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Happy X-Files Day everyone

It's extra special this year being a Friday the 13th and all so here is a quick #FAQ related to season 11 as a lot of questions about it keep coming back.

1. When does season 11 start?
At the time of writing all we know is "winter 2018", meaning it could be any time before March. Season 10 premiered on 24 January 2016 so it's not impossible we'll have a similar premiere date

2. How many episodes will this season have?
10 episodes have been confirmed.

3. Who is confirmed to return?
David Duchovny as Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully
Mitch Pileggi as Walter Skinner
William B. Davis as CGB Spender / Cigarette Smoking Man
Annabeth Gish as Monica Reyes
Lauren Ambrose as Agent Einstein
Robbie Amell as Agent Miller
Dean Haglund as Langley
Chris Owens as Jeffrey Spender

4. Which new actors have been confirmed?
Karin Konoval (previously seen in 4x02 Home), role unknown
Barbara Hershey as Erika Price, a new major conspiracy figure
Brian Huskey as "Reggie"
A new "Mr Y" has also been confirmed

5. Will we see William in this season?
According to Chris Carter "William has always been in the show" but judging by the trailer, he seems to be more a threat than a saviour. If anything the vibes I get are that they're turning him into the threat that was Gibson Praise in the season 10 comic series (also available in exclusive Audible audiobooks). However no one has been announced to play him yet.

6. Wait, trailer? What trailer?
Here you go:

7. I thought Mulder died at the end of season 10?
No Mulder didn't die, he was dying from the Spartan Virus and Scully wanted to find William so she could save Mulder with stem cells from her son.

8. Are the Lone Gunmen returning? I thought they died in season 9?
Langley is showing up in a cryptic video message in the trailer. This could be an old recording from before 2002 or they may have faked their deaths like in the comics. However for season 11 only Langley is confirmed (as he's in the trailer)

9. Where can I catch up on season 10 before season 11 starts?
Well you can always order the DVD / BluRay but if you prefer streaming services all 10 seasons of The X-Files are available on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and on Hulu in the US. Unfortunately Netflix discontinued it a few months back.

If you guys have any other questions related to season 11 put them in the comments and if I have an answer I'll update the post.

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There's a chance we might see Doggett again in season 11 of +The X-Files

All that's needed is a free slot in Robert Patrick's schedule. Would you guys like to see him return?

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And after all this exciting news we're hit with this downer.

Brace yourselves for season 11 being the very last of +The X-Files​ on TV. 😭😭

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The truth comes from many different sources

Sorry about the various links but they don't all contain the same kind of information.

In this one +Deadline Hollywood had a chat with Chris about going forward from season 10 and how the show fits in the current political landscape, as well as giving out a few more teasers.

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A breakdown of that season 11 trailer

Chris Carter answered some of the questions I laid down in my previous post regarding William, Langley and other aspects. The villains are quite a bit more menacing this time around. Last season was a little hard to reconcile what was really going on, how CSM was still in charge of anything, how the Spartan virus got released and so on. Now we're seeing more shadowy figures appearing, which hopefully will add some much needed depth to this new conspiracy.

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Official season 11 trailer of +The X-Files is here

The quest to find the child that was given away begins ... in 2018 (yeah still no premiere date, boo!)

Much of what's in here was talked about in interviews and teasers leading up to now, there's aliens and some shadow government dude who also smokes along with CSM (whose face seems to be getting better), Skinner's allegiance will be tested but what got me really curious is some very short scene where you clearly see Langley's face in some encrypted video message. To date there's been no confirmation that the Lone Gunmen will be coming back but I would be more than happy if they were.

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Chris Carter offers a few more clues on what to expect in season 11

I find the parallel with Patient X interesting. My theory about how Mulder seems to have recovered from the Spartan virus on the images we saw is that CSM essentially sent agents after him to inoculate him but the UFO have some kind of memory blocking tech in the light (think Men In Black and their neurolyser) which is taking its toll on Scully somehow.

We'll know for sure when the show returns

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David, Gillian and Chris reflect on 25 years of +The X-Files

What I got from this article could be summarised by "the truth is still out there, but for how long?". In other words season 11 could very well be the last one, for good this time. Maybe not but that's the impression I got.

#NYCC is happening this weekend and with it will hopefully come more answers.

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Listen to exclusive clip from the next chapter in +Audible​ exclusives : +The X-Files​ Stolen Lives

The book was announced some time ago but linking to the Audible website from here causes all sorts of issues. The X-Files Stolen Lives follows on from Cold Cases as an audiobook adaptation of the season 10 comics series. This means you will see the shadowy figure behind the return of all those dead characters and if you've not read the comics but have listened to the first audiobook, you may be in for a surprise.

Stolen Lives came out on the 3rd of October.

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Chris Carter reveals some exclusive details on what we can expect from season 11 of +The X-Files

As always +Entertainment Weekly has the scoop and it looks like we're in for a treat, so here's a breakdown:

- 10 episodes
- 8 Monster of the Week + 2 Conspiracy
- William will "come to the fore"
- CSM Backstory (which will be interesting to compare to Musings)
- New angle on Skinner
- Shippers will "have something to look forward to"
- New comedic episode (episode 3) which sounds like a mix between Small Potatoes and Fight Club

Still no release date (sorry)
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