had my “sandals in the sand".
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Looking forward to joining the #SMMSmarties  today. I get to leave the comment manager/ co-host role to talk about Billdoesbelize and to share my unbelizeable truth.

I hope you can join me at this link below.

“The Unbelizeable Truth!” is what Bill Graham delivers to interested parties, because, the truth “can be hard to find for anyone thinking about moving, living, or retiring to Belize.”

In November of 2014, Bill, along with his wife, Loralee, and their pooch companion, Phoebe, made the big move to a little island called, “Ambergris Caye,” and a new home town called, “San Pedro.”

After some time in San Pedro, Bill and family has relocated to mainland Belize. Things are a bit different there, and we’ll be able to get the “inside scoop” on the pros and cons of Bill’s experience.

One thing is that Bill was able to improve his connection to the Internet, which gives him a more reliable way to participate with global live streaming such as Marketing Smarties.

The concept of relocating to live in a tropical land has its mystique, no doubt. It also presents a unique set of issues regarding work opportunities, property ownership, and lifestyle. Although we’ll gain some insights into some of this, what we are mostly going to focus on will be Bill’s website and web presence, and why he spends a significant amount of time and effort online.

Engaging in conversations regarding Belize and expressions in various social media platforms are two of the things Bill loves about his new life. We will be interested in hearing his thoughts on:

What were his challenges from early on, and later?
What “Aha!” discoveries enabled break throughs?
What are Bill’s plans for future developments?

If we can learn some important philosophies and perspectives that may help us in our own endeavors, then my purpose for having Bill as featured guest on Smarties will bear the intended fruit. The wisdom of moving to Belize aside, Bill brings valuable experience and wisdom to the world of online influence.

...besides, he’s colorful, and a lot of fun to talk to, and a genuine nice guy.

+Bill Graham  - Bill's website is HTTPS://BILLDOESBELIZE.COM where he delivers, "The Unbelizeable Truth" for anyone thinking about moving, living, or retiring to Belize.

Join me as we feature Bill.

I’m +rolandtakaoka - host of Marketing Smarties, https://DIYLIVESTREAMINGSHOW.COM, and Co-Creator of the WP VCP Plugin all sponsored by MINMAXMEDIA.COM.

And, maybe we'll be joined by,+Andrew Hatchett +LowellAnn Fuglsang  ,+Adelheid Hörnlein  , and +Tim Longwell  might be there!

Hope to see you when the #MarketingSmarties Community gathers again!

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Happy Easter from Belize.

Easter is a four day event in Belize. This year will see the 89th running of the "Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycle Classic". One of the largest and most attended of Belize's annual Easter events.

For more information on this event and others, as well as some of the Mayan superstitions that still exist around Easter. Please check out my article on "Belize's Annual Easter Events" .

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Happy End of Year from Belize.

At billdoesbelize I remain committed in 2017 to neither promote nor criticize the cultural differences between Canada and Belize. It is my intention to share those differences, good and bad (both relative terms). I will continue to share what I call the #unbelizeabletruth   in an effort to help others make an informed decision on a permanent move to Belize, based on my experiences.

One of those cultural differences that I have noticed is how, or rather why, the end of one year and the beginning of the next year is celebrated.

In Canada most people counted down to ring in the new year. While there are positive and thankful people everywhere, many often remember the bad times and not so great things that happened over the previous year. Some even mention that it was the worst year ever while expressing their desire for a better year ahead, filled with a hope for peace, health, and, prosperity.

In Belize we count count down to the end of the year that was. Giving thanks for all of the blessing that we did receive. Recognizing that we made it through yet another year and showing appreciation for the peace, the health, and the prosperity we did enjoy.

I hope you will enjoy my final post for 2016 and this video of fireworks from last years celebrations in San Pedro, Belize.

Happy End of Year. Thank you to everyone for following and being with me in 2016, I hope you know you are appreciated.

