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Good day folks. After hard long week of doing some digital influence on Quora, I decided to begin diving into yet another interest.

I am beginning to work on my book called “The Art of Pivoting” I will be uploading my book sales page in upcoming weeks into section.

Many folks outside of local tutoring and online tutoring circle expressed interest in how to do influential type of marketing.

Apparently without even me trying much I managed to get about 4K views on Quora..l speaking of which... consider using it as part of your marketing strategy to help yourself increase more student leads.

I will describe in the book variety of my digital influential marketing experiences and figured I’d let my followers in this collection know first, that I am creating this book.

This way you get to be the first ones to discover many secrets, that exists on the web and how to gain major networking, marketing, soft skills, and beyond.

The book price I have not determined yet. However will look for suggestions from the community.

Once book will get finalized I will let my followers know about it.

The book will help you discover the art of pivoting, secret weapon that can help you influence people.

The book is based on my own brain research and based on real world experiences with references to real world examples.

Until next time folks....

Rome Wells
21st century educational advocate
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After a few weeks of hard work, I came up with another business model folks.

Does your local tutoring company have trouble getting math students? Well, perhaps I Rome Wells can help you scratch your back if you help me scratch my back, here is how.

Recently I have been working on the brand new business strategy for online math tutors.

The strategy is quite simple it allows flexibility for online math tutors to be blasted on Tutoring Services, LLC network of educational math related websites.

Of course, you may ask, well how can this business strategy help my online or local tutoring company? (meaning your company) The answer is simple...

Just like Tutoring Services, LLC advertises and blast our online math tutors we can very well advertise your tutoring agency's online math tutors.

In fact, if you happen to be a managing couple of online math tutors, it would make a lot of sense for you to register for the very same and similar service that we offer for our online independent math tutors.

Simply because it would maximize your chances of landing student leads.
Now here is where it gets tricky.

We do not market directly to agencies hence we didn't bother creating dedicated google plus collection for online tutoring agencies who manage math tutors, instead we let you see for your self what the service is like for independent online math tutors and see how your agency can fit into it.

At the end of the day, your agency is seeking ways to land more student leads and make money from the recurring agency fees, yet the service that my company Tutoring Services, LLC is offering towards online math tutors eradicates the concept of middleman recurring agency fees altogether, yet at the same time introduce new levels of middleman services that you the agency can offer to students.

This way you can agree with your own online math tutors to market them as part of your tutoring agency at slightly higher than usual rate, while simultaneously deliver other relevant services to the students that can help you generate revenue.

Now you may say what other services? The answer is the very same services that you hopefully do anyway when you hire new tutors. So what services are these?

Well, how about, services such as interviewing your tutor or making your tutor take a math test to see how good they are or perhaps running a background check or perhaps verifying references and resume of the tutor.

All of these services is that you do on the back end anyway and charge agency recurring fee as part of your particular business model, except parents do not really see how much you really do and think that the recurring fee from every hour is just some additional useless expense that they do not need to pay for.

Which is precisely why I Rome Wells founder of Tutoring Services, LLC will change that perception in a way that will make parents realize why paying for recurring agency fees makes sense by literally taking these fees away and quantifying them into separate buckets, then making parents come to conclusion on their own that perhaps paying typical hourly recurring agency fee to the agency is not as bad as it seems!

So how exactly do I plan on quantifying all the things agency does into separate buckets?

The best example of what I am referring to can be explained by you simply visiting this page.

This page is designed to show that Yes it's possible to get the tutor for affordable price and heck not even pay any agency recurring fees other than $15 for the first lesson, however the quality of verification and match for a particular tutor will be a lot lower, unless of course parents/ students agree to pay separate fees for each particular action that the agency does.

Feel free to take a look at this link then see what service we provide for independent online math tutors and see why having your agency managed tutors advertised on our network of websites based on similar strategy would make sense to you.

In short, the reason why it would make sense to you is simply because you get to tap into our network, still manage your own tutors, but pay Tutoring Services, LLC monthly fee for having your tutors advertised on our network.

Online Independent Math Tutors themselves are also very likely to enroll into our marketing service for an obvious reason, since our service is directly designed for them, however that doesn't mean that you can not take advantage of our service offering either, where you get to perform the duties that we describe in the google plus collection here

What duties? Duties such as providing peace of mind to parents, verifying tutors, doing a background check, video interviewing & testing them and verifying resume and reference and hooking up their profile in such a way that can help you (online agency) maximize your chances of getting student leads for your very own independent online math tutors (who are in a way become dependent on you).

What is being done here is quite simple, Tutoring Services, LLC creates the business model, shows how the business model is done visually, invites any independent online math tutors to register and at the same time extends the services for verifying each of the online math tutors and providing due diligence and high-quality match making directly to you (tutoring agencies).

Now keep in mind, that not all independent online math tutors would be willing to register with us, many of them simply do not care. In real life, 20% of people don't care about your problems and the other 80% are happy that you have them.

Many online math tutors who are independent will simply perhaps register as FREE members on our site and not bother paying premium membership of being distinguished and differentiated and will not bother maximizing their chances of getting more student leads.

You may say why? The answer is because some online math tutors have the perception that everything should be free.

As crazy as it sounds, the digital media perception in this world feeds on human emotions.

Many online math tutors believe that by paying money for premium membership it's going to be a risk for them, after all ... what if they don't get any students right?

After all premium membership doesn't guarantee math students.

However, it does the pretty darn good job in maximizing the chances of math tutors getting students as oppose to doing nothing.

Anyone who gives people guarantee are either not telling the truth or guaranteeing something that doesn't bring much value. That is the reality folks.

Reality is nothing but a perception that is quantified based on supporting facts. Knowing that tomorrow is going to rain and seeing the weather report that it will rain, changes your reality into believing that it will rain, yet there is also a slight chance that it will not rain.

Knowing that there is a party in a specific location, and you knowing that the location exists, are all examples of knowing based on factual information, the more factual information your brain processes the higher the likelihood of the reality being true.

Same thing here with the marketing feature that we offer to independent online math tutors. Some will sign up for premium and some will not won't matter much to you.

However, what does matter to you is whether or not you will sign up as an agency to have your online math tutors blasted on our tutoring services math network of sites, and whether or not it makes sense for your company to pay on monthly basis, considering the fact that by being able to pay on monthly basis you would have higher privilege of being able to generate income from additional stream of services, while simultaneously charge small agency recurring fee included as part of the tutoring hourly rate in which you advertise your online math tutors.

Except in your case, your fee would be a lot lower then what you would typically charge students for, simply because you get to generate an additional stream of services for doing specific peace of mind related tasks, that would want the student to hire your tutor.

For every task you do, our agency would charge your agency fee small recurring fee.

So for example, if you were to interview online math tutor, and then ensured that that online math tutor showed up with the stamp and introductory video of themselves in the profile and you took the time to interview such tutor then you would get paid, where we (Tutoring Services, LLC) would get paid small percentage fee from every task you do.

Then if you took the initiative to verify references and tutor's resume, then guess what you would also get paid, and we would get a small fee from such task, a similar concept applies for all the tasks you do.

The purpose of you doing such tasks, is to provide due diligence and quality of matchmaking service, and give parents and students peace of mind, while simultaneously helping your self in making an additional stream of income by doing tasks based on active basis, and yet at the same time gradually generating revenue on passive basis from small agency recurring fee from every hour your tutor or tutors teach.

Now if none of that makes sense still, please consider checking this link to see exactly what we offer to online math tutors.

Pay close attention to the services we offer to such online math tutors and envision your agency doing such services.

Note I haven't specifically created google plus collection tailored towards students and parents who are seeking specifically for online independent math tutors, however, I did create this page here that targets students and parents in general and explains them agency benefits and why it's a good idea to hire tutors who are indeed checked and verified by the agency.

Take a look at this collection then see for your self how your agency can fit into this model, discover for your self what services you can provide to students, services such as Peace of Mind and others.

See how this collection focuses on making students and parents realize the true benefits of the agency and why in fact in many cases it makes sense to pay for agency recurring fee in a first place since in many cases all the verifications and time spent by the agency to provide to parents and students peace of mind and higher quality match eventually evens out! (that is of course dependent on the length of the tutoring sessions and the hourly rate of course, but still)

What you the agency must extract from that collection is the very simple fact that it can be you providing these services, where we proxy out these services to you and represent you as the agency that does these checks, while simultaneously helping you maximize your credibility and helping you generate income from each of the tasks you do on active basis while also at the same time helping you generate income on much smaller agency recurring fee passive basis from every hour your tutor who you manage teaches.

Sure some parents may want peace of mind and some may not, for online math tutors they are less likely to get peace of mind type of services, since after all tutor is online... for local tutors, parents and students are more likely to be the customer of such services.

Also additionally we let parents know that there is a major difference between agency and no agency and in fact provide them our own comparison to our own agency managed business structure where they pay more from every hourly rate, but get a higher quality match.

Now that you understand both sides of the story, student side and tutor site, the question is... will you want to sign up and be a proxy agency and do these checks?

If that's a yes feel free to email Rome Wells direct to with response in your email in subject line, Yes I want to be a proxy tutoring services agency and receive opportunities from students whom i can process, verify and match with my own tutors, and do would like to have a stamp with each of my tutors representing my agency in the eyes of the parent, and I am ok with giving up small percentage fee from every task I do that is described in the google plus collection here when processing students, and I am ok with receiving small agency recurring fee from every hour my tutor teaches, and I am also ok paying for each tutor who is shown on Tutoring Services, LLC network of sites membership fee depending on the number of websites each of my tutors is advertised.

Also FYI in parallel, I have also created another service for my own agency managed tutors, that is based on the agency recurring fee structure, to see how my company's agency managed math tutors are different in comparison to independent online math tutors view this collection

Note this collection is strictly for my agency managed business model.

However, after seeing this collection, you will also realize that you would perhaps like some of the features for your tutors in your own collection.

If that is the case then we can create a custom solution for you that makes the most sense to you.

However, we would charge agency recurring fee from every hour your tutor teaches and fee for each tutor who is enrolled on our website.

Which is slightly different then what we are offering to agencies in comparison to what was described earlier.

Also one extra news I wanted to share... if your online tutoring agency also happens to have some local qualities, and perhaps wants to build your own training program in for example science... then good news.. recently I have created brand new business model for local tutoring agencies, who would like to be differentiated at insane amount of level in comparison to any other local tutoring agencies in the area locally, by being able to offer to your local students training program for science and crush your local competition.