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Merry Christmas from Belize

Thanks to all my friends and followers here on G+, 2016 has been a wonderfully successful year for me and for #billdoesbelize. Thank you all for connecting and for your participation and support.

Lorilee and I hope you will click on the card below to open our wish for you and your family to enjoy your holidays and have a happy, healthy, and rewarding 2017.

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Why Belize? Great Year Round Weather

With tropical year round temperatures, Belize has been a wonderful place for my bones during the last couple of cold Canadian winters.

Expat Tip: At this time of the year, our friends back home don't appreciate this conversation: Yes we are going though a bit of a cold spell here in Belize too. It was only in the mid 80's today
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Why Belize? Fresh Tropical Fruits Right In The Backyard.

The Papaya tree in our back yard in Bullet Tree, Belize is producing, and the fruits are getting large. They are still very hard so they're not ready to pick yet, but I am excited. There are also more just starting above these ones in the tree. I'll get back to you when these ones are ready to pick.
For more #unbelizeabletruth   about #lifeinbelize , please follow this Google Collection.

Or click on these links to my #billdoesbelize  website and YouTube Channel, then subscribe to be among the first to receive updates.
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Happy 35th Birthday Belize.

Some will argue that the birth of Belize was in June of 1973. This is when the last continental possession held by Britain in the Americas changed it’s name from British Honduras to Belize. However, remaining a self governed British colony until September 21, 1981 at which time Belize finally gained full independence from Britain and this free, democratic, and independent nation was born.

The National Flag of Belize
Belize’s national flag is the only flag in the world to illustrate people in its design. The flags colors are a blue body with a red horizontal stripe at the top and bottom and a white circle containing the countries coat of arms in the center. The red, blue, and white colors are the colors of the two major political parties of that time and still remain so today. The Peoples United Party (PUP) and The United Democratic Party (UDP). The use of the colors of the two political parties on the new national flag was to signify “The Unity of the Nation.”

The Coat of Arms of Belize.
In the white circle of the national flag was placed the nations coat of arms. A symbol that in itself reflects much of the history of the new independent nation. The shield in the center is divided in three by an up side down or inverted Y, in the bottom section is a ship under full sail on the waves of the sea representing the arrival of the first settlers. The two upper sections depict the tools of the timber industry a paddle and squaring ax in the left section and a saw and a beating ax in the right section. The shield is held up by two woodcutters with different skin colors to represent the different ethnicity that have built the nation. The one woodcutter on the left holds a beating ax in his right hand and resting on his shoulder while the second woodcutter on the right holds a paddle in his left hand and resting on his shoulder. Above the shield a Mahogany tree grows representing the foundation and basis of the economy in Belize dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Under the shield is the motto scroll containing the National Motto and the Latin words “Sub Umbra Floreo” which in English means “Under The Shade I Flourish”. Finally a wreath of leaves circles the Coat of Arms.

In addition to a National Flag, Belize has the following National Symbols as well as a National Anthem & National Prayer;
-The Keel Billed Toucan is the National Bird of Belize.
-The Black Orchid is the National Flower of Belize.
-The Mahogany Tree is the National Tree of Belize.
-The Tapir (Mountain Cow) is the National Animal of Belize. (Mountain Cow the local name given to the Tapir may be misleading as it is more related to the horse and is a cousin of the rhinoceros).
For more #unbelizabletruth  about #lifeinbelize   , please follow this Google Collection.

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Aug. 04, 2016 ~ Cat I Hurricane Earl slams Belize overnight.

With sustained winds of 80MPH Earl just made the classification of a Cat I Hurricane. It was upgraded just a few short hours before slamming the coast of Ambergris Caye in Belize.

h/t +Robert Hawkins for this photo tour in the wake of Earl.

Most of the shoreline was stripped taking with it the diveshops, most of the dock were totally destroyed or severely damaged. Fortunately no lives were reported lost, and I know that the Belizean people are resilient and will rebuild. but this will show just how fast a coastal community can be devastated, and it's livelyhoods can disappear literally overnight.
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