If interested to see what we are cooking up and planning to offer for our own local area students, and see how your company can fit in take a look at this google plus page.

We currently in the process of obtaining feedback from local students to see if this program is needed locally, but you can similarly offer the very same program in your area to your local students, we can provide you with marketing tailored towards your Local Tutoring Services company giving you head start in crushing your competitors, then after we help you crush your competitors by winning the war locally, we can help you pivot the very same students who are seeking help in science to your own 1 on 1 tutors, conviniently registered on our very own search engine

Where we would let your agency tutors be listed on our search engine in combination with your very own science summer camp program, giving you flexibility to maximize your chances in making money from multiple stream revenues by offering local tutoring services in class camp style session while simultaneously extending your tutoring services in the local area for 1 on 1 tutoring and staying on top of your competition and generating revenue on the recurring basis from every hour your highly qualified tutors teach.

Think of this offering from us Tutoring Services, LLC as sort of like a franchise opportunity, except you do not have to pay any Franchise fees other than the very simple fact of sharing recurring revenue from every hour your individual tutors teach whom you manage, and also paying license fee for the marketing content and marketing training that would be provided to you, that would allow you to rise locally.

Check out the Pre AP Camp Review service that we are considering to offer, and see how your agency can fit in offering the very same thing in your local area.

Note our goal is to unite Tutoring agencies in a way that can help students improve academic scores, increase the quality of education in the fields of math and sciences in the USA while simultaneously generate economic value and incentive for tutoring agencies to consider providing high-quality matchmaking, background check verification and coordination between local community members.

Many students in USA simply fail to develop critical thinking skills throughout high school years.

Country USA itself is lacking behind in the field of math and sciences, Rome Wells is targeting entire nation in the direction of helping USA improve education in both fields of maths and sciences and even information technology sectors such as Cyber Security.

Networking agencies together in a way that brings mutual beneficial sense to students, parents, agencies and Tutoring Services, LLC. Simply seems like the right thing to do.

Enjoyed this article? Struggling in your own field? Need consulting advice for your company?

Or perhaps interested in influencing your local market?

If that's a yes and not sure how?

Consider visiting for more info.

Until next time folks, and once again thank you for keeping touch with this blog post and hopefully we hear back from you. Stay tuned till next time.

This article was written by me Rome Wells

Rome Wells (founder of Tutoring Services, LLC, commonly referred to by many students as Mark Twain of 21st-century educational era, digital scientist, engineer, former certified math teacher for the state of CT, breakdancer and many other things in between)

Hoping to become the future secretary of US education, but for now, just a regular guy trying to help folks improve the level of education in math and scienes and help educational organizations make money.

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Hi folks remember how I mentioned I am creating new marketing service for essay writing companies?

Well now my passion led me to offer additional service, but this time for students.

Check out example of how I am targeting students and attracting students to hire one of our agency managed math online tutors.

The strategy described here is quiet simple. Students want to learn math. However it's very hard to learn math without proper tools.

In fact what's even harder is finding tutors who can use these tools.

In fact many simply can't. However what our company can do is train tutors how to use such tools and help math tutoring companies who happen to offer math as one of the tutoring subjects to maximize their chances of being better vs other competitors and hence be able to differentiate yourself in such a way that would increase your chances for your online math tutoring company to get more students.

If you happen to have bunch of tutors who you would like to get trained on how to use such tools then don't hesitate to see our online math tutoring collection illustrating how exactly tools can be used when teaching math.

What you will see is example of our service offering, however that does not mean that you can not do the same. You can but you just need to know how.

Our company can help you understand how by simply training you and providing consulting services to your online math tutoring agency for how to teach math using these tools and for how to maximize your chances of landing student leads in math.

Yes consulting service that does both shows you what tools we use, show how they are used and explains to you how to increase students.

To reserve your session with Rome Wells feel free to send email to

Also definitely check out link below to see how our company markets online math tutoring services to students. Similarly we can help your math online tutoring company also get marketed.

Also check out out our other collection for online agency managed tutors to see how we attract tutors to work with us, by getting tutors bonded by the value of trust.

That value of trust creation is what you can also do for your agency, maximizing your chances that the tutors who end up working for you are not just some cat in the hat type of individuals who only care about money on short term basis, but instead the type of tutors who would want to be part of your tutoring company team.

We can extend our platform that we use for agency managed tutors to you.

Where your online math tutoring agency can focus on creating high quality content while at the same time benefiting from having your tutors shown on our callmytutor site and in relevant math network of blog sites that we own.

To see what we mean by concept of trust and to see what we offer to our agency managed tutors check out this link.

At the end of the day remember if you are the math tutoring agency and charging recurring agency fee from every hour you must provide reason for why someone would pay extra for your tutor.

That extra is precisely what we provide as part of our agency managed business model named callmytutor

However that extra is not something easy to come up with unless you bond your tutors by the concept of trust.

We can help you establish that trust by extending our platform and marketing services to you.

Where we can have your agency managed online math tutors listed on callmytutor site

Where we can have your agency create your own diagnostic study system and have it shown on site in corresponding exam attracting students to buy both your diagnostic study system and your tutors.

The question is how do you link it all together? The answer is simple get Network Consultant Rome Wells to help you network it together.

If interested in Rome Wells consulting services feel free to send an email to

Where personal strategy can be created for your business showing you how to take advantage of our platform and maximizing your student leads.

Be prepared though for hard work which would place your online math tutoring company in the driver sit of your very own diagnostic study system powered by Tutoring Services , LLC with the common goal of helping students do better in math and obviously help your agency be more valuable by attracting students to your agency managed math tutors and making money from recurring agency commission fees that your agency would charge student.

Note the concept may not seem perfect since there is so many sites that we own and so many services that we offer, but at the end of the day... what matters is your service looking good I front of student and for students to find you.

With you not creating trust bond and not doing marketing and not having help for marketing or any of the tools understanding is automatically a lost battle in comparison to other folks who do take advantage of our service.

Simply because creating anything remotely near to that will probably take you a very long time and simply is not worth it.

However for someone like me Rome Wells it is worth it, since I already went through such journey and cooked up the network for you the online math tutoring companies in the logical structural path that can help your company simply make more money.

I can't use all of my strategies myself to earn money since that would require me fully diving into it, which is simply impossible for one human person to do, but I can dive into it to the right limit and just enough level for me to relay these strategies to you and help you make money.

Hope you liked this post folks.

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Long time no see folks, hopefully, you haven't forgotten about me, because I haven't.

Hence is the reason why I decided to show local and online tutoring agency another one of the business models that I just came up recently with.

The business models help essay writing training center companies jump ahead and crush their competition.

Learn more here

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Recently many local tutoring companies and IT training centers asked Rome Wells, how on earth can you create training center from scratch?

The answer is quite simple. Be in multiple places in parallel time frames for every element that you are trying to build that is part of your business system and hop across multiple audiences and place yourself in the shoes of multiple audiences and their perspectives.

Wait but how can I be, in parallel time frames across multiple business strategies?

Know your audience, and don't think about eccentric details of how to get students or how to get clients, think of the value you are providing to students and thought processes will come together driving you in the path of creating training centers.

Think of other pieces of an equation that come together that can help you reach out towards your audience, place yourself in the position of your audience.

Imagine that everything is a network. For example see how I Rome Wells designing training center from scratch and see exactly how my thoughts come together. Watch carefully analyze every single step that i am doing.

I will attempt to describe what exactly is happening in my head and how I design training center from scratch and how you can do the same, obviously in the field that you are good at, or something that you are good at, or something that is relevant to you, or something that you are passionate about.

The way to build training center from scratch is like creating college from scratch. So Let's see if Rome Wells can show you exactly how to be in multiple places in parallel times and hop across different audiences.

To be in multiple places in parallel times, is quite impossible as you may be already aware physically that is, but luckily your brain can process information in parallel realities. How? by analyzing things in parallel and not just sequentially, and analyzing business concepts in parallel in such a way that makes sense in a context of your overall business goal. Wait does that mean your brain can think in parallel and be great in multi-tasking?

The answer is no.. your brain is mostly sequential, meaning you only realize thoughts as they come to you sequentially as you are attempting to place your self in the shoes of multiple audience and attempting to analyze what make sense and what does not make sense...

So what exactly do i mean when i say, the best way to create a training center is to position yourself in parallel directions? The answer is quiet simple, do not just think about one concept.... do not just think for example about tutors... or thinking how to get them... or do not just think about students thinking how to get them.. .or do not only think about clients who are you trying to target.

Think in parallel about each audience, but do not jump the gun and start defining your business structure based on the perspective of an only single piece of the expression. Define business strategy from the perspective of multiple audiences and multiple expressions..

Wait but how do I do that and what would be a good example?

One way to do that is to create road-map for your self of what needs to happen as u develop your business, create road-map in parallel month time frames from the perpective of each audience. and lay out the major milestones for each audience on the time line in parallel time montly intervals. That doesn't mean you will be working on all milestones at the same time.

Rule #1. Create Road map

Rule #2 Focus on the different audience and don't base your strategy on the single audience, see how for example student interconnects to tutor...

What I am showing here is exactly how I am creating training center. Notice how I am creating multiple concepts from the perspective of analyzing road-map in parallel time frames.

Now you may say well, that is obvious.... but is it? Or perhaps the question you should ask is why... why do things in parallel time frames and why define road-maps for your self or your organization ahead of time?

The answer is queit simple... to have your self focused... if you do not have the road-map you do not keep your self focused... the minute you start creating road-maps is the day when you start making progress.

I have started creating training center 4 weeks ago, in fact you can see how I am creating training center from scratch, by thinking deep about variety types of components that are interconnected to one another.

Note, thoughst do not just come to me randomly, they come to be because of specific replays that I do, in my head as i lay out the terms of the business process.

For example the other day as I was trying to figure out how to create training center that makes students learn, i realized that, unless i have special mechanism engineered and designed in such a way that forces student to learn the chances of student being submitted to learning and not running away and not attempting to fight the learning process are going to be very low.

In my case the business that I am creating live in front of you is an actual training center, an actual training center that provides value and creates jobs, and the way I am designing inter-combines road-map and inter combines actual functions, functions that consists of reasonings, reasonings that provide an actual value.

Wait but how do I do that? How can I just wake up and create training center from scratch? How is that even possible?

The answer is passion, you must have passion and you must have goal and you must be willing to envision hat passion and you must be willing to analyze each audience similarly as if you are about to simulate toy car driving on the bridge and making sure that the bridge can survive the load.

Similarly, as if you created a computer program and trying to see if the program does what it suppose to do by simulating it's outcome.

When creating a business strategy you must think of multiple things that can go wrong, and you must have plan a, plan b and plan c.

In the case of the business that I am creating live in front of you and showing you progress, how I do it, is in fact IT computer Training business. Conceptually this is no different than any other training center. Why do I say it's conceptually the same to any other training center?

The Reason why is because the training center that I am creating, has 2 goals, goal #1 is to provide value to the student just like a majority of other training and learning centers have similar goals.

Where things to different is the business strategy chosen, specialization and market that is being targeted, but conceptually it's the same, and nothing more but the network, the network of concepts put together.

As you look closely in the progress of the training center that I am trying to put together and explain to you how I do it, you will see concepts of object-oriented programming, you will see concepts of branding and marketing, you will see concepts of marketing illusion, you will see concepts that are glued together function by function, creating one big mathematical function that produces output, the output that creates and drives the business strategy.

Wait but what about goal #2? What should be the other goal of training center be? 1st one I understand... it's the students and value that is provided to the students, but what about the actual goal #2? Goal #2 is to obviously help yourself in such a way that is highly compatible with Goal #1.

Everything else factors into these 2 goals. Wait how is that? Well think of it this way... to help yourself you must make your training center very compelling and you must make the training center make sense and not only should it make sense in the context of students it should make sense in the context of other connected factors and business pieces associated with your business strategy.

For example, in the case of the Binary Fusion as you can see based on the road-map pictures that I have included as part of this post to demonstrate to demonstrate concepts of parallel based business strategy development, that I am targeting students and c-level execs specifically in financial companies.

In my case, I have 2 things factoring around my head, students, c-level execs in financial companies. Students are highly relevant to Goal #1 and C-level execs who I am targeting are highly relevant to Goal#2. so what do i do? I end up creating multiple parallel milestones on the road map with parallel time lines for each milestone.

I set my mind in the direction of thinking about different audience, I set myself in the direction of thinking about things like...branding.. but i don't just think about branding... because branding concept doesn't come together until you start thinking about students.... when you start thinking about students you start thinking about ways to convince students to study, and prepare.

In my business strategy, it's quiet difficult for me to make money, unless I achieve the following goals. Goal #1. Be able to get Students, and Goal #2 Be able to Get an attention of C-Level execs from financial companies.

In my training center, several things must happen, a student must take the class, a student must be trained and then get placed into a job relevant to student's training....

If student fails or doesn't do well in the training, it will be difficult to place such student into a job role, and it would be difficult to get financial companies to call me back if the student who I matched them with after they finished my program did not perform well at the job.... the result of this can be detrimental for the training center, therefore, what do I do?

I create strategies that circumvent the concept of failure. In my business case failure of a student is not acceptable, because If the student does not get trained well, then I will not get referrals from financial companies.

So what do i do? i come up with ideas for how I can ensure that the training strategy is adequate, in such a way that student is willing to submit to learning and not willing to run away and willing to make progress.

So what does it mean? It means that training strategy is a must for every training center, without training a strategy there is no training center.

To come up with the training strategy you must understand that everyone learns different ways, and you must understand that keeping a student at constant stress level increases learning stimulation, not tracking student progress and not tracking homework assignments and not tracking students progress can result in a student not being accountable. Introducing necessary admission hooks and necessary methods that motivate a student to learn is the key when creating training strategy.

Of course, you may say how on earth can Rome Wells know all that? Thats a good question and the answer is ... I am designing training center right now and showing you exactly how I am doing this and not only I am designing local training center I am designing online training center, and not only am I designing it I am telling you exactly how I am designing it and showing it to you in the context and the process of how I am doing so.

This way you can see and understand how it works and use similar concepts to come up with your own training center, note designing training center is not something that just happens, it's a continuous process of revision, refining and adjustments that can only be realized by placing your self into multiple hats from different perspectives.

Not doing so will keep you wondering what should the training strategy be, and you will be constantly thinking about how to get clients vs actually doing... To start doing.. and executing you need to think about the actual value...

Take a look at exactly what i mean see how Intercombine and network together the following elements. See how I take an exam, that students prepare for, see how I connect it to the business strategy and see how i inter-combine it with local training center and in parallel online training center based on the same curriculum.

See how I dissect to students value of the training center.... <--- take a look at this sales page... then closely ..ask your self.. the following questions... 1... how is this exam... connected to students?

How is this exam connected to online training center, to local training center, see how it interconnects to financial companies, see how it interconnects to training strategy, see how it interconnects to branding and concepts of object-oriented programming of reusing branded object names for the concepts that I am relaying to students.

See how I am creating branding concepts that are hooks, admission hooks, and all sorts of hooks that makes student want to learn.. Creating the training center involves creating all sorts of hooks, hooks that target students that make students want to join, that make students want to learn that make students realize value........

Now of course you may say... I understand Rome Wells how you are targeting students and how you are creating training center and how you are doing from multiple parallel based time frames in road map, but how on earth are you planning to break through Financial companies? Financial companies are indeed not students and not tutors they are a completely different breed of marketing type of audience.

There is so far only 2 things that come to my mind, for how to connect with financial companies..... one of them is to go and get a new hobby of being able to play golf, or try to break into financial companies by tapping into informational channel that already exists between financial companies and recruiters and break into the world of recruiters.

However, a majority of the recruiters have different objectives and goals, and a concept of GREED come into play for many of them, wanting to get huge percentage for placing candidates but not developing the capabilities, the capabilities for students that converts them into infused with knowledge geniuses.

IT Recruiters are not interested in developing any capabilities other tahn match making random candidates with companies.

Hence as the training center you must understand that and realize that, the only way to get IT Recruiters to help you is to ensure that they have a slightly similar goal, or strong trusteeship.

What I just described, here is an obstacle, obstacle that only can be realized and discovered in the process of thinking deep not about how I am going to break into the financial companies, but with the concept of what value can I provide to financial companies.

In fact check this article out that I created real quick, it shows you exactly how I target financial companies, you can do the same.... just pick a niche (it doesn't have to be finance but other type of audience).... and target them using similar concept that I show in this article, see how i provide value to financial companies in the article... see how I connect to them in the link below and you will see what i mean. You will see how I am doing this under specific angles.

In another words, what I am doing is I am reverse engineering positions that exist on linked in digging deep into what these positions are relevant to financial industries and seeing logically how employees who work for financial companies who are responsible for hiring process are connected. Meaning what do they care for, whydo they care about something, what is their job role description, how can they be the gateways to the financial companies.

What I am describing here you can similarly pull off in your own industry that you specialize (I chose finance simply because I was working in this industry most of my life hence pick something most relevant to you when trying to build a business this way you gain better credibility, and if you do not have anything relevant to you, then learn using concepts that I teach by understanding networking and digging deeper and deeper conceptually into each of the inter networked elemetns, but do not expect to learn without creating, you must learn how to create first before you can learn anything, but don't learn everything only learn what is relevant to your goal.)

As I continue digging into reverse engineering concepts of how to break into financial companies and how to get them hooked, I will be providing examples and clarifications for each of these concepts on the google plus page, shown here.

This way you can see how I am progressing, this way you can see it in real time marketing strategies I am executing (or another best way to see that is to follow me on LInkedIn visit page).

This way you can understand how i am targeting across multiple parallel times frames different audience and wearing multiple hats, from different perspectives.

Also see how I am designing online training center using concepts that I just described.

Note the concept i am creating is easy to comprehend, if you happen to be an existing training center who specializes in providing some sort of IT Training program. However, even if you are not a training center in IT, conceptually you will understand what is being shown here.

Oh also one more thing if you are a training center..... don't forget to enroll in advanced marketing weapons program with Tutoring Services, LLC.

I figured best way to show you how advanced marketing weapons work is by literally show you how I create training center from scratch and throw reinforcement linking elements together that makes it easy for training center to be marketed.

I will be interconnecting different websites together, to reinforce training center the very same websites where you can add your advertisement for your training center, the very same websites that can help you increase student leads.

For more info about advanced marketing weapons that my company sells to the training centers and online tutoring companies check out this page

As I am creating different methods to advertise training center that I am creating I will be sharing websites and methods I use to interconnect marketing concepts together using 21st century digital era type of marketing, helping you realize the benefits of being advertised by Tutoring Servcies, LLC and enrolling into advanced marketing weapons program fro your training center...

I figured the best way I can connect with the training centers, is by literally creating one my self, to see how I am developing it in details feel free to visit this page and see how I am doing this from student's perspective.

Seeing these elements can help you similarly strategize your training center in the direction of your own field, that you happen to specialize in, helping America create jobs, and helping your elf in making money by satisfying both goals #1 and #2 that I described earlier.

My Rome Wells personal goal is not only to help other students learn and pass the training program and get a job, but to also help other training centers stimulate American economy and do so similarly and create jobs as well in variety of industry sectors using strategies that I am coming up, helping America stay educated and helping American students get jobs after graduating college.

The best way I can achieve that goal is by educating you existing and future training centers. Whether your business model involves charging students up front for the training or if your model is designed to get money from the students, and then providing job placement to students, Rome Wells is here to help with his amazing advanced marketing weapons specifically designed for the local tutoring companies and training centers.

My personal goal is to ensure that I demonstrate to others my legacy, the legacy of helping others care about education and care about wanting to help your self, and doing so in the way that is mutually beneficial to yourself and other, in context of helping America create jobs and American economy.

If that goal involves creating business strategy and creating training center, college or university from scratch so you can understand value of education, value of training strategy and value of helping others and value of helping American economy, so be it, then that's what I'll do and that's what I will show you how to do.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article. This article was written by the 21st-century data scientist, educational advocate (commonly referred to by many students as Mark Twain of educational advocacy), break dancer, information security professional, math tutor, network consultant, engineer, prolific writer and many other things in between Learn more about Rome Wells here visit

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Many local training center asked how can I get more student leads by getting help from Tutoring Services, LLC in specific location in specific niche area related to education or information technology.

Simple, let us help you improve your chances of having your local learning center being found.

How? By leveraging our edu advanced marketing weapons cloud service, where we specifically fine tune your marketing campaign in the direction of your company having better chances of getting more student leads.

We can use power of our network to tap into your industry and help you stand out from the crowd. How? By our company posting reviews for your local training center on multiple sites where students most likely end up finding your local learning center, your course or your tutors.

Wait what? How is that possible? Simple if you have a local training center surely you have a course.... what if you can sell this course online in addition to locally... and what if in the process of it all.... you can show your training center differentiated from others?

What if there is a way to place your learning center in related area of your niche? What if there is a way to bridge your course or study guides or tutors that your local learning center has to offer with students?

Well there is.... and that is exactly what our advanced edu marketing weapons cloud service provides, flexible service to have your local learning center be found from multiple angles by the students, by bridging together your existing courses relevant to your niche that your local learning center may already offer, but obviously formatting of your courses would have to be online oriented and not just local.

The advanced edu marketing weapons cloud service is designed in such a way that it interconnects your company courses, study guides, tutors and your training center together, acting like small bridges, spread across different sites, bridges that are networked together.

Now some of you may say, why on earth what I need that? Well if you have a local learning center and want students then, you would need that. If you do. It have such need then you would not need that.

What exactly is the science behind this marketing service? Science behind involves taking relevant places that pertains to your company in specific subject area of expertise and linking them together, but in such a way that makes sense.

We use study guide site to create reviews for courses and study guides and can show on that site tutors and courses relevant to your company specific area of expertise. Where there are study guides there are students.... the very same students who are searching for things like.... courses.... for things like.... study guides.... for things like tutors..... for things like... training centers..... Why?

Reason is simple because students like to be guided.... just like you like to be guided in your business journey. Students are like machines who analyze every little thing.... about product.... guiding them towards the right product is the science behind getting student leads.

Students want to see options and flexibility and cost and multiple variations of elements that help them make up their mind. Why ? Simply because they want to prepare without spending too much money or prepare with high quality.

Hence being on our site in one shape or form is a good idea for local learning centers, that is of course if local training center is interested in increasing their student leads.

Note is not the only site we use as part of our advanced edu marketing weapons cloud service, but we use other sites. For example site like

So how exactly does Tutoring Services, LLC uses site? By providing reviews of training centers, in specific geographical region. Students who analyze their study options are not dumb.... they want to see which school is the best... why they should go there and what exactly is offered in specific school or training center....

If your local learning center or training center is not on that site then you are missing out..... of course being placed on it is free..... but being shown with additional details such as YouTube video of your company, review from Tutoring Services, LLC about your training center or your own review, provided to us in the form of article with proper formatting is completely different story and has price tag associated with it.

Now some companies may say I don't need that.... you may say you don't need that... but your competitors will think otherwise..... the very same competitors of yours who did put greed aside and did decide to get help from Tutoring Services, LLC and did decide to get marketed by being placed on inter combination of sites.

In fact we are executing this strategy right now for our own training center that we are cooking up.... in Manhattan NY, with core emphasis in Cyber Security and will be using our own weapons that we are also attempting to sell to you, to super charge our selves and prepare our selves with continuous flow of students in our niche area for our training center.

Now surely if you are doing cyber security also then perhaps you may want to connect with us, to see how our weapons can help, but even if you are not doing cyber security but have other niche related to education, feel free to contact us and let us know if interested in our advanced edu weapons marketing service.

In fact check our our Manhattan NY collection of google plus site to see how we are developing this business and what we are doing and how it works. Perhaps you will learn a thing or two or perhaps discover something that can help you start up your own business.

Watch closely next blog in Manhattan NY our google plus collection to see how we angle our marketing towards students.

Here is how we plan on helping other companies in Manhattan who are training centers in Cyber Security niche. We will ask them if they want to buy our marketing service for yearly price helping them increase student leads by placing their training center on with review and any other description about their training center, note not every training center is the same, then we collect other info such as if their training centers have any courses or tutors or study guides related to their training center program which they would also like to sell to increase their chances of making money.

If training centers have no local or online courses that they would like to sell, and have no tutors and have no study guides that they would like to sell and have our company list on site like StudyGuide.NET and list their training center with review on then most likely they will not stay in business for too long. We provide a way for them that can help them stay in business, by helping them get more student leads. Obviously we charge commission if the course gets sold, or study guide or tutors gets sold.

If we see no training center cooperates with our company in our local area where we have our niche then it's absolutely fine with us, we will use our own solutions to help our selves in the local area of Manhattan NY and help our selves of getting student leads.

However it simply makes more sense for other training centers to leverage our services, unless of course training centers are happy to create their own search engines, their own methods to get student leads and spend 10 years doing so.... obviously not the best choice....

Knowing when to get help and from whom is what makes business succeed. Now after we get training centers on our school rating site, students can rate schools.... other students deserve to know if training center is good or not.... just like customers in Yelp would like to know if restaurant was good, except here we are talking about future career faith of the student....

After training center reviews are provided, we will also add review for our own company for students to see, our company DBA Binary Fusion which specializes in IT consulting and now diving deep itself into both consulting and training by inter combining forces with our parent company Tutoring Services, LLC.

What we will do Is use our weapons to super charge our selves and present the company using multiple angles of marketing for students as what was described earlier and shown in this short video clip.

After each training center is placed we will show pros and cons of each training center in review helping students decide if training center is right for them or not. Training center that is positioned in the way that makes most sense to the student is what most likely student will go after.

Therefore being properly positioned in the business model towards your audience (I.e students) is the key to having successful business model.

Other keys are obviously being properly presented, and if you get presented by Tutoring Services, LLC and already have fine tuned learning or training center then it can really help you increase student leads.

What will not help you is trying to save money and avoiding marketing fees.... greed is like crime..., that makes your informational highway..... be extremely limited.... break the chains of greed and you will start seeing progress (that is of course if you have sustainable business processes to back you up, if not the develop these processes first or get help from Tutoring Services, LLC to help you develop it, but be prepared to pay good money)

Now here is the question.... we talked about greed... we talked about marketing weapons... and we talked about tactics that can help businesses strive.... but what we didn't talk about is..... other business processes... that may pertain to your businesses..... that perhaps..... act as final pieces of jig saw puzzle in your business venture.... if you are reading know exactly what these pieces are.....

Why not ask for our marketing help to see if we can find a funnel that perhaps can connect to your missing jig saw puzzle piece..... what if we have answer for you already and you do not know it and we do not know it..until you ask..... if you would like to ask .... feel free to do so as part of our marketing training..... where you will find our study guide for #1 way to market your tutoring business that you can buy to see if this can help you learn secrets that can help your company tap into informational highway that is all around us and can also ask questions with real marketing and business person online and discuss your business challenges and receive training and consulting live. Note do not just ask for quote, it's not possible to quantify this training by quote..... it's done by hours, block of hours, discount packages for training are available.

Note you can either sit and read this all day and wonder how to build your business or ask questions from real business development experts, who can strategize business for you during training perform analysis for you, and teach you marketing. Note our marketing training is mostly tailored towards marketing, but business and marketing training is the most efficient since it combines both worlds together.

Our study guide is mostly focused around marketing, there is a reason why we are number 1 company in the world in educational marketing and advocacy. Hence getting that training from us can help. Note not everyone who asks for it gets, we have the luxury to pick our students, hence do not expect to get service just because you contacted us, we do so based on priority and complexity of your case.

Hopefully you found this post informative. Remember "Greed is like a crime, get rid of it, and see your business grow or stay with it and see it dwindle" Rome Wells

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Many local/training and learning centers asked Rome Wells, I have volume of students that my company teaches in a learning center in specific geographical location, but the problem is I am not getting students continuously, what can I do?

The answer is simple: Create a business process that does the student searching for you!

Many training centers said it's easier said than done. Rome Wells, response... is .... that is true.... but..... not having this process will slow your business growth.

What if training centers can't afford such business process, because there is money associated with that process and output of such process is questionable....

If that is the case.. ask your self this question..... do you see other competitors in your area? If the answer is Yes then there is a high chance that you are on the right track.... because location is highly populated...

Take a look at big cities, and pick any industry, any company, chances are you will see other similar companies right? Right.....

What does that mean..... That means you can take advantage of your competitors... and tap into their informational highway....... that exists all around us, and them that is of course if they were following the right path and managed to get business, and you can quickly tell which company makes money and which company dose not.

So what does it mean again? That means you can forge a weapon that can put your competitors under your advantage and craft up a network... network that taps into students market.....

Wait what? How?

Easy.... by you building similar business.... as your competitor.. but analyzing all of the competitors in your area and strategize your business concept that provides better reasons for students to join....

Hmmm... but that's obvious Rome Wells... I don't want to hear anything that is obvious.... "remember what is obvious is not so obvious in the minds of many".... <---Quote from Rome Wells

I understand, all that Rome Wells, thank you for the words of wisdom, but really how.... do I strategize better business model than let's say another training center and tap in into student market?

You are asking right questions..... the answer is... use your network skills to interconnect your competitors together....

Wait but what will that give me? It will give you incredible power to differentiate your self from others, the power that no one else but you can create.....because you have the greatest reason to get continuous student leads...

To get continuous student leads you need to position your self in better shoes.... then others.... or at least comparatively close to others... while at the same time giving more reasons for students to contact you instead of them.....

Wait wait wait... Rome Wells... I understand all that... but how do i build that power... ?

Here is how.... connect your competitor based on some logical reasoning, in such a way that will attract students to you.....

For example let's say you are a training center, and hired someone who can help you develop your business in such a way that that person helps you find students.... on regular basis..... this is what is called continuous process, which is part of your machine that can help you be successful... without it there is high risk for you not to make the revenue you want.....

So let's you are the training center and let's say you are hired someone.... then the question is... what do you tell them to do? They will do only what you tell them to do...... the chances are they will not be intelligent as you are... for obvious reasons, they will be disconnected from your information highway, from your center of the universe and from you.... unless of course you network them with more reasons to be connected to you.. such as financial reasons or other incentives.....

Wait Rome Wells I understand all that, tell me more... how do i actually find that logical link that binds multiple companies together?

Rome Wells, response is simple... it's just like an IT network... where packets flow from one end to another from one computer to another and vice versa.... except students are the packets of data... and point of destination is your company.... and your connected to you person who you hired is the one that is connecting these students to you on the other end....

Wow.. that is insane comparison... but really please Rome Wells just tell me how do i create logical link that connects competitors together while at the same time opens up path to my company?

The answer is..... Reviews.... Here is a magic formula...

In summary find out who your competitors are and create pages for each one of them and compare them together and present to the students in your specific niche.

Students who are searching around in Houston Texas for example for your specific niche type of training center will see all of the other competitors and glorified version of your company showing your major differences.

Key concept 1 here. Know your competitors
Key concepts 2 here. Know your business model and every single process that involves in it.

So here are the steps.... for how to get competitors to do the work for you and tap into their informational highway and how to build the concept, the concept from which you can provide clear instructions to your person who you hire and who will do the student attraction for you....

Step 1. Analyze competitor #1 in deep details someone who is reputable and seem to make money... in your local region....
Step 2. Compare it to several other few...
Step 3. Use local location as the link... the link that binds them together... so for example if your competitor in Houston Texas then your logical link is Houston, and you would write review for all of your competitors in Houston... and neatly organizes them on the web-page.
Step 4. Provide reason for students and explanation why one competitor is better then another
Step 6. Pick unique differentiating concepts and reiterate on these concepts for your business, showing how different you are from others. (you can only realize this step by analyzing others and diving deep into business model)
Step7. Create 2 unique service models options for your training center. First service model option being different from another, but highly relevant, with first service model option completely different from every competitor and also attractive to the students, but not as highly attractive to all students.
Step 8. Create 2nd service model option and hype up your 2nd local tutoring service model better than first service option, and make it extremely attractive to students to go for option 2 of your service model.
Step 9. Create comparison table between other competitors and your service model option 1 and option 2, clearly sowing both options two students, ans showing how option 1 is greatly different from other competitors and option 2 is similar to your competitors or still slightly different (preferably you want option 2 be better than competitors, but it's not always feasible which is ok if it's not, as long as it's not to a certain degree within a certain limit)

Now wait Rome Wells, are these steps described need to be done by business owner? yes these steps need to be done by business developer, whomever that maybe most like you entrepreneur owner of learning/training center.

The outcome of these steps should be developed business process... what type of process...? Process that will attract students, because they will be searching for other competitors and will be searching in Houston area for your niche.

By dong this you combine and inter-network different companies and combine their energy and informational highway from each of them and provide reason for students to chose you, making it more likely for you to get student leads and these students leads end up contacting you directly.

However.. this is just a business process example. to make it continuous you must have your person who you hire drive traffic to that review page, and must also update info for each training center and must also make graphics and videos relevant to you making more and more reasons for students to pick you training center and come to you in volumes.....

Wow this is a great advice Rome Wells... but it sounds too complex how do I know if this will work? It will if you use proper marketing tactics described in this book...

and use the tactics described with inter-combination of our advanced edu marketing weapons cloud service designed to help you drive traffic to your company through inter-combination of funnels as described here

Note you may say... well I like Rome Wells idea.. but... i don't want to pay for any study guide.. i don't want to buy any yearly advanced marketing weapons membership service... i am greedy.... and i don't need any of that.. i just want Rome Wells to teach me for free... :)

If that's the case then no problem, just remember... greed is what locks down you from opening up informational highway and that is what can bring you down eventually.... because without networking it's hard to open up any informational highways...

Wait Rome Wells, I believe you but please help me believe you more show me some example.

Want example? Take a look at this collection .... Monitor this collection closely.... and see how we develop local training business from scratch related to Cyber Security niche and IT (remember mission how Rome Wells said he wants America get protected from cyber crime, while helping education stay affordable? this is his way of doing so) where we pick a niche area... and network pieces conceptually together....and creating videos, and networking concepts 1 by 1 in Manhattan NY area....

Watch closely, in every post you see you will see what was just mentioned... except this collection is tailored towards Manhattan students and surrounding students in nearby areas (see how we network multiple areas together)... and see the logical connections how multiple business concepts put together.... in front of your face.. with visual graphics and animated videos and clear concise explanations and see how we inter-combine different companies together... different service model options... (as described by these options)

See another example where we network test prep companies together.... and take a look at urls like see the reviews? Take a look at see how Rome Wells is positioning different types of reviews... in WIFI case Rome Wells is cooking up reviews for vendors in WIFI solution vendors...

See relationship? See what Rome Wells is doing? No? Not clear? Take a look at here see relationship no? See concepts of reviews?

Take a look at another example see relationship no? See concepts of reviews?

It will make more sense if you check the pages out and you will gradually begin to understand how to create reviews....

Note if you want us to do that for you and glorify you as the number 1 person in your local area... then build the business as described in these steps and we can place your training center on our educational sites as part of educational advanced marketing weapons, on sites like RateMySchool.NET (still in development) where we can list your training center competitors.. and you in glorified review way that attracts students....

Have exam that your company focuses? We can place you on site relevant to that exam and link back to your learning center on from which students can navigate to your own site..

We can use inter-combination of sites in your area, including test prep sites, homework help sites to dive deep in your expertise and give you the power, helping you to tap into student market in your area.

Of course you can also create your own review site and do what we just said... but do you have time for that?

Why not sign up for our advanced marketing edu weapons and help you forge weapon that can help fight your competitors and equip your self with the study guide that can help you tap into incredible knowledge, helping you learn how to tap into informational highway, helping you find students.

As we continue with expansion of you will see how we are combining our IT consulting company DBA Binary Fusion using concepts of internships with Tutoring Services, LLC using concept of 1 on 1 training... and you also will see gradually how we create 2nd option class based training... option 2 and making this option glorified and more attractive to student then option 1, (1 on 1 tutoring) but still making 1 on 1 tutoring somewhat attractive anyway to students....

You will see gradually how we will go ahead and add multiple companies... specializing in training students in information technology on our network of sties in one form or another... and you will see how we push on the weak links of competitors in the area and place us as more attractive option for students to go after.....

You will see how we inter-combine different business concepts together from the world of tutoring, consulting and training all in 1.. You will see how multiple training centers are different, you will see how we discover and identify greater benefit for us as oppose to them...

Use these concepts that we show you in your niche and you will maximize your chances of success... Also if in any way shape or form you want to help out in developing this business model with and very interested, let Rome Wells know to see if you are the right fit... and have what it takes to go beyond the limits of informational highway and become super hero in business development or marketing and maybe just maybe we can find some mutual grounds, depending on who you are, where you are, what you are and whether you tapped into the mind of Rome Wells or not.. .and how aware you are of what Rome Wells is doing.

Hopefully you found this blog post informative, come back again when ready.

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Many tutoring agencies asked, how on earth do I attract tutors. Simple... promote your brand in a way that makes it easy for tutors to work with you and the clients who you match make them with.

Wait how exactly do I promote my local tutoring business in such a way that attracts tutors?

Solution 1. Give your tutors an APP

App that can be downloaded on IPHONE/IPAD and on Android device.

Problems with this solution....

Problem #1 It can get expensive if you do not know what you are doing or even if you think you do.

Problem #2 You are not motivated to even bother giving tutors an App, simply because you are not sure if it's worth investment effort.

Problem #3 Your main problem with Solution #1 is not the money that you spend on the APP, but realization of how it factors into your overall business expenses in combination with all the other expenses.

Problem #4 You have multiple use cases for local tutoring match making and 0 clue whether having any app in a first place will help you or perhaps only make you less competitive in comparison to others who do not use the app and manage to keep higher agency fee for themselves, making their tutors more affordable.

Problem #5 Your other problem is not spending the money on the app, but realizing it's capabilities within the boundaries of what you can and can not do within the app, and what make sense and what does not.

Problem #6 Your other problem with this solution is understanding how to use the app for your business in a way that makes sense.

Problem #7 Your other problem is learning how to use it and interact with it to make your business processes easier to follow.

Problem #8. Your other problem is educating actual tutors how to use it, and understanding how to do it in such a way that is easy for them to understand.

Problem #9 Your other problem is even if you do have this app, what's the point.... of having it if you have no tutors or limited number of tutors.

In fact there is many other problems with this.... luckily ... you are not alone and luckily you have Rome Wells to help you figure it out.....

Rome Wells has spent many years deciphering how human brain works. Rome Wells experimented with variety types of methods and tactics of relaying information to others. The company that he founded is Tutoring Services, LLC with the slogan "Where Learning Never Ends"

Delivering the app to your tutors and making sure it makes sense.... is basically learning... new concepts... learning how it works... learning how to structure your local tutoring business and learning how to learn new methods that can help you stand out from your competitors, who do not do any of that....

Now delivering an app to your clients will require you to go through inner thought process of your brain for how brain processes information from multiple audience perspective.

As you noticed in this blog entry i am focusing on the tutor tracking app type of solution, that is solution that is designed from the perspective of the tutor.... (note how i am not saying, it's designed for agency or ... for student or parent)

Note how I am describing this solution towards agency audience, but the intended app use is actually for tutors....

Note how I Rome Wells... relaying this to you in such a way that you can understand what on earth am I talking about.

Note something else about the way I am writing content.... have you realized that it's logical? Have you realized that what I describe makes sense?

There is an actual reason behind it... the very same reason that I explain in my marketing book which you can find on the reason that can help you tap into informational highway that is around us and help you increase your student leads.

Note have you noticed how I just interconnected from previous paragraph my marketing book? This is the type of logical inter-linking you must pull of when attracting students, parents and tutors.

Rarely do you see any company talk about ways how to actually do that, other then just showing their solutions and leaving you guessing what on earth does any of the solutions really mean to you!

What Rome Wells does here... and notice how Rome Wells switches between 3rd person and 1st person.... ? Notice that? That is an indication of being able to adjust to content and to reader....

This is the skill that you don't just wake up and learn in one day.... However with marketing book on page, I can teach you how to apply that 3rd person and 1st person adjustment towards you audience skill.

The skill that can take you ahead of competitors, the skill that will place you into opening up gateway towards informational highway.

Wait, what does this have to do with the tutor tracking app solution? The answer everything.....

Stop thinking about one thing... when you think about only one thing.... you develop factor of greed in you (which can take you on the wrong path).... instead start thinking about one thing and multiple concepts that connect to it in such a way that would help others get value.

It's like a neural network..... like atoms in the molecule connected together that have a purpose, like the sun has relationship to earth, like the earth has relationship to sun, all of which has a purpose.

What I am describing here to you is how to think the right way... What I am describing here to what is referred din math as functions, where for every input there is an output, in some cases multiple outputs (or what so called synergy, where one thing you do effects multiple in a positive way). Where each thing that you do or create must have an output, an output or value.

In your case that value is to tutors and to your self. The output for being able to stay more competitive and stick out like a thumb in comparison to your competitors.

The output of being able to offer something that others do not. The output of being able to reduce complexity of managing your tutors.

The output of being able to extend your brand. This is called marketability.

The output of being able to offer more reasons for your tutors to work with you, the output for being able to obtain signature from clients when tutor teaches one of their clients, and have that on record as proof that tutor ended up visiting the client and providing lesson. This is called accountability....

The output of being able to track location and GPS coordinates of the tutor to see if tutor arrived on time and have that on your record as the measurable metric for tutor's reliability. This is called reliability....

The output of being able to offer flexibility for tutor to view and search their clients by map as the pin and giving flexibility for tutor to get directions directly by following that pin. This is called flexibility.

The output of being able to offer way for tutors to see what are the upcoming lessons and which lessons completed. This is called awareness.

The output of being able to offer way for tutors to specify whether the tutoring lesson took place or not and clock in at the beginning of the lesson and clock out at the end of the lesson. This is called action-ability.

The output of being able to allow tutors to search for clients, by date, map, client description, client name, subject and browse information about their tutors from multiple views in a way that helps them quickly identify relevant information pertaining to their assignment. This is called ease of use.

Now that you became familiar with some of the functions that customized app with your brand can do for you. You may say well...

I am still not convinced... what bothers me in the back of my mind is how do i present this app... how do i show multiple apps if i have specific unique need to have multiple apps for my tutors... and what about other things such as being able to have eagle eye view from agency perspective of all my tutors.. and time sheets and being able to have eagle eye view of all my clients.... and have eagle eye view of client interactions and understand where I am at in each individual process, understand how much money each tutor made, how much money agency makes.... how much profit, how much loss.... how do I communicate with the clients, with students, with tutors.... and why on earth do i really need to do any of that if i am not getting any clients... or student leads in the first place?

If you have asked this question.... Rome Wells response... is..... "Start with what you got" indeed there is many problems with running tutoring business and many challenges which is why it's probably a good idea for you to buy this marketing book #1 way to market your tutoring business ... and start with with what you got .. which is solid study guide in your hands that you can read.... and understand....

After you read it and understand, you can at that point purchase voice recording subscription from Rome Wells, where he teaches marketing methods.

After doing that and having a better clue for what you need... consider getting advanced educational marketing weapons from Tutoring Services, LLC (cloud hosting provider service for local tutoring businesses and online tutoring and test prep companies)

Advanced educational marketing weapons are designed based on 3 levels, basic, advanced and premium yearly membership each type of membership offering specific service that is designed to provide value.

That service is hosting your local or online test prep site in the cloud on our sub-domain, providing security for your website, providing agent for your service, creating graphics, creating content for your home pages and subjects, creating customized app for your local tutoring business or online test prep or online tutoring company, creating animated video describing your service, and providing reviews on websites where students most likely find you or your product (whether it's course, study guide or online workshop), such as StudyGuide.NET UsedCollegeBooks.NET many subject tutoring sites, school rating sites, and test prep sites, helping you dominate your local geographical region or online test prep or tutoring subject or exam related niche.

Other services that are included as part of the advanced educational marketing weapons are listing of your tutors on our central agency managed site and listing your tutoring agency profile on making it easy for students to find your agency when they search by subject and with your agency profile page pointing directly towards your own custom created Tutoring Company sub-page with your own brand, on that page is where we can list references to your tutors, which students and parents can navigate to by showing them in tabular format and google map format and making them searchable through google map.

Go here to view example of google map and tutors on it to see what on earth are we talking about...

Using our advanced educational marketing weapons is the key to getting your self differentiated from other local competitors.

Our company is all about helping local or online tutoring companies equip themselves with both marketing and business solutions, engineered by Rome Wells founder of Tutoring Services, LLC and an actual IT engineer and network consultant, and many other things.

Contact us for pricing if you would like to purchase yearly membership to our advanced marketing educational weapons.

We have designed our solutions in such a way that you can start small and dig deep and while digging deeper, learn concepts of networking, how to network things and how to create your own network and how to enhance it.

Our recommendation is to not do any of this until you read our marketing book, at the end you may say wow, this business is not for me or you may say, wow.. i want to dive deep.

As you can see many different things were thrown at you in this article.

As you can see what is being shown here is simply networking one concept with another.... as you can see it's all about networking... as you can see... it's all about picking logical functions that make sense... to you.. and to people surrounding you in your business....

Now you may say... wow I liked this article Rome Wells can really write great content... how can I help? You can help by purchasing his marketing book, found here at

Wait but what about the app? Ah ... good question... sorry almost forgot.... Yes Rome Wells can help you reverse engineer your local tutoring business and help you setup your own app or one of our marketing specialists can.

Do I pay for the app to Tutoring Services, LLC and what is the price model? The app building is part of our educational advanced marketing weapons service. Simply because it acts as a major tool that helps you market your business and attract clients.

You can purchase membership to our yearly membership, that would include free prototype app as part of your solution and instruction how to use it and how to instruct tutors to use it inter-combined within your business workflow.

Hardest part is not the app, but setting up the app in the direction of your local tutoring or online tutoring business.... Once it's setup you can pay either by user or by app basis, depending on the business model you chose.

What was described here though is app based on pay per user model, meaning you would pay per month or per tutor.

Good news is because you are educational company we can provide better discounts for you then any other company.

The good part about our educational advanced marketing weapons services membership, is that you do not have to do the guess work for how much anything costs.

We review your business model provide our recommendations and tell you the price based on membership that makes most sense for you.

Our goal is to make sure that you are not spending too much money on tutoring business expenses in comparison to commission you collect on top of tutor's hourly rate. In such a way that it doesn't end up making you less competitive.

This is called knowing limits and boundaries and being able to position solution in such a way that makes sense to you.

Note we also offer commission based approach where we charge you agency fee from every tutor you match with student, this provides us even more reasons to make sure that you are properly setup, because your success = our success.

This fee applies when you have tutors registered on our site and when we show them also on your local tutoring site in the form of API. This is when it makes sense for you to get the app even more and makes sense for us even more... to craft that app in the direction of making sure that what you have on is properly reflected in your app....

Now you may say what on earth is, this is our agency managed site where we show only agency managed tutors whom we have established trust. This is where we can also show your tutors as well.

This is where students can cross compare tutors side by side, suggest their rates, view their intro video and and practice tests and tutorials, and search for tutors by map or search box.

This is where tutors can show tutor discount packages and this is where we can present your tutors in the central search engine then show your tutors on local tutoring page such as this ... (but your own sub-domain page on ) another example is this...

Notice how we show both algebra study guides and tutors.... we would also show study guides and tutors on your site, when we update new study guides your page would get refreshed with content.....

We would also show RSS feeds that would also make page more refreshed with content.... RSS feeds and Study Guides is something that will show by default with your subject tutors to make your site look more professional and likable by search engines.

Note your success is our success as we said earlier... to get something... you must be willing to give something back in return... our way of getting something back in return is ability to sell our study guides from your tutoring sites... that your parents... and students who you match make will find useful, and also help you look more professional.

However you can remove these study guides and RSS feeds for additional yearly fee..... if that is something you do not like... and think that this screws up your chances of competing... with local competitors..

Our success is determined by us being able to help you local tutoring or online test prep agency by educating you how to market, by giving you the tools to present your tutors, by giving you tools for your tutors to help you function easier, provide you tools that can help you sell your tutors quicker using real time chat communication, give you the tools to organize your tutors by recommending you these tools and making sure that you have full solution for you business, because your success equals our success.

Note if you end up buying edu advanced marketing weapon where you exercise factor of greed... and say i do not want to pay Tutoring Services, LLC commission for each match.. then be ready to be hit by higher prices for yearly memberships and less marketing effectiveness.

However we provide both options as part of our edu advanced marketing weapons.

Wait so how do I begin I want the app.... To begin go to and contact us from the contact form and tell us you either just want the app created and brainstormed for you then explained how to use it during live lesson or purchase our edu advanced marketing weapons to help you get full solution for your tutoring business to have the app created for your local tutoring business, then explained how to use it and maintained.

Note our training makes it easy even for non so literate computer person to understand how to modify it's content and adjust your app.

In either case we can do both, create an app then train you or do more then just the app, by selling you our edu advanced marketing weapons membership giving you full solution... based on yearly prices.....

This way all of your problems that was described earlier in this solution can be least of your concern, so you can focus on other things instead such as match making clients with tutors and marketing based on our teachings from and live lessons and voice recordings.

Hope you found this post informative. Also check out this page that talks more about what I just mentioned....

Thank You. Rome Wells


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Recently many companies asked Rome Wells, how do you glue your customers together with tutors who you match make in such a way that it makes sense?

Rome Wells answer is simple, reverse engineer every single possibility for a particular business case scenario and dive deep into providing business solutions to the particular business case scenario.

For example.... let's say you are a local tutoring company and listened to Rome Wells purchased his marketing study guide, learned how to create your own educational networks, dominated your local area and areas.... but then got hit with different types of students who end up contacting your or perhaps not even students but other type of customers who you are match making, what exactly do you do with these customers.... how exactly do you match make them?

All of these questions are extremely valid especially if your happen to be one of the lucky few companies who reached this stage of your business past the marketing point..... (only something that be achieve with true passion and Rome Wells study guide that can help you open up the door way to increasing your passion)

Now of course you may hear people tell you that you must first have business plan before you market..... but these people typically are not the ones who doing match making..... hence listening to them does not make much sense..... in reality marketing comes first.... to see whether there is demand or not... before you start waistline your time on business development.... this is at least how I see it....

However once you develop that sense of supply and demand.... and cross the barriers of marketing... this is when next step in the business life cycle begins. Which is inter combination of marketing and business development.... note if you separate marketing from business development you will end up half way effective in your journey.

However match making and glueing and networking concepts together is what happens in business development stage.... so the questing is how.... do you glue things together?

How do you make sense out of business particularly use case? How do you reverse engineer thought process from multiple angles? How do you decipher customer needs?

All of these are valid questions, and in my marketing study guide I do not go into concepts of business development, that is something that I cover in business development book for local tutoring agencies who already followed my marketing book and built their local edu networks and ready to proceed to the next step of developing their business further, in which case business development book is what I recommend for you guys.

You can ask Rome Wells directly for copy of the book, however... this book is mostly for people who have already mastered marketing, and last time I checked... I have not seen that many agencies that did, so it's very well possible that perhaps no one will read this book. However if you happen to be few of the lucky ones who did reach that stage or business development life cycle then definitely conserve sending contract request from contact form and request copy of business development book for local tutoring companies.

To help you understand how to glue customers with tutors together, take a look at this example of real life case scenario for how my company Tutoring Services, LLC does it.

What you see here is explanation for how match works.

This link shows business process for what happens on backend for making match work, this is the link that both breakdancing tutors and client see.

Multiple concepts are involved here to glue customer who may either be a student or an actual event organizer or parent and.... breakdancing tutor or multiple breakdancing tutors.

To be able to network people together, you must start out with obvious foundation.... that can give you benefit of being able to convince tutors to work for you...., to do that you must build a local edu network and you can learn how to do that here

After you build your network you have to glue customers, and tutors together. Tutors must be aware of what is going on with your business processes and so are the customers. Tutors should be able to understand when event is taking place and so is the customer, they all need to understand when and you the agency need to understand when and where.

The way Tutoring Services, LLC does it is by infusing into tutors brain reasoning behind why they should do what we are recommending them to do. Providing that your rejoining is logical and makes sense, you should also be able to relay your message. The better your relay your message the better you can glue together tutors and clients....

Note do not treat tutor as your employee.... treat tutor as your partner. Partner who agreed to give you portion of the pay check. Partner who is willing to work with you the agency. Always treat tutor with respect. Students on the other hand are also clients, but not your highest priority, your highest priority should be tutors not students... students often come and go.... while tutors stay...... when tutors stay there is trust factor, that trust factor can carry over into your tutors actually helping you make money. That does not mean you should treat students with less respect as tutors, it just means remember your priorities.

The only time you can glue customers together really well is when you have trusted tutors who understand match making process. For student it's harder to understand then for tutor. Keep concepts of match making simple. However not so simple that you do not end up knowing what you did. You must know with 100 percent..... every single process that will happen in your particular match making use case and must have methods to accommodate that business process with solution.

Note do not go crazy.... trying to map out every single process..... else you will commit suicide and jump out of the building. Adding to many business processes can make your life more complex. However, simplify also many things. To truly understand what you need to do you must be able to decipher your entire business match making use case.

Our company provides tutoring and consulting and can help companies reverse engineer use cases and provide solutions for your use case that can simplify your match making use cases. It involves variety of networked conceptually business solutions, in the form of apps, content, mind maps, road maps, wire frames, calendar setups, automatic triggers, time tracking, event management, workflow identification, messaging and communications and integration of multiple solutions based on the workflow, feedback reporting integration, client engagement, accounting, project management etc.. etc.. etc....

What was just mentioned are all of the functions for making successful match.

For example take a look at this link....

This link is a function of a successful match. This is something that we send out to our breakdancing customers.... after event took place.....

Where we get the feedback, that very same feedback is leveraged to understand our match, to understand tutors who we work with and to increase chance of our breakdancers not to do the things that they are not suppose to be doing.

This is just one of the examples how to infuse information into the brain of people who you work with. This link is designed to provide multiple business synergies.

First of all if you navigate to that link, you will quickly realize that there is embedded video of Rome Wells, explaining reasoning why customer should fill out the survey after event took place..... it triggers other synergies as well... such as... tutors seeing this and realizing what they are getting rated upon.... raising their awareness.... It also gets client feedback.... which can also help in analyzing match.... it keeps tutors accountable... for their actions.... it reinforces brand....

It even triggers client to refer another client.... and it even attempts to generate revenue by networking together concepts of video editing for a particular event p, helping event be more memorable while generating revenue as well from additional service of editing videos. Now try to count the synergies created in this feedback form.... then ask your self a question...

Does creating feedback form for customer worth it? Or not? At first you may say... well I have not reached that stage yet and when I get to it I will get to it... but it's minor... so I am not worried about this at this moment.... this is what you may think...... but in reality as the time progresses you begin thinking like that about every other process... and end up procrastinating.... and not putting these business processes together.... because you are not entirely sure if you will end up getting clients in a first place... so why bother doing these processes.... right? Well partially you are right and you do have the right for such concern especially if you did not read our marketing study guide, however if you did read it and learned how to market then you would think otherwise.... and would want to develop small business processes like this.... that can help you simplify your work load..... while getting the synergy to work for you....

Just think about the business process that I showed you with simple feedback from.... and think about how many business processes you have.... and how many synergies in each? Think about it closely then begin multiplying them and see how many totally synergies you get.....

So how do you multiply synergies? Well... you do that by using inter combination of reverse engineering match making case... creating business solution for this case.... and then..... making sure when you are creating business solution for such case it has triggered effects that bring positive value for you and for the person who you are providing service for......

Of course to create such synergies... you must understand business process... and understand marketing and understand how it's all connected.... luckily our company Tutoring Services, LLC can help you decipher specific match making use cases and help you create business solutions in such a way that would create mini synergies around your local area resulting in digital machine triggering one action after another and resulting in you simplifying concepts of match making and your operational deficiencies and maximizing your return on investment while simultaneously increasing your client leads further.... plus the best part about it.... you can reuse these synergies for other subjects and other geographical areas....

If interested in our services, to help you glue your business processes contact us from contact section to get your self live consulting lesson with one of our business professional tutors or Rome Wells himself.

And check out the breakdance match making link to see how we glue multiple business concepts together. We can show you similarly how to do so.... helping you maximize your ease of operations.

Hopefully you enjoyed this blog entry, and take care.
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Many tutoring companies asked how can I differentiate my tutoring services in the local area? Rome Wells answer is simple.... become a local hero.... here is how.....

Below is the marketing message that we deliver to our Fairfield County area businesses.
For more info you can visit this link to view how our agency markets our services and how you can do it too in your own local region.

Here is a link and below is what you can read and see how we do it. Feel Free. Note do not be overwhelmed, just read patiently and remember everything comes with passion.

Don't get discouraged after reading this, use this information to help you grow and position your local tutoring service similarly by infusing your marketing power and carrying it over to other industries and small businesses.

Tap into the businesses in your network... don't just stick to tutoring academic subjects, bridge into marketing and help others.

Tutoring Companies are the most innovative marketing companies in a world, shine your innovation and learn how it's done, see our example, read this example... and in case if you actually want to learn more feel free to buy our marketing study guide that helps you transition into the field of marketing and help you become the marketer and help you carry over that service to others, something that you simply do not see any one do in the local level where combination of both marketing and education is combined, of course if you can combine more then just marketing and education then your service would stand out even more...

However Rome Wells realizes that not everyone is capable of doing this, note you do need to be a super hero across every field. just pick marketing and education and mix it up the way i am showing, of course logistics of it I explain in the marketing study guide and my voice recordings and 1 on 1 lessons that i provide to tutoring companies who want to learn more about marketing, for more info visit

Anyway here is how you can become local hero read this....

Have a Business in Fairfield County CT, have you ever considered getting someone absolutely incredible to help you improve your business?

Got stuck doing the same things multiple times? Feeling like it’s a ground hog day every day? Feel like you want to improve your business model but simply have no one to help you figure it all out?

Perhaps you have a construction business and getting leads, and stuck managing multiple employees all the time and need to break yourself away from the chains that are holding you back to expand your business further.
Or perhaps you have pool repair business or air conditioner repair business or any other service oriented business in Fairfield County CT that you own and want to expand further, but simply do not know how, or perhaps know how, but not sure what’s is the best way to go about expanding your business further.

Perhaps you know all the details of how to run the business by talking to people, but when it comes to contractual obligations or holding employees accountable for their actions or being able to keep track of your paperwork is the challenge for you…
Or perhaps you are stuck in the non-21st century days of operating your business and want more digital approach, the type of approach that can simplify your daily business operations, the type of approach that can help you tap into informational highway of digital professional business analyst gurus.

Perhaps there is accounting software that you are not coping well with, or perhaps you are trying to figure out how to present your employees in a way that facilitate communication easier between multiple clients and your employees, or perhaps, you are not sure how to organize your payroll properly or perhaps you are not 100% sure which software to use for payroll and employees, or perhaps your website is so out of date that you simply not sure what you can do to make it better, or perhaps your marketing tactic is so out of date that you are not getting as many clients as you were hoping to get.

Whatever your business situation maybe, whatever circle you are stuck in, let us help you break away from the chain of old habits and infuse your brain with business concepts that you can leverage to improve your business operations.

For example, let’s say you are a small business and not sure how to convert clients or perhaps even get clients, or perhaps communicate with your clients efficiently or perhaps you are not sure how to create a contract or how to brainstorm a contract or perhaps you simply been tied up so much in running your business that you completely skipped entire digital revolution of the internet and stuck far behind the crowd? Whichever your case maybe, our company can help you break the chains of your old habits and introduce you to simpler methods to operate your business.

For example, let’s say you own a small business and you are simply trying to learn how to draft up a contract, the contract that you can present to your clients and the contract that can help you defend yourself in the way that no others can defend you….

Now of course you may say if I need a contract help, I can go to a lawyer. However, lawyer would simply charge too much money and would not infuse your brain with information that is pertinent to your overall business development life cycle. However, out tutors would be able to help you draft up the contract and show you how to draft one up, in a way that would protect you from liability.

Now lawyer would do something very similar, but lawyer wouldn’t sit down with you and tutor your business development concepts that can help your business evolve further minimize your work load introduce simplified processes and help you take control of your payroll as well as your digital marketing.

Can tutors who provide business solution brainstorming replace current lawyers?

Our tutors here are not to replace lawyers by no means, but rather fill in the knowledge gap for business owners who are not up to date with the latest and the greatest technology trends that can help them simplify their business operational processes, and can help them also get more client leads.
Can tutors who provide business solution brainstorming replace current accountants?

Our tutors are neither here to replace accountants by no means, instead our tutors are here to sit down with you, look at your operational business processes and provide business consulting advice that can help you maximize return on investment from whatever processes and tasks that you are currently doing, and show you how to use technology to make the use of these business processes simpler.
It’s very well possible that you are wasting lots of time on redundant tasks without really ever sitting down and asking your self-questions such as…. Is there a better way to do these tasks?

What advancements in the digital era of business relevant technical tools and marketing tools or accounting tools have been made that can help my business become more efficient in business operational processes?
What if there are some IPAD apps that I can use that makes my business easier to run?

What if there is an easier to represent my employees and my clients in one single location, in such a way that I have eagle eye view perspective. What if there is way to streamline communication more effectively in such a way that I don’t end up writing emails 100 times for the same conceptual process that I do every day?

What if there is a way to categorize my most common business processes and get help from someone who can help me brainstorm business and marketing solutions to these common business processes that can help my business become more effective?

What if there are tools on the internet that is simply more suitable for my business than what I am using now?
What if there was someone who can sit down and analyze many of these business processes with me (Fairfield County Business owner) and help me come up with a more effective approach or solution to handle these processes and teach me how to do it and show me what’s out there, and take me outside of my box and help me tap into the digital informational highway that can help my business get super-charged with positive energy, passion and another chance to improve and become more effective?

The short answer is…. There is…. either one of our agency managed tutors who can help with business brainstorming and development or someone absolutely incredibly who is by many students referred to as modern day age Mark Twain, and that someone is solid business tutor who is well exposed to the conceptual business world, from under multiple angles, starting from project management, law, accounting, marketing, information technology and ending with education, and someone who can infuse information into your brain.
That someone believe it or not is owner of DBA Binary Fusion.

A company powered by Tutoring Services, LLC under umbrella of Tutoring Services, LLC that happens to be all of the things mentioned in this article. DBA Binary Fusion is a company that was founded by Rome Wells, the visionary educational advocate, information technology professional, math tutor, certified math teacher (cert expiring in 2018) marketing tutor, IT Engineer, network consultant, author, enthusiast, academic guidance counselor and many other things in between.

(to local tutoring agency read this article in full, if you do not read in full you will not learn, learning is the key..)

Rome Wells has opened up incredible gateway in his brain to informational digital highway, and wants to give you Fairfield County Business owners, the keys to that informational highway, super charging you in the direction of helping you reduce headaches from managing your Fairfield County business, by carrying over that knowledge and tapping into existing Information Technology of the 21st century and using his innovative technical skills and marketing skills as well as business oriented skills to super charge your Fairfield County Business in the direction of you waking up and taking charge of yourself, taking charge of your clients, taking charge of your employees, taking charge of a way to help your employees help you, taking charge in creating level of trust between you and your employees, taking charge of the greed factor and helping you stay away from that factor, taking charge of bringing passion into your life and sparkling the long lasting memories of the days when you first launched your business and taking you in the direction of incredible journey, journey that can help you create your own success, your own future and can help you be more spiritual business person, and less of greed oriented person, helping you put aside negativity and maximizing positivity for your business, while placing you in the path of motivated and truthful to yourself and others business leader.

Rome Wells has created a powerful network, not only digital network, but network that is capable of bringing people together, network that is capable of bringing jobs, network that brings America closer, network that helps Cyber Crime to be reduced in America, network that helps education stay affordable and network that can power you Fairfield County small or medium business owner, who is simply looking to infuse your brain with concepts, that can help you jump outside of the business box that you are in and help you tap into the informational highway that is all around us, and help you streamline your business and improve your operational efficiency, minimize possibility of failure or liability related issues with your clients, maximize your understanding about marketing and client leads, super charge your understanding of your books and accounting processes, pay roll and employee management, brokering or match making or anything related to presentation and inter-communication between you and your employees and your clients, while super-charging your brain with valuable educational information in the form of 1 on 1 or small group tutoring session directly in your office or your home, giving you the power to break the chains of being stuck in your own business world and motivating you to succeed with your business strategy.

So how can I reserve Rome Wells or his business tutors who can help me with my business and tutor me with new life hacking tools that exists that can help my business get streamlined and maximize it’s effectiveness?

The answer is easy, contact by the phone at the top right corner or by responding to chat icon on the bottom right corner. Rome Wells can sit down with any Fairfield County Business owner, and fast forward your through majority of your business process life cycles, focus on the area of your weak links and infuse business solutions that can help you combat these weak links either in the form of consulting recommendations, or in the form of knowledge transfers presented directly to you in front of your computer in your home.

What other business owners who were tutored by Rome Wells say about Rome Wells?

Review from Fairfield County Business owner

(attention to local tutoring companies... this is the testimonial from parent about how lesson went, read carefully to see how you can become local super hero)

I asked Rome Wells to help my husband with accounting software and help my husband understand concepts of payroll and employees, but what I got instead was something completely incredible.

My husband told Rome Wells that his knowledge of business management aspect was very limited and that his partner was handling most of the paperwork and business contracts. My husband told Rome Wells, that he wanted to learn more about the business management aspect and payroll.

Rome Wells, provided tutoring lesson for me and my husband, and he didn’t just talk about accounting software, but extracted the construction business thought process from what was going on in my husband’s mind by asking him variety of questions and taking him through brainstorming process, at the end of brainstorming process Rome Wells, provided a lot of digital business solution examples that extremely motivated my husband to push his business sense further and be receptive of using business solution examples that Rome Wells presented during his lesson.

My husband was impressed with the level of simplification Rome Wells introduced simply by holding simple conversation and asking the right type of questions that were extremely relevant to my construction business (even though construction business is not something that Rome Wells was involved in which he admitted to in the process of tutoring, but still managed to stream line logical business though processes in the direction of helping my husband simplify his workload)
Additionally Rome Wells even also offered a way to teach me how to sell products on Amazon and make money as a part time hobby, after my full time nursing job, I definitely will be scheduling lesson for Amazon marketing lesson with Rome Wells, in addition to him tutoring my husband further business process simplifications as well as also teaching my daughter basic concepts of coding (which is something that my daughter enjoys learning)

Surprisingly Rome Wells was able to connect to my nursing job, and anything came out from his tutoring lesson was just somehow all connected to both me being a nurse and my husband who is in construction business.

I asked Rome Wells if he prepared entire lecture before he showed up in our home, and how does he know all of these things that related to my nursing industry and my husband’s business challenges and how can he connect like this logically?

He stated that he only spent 5 mins right before tutoring lesson took place to watch QuickBooks tutorial video on YouTube before showing up for tutoring lesson at our home, and majority of the lesson was driven purely based on his overall journey and experiences that he encountered. In the mix of the lessons he was showing his examples of marketing in Fairfield County and other locations in nearby area of Fairfield County describing how it all works, and making it extremely motivating.

He also provided homework for my husband with exact recommendations what needs to be done next for his business and what he needs to learn and even provided links to his own websites (which I simply couldn’t believe was happening, it’s as if entire lesson s was prepared ahead, except it was really not, but then Rome Wells explained that he helps many students on the internet picking study materials, and managed to tap into informational highway from multiple industry angles, and it all started making more and more sense as the conversation went on and on.

The way the lesson was handled is by Rome Wells analyzing my husband’s business challenges and presenting solutions to his business challenges in real time while brainstorming, but also providing very motivating examples that simply made both me and my husband realize that there is so many things to learn out there in the 21st century digital Internet modern age of technology, that it literally felt like we were way behind what was happening, while everybody else was ahead).

Some of the solutions Rome Wells recommended were so simple yet no-body else in construction industry was doing it, this also motivated my husband wanting to learn more and wanting to expand his horizon in knowledge and reduce risk of him not knowing what is going on the other side of the business.

I was extremely motivated and now all 3 of us me and my husband and my daughter are being tutored by Rome Wells. The levels of his teaching were absolutely incredible, I honestly with 100 percent confidence say that I have never seen anything remotely near to the style of teaching that he was leveraging, it’s as if he prepared entire lecture ahead of time, except he did not, which makes it absolutely incredible.

My husband is being tutored in business processes improvement in his construction business and I asked Rome Wells to teach me how to sell products on Amazon and make part time income as a hobby, while my daughter asked for help with setting up new software showing how to code. Rome Wells explained how he knows so many different things, and motivated our entire family truly to continue wanting to learn more and continue working with him.

If I had to compare this lesson to any other lesson that I have ever encountered, I would have to say, that it’s like talking to a lawyer, mathematician, project manager, marketer, IT Engineer, psychologist, tutor, spiritual person, and business professional all in 1.

Review was written by Rome Wells on behalf of Family Member of Fairfield County Construction Business owner, Nurse and Fairfield County Parent with approval granted.

Now... saw the example of how to become local hero by capturing attention of local small businesses? The first step in accomplishing that and learning how to create similar level of differentiation or uniqueness in your services is by tapping into your own brain potentials

Rome Wells helps you tap into informational highway by infusing information into your brain for how to become a local hero and maximize your chances of getting student leads and other types of client leads, by showing you how to inter-combine different marketing tactics together in such a way that can help you get customers.

Visit page and read more about our study guide, and consider purchasing that study guide if you want to learn how to become a local hero and learn how to create your own local educational network, and learn how to capture your own passion and drive others with your passion and your business, maximizing your chances of succeeding in your local tutoring business, by tapping into informational digital highway that Rome Wells teaches students in his study guide, voice recordings and even 1 on 1 lessons directly delivered to you local tutoring business owner online.

Discover how to become local hero in your community discover how to sell yourself to others, and drive the level of trust to other tutors who will work with you and help you drive that passion further, and help you generate income and help themselves generate income.

Lessons you learn in 1 study guide in our marketing study guide is just tip of the iceberg, to get the most maximum learning effectiveness, consider signing up for voice recordings directly emailed out to you voice recordings from Rome Wells talking about different marketing strategies, tactics that you can leverage locally, tips, tricks and many other things in between, hat can help you maximize your chances of getting more student leads and more customers not just from Academic sector but from other business sectors as well.

Use the power of education and what you learn from Rome Wells in the marketing study guide to create your own local educational tutoring network or get help from Tutoring Services, LLC to help you create it.

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The type of memberships that are designed to help you build your local educational network using our cloud marketing and business solutions services, where we host your website on our servers, provide security, provide marketing, graphic design.

Combine our advanced educational marketing weapons with the education that we provide in the form of the study guides, voice recording and 1 on 1 lessons and end you will end up gradually dominating your local area and gradually increasing student leads and client leads and become a local hero driving other small and medium businesses to contact you, where you can be the owner the boss, and the broker handling the transactions of match making students with tutors and also delivering your unique differentiated services in the local community.

So what are you waiting for, visit our site and take the first step in purchasing our study guide and begin the journey of creating your local educational network and tapping into informational highway that is all around us, the highway that Rome Wells learning methods can help you tap into.

The highway that can help you gradually to take ownership of your business and strive in the direction of success.

Find out how Visit and learn the road map you must take to build your network, learn foundation steps, learn amazing secrets of the 21st century modern day marketing, discover what universe has to offer, and how you can relate to it using your passion and drive to make your local tutoring business successful and become the local super hero in your community delivering unique service while infusing other people around you with knowledge, knowledge that can help them grow and can help you grow.

People on this earth was brought in not for the purpose of getting something for FREE from someone.... but for the purpose of exchanging each other's help. Learn how to help and you will learn how to get success. Learning how to help is something that Rome Wells describes in his book in

